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Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Dark Art of Zen Sales (Rough Summary)
« on: September 27, 2007, 11:47:56 pm »
the following was largely inspired by Rant, the new palanhuik book.

****it's important to note, if you don't have the habit of making this assumption, that these are
types, not facts. not everyone is "one type"- in fact, i would say most people aren't "one-type."
it's more common for someone to be PREDOMINANTLY one or another. just as it's more common
for someone to prefer one hand to another, but nigh total ambidextarity is also possible*****

basically, break people into three groups of learning style:


there is a fourth group, but it's impractical for the most (olfactory 'taste/smell' learners.)

visual learners are the more common type. if you can illustrate it, you can communicate it.
these people respond well to image type propagation. a catchy display, a visual paradox,
something of that nature. common marketing techniques for this group are to use high-contrast
color pairings (red/green; red/blue; black/white; etc..), specific geometry (angles and curves),
flashing, pulsing, motion, etc... each type of learner gives "Tells" to which kind of learner
they are by their descriptive laguage. in the case of visual learners, there are ques like:

"look here."

"See what i'm talking about?"


for one-on-one propagation, smoothing communication can be achieved by subtley using "their language,"
and directing them with their own verbal ques.

the second largest group is the Auditory learners. these are music fans, and a jingle will appeal more easily.
tonality of voice and precise use of words are effective against these people. common techniques of marketing
include: bells, whistles, ultra-low/high frequencies, jingles, NLP/auto-suggestion, etc... the Tells of this particular
class are:

"Hear me out."

"Listen up."

"Sounds fishy."


the smallest feasible group is by far the kinetic learners: they learn hands on. it can be a tricky thing to pick up on,
especially with how touchy a lot of people are about personal space these days. people opf this type are impressed most
by working models of things, viable samling and the such- things of a material nature that are presented. hardest to sell to,
as they largely are people that are convinced by the product itself, making it more difficult to play on in direct situations
WITHOUT planning.

the tells are different, and a little more subtle:


"i feel ya'."

"Let's touch bases later."

they also tend to gesticulate a lot.

Inconspicuously Discerning Learning Type:

easy. ask open-questions. Open Questions are such as they require more than a "yes-no" response.
it's natural for people to like talking about themselves, but a lot of them don't because they rarely perceive
the opportunity to do so.

closed-questions are useful in another sense: they're good for directing the conversation once you've opened them,
read their ques, and formulated some kind of approach based upn their learning style.

"do you like this color?" is a closed question.

"what brings you to this area?" is an open question.

the fourth group: Olfactory

i include taste and smell in the olfactory sense. these people aren't directly influenced by most
marketing tactic on this sensory circuit. but they are still effected by the other inclinations they

specific scents can be brought up and used to help create a Mnemonic Device, but i'm not quite ready to present my idea on that.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / BIP WIKI TECH
« on: September 16, 2007, 07:00:47 pm »
wtf is with the BIP login page?
it willnot let me create an account.

Literate Chaotic / The Unauthorized Biography
« on: June 30, 2007, 06:59:47 pm »
Prof Cram suggested i take an idea farther than an idea,
so here's the idea:

for those who actually liked (or even hated) Robert Anton Wilson's work,
i propose a Biography of him be created. completely erroneous.

but here's the kick. there needs to be loads and loads of contradiction,
or maybe even "opposing" biographies. The entire point being that if
anything whatsoever is to be saved of his work, anything even remotely worthy of
redemption, we have to obliterate anyone's future attempt at hero-worshipping him.

Kind of like what BIP is supposed to be doing for the PD, or like christians did (i assume) to the historical Rabbi Jeshua (Iseus/Jesu(s)).

i mean, we've already seen what can happen to the fringe of the fringe (i mean the inside fringe that borders "normal" thought and behaviours, as found acceptable in Article 345, s.s. 3 paragraph 9 of the Manual)...hero worship for thornley and hill. that missed the point, and they would be very ashamed of you.

which, i assume for others (it's certainly the case with me) is why we tend to THRASH the SENSES of people mindlessly posting 23skidoopenialgland bullshit.
cry havoc, and lose the dogma war!

as of now, i have to slave for the man for the next 9 hours, so i'm going to go do that.

any ideas or false-facts about RAW will be greatly appreciated.

