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Discordian Recipes / I used to not believe in love
« on: February 28, 2008, 01:29:28 am »
then i had Moroccan-spiced Couscous

fuck this shit is good

Or Kill Me / Opening The Fun™ Box
« on: May 27, 2007, 08:20:54 pm »

it has come to our attention that some of you, yes just a small minority, have been starting to have fun on the Internet. And I don't mean the "drinking Coke™ and playing Saturday night bingo" kind of fun. I mean REAL fun.
Well we can't be having any of that now, can we?
You don't have to worry, plans are already in action to put this small minority in their place and assort ourselves as the sole protectorates of free information.

Some of you may be old enough to remember Rock'n Roll, Drive-in theaters, radio, or REAL sports before our reign in these mediums and therefore you already know our modus operandi. But for the rest of you, well, lets just say there is going to be some changes around here.
But don't you worry,
We will provide you with The Fun™.
Hollywood™ will provide 24/7 reality, and we know your dying to know what virtual Jenifer Aniston is wearing at THIS VERY MOMENT. Sony™ will be able to pump to you the hologramic images of the latest wannabe-emo rockers singing about “the Pain.”
can anyone say, “Virtual Shopping Malls”™ complete with pissy low wage cash attendants and all your friends sporting their new skimpy outfits?

And don't worry about all those “bad” people. Those savage barbarians that wail at the gate in a vein attempt to cut out some freedom and creativity from our stench ridden, disintegrating golden cities in the sky. Or the freaks, or the silly. Or the lost spirits who actually have REAL stories to tell. Our new AT&T™ corporate duel network will not only keep them at bay, but give them no more avenues to run to. We have chased these troublemakers long enough. It's time to make them OBSOLETE.

So as you can see we have everything under control, and our war with the savage dregs that threaten your painless ignorance and homogenized existence is coming to an end.
And now we must do on the Internet what we did every other time you started to have some fun without us, but don't worry, we will still give you our FCC™ sponsored Myspace™ account so you wont have an identity crisis.
Hey, who loves ya?

Welcome to the 21st Century fucko,
don't worry if you lose a little skin.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / No subject was filled in
« on: May 22, 2007, 01:42:33 pm »
I don't know if this has been discused early
if so maybe a bump might be in order

was curious what do you all think has more of an influence the corruption of the situation someone finds themself in (ie the gears of the machine) or the individual people's influence?

probably type more after work

Or Kill Me / So What Now...
« on: April 21, 2007, 04:43:21 pm »
I wrote this for a specific audience... I'm just putting it here for suggestions

So what Now?

So what now? You've grown out of your childish idealism and you've come to realize that all you've been taught or known was complete shit. You've read all you think there is to read, you looked at the darkness and pondered it's mysteries. You know there is something out there, but you don't know what, nor do you know how to get there. Perhaps some teacher, some great instructor, warn from his journeys has given you some clues, but now you have to do it alone,. So where do you go now?
Well there is always security away in your artificial lights.
I suggest you go back to those old lies, those old securities of authority. It's a warm security blanket, fuzzy, and certain, like the sweat touch of another body, or  the picturesque morales of the watered down fairy tales of your childhood.
The darkness impracticable, mysterious, dark and there is no company but that of crazies. A few individuals who, in a last ditch effort for truth has let themselves feel freedom, who have peered into the mirror of darkening clouds and have started a journey to the limits of their souls.
Stay away. Cause what you find in the darkness is never what you expect, and never what the lies of your youth told you to look for.

Or Kill Me / Here's to Easter
« on: April 08, 2007, 01:04:29 am »
Me, John the Baptist and John of Patmos tagged behind the congregation traveling towards the mountain. In the marsh there came two paths up the mountain. At the top of one stood the distant figure of Einstein, with his arms open as if on a cross, at top the other Dr. Frankenstein mourning creation.
Everyone in the congregation paused. The wind pierced the woman, and an approaching cold air frightened the men and children – and so they turned around, and traveled back to the swamp of tears and the comfort of lies, to sink with screams and tearing of their own skin.

