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Or Kill Me / Letter to Horab (or, why don't we all just settle down)
« on: November 18, 2005, 07:07:53 pm »
Quote from: erotic

And V, you really hate on the Satanists, huh?

With damn good reason.
Woman in é─˛goth' case seeks protection

Witness recalls night of man's hotel death

By Nikki Usher
Staff writer/The Times-Picayune

Hours before his death last month in a Warehouse District hotel hot tub, Shawn Johnson was seen flashing cash in Jackson Square, then hopping into a taxi with a group of young people dressed in the "goth" style, according to a member of the group who has sought protection as a potential witness against her companions.

It was July 19, 4 a.m., and the plan was to buy champagne for an unusual "bubble bath" in Johnson's hotel room, the woman told police.

"He was very drunk and flashing around a lot of money in Jackson Square. You just don't do that," said the woman, 21, who goes by the street name Catt.

Three weeks later, three of the people Catt said joined Johnson, 34, for the party in his room have been booked with first-degree murder. One is a self-described Satanist[/u](Kriss Lane) and another believes in vampires, she said. Two are in custody in Florida; the third suspect is in Orleans Parish Prison.

Relatives of Johnson, a lighting expert from Atlanta who had been hired to work a Microsoft Corp. convention in New Orleans, think his death might have been a "ritual killing," an assertion the Orleans Parish coroner's office denies.

Catt, a former street person trying to make a fresh start in New Orleans, said she was in the hotel room the night of Johnson's death but left before any violence occurred. Faced with testifying against her friends and fearing for her life, she entered a witness-protection program last week.

Sunrise at the Dungeon

Johnson's rendezvous with death began before sunrise at the Original Dungeon Bar on Toulouse Street in the French Quarter, where he was seen with the suspects, according to police.

"I was at the Dungeon earlier that night and saw all four of them there. First Never and Worry, and then I saw Catt and Ben," said Dennis Adkins, a Dungeon regular. Never and Worry are the street names of two of the suspects, identified by police as Kriss Lane, 24, and Karla Frye, 20, respectively. The third suspect is Ben Anthony, 24.

Catt said she also first encountered Johnson at the Dungeon.

"He was just kind of standing on the sides and watching everyone," she said.

Later, about 4 a.m., she was sitting outside Jackson Square when she saw him again. About 30 minutes later Frye invited her to join a group heading back to Johnson's room at the Courtyard by Marriott on Julia Street.

Catt said she resisted but Frye dragged her to her feet and promised a champagne bubble bath.

"I had never tasted champagne before because I've lived on the streets since I was 11, so I wanted to come along," Catt said. They began heading back to the hotel room, but Johnson was so drunk he couldn't remember how to get there, she said.

The group of five then tumbled into a cab -- no easy task given how drunk Frye and Lane were, Catt said. For Frye it was a challenge just to remain upright in her high-heeled leopard-print shoes, Catt said.

Once in Johnson's second-floor suite, Catt turned the TV on to cartoons and the group began spraying each other -- and the room -- with champagne from the 10 bottles they had picked up, Catt said.

What was left they poured into the small tub and then climbed in, some of them partly naked, Catt said.

She said she began feeling increasingly uncomfortable and wanted to leave. When she said so, her companions pressured her to stay.

At one point Frye tried to push her into the tub with everyone else. "I had no idea how these five people were going to fit, but I wanted to go," Catt said.

Catt said she had had enough and left the hotel room about 6:40 a.m.

"I remember Never saying something creepy to me," Catt said. "Never said, é─˛You don't know what kind of fun you're going to miss.' "

'This is no cult murder'

About six hours later, at 12:30 p.m., a chambermaid found Johnson in the hot tub, bleeding and unresponsive. Johnson "drowned due to being hit on the head," according to chief coroner's investigator John Gagliano.

Though the coroner's office has said Johnson's death was not noteworthy or unusual, family friends said they think it might have been a ritual killing.

"I've heard the term é─˛cult murder' used by the coroner," said Theresa Teague, Johnson's girlfriend. "I saw the photo of the woman they arrested, and something in her face tells me that this was something macabre."

The coroner's office rejects Teague's theory. "She is not correct. This is no cult murder. We said nothing like this," Gagliano said.

Within hours, police had surveillance camera photos from the hotel and went around Jackson Square looking for people who could identify the suspects, said Adkins, a tarot card reader at the square.

"I saw the photo and was like, wow, I know all of these people," he said. He said he gave police photos of Frye he took when she stayed at his home the previous week.

Catt also is visible wearing goth-type clothes on the surveillance tape. She turned herself in and said she has been cooperating with police. She was later released and police said she has not been charged in connection with Johnson's death. Police declined to confirm the details of her statement but said she is not a suspect.