Literate Chaotic / Latin and Fimus
« on: June 15, 2007, 07:59:38 pm »
not sure who it was that asked for this but,
i gave it another go (i think it may have been Syn...)

translating "a discordian is prohibited from believing what they read."

into latin.

attentatum [abs] sequor [iste] [ecce] epistulae

"prohibited [from] following [that] [is] written"

though, just "attentatum sequor epistulae" makes for a good crest-type

latin phrase, like semper fidelis, or cogito ergo sum.

Fimus Efficio Ecflorescere    [feces causes coming into bloom]

Aut Necatus I  [Or Kill Me]

Peragere Mentis, Defutuere Corpus  [kill yourself (mind/soul), fuck the body]

enjoy.     <--cheaply latin transatives
found it in the reference deck thread

of course, with the implied variations of latin, and synonyms to boot,
you could change it around a bit, and even emphasize different aspects of it.
the beliving, for example (i liked 'seqour' because a non-sequitur does not follow.)
prohibited was a toss up, i think a better word could be used, but i didn't give a shit.

oh, and a note when using this translater: use base words, not conjugate words.
i.e. "belief" came up, but "believing" returned no results. also, our modern language often warps and skews the latin roots, so think outside the box for finding approximations.

Literate Chaotic / Rant
« on: June 03, 2007, 08:42:57 pm »
Rant; An Oral Biography of Buster Casey

by chuck palahnuik

honestly, i haven't really plugged any of his books (that i can recall).

i liked lullaby, but not enough to force it on people.

Read Rant.

fucking best book i've read in quite a while.

i ain't sayin' shit 'bout it neither. it is a thing to be experienced.

Literate Chaotic / People Who Believe in Benevolence
« on: September 25, 2006, 12:15:36 pm »
What the fuck would you do in the face of a Real God?

the appropriate answer:

"I don't know" or some sad shit like that.

Teh Correkt Answer:

You would Shit your pants, my friend.

now how about something more terrible than that? like, i dunno, the reality that surrounds us. if you found out just how truely uncaring and cold the world around you is (not 'now', but always and ever).

i wipe my ass with you now, and as soon as your last half baked brain cell finishes firing it's last neurocharge, nothing happens. the world keeps moving, that stars still shine, the world is a little lighter.

and we will laugh and laugh and laugh the night away, sifting through the ashes of people who might have cared at some point.

[this message was paid for by Life- The Natural Preditor]

Literate Chaotic / 2pm- Still Sleeping (more poetryish)
« on: September 24, 2006, 09:51:03 am »
When I wake up in the morning
Whos to say that its really me?
Walking now among the living
In dreams, lies and treachery

I could be another zombie
Thoughtless but breathing
Writhing and seething
Would you ever know the difference?

When I put out my lights and sleep
Am I there while Im gone away?
Not that I want you to weep
I was hoping I could stay that way today

I could be the last antidote
Filling your veins
And mortal remains
Would you ever get any better?

When I leave this world forever
I bet youll really still be ill
As even your last hope is severed
While searching for that pill

I will be soundly asleep
Blank, At Peace
Silent at least
And you never found a wayĶ

Literate Chaotic / Impetus Diabolicus
« on: September 24, 2006, 09:34:11 am »
Lets spend another day
Discussing our habits
Multiply like rabbits
Lets talk in circles
And walk in lines
Never know quite what time it is

Lets spend another day
Eating our souls
To fill our bellies
Change our mind
Change our sullies
Choose to dine out on this day

Lets chew the fat
Fulfill a fleeting fancy
Subdue a frantic fantasy
I cant see a reason
We should be restless
With such a pleasing ail available

Lets sing a song
Say a soothing something
We should say something
Lets sayĶ
Well, I guess anythings okay
But Im getting pretty bored with the old shtick

Lets kill ourselves
Lets kill everyone else, first
Lets start with our neighbors
Not the pink ones,
The ones with better drugs
And slinky hugs of holly heathers

But lets sleep, before all that
Ive got to work in the morning

Literate Chaotic / Oral Borris
« on: July 10, 2006, 06:23:40 am »
Why do you Mock me?
-said the worm to the Lure

Because People Have Bad Taste
-said the Lure

    Did you know that Moggots and several types of grub hold their tails in their mouth until they're ready to start consuming?