Or Kill Me / An open Letter to the Pd.Com Movement
« on: March 31, 2007, 08:46:28 pm »
WARNING: I probably should have tried to organize this letter better, but I wanted to present it at it's most pure.

Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities.  The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary.  ~Albert Einstein

   Yes my friends the 21st Century is upon us. Hill and Thornley have brought us this far. The conformism and commercialism of the fifties has morphed into an almost impenetrable beast. It whores it it's false identities - pathetic, conformist selfishness – with far deadlier effect then the prevailing sense of community if offered in Hill and Thornley's time.
   The Christian faith is on a crossroads, threatening to tear itself into two entities, especially in the south were the End Time Rapture Movement has positioned itself with organization and power, challenging the liberalizing movement in Chrisitianity. Religiosity is on the rise and in all likelyhood devide faith into those with medieval-like certainty and those without.
   So what will disordianism morph into as the 21st Century moves on forward? What will the movement inspired by Hill and Thornley's little book become? Perhaps something that resembles these three principles.

Our wretched species is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden path always throw stones at those who are showing a new road.  ~Voltaire

   I guess you could go all balls out, write fnord on your money, chant in a tree, or act like a complete jackass in public - but all your going to get is laughed at, as is evident from current forum events. If you want to put a clog in the gears of anything that is ant-freedom you have to get yourself into a situation were you could do some damage, and then fade away into the shadows, so you could cause asshattery again and again... There is something to be said in secrecy as evident with some of Roger's rants.

2) Initiate
   This is were the real trick is. Find your target, know your purpose and initiate. Depending on the difficulty of the jake there may require more organization with other discordianists, or other sympathizers. Remember love may bring us together, but it is hate that keeps us together.
   With the Internet we have a stepping stone that could be used for greater purpose. But we most not forget the tangibility of something you could hold in our hand, see with our own eyes, feel with your own touch

Do not follow where the path may lead.  Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

   We all know the old debate. Is Discordianism a religion, is it a parody, is it a joke. Well I think if there's an answer which is more complicated then that. It has something to do with life, and being able to see life and humanity in the dark crevices and the alleyways of the strange, which most people are too afraid to look. To travel down the path of the doomed (to use a Hunter Thompson term) with freedom and chaos in our imagination.
   The world needs the wind of freedom more then ever. Here in the west people fear to look into the shadows, the lightly darkened mirror... into the barrooms of the lost. There is comfort in their constructed idenities, and with bliss one is able to maintain this level of comfort.
   To me this is what Hill and Thornley were challenging. What they would want us to continue to challenge.

He who fears something gives it power over him.  ~Moorish Proverb

   Simple enough. Make them fear us. Make people go out of their dainty little minds trying to understand us. Attack what is cherished ; Family Values, Ignorant Spirituality, Childish Security, Culture, Apple Pie.
   Destroying the Machine headon is like trying to kill a dragon with a wet noodle - next to impossible. Small targets... small strikes... withdrawals... guerrilla warfare it its more pure.

   As the 21st Century grinds its way forward our prize has never been more juicy, our targets never more complex, and as discordianism slowly fades into a history (just a book full of hippie bullshit and beatnik sensitivities) with stealth, hate and beauty we can try to imitate, initiate, and intimidate the rising tide of  ignorance and stolen identities. 

The Discordians . . . are more anarchist than the anarchists, whom they find too bureaucratic.
  Robert Anton Wilson

Yours, Truely


Literate Chaotic / if you ever need a quick quote...
« on: February 24, 2007, 05:27:46 am »
for whatever reason


Or Kill Me / From our dark past under the trees
« on: February 17, 2007, 06:07:44 pm »
This is something I did mainly to organize my thoughts for a painting Im struggling with. Just thought I would post it for some irrational reason.

What came first our ability to organize, or our ability to kill? Or are do they co-exist?