'A bad name on goths'

Frye was the first to be arrested, in Florida. The Manatee County Sheriff's Office report said she went to Manatee Memorial Hospital's emergency room to report that her boyfriend had been kidnapped and that she had been raped. She also told hospital staff she had witnessed a murder in New Orleans, The Bradenton Herald reported. Frye said her boyfriend was killed trying to escape from the kidnappers, but she got away, the report said. Frye was arrested July 27.

Her boyfriend, Lane, 24, of Ruskin, Fla., was arrested early Aug. 2 outside a Denny's restaurant in Bradenton. He showed police his tattoo of an upside-down pentagram, a common satanic symbol. Lane was also wearing a pentagram necklace and had the word Worry tattooed on his leg.

The third suspect, Anthony, was arrested at his apartment on Dumaine Street on Aug. 1. Police said they were aided by a Crimestoppers tip.

Catt said she has known Frye since her first day in New Orleans, July 7, and called her "manic." "You had the feeling she could turn on you at any moment," she said.

She and Adkins said Frye always carried a rag doll with her, even to the Dungeon. The night of Johnson's death, they said, Frye was wearing a spiked collar, a bondage bracelet and a corset. Also in goth regalia, Lane was clad in black and had a large metal chain hanging from his pocket, Catt said.

Anthony was in goth makeup: white face paint, black lipstick and eyeliner, Adkins said.

Adherents of the goth subculture tend to have funereal wardrobes and enjoy lugubrious imagery in their music. However, many goths said they are worried that Johnson's death will be misperceived as an outgrowth of the style.

"This puts a bad name on goths because we are normally peaceful people who keep to themselves and read morbid poetry in coffee shops," Adkins said.

First off,I know all the people involved in this.Karla was a real good friend of mine.
Second,I was at the Dungeon that night.
Third,I was hanging out with Shawn prior to him leaving With Kriss Lane and Co.(he was the only other black person there).I saw him leave with them
Fourth,I have a problem with cops coming to my job asking all types of questions.

I warned Karla about Kriss.He knocked up another good friend of mine (Kelly) and them dumped her.Me and him never got along.He is a thief and a liar(and now a murderer)
Everyone knew that Karla was a bit of a nutcase,but wasn't a bad person once you got to know her.She was just niave and easilly manipulated.And Kriss is a very manipulative bastard.
He was always bragging about what a hardcore satanist he was.
His dumb as got caught because he bragged about the murder about it in Florida.He was busted early in the morning in "of all places"a Denny's.
Gee,besides a goth club,where else can you find a gioth,but in a Denny's?

During Karla's trial(this past July) Kriss tried to pin the blame on Karla(gee what do you expect from a satanist),but was shown to be the instigator of the whole thing.Karla was given 5 to 7 years for being an ascessory to murder.Kriss' trial is coming up soon.He faces the death penalty.Could'nt happen to a nicer guy.

Every satanist I have ever met have been self centered,manipulative,materialistic,cowardly racist bitches.

Oh,then there was the time I got jumped outside a goth club in Colorado by a group(4) of satanist goths for dating a white chick.Even manage to actually kick the crap out of 2 of them before they manged to get me on the ground.Luckily for me(thank Eris) my people came out of club before the bootstomping I was recieving caused permanant damge.And wouldn't you know it,the satanists ran away when the numbers became even.I had Bruised ribs,a black eye,a busted lip,and a broken hand.And i gave as well as i received.I broke one(David, I'll never forget him)of the guy's jaw.

So yeah,you can say I hate satanists.

Or Kill Me / Re: Letter to Horab (or, why don't we all just settle down)
« on: November 18, 2005, 05:21:33 pm »
Quote from: Rabid Badger of God
This is a PM I sent to him, but on second thought I decided that everyone ought to see it.  Some people have noticed that I bitch every time there's a major grudge-fest around here.  Well, here's your answer for why.

Horab:  let me explain my motivations to you, since you appear to be upset by what I said.  

I'm apparently an anachronism, because I uphold human decency and civil behavior.  Especially on the internet, where all we have to judge each other is our words.  Whenever someone stirs shit, I get pissed off.  It doesn't matter who it is.  

I was happy when Roger left for that couple of days, because that meant that (hopefully) peace would return to the boards.  Of course, that was not to be, but it was a respite.  So then you show up and start it up again, rehashing the same arguments for the sake of...whatever.  I can assume, but I don't know.  It's bad enough with Roger and Turd and Cain and Fnrodie and god knows who else around, ready to explode at the slightest provocation, without you getting all self-righteous.  I agree with you, I really do, but the way you acted was just as bad.  Ergo, my ill-will.  That will stop as soon as you stop acting like a jackass.