    Just like Ouroborus, constantly feeding on it's own death, until there's a moment of implosion.

    i could drag it out, but the apocalyse thing's been played.

I'd Rather Eat Worms.

Or Kill Me / Of Blind Men and Hermits, or Psychedelic Disenchantment
« on: July 08, 2006, 09:39:24 am »
what good are these visions
to men that are blind?
drinking their wine, biding

we should chide them,
these men.

fuck their blindness.

what happens to the sage
revisitting the people
that he left
to correct
to find they love their ills and ails?

we should scold him
wise ass...

fuck his compassion.

hell is up,
and heaven is down?
fuck you, too!
just turn it around

you're the same thing, shit face.

you will find it true
in every form you choose
even the haiku

inversion isn't subversion
it's just clever marketing

Or Kill Me / Dear Sisyphus
« on: June 28, 2006, 10:36:41 pm »
2 pm. just three hours seperate me from Sisyphusian Hell.
i've got le proletariat bleux.

is there much worse than a useless job that underpays, caters to and fosters the type of dreggs that make for a softer and softer society, and watching little mexican children build a fort in the funiture area while their negligent mother shops for two hours?

come on sisyphus, ro' that rock up
don'cha wanna hear th'sound o' th'clock-ah
Hade gunna promise that it won't fall down again
come on sisyphus, ro' that rock up

brothers and sisters, THEY have made us the new niggers. (not that there's anything wrong with black people, and it's farkin reddickerous that anyone would get offended by me using this word given it's only connotation is a "stupid or uneducated person"- which slave-negros were, due to the White Man's Oppression. Why did i waste my time writing this?) there's this promise somewhere: they say that if we work harder, we can accomplish more. okay, i'll agree to the basic formula...but it begs the question: WHAT THE FUCK ARE "WE" TRING TO ACCOMPLISH?

"oh, well it depends on the person. everybody has different goals in life and blah blah self serving rationalized bullshit blah bah baaah baaaah..."

you see? you've become their cattle, led by a loosely tied reign to slaughterhouses where the judas cows stand and call you in like sirens, coaxing and singing a song of satisfaction.

so now that we've accepted this slaughterhouse as our new home and final destination, let us fall to the ground and kiss the hooves of these sacred cows and give thanks to our breeders that we should be graced with such a life.

and as the sharp knives of the redeemer liberate our souls from the flesh, let us look back on all that we have accomplished:

that mortgage that we paid off. all the credit card bills. living parts of your life, if not all of it, check to check with a little carrot of another check in a few weeks, and being chased by bills and taxes and debt as a cattle prod.

our contributions to a new generation of useless cattle and bleeting idiots.

then in the last moment just before your soul finally snuffs out, you chance to also glimpse everything you've really accomplished, trivial or not, roll back down the hill.

"But...but but....but hades promised...he promised that this time the rock wouldn't roll back down....i have to come back and roll it up again?"

then blackness.

this is what we've accomplished.

finished 2:35pm

enjoy your impending independence next week.

Literate Chaotic / Eris Said Fuck It
« on: May 22, 2006, 09:01:14 pm »
i was writing last night, and i kinda...invoked eris.

yeah, not the best idea, but y'know... i'm pretty farkin crazy.

anyways, after she wasn't much help to me and my efforts, she took hold
and wrote this. i'm not sure exactly what it's hinting at. it could even be a joke.

but i'm really not sure.


This is just a simple note
A half inspired spark of wit
To all of those I Wish I Smote
You putrid piles of rancid shit

I profane your name to my hearts content
Your time- it came, and was, and went
You Grey Faced Fuckers and Laugh-less Liars
We sinners of saints will set you to pyres

And smoke the roach of your mortal remains
Strike that last one, I just took a hit
Its far too cruel to set you to flames
And I havent the want of building a pit

But I let you live last time and now?
Look at all that you have done
Dont you feel like a milking sow?
What kind of game are you trying to run?