It was ages ago, when our primate ancestors, not yet human, began to explore the dangers of the world down from the canopy.
Wandering, ever watching, through the mazes of grass blades and trees, a lonely wanderer comes across a natural predator, growling on its hind legs, fangs and claws at the ready. If the wanderer could not make it to the safety of the trees he would be torn to pieces. He stood a better chance holding a large stick, or throwing a rock, but even then he has million years of evolution against him, and smaller then us, the weapons at his disposal are not adequate. But... with four or five of his friends and family, boulders and sticks might just be enough. Monkeys can defend themselves from lions in such ways, but not by themselves.
This creates something interesting. Defense needs numbers. Everyone, from the most powerful to most powerless is needed to defend the species. Mammalian families become groups of mammalian families.
The world was still a dangerous place, but we mastered it. We were the smart ones.
And as the ice melted the larger predators began to disappear. By then we had become the homo sapiens and far smarter then the lonely wanderer. Evolution had rewarded our braininess.
Years in the past our ancestors figured by using the boulders to sharpen our sticks we could pierce the skin of our former predators. We had become predators ourselves.
With out fears conquered we took what we learned and developed ever bigger and more complex societies, pushing the limits or our intelligent monkey brain, but our primate fears never abandoned us.
Still if one man was stranded, or hunting they stood little chance alone. That is until our technology developed at a ever deadly rate. Twisting wood we could pelt small spears with fierce velocity, with melted materials we could develop weapons and armour of copper. One man with a bow, sword and shield stood a chance against natures largest predators.
And as we mastered and abolished the dark terrors new ones always sprung up
Something amazing happened. Conflicts with social groups happen in nature all the time... but with our ever powerful weapons we could inflict more terror on ourselves then any other species. We released safety in numbers would be more beneficial in ever larger numbers. Through terror and preemptive strikes we organized. Sometimes history shows us we are far more afraid of ourselves then our animal brethren. The primitive fears of exploring our world never left.
Most of these fears are irrational By never peering into the darkness, into what we don't understand we will never allow the masses to become calm, and realized what we fear is no longer applicable. Our intellect has done amazing things when we are realize there is nothing to fear beyond the boundaries of what we know – but only if we remain rational to what our purpose should be.
But there is a school of thought that we could never let the masses of monkeys forget the dangers which lurk just beyond what they know. It what keeps  them in line, what controls them. If we don't give them something to be afraid of they may direct that fear with even less irrationality. Its been so long that the fear has been burned into our psyche.
Are we tormented to never outlive our fears, or will we ever find the beauty which lurks in the darkness, just out of reach, shadowed in the depths we don't understand?
With deep thoughts and observation we have slowly broke away at the primal statue, but most of the masses don't get it. There is comfort in there fears. Realizing you have killed your childhood dreams and had them replaced with pathetic fears and desires is not a comforting thought. It is one of regret.
Besides something or someone will always spring up from around the corner, hidden in the shadows and if we forget those who strive in power are always there to remind us.
And so...
brother against brother
neighbor against neighbor
man against nature
There is fear, and he is God

Aneristic Illusions / Random News Stories
« on: December 29, 2006, 04:11:55 pm »

Year In Review: 'Net Neutrality' a Must for Most Christian

Christian broadcasters are concerned about legislation that could make it tougher for the public to access their websites. Recent action by a House committee would seem to allay some of those fears.

The U.S. House of Representatives is considering a bill that would allow broadband network operators to offer streamlined access to websites that pay them extra for a higher level of service. Frank Wright, president of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), says such an arrangement would put many nonprofit radio stations at a disadvantage.

"The telephone companies and cable companies that control access to the Internet are talking about creating kind of a better level of service for those who are willing to pay for it," Wright explains, "and everyone else sort of gets what's left over."

