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Apple Talk / Florida TB outbreak handled in the worst way possble
« on: July 10, 2012, 12:30:25 pm »
Florida needs it's own unlimited thread, like Arizona's

So TB only affecting the poor and the mentally ill? No problem there... Until it spreads outside of the marginalised, and whoops, Rick Scott closed down the facility.

Apple Talk / E-cig causes bomb scare on budget coach!
« on: July 06, 2012, 05:51:13 am »

 :lulz: :lulz: :lulz: :lulz:

it accidentally got turned on in a dude's bag and totally closed down a motorway!

Apple Talk / Discordian Feminists
« on: July 02, 2012, 04:54:14 pm »
So, I know me, Garbo and Nigel are Discofemininjas, and I was wondering how the two idea sets intersect for us?

For me it reminds me not to become dogmatic about my feminist leanings, and to change my mind about things if I am presented with better evidence or methods, to use humour, satire and open ended questions designed to make people TFYS as a main tool ref feminist culture jamming, on which I will probably start a thread on later.

I particularly LOVE PeeDee and its denizens because it's possibly one of the MOST egalitarian places on the internet, and being openly female here doesn't preclude harassment, in fact I am confident if we were harrassed for being wimminz on teh intarwebs here that they would get shot down. 

Also, any other discofemininjas (i fucking love that phrase) I have missed out in my observations, I am sorry.

Also, to the menz, how has discordianism influenced your attitude towards feminism?

Apple Talk / ATTN LMNO
« on: June 23, 2012, 12:02:46 pm »


Apple Talk / Nigel brings the fear, Medieval Style!
« on: June 15, 2012, 02:15:04 pm »

I'm going to be doing a chapter-by chapter review and discussion on the book, to kick off, I have found a radio interview with the author to introduce the concept.

So, a while ago, Nigel turned me onto a series of Youtube videos, Tropes Vs Women, by Anita Sarkeesian who runs this blog which started my reawakened interest in Feminism, along with the Feminism and Prostitution thread. (which incidentally is why I haven't been around here much, I've been soaking up information on Feminism in general, and sexism in pop culture.)

Recently Anita Sarkeesian started a Kickstarter to raise $6,000 on A Tropes Vs Women in Video Games project, and the video on Youtube was absolutely inundated with some real basement dwelling misogyny dudebros. the links to it are in the above blog link, and there have been articles on Kotaku.

Penny Arcade got some criticism over printing their Dickwolves T-shirt, and Courtney Stanton objected She got death threats, threats of rape and people phoning the police to try and prove she was raped. (a massive timeline of that is here-

The blog Fat, Ugly or Slutty was set up to document harassment of women who play online games. 

So, i'm wondering how much of these attitudes professed online leak into RL? I mean we've trolled the living shit out of people,but I'm pretty sure most of the posters on PeeDee can recognise their own privilege as it stands with their own sex/race/sexuality and so on, but then again we don't tend to troll in racist or sexist ways, so... yea.

Apple Talk / Attn Nigel- I found a song about the bridges!
« on: June 03, 2012, 04:21:00 pm »

I have just dug up this band and I think I am in musical love.

This song made me think of you, and your tales of Portland.


holy fuckballs, I cannot believe a judge sends an over tired stressed out ABANDONED BY HER PARENTS high achiever (nonetheless), and supporting her brother at college...


Or Kill Me / A Treatise On Calling People On Their Bullshit.
« on: May 09, 2012, 06:15:28 pm »
I offer a hypothetical scenario. A group of people are in a social situation, and someone says something that is sexist, racist, homophobic yada yada. Imagine this group is a bunch of white guys, and it's a rape joke or similar mysogynistic bullshit, some flippant assed comment on a person of colour, or a non-hetero person.

So you're in the pub with your mates, having a generally good time, and someone pipes up with this crap. If you laugh out of discomfort, or shuffle on your seat and say nothing, YOU ARE TELLING THEM THAT THIS SHIT IS NORMAL, ACCEPTABLE. You are reinforcing the shitty status quo.  You may disagree with them, you may think it's a shitty thing to say, but if you don't OPEN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH AND CALL THEM ON IT, you are just as bad as they are. They may claim that they don't actually believe the shit they are saying, or "I was just being ironic" or some lame assed crap, but they need to be reminded that although they may not believe it, some wankers MIGHT. And by telling their shitty joke, laughing at it, or not rebuking someone, you are telling them that this shit is okay. It's a pretty dickish move. I think it is especially important to do this if you are a straight man, a white man or someone who isn't usually shat on by this behaviour, cos the wimmens, the POC and teh Gheys need allies in the War Against Bullshit.

Now, I realise that in some places, like work, that calling people out on their crap may not be the best thing to do on a personal level, especially if it doesn't relate directly to you/a colleague, and in a recession where your ass might get fired and another job might be not forthcoming. We all have to eat, pay bills, keep ourselves housed and clothed. It would be fucking awesome if we could speak up and not jeopardise our livelihoods, or personal safety, but if you are broke or in hospital or dead, you aren't much use to the practice of Calling People On Their Bullshit.

In a social situation, however the stakes aren't anywhere near as high.  All you have to lose is a douchenozzle, and we could all stand to have less of them in our lives. If you don't lose someone, and they start to, heaven forbid, THINK BEFORE THEY SPEAK or start calling people on their crap, well, you have just done the world a solid. If you do this, I wont salute you, or buy you a drink (unless you did it with Style and Wit, then I'll buy you a drink for being a Glorious Faggot) cos you have merely been a decent biped, and by rights, this should be your default setting.