Maybe I'm stupid for wanting a little bit of peace in a place that is characterised by endless bickering and posturing.  Really, all I want is for everyone to just shut the fuck up every once in a while.

All I want is a little more decency and a little less hating.  I didn't even hate Eric or Aini, I just wished they'd stop being total asshats.  Civility is all I'm asking for.  For at least a couple days.  That's all I want.

Apparently your'e not the only anacronism here dearie.I've been bitching about this for ages.I totally agree with you 100%.But that and 3 bucks will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. The only way anything is going to change is if we as a community get together and say that we are not going to take this bullshit anymore.The only thing I,as an individual,can do about it is to point out how stupid all this hating is.But there is very little one can do about the assholes on this board,especially if they get off on being assholes.And we all know who are all the Usual Suspects here.I am sorry to see Horab go.But you know what,Fuck him.He reaped what he sowed.This is an internet forum for crying out loud.People pull this shit here because they know that in the REAL WORLD,they would have had thier asses kicked 5x over.It's very easy to be brave and talk a lot of shit when you are in the safety of your own home.
Just because we have a few discordians here that are assholes,doesn't mean you have to be an asshole to be a discordian.(that's what satanism is for).

Apple Talk / We used to be a community
« on: November 17, 2005, 11:08:14 pm »
Well said,Hugh.

Apple Talk / I like boobs
« on: November 17, 2005, 06:53:06 pm »
Quote from: The Commander
You guys are all a bunch of real boobs.

He he he.

That's a pun guys.  Try not to throw too many rotten tomatoes.

The Commander

is 4 tomatoes ok?

Apple Talk / We used to be a community
« on: November 17, 2005, 03:49:59 pm »
Quote from: Eldora, Oracle of Alchemy
I wantee to get an interesting discussiong going and it worked.  I wanted us to pull our heads out of our asses and that appears to have worked as well.  I wanted people to think and laugh, and 2 people so far got that, I have faith for the rest of you.

I love you El,but you silly silly woman.I'm hoping you meant faith in the rest of you(if so,you're a better entity then me .The only faith I have in the majority of humans is that they will probably do something real mean,stupid,or fucked up real soon.Probably within the next couple of posts).I am all in favor of getting interesting (and intelligent) discussions going.But to do that you need interesting and intelligent people.The Greyfaced harpies here have no interest in intellectual discussion.Only the opportunity to sharpen thier claws into some poor posters gut.Oh,and to preen their egos at everyone elses expense.We see it all the time here.You yourself can't post something here without someone calling you an insulting name within 5 posts.
I understand what you were trying to do here,but it'll take more then intelligent discussion to get some peoples heads out their asse here.It'll take a few sticks of dynomite to do that job.

And if you actually meant having faith for them,I say:"Fuck em! Let them get their own damn faith."

Apple Talk / Re: We used to be a community
« on: November 17, 2005, 06:33:22 am »
Quote from: Eldora, Oracle of Alchemy
We used to be a community

We used to talk about how we felt.  We used to talk about everything.  We used to be able to.

We used to be diverse.  We used to have balance, yin and yang, order and disorder, light and dark, serious and humorous.  Magic and Mundane, Christian, pagan, heathen, Discordian, Erisian, Athiest, neopagan and people who defy description.  

We used to remember that a user name is attached to a person with a name, that pixels on the screen represent a person at a keyboard, we used to laugh and cry with each other, as well as bitching and moaning, kvetching and complaining.  

We used to have fun.  We used to be sillier, we used to be more serious.  It's not a contradiction, you need the silly for the serious and the serious for the silly.

Sometimes we all have to go where the yellow ball goes from here to there, and  the white ball follows or leads, as it waxes and wanes.  Where this mythical real world is.  Where there are jobs or not, family or not, homes, school, vacations, hobbies or not.  Where we speak to people, not with a keyboard, but with our lips, our eyes, the muscles of our face, our hands, the expressiveness of our voice, our hearts, our souls, our genitals, our minds.  

We used to be a group of people instead of a group of factions.  There was this mythical, mystical time I have heard about, where Eris ran freely through the forum, causing mischief without pain, chaos without catastrophy, when words were used to teach, not injure.  A time when people listened to their pineal gland, or at least some part of their brain.  There were heros.  There were villains.  There was also community.  There was a hippy trippy togetherness that was more than hippy or trippy.  People cared about each other.  Or, maybe this is just another myth.

Sorry sweetie.That was all myth.There were times we were almost civil with each other,but the Greyfaced harpies took over this forum long time ago.There was always factions here.There were always those here who seem to only get off when they are putting people down.