I guess the only option flat-
Is to Eat what Can, and Will, be Et
And shit you out, what can be shat
And spread your mess in the flower bed.

-signed Eris

poo poo ka-choo!


Im being serious, but I feel funnyĶ


the ps just sends chills through me, or maybe it's the fan by the window?

or maybe it the shit about to hit that fan. i felt this hould be shared, even though i haven't given a thought for a while.

well, i've someone to kill now. or was it something?

-Prater Festwo, patron sinner of saints, the Architech's Bitch, Mortal remains of Nietzsche Von Bastard, Saint Bastard, KSC, DM, LD, PPS

Or Kill Me / Cabal Istic Relevations of MU
« on: August 29, 2005, 02:15:47 am »
These are the Divide Relevations of the


as presented to Pater Festwo, Called Louis' Friend, who is a FRIEND to those who KNOW and a FIEND to those who R Misplaced, Called N'yo B?, The Sage Burning Zenja; Prater Festwo, Urban Shaman, Highest of the High Mystics, Alchemist of Language, Keeper of the Dorkus Malfactum, Anti-Hero and Non-Prophet...

* * * * *

First, the  Gematria is deduced from the letters.

standard enlish 26 letters:

A-H-A= 1-8-1

M-U= 13-20

Orirus-Isis Cypher (OIC):

A-H-A= 1-8-1; 13-6-13

M-U= 13-6; 1-8

already, if we look closely, we start to see patterns emerging. HA is MU backwards in the OIC.

Eglish Permutations: (^'s/*'s note connectivity)

AHA = 10^ (1+8+1), 1^ (1+0) 8 (1x8x1)

MU = 32* (13+20), 6 ((1+3=4)+(2+0=2)), 5* (3+2)

OIC permutations:

AHA = (no repeats) 32* (13+6+13), 14 ([1+3=4] 4+4+6), 5* (3+2) also (1+4)

MU = 19 (13+6), 10^ (1+9) also ((1+3=4) 4+6), 1^ (1+0),  9 (1+8)

all the noted permutations are implicit of the law of Fives, as 3+2=5.
this also suggests that a "Coming Together" as in the I Ching 32 Trigram.
(The 23 Trigram being "Breaking Apart"). both AHA and MU (Hodge and Podge; Yin and Yang; Pos and Neg) are in the motions to creative order.

implicit for discordian interpretations would be coming into a period of the Aneristic Principal (as opposed to the Aneristic Delusion).

Of interest to non numerimantic-cabalistic interpretations:

the symmetry of the AHA is total vertical symmetry, not just linguistic.
Note how the shape of A is similar to a meditating yogi in lotus position.
Also, how the A resembles the Illuminated Pyramid.
H is Two Pillars, Two Phallus' of Creation, Joined.

M is the mountains.
U (interchangable with V) are the valleys.

they always exist together. neither is there a valley without a mountain,
is there a mountain without a valley. there is no mountain or valley.

i won't dare devulge all the secrets. i should entertain to keep your attention, but if i give you everything, what's for you to discover?

Literate Chaotic / Writer's Rescources
« on: August 24, 2005, 09:32:05 pm »
i am googling and scouring, myself, right now, to find any and all
writing/publishing rescources and outfits, etc...

so don't tell me to google itt. (or do, please) links to this kind of stuff in here.

particularly anyone that will publish.

i've found a few already, and i'm sure a lot of us could make at least
a few bucks on some of the stuff we've written.
i plan on milking my talents, at least.

here's some to start the thread off:

these three specialize in "dark" writings. short stories and poetry,
mostly. average for prose is about 3-5 cents a word (this is small time
publishing, alas). Poems go (avg.) about 5-7$ apiece.

what i liked about these three was that each specifically
wanted people to write outside the cliches, like vamps and werewolves,

any others?