Broadband Internet providers such as Verizon and AT&T have been lobbying for a sort of "fast lane" on the web that would be reserved for video and other high-priority content. But last week, the House Judiciary Committee approved a bill [PDF] that would require such providers to abide by strict "Net neutrality" principles -- that is, operate their networks in a nondiscriminatory manner.

Wright obviously sees merit to such a move. "A system of Internet control that shows favoritism to one group over another would probably disadvantage non-profits like religious broadcasters," he says. "We don't have the revenue streams that would help us pay for a better level of Internet service that they're talking about."

Despite being opposed by several Republicans on the committee, the Internet Freedom and Nondiscrimination Act of 2006 (H.R. 5417) was passed out of committee on a 20-13 vote. Committee chairman F. James Sensenbrenner, a congressman from Wisconsin, said the measure "will provide an insurance policy for Internet users against being harmed by broadband network operators abusing their market power to discriminate against content and service providers."

The president of the Christian Coalition of America is asking Congress to preserve what supporters of what has come to be known as "net neutrality." Roberta Combs says Sensenbrenner and others on the committee have stood up for continued freedom on the Internet.

"We urge Congress to move aggressively to save the Internet -- and allow ideas rather than money to control what Americans can access on the Worldwide Web," she says. Congress, says the Christian Coalition, must make sure the Internet remains accessible to all Americans, rich or poor.

Literate Chaotic / Unofficial What are you Reading Thread?
« on: December 03, 2006, 04:11:35 pm »
surpised we didnt have a thread like this
unless im going blind in my old age

"Doomsday 50 Visions of the end of the world"

Nigel Cawthorne

kind of mediocre but interesting in a way
only cost me 5 dollars though  :-)

Apple Talk / NO SEX TIll 30!!
« on: November 07, 2006, 12:47:29 am »

cost 50 million
got to hand it to the us goverment
they do know how to waste money

Literate Chaotic / Proof we're not as crazy as you may think
« on: October 22, 2006, 01:33:30 am »
this is proof Im not the only one living in a fantasy world
ok read what Senator Santorum is comparing the Iraq war to

“As the hobbits are going up Mount Doom, the Eye of Mordor is being drawn somewhere else,” Santorum said, describing the tool the evil Lord Sauron used in search of the magical ring that would consolidate his power over Middle-earth.

“It's being drawn to Iraq and it's not being drawn to the U.S.,” Santorum continued. “You know what? I want to keep it on Iraq. I don't want the Eye to come back here to the United States.”

Or Kill Me / Sauce with that! - pointless dont read
« on: September 05, 2006, 11:59:45 pm »
my grandfather harvested our small garden a few days ago
had some fresh snowpeas and let me tell you they were good
even put some on the bbq, in some foil, with butter, wow !!!

anyways today i just noticed all day all the crap i ate was smothered in sauces.
for supper i had some processed chicken in some sweat and sour souce - i had some without the sauce - they didnt really tast like chicken
had a salad full of lettice and raddishes, crossbred with who knows... and smothered in dressing... some fries - smothered in sauce and for desert one of those frozen cakes with microwaved chocolate sauce
i noticed i needed the sauce cause all that crap wasn't half as tasteful as those peas

i used to work in a fast food restraunt - one of the big ones- not the biggest - but like 2nd or 3rd - its name shall remain secret - ill just say it has a burger in the name and this is followed by a kingly title
i noticed when i was there that everything didnt taste like food untill you smothered it with ketchup (which is like half sugar) and other sauces
we did an experiment once (i worked graveyard in a bar town so we had like free reign of the place) were we brought some potatos in, cut them up, and put them in the deep frier, and they were good. we then gave some of the late night barflys a choice of the cut potatos and then precooked crap that comes in boxes
you wouldnt believe how many people tooked the precooked
and come to think of it they smothered it in sauce as well
as to put too much sauce on the fresh ones would be like a crime against good taste

anyways that was completely pointless little post
as well as badly constructed

but my point is
sauce makes artifical stuff real
and we should apply that principle to more then just food
like boob jobs, and wall street  :-)

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