So, I have this rant about slacktivism on Facebook, and then email a local reporter about a tiny news story about a local pub I drink in, called the Hobbit, is being forced to re-brand by the copyright holders. is the original story. I am quoted, with attribution. I started the ball rolling with contacting the press on the group rather than people just using twitter, and some other people really got into it

Anyway godamned thing went NATIONAL. no, not Viral, actual real national news. and the line about "hobbits vs orcs" ends up, without my left wing quote, or attribution, in the Daily Fucking Mail. it's also in the MSN news for New Zealand, The Scotish Daily Record and the Sun.

anyway my next step is to try make sure that the place does not go bankrupt, and do some kind of fundraising, and then pimping the fundraising all up in the press. I fear, however, that the other people involved are too hell bent on saving the actual name, rather than the pub itself.

Apple Talk / Some advice required on dealing with my flatmate...
« on: March 10, 2012, 02:55:34 am »
So me and Payne are now living together, but we are sharing with 2 other guys. One of them is pretty cool, but the other one I don't know very well... I've known him since November, when Payne moved into the last place after escaping the Vegan Police. He made a generally good impression first off, just a little bit white middle class boy with intellectual superiority complex.

When my guarantor to move into their old house fell through, he was not exactly proactive in finding a new place to live... I did most of the work and actually found somewhere with my landlord from the last place I lived.. I know he isn't happy about the location or the size of our flat, but thems the breaks sometimes. I even put all the first months rent and deposit down on the ENTIRE PLACE, of which this guy has paid me back in full, but I haven't had any form of thanks or appreciation of my efforts, considering actually getting this place was a godamned miracle. It was only when we got down to this being a last chance that he begrudgingly agreed to take the option he was being given, and me and Payne could have just told both of the other guys, sorry, but Payne is going to move into mine until his debts are cleared and we have a deposit for a place for just us two. We really didn't want to fuck the cool guy over cos it would have meant him having to quit his horticulture course and move in with his mum.

Anyway flatmate number 2. He's from a nice part of town originally, and went to a pretty non-racially mixed school, and isn't consciously racist, but he does have a touch of xenophobia, mostly from not having much interaction, or positive experience with minorities.. I can kind of understand that, I don't really like it.

The way he talks about women BUGS THE SHIT OUT OF ME. He makes blanket statements like "they're all impossible/crazy" To be honest I find this fucking offensive, I tend to find blanket statements about ANYTHING pretty out of line. Anyway, i was enjoying a nice selection of red wines after having a friend of mine and Payne's over for dinner, and he came in and said something about Dr Who in the Jon Pertwee era when all the female assistants did was make tea, and some crack about how they were better times, and how they "knew their place" I'm pretty drunk at this point, having been at the wine for at least 2 hours, and I've bit my tongue at all previous comments, I say "Yea, I know my place, and it's not making you a fucking sammich, you can get your own damn sammich" or words to that effect. This was pretty much in light banter mode still. Then I get onto the topic of gender inequality despite the fact that women make up the majority of the population, pay inequality and the severe lack of women in powerful positions in society. I may have got a bit loud and ranty at this point, but that's what drunk + holding my tongue on several occasions leads to sometimes. He then trots out his counter argument to that, that men are primed to be "Alpha males" and seek power on a biological level, and that women who do exactly the same job as men are getting paid less cos they aren't doing it as well, or it's cos women have kids and don't get to the pay level of their male peers. and that statistics are all bullshit. and condescendingly tells me that " he was only joking." about the Dr Who shit. I get pissed off and rant about white male privilege, and he flounces to his room. The white male privilege thing puts otherwise pretty cool flatmate number one's back up, cos he hasn't had exactly an easy ride in life,, and they fuck off to the pub.

Me, Payne and Pete the dinner guest are left, and i'm still mad as hell. Pete is an old punk with a history degree who chimed in about it being a patriarchal society still and was generally backing me up to some extent. and poor Payne gets the rest of my rant about the fact if he thinks it's "edgy" -funny or "controversial"-funny to say that shit then I pretty much think I have to share my home with a spoilt little douchebag for the next 6 months at least.

I'm wound up as all hell, am having trouble sleeping and I really don't need to tear this guy a new asshole, even though I desperately want to. How do you put it to someone that if you don't know them very well, he's coming across as a bit of a douche?

Apple Talk / It's all going horribly wrong.
« on: February 15, 2012, 12:45:08 pm »
I am in meltdown. I gave my landlord notice to quit and now my guarantor for the rent on the new place has JUST PULLED OUT. The move was supposed to be in 10 days, My only other option was to get my dad or someone to stump up 2000. My Dad can't do it, cos he loaned Payne the money for his motorbike. My savings are boned and I'm supposed to be doing research for a job interview tomorrow, my first in over 3 years. I really hope my landlord will take back my notice to quit. I am in tears and cannot focus on the wine, beer and whiskey research I NEED to do to nail this interview.

My dad and I will be meeting tonight to see if there is another option. it's all kinds of fucked up.

Apple Talk / Advice on Ales, Wines and Whiskeys for a job interview.
« on: February 13, 2012, 02:38:43 pm »
I just started jobhunting yesterday and have just got an interview on Thursday at a real ale gastro-pub.

I've never tended bar before, and need advice on wine/beer food pairings if any of you spags have experience with this, or know any good websites, to bone up on such things.

All help is super appreciated.

Aneristic Illusions / Gabrielle Giffords to quit congress.
« on: January 22, 2012, 09:02:17 pm »

She has decided to resign in order to focus on recovery.

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