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"Because they drained the life out of the FUN."?
Then it's entirely up to you to find some more fun, that they don't know about, and pump some fucking life into it!  It's no good just bellyachin' and feeling sorry for yourself, No one is going to make more fun for you, and if you can't find any, then you may as well just lie down on the ground, and stay there until they sweep your bones into the . . . bonecart? Is that a real thing?
I may be old, (43) But I remember what fun used to be like, it was, well, fun, fer fuxake! How dare they drain all the enjoyment out of going to school! God knows, there was little enough of it there to start with anyway! I bet they don't even teach you anything relevant, or useful there. Like how to hotwire a car, or make pipebombs, or rinse a bogus bank account.
Good luck with that anyway. BB.

Pages: 1 ... 270 271 272 [273]