Or Kill Me / Words and Symbols!!!!
« on: August 04, 2005, 01:16:28 am »
i'm a bit of a loss as to put this into The Literate Chaotic, or Or Kill Me.

For reasons beyond my Divining, i've chosen Or Kill Me.

This is a meditation. i'm posting it because the act of writing/typing is
a sort of meditation to me. it clears my mind. it may tie into me using my
fingers idley from using my fingers so much doing other things: playing
instruments, smoking, et cetera et cetera. and when i stop moving my fingers, they become stiff with stiflement, so i fidget and break consentration on whatever it is that i intend to be consentrating on. that is why i am writing now, to clear my mind.

but why i am posting, however, is infinitely more simple. i'm only posting in the event that this may prove useful to (a)myself or (b) someone else. it might catch a thought in someone's mind. stick out, spin around, shoot up. something. it might spark a fire in someone, or extinguish it. it might frustrate or inspire or confuse or anything. better yet, it may do nothing, and then no one would ever have to go this particular route with these words ever again. that would be spectacular in it's ability to be just one thing. perfect and never in need to be something else or to be replicated.

you know, that's what perfection is right? i can hear it now, on the other side of the monitor, ooooh, perfection, eh? he's going to tell me what perfection is, right? Fuck off! but listen: if words are naught but ideas and concepts hinted at by a symbol, then doesn't the symbol point to something else? we look to the Word, as though it were a Truth. (by word is meant language in general.) There is no Truth, though in TRUTH, nor in the strings of T-R-U-T-H.

this is a concept: vibration to describe. you convey a sense of what is being described by the sound of the word. it vibrates and modulates, it is fluidic and harsh, gutteral gurggles.


fffffffffff- building anticipation, a sizzling hiss, like the sound of water springing out through cracks of a dam slowly being open.

then the transistional sound is similar to more water rushing, as we move into:

uuuuuuuuuuuuu- the core vowel sound of the word-symbol. say it and pay attention to the details. a long uuugh is what it sounds like. where does it vibrate? your diaphragm? you're chest? throat? nasal cavities? (go ahead, try it now, i'll wait.)

the area vibrating has a lot to do with what's being described. 'uuuugh', lot
of vibration in the chest, a lot of duress and motion in the chest. if you repeat and prolong that vowel sound over and over, long enough, one sounding of the vowel being dragged out through the whole breath, you will understand more the effects of that vowel sound and what it illustrates. panting, breathing. oxygen supply int your viens. response time. tactile sensitivity in that area.

all followed in full speed with an abrupt halt in the palatal "K".

this word is typically considered to be a vulgar word by people who consider lustful sex bad or improper. hence, this word is associated with passionate, lustful sex. Fuck.

it is not the only word. break words apart and analyze them. to break the word down, repeat a very common semantic game (you probably did this as a kid, when you fist started playing in the semantics games...)

pick a word or phrase. a simple one works best. say it aloud (do it alone in a room or out somewhere in nature if you're self conscious..) say it again. repeat this over, and over, and over, and over. methodically, but steady and automatic. get a good rhythm for saying the word or phrase. fall into that rhythm.

do this until the word you are saying sounds like pure gibberish.

when it sounds like pure gibberish, this is so because the symbolism of words (at least these words) has been broken and you hear only the sounds, not the ideas associated with them. explore this realm of desymbolization as well as you can. now, still saying the word or phrase, maybe out of momentum by now, or maybe you must work at it, but now...listen to the sounds. what particular sounds do they make? are there patterns? are there sound types that seem to pair up, recure often, dominate? if you follow it linearly, does it seem tomap the idea out?

no, you say? well, it was worth a try. but the sensation of desymbolizing a word or phrase is interesting enough.


on a related note, as i draw my 20 minutes of meditation to a close, i would like to say that i've been playiung a lot lately with perceptual experiments. such as this one. there's an awesome book you can peruse at B&N called Ashtonish Yourself! 101 experiments in the philosophy of every day life!

very useful.

but i was wondering if anyone else has any mapped out experiments in subjective perception that can be tested for the individual?

there's also a lot of them in Prometheus Rising, the link to which i posted in The Library.

i have to eat now.

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