There are those of us who still try to teach.But I fear we are in the minority.To many of us here seems to  to think they know everything.And goddess forbid we actually point out a mistake,or disagree with them.Grudges are held more tightly here then a winning Powerball ticket.
Lets not delude ourselves Eldora.We are Children of Chaos,not Moonies.And many of us here are not hippies(no offense,but the only thing I can't stand more then hippies is gutterpunks) was never a Utopia.Nor should it be.But for me,it is a place I can go to learn things.a oplace i can get a good laugh.A place where people I have never met in person were concerned for my well being during Katrina.

One of the things we try to acheive in the COE is gaining the ability to see how things really are,nd then dealing with it.I we can change it for the better,so be it.If not,oh well.Shit happens.

We are still able to talk about how we feel.what we believe.I do it here all the time.This forum is not for the meek.Chaos has a habit of getting rid of things that cannot adapt.And if a poster can't deal with the assholes on this forum,how the fuck do they think they are going to deal with Eris.

I understand how you feel Eldora,but there is one thing I think noone hear wants,and that is PD.Com becoming just another sappy perky pagan site.You have always shown me nothing but respect and kindness El.And I thank you for that.
This place is truly a furum of Eris.because it has real people(sorry for the pun)acting likme real people.and that is the Way of Eris.

Principia Discussion / ITT, Post your favorite PD conspiracy theories.
« on: November 16, 2005, 07:47:11 pm »
Quote from: fluffy
Quote from: Zurtok Khan
The only reason fluffy is here is because he wants to sodomize us all with carrots.

so what's the conspiracy?

that you are  supposed to be a female of your species.

Or Kill Me / Rant 134: The Amazing Thing About....
« on: September 30, 2005, 04:47:51 pm »
Anyone know how I can sue GOD for all the suffering and hardship  I've just gone thru since Aug.28?
It was because I understood the Way of Eris  that I was able to survive.I also find it interesting that the priest of the catholic church down the block from me(which suffuered some severe damage) vamoosed while the head of the buddhist center across the street(which suffered no damage) stayed.

Or Kill Me / Rant 132: Distractions
« on: September 30, 2005, 04:39:55 pm »
And to think they were making plans to take over the country during an emergency like Katrina(or nukes going off)during the Reagan Years.

Or Kill Me / Rant 135: Discordianism Myth
« on: September 30, 2005, 04:37:49 pm »
Right on!!!!!

Or Kill Me / Discordian Philosophy vs. Discordian People
« on: September 30, 2005, 05:06:04 am »
Quote from: metapunk
I know that all of you fucking discordians are just a bunch of haters who seem to do anything you can to distance yourself from fucking anarchists which is just fine and dandy sit in your house on your computer and type inane shite all day until your fingers fall off.

I was merely drawing a metaphor between the rise of civilization and the rise of a greyface mentality. Of course since all of you are happily dependent upon pinks and greys to feed you then you really have no problems with the near enslavement of individuals suffering in 3rd world countries to produce the precious commodities like your playstation 2.
Hey you got it might as well play it.

First off,I too was stating my opinions.Since you seem to lump all us discordians on this board into one lump catagory,I took it upon myself to let you know who I AM.I don't have to put words into anyones mouth.I can use the words they put forth just as nicely.
Now I am going to ask you a question metapunk.

Since you seem to think all the members of this board(which I am a member of)do nothing all day but sit in front of a computer all day talking shit to one another,let me ask toy this.
 Wanna know where I was.I was sitting in my apt. in New Orleans hoping my building didn't crash down around me.Unlike most of the N.O. whaaanarchist who vamoosed as soon as they could get mommy and daddy ot take them home.I stayed behind becuase my home was the safest place I could be at the time.When Katrina ended I walked out to see my city in ruins.I looted wate and food,not just for myself,but for others less fortunate then I. I helped out old people,I got formula and diapers for babies(and some of those where the babies of punk rockers and anarchists to scared or lazy to do it on their own)
I am very familiar with many of the anarchists in this city,and you know what they were doing during all this.Looting money,booze,Playstations and X-boxes,along with the cops.Scuse me meta punk,but how many times did you have to pass the same dead body lying in the middle of the street on your way to get food and water.No lie.On Magazine and Jackson there was a dead body lying there for 4 days before some of the neighbors there buried it in an abandondoned lot to prevent the outbreak of disease,and to give the poor soul some dignity.I should know,I helped bury him.
If you really want to know what its like to live in anarchy,in an area where there is no law and order,ask the people who were raped and killed in the Superdome and Convention center.
I never had to carry a weapon in all the time I lived in N'awlins,until Katrina.Ever worried about someone killing you over food and water metapunk.Trust me,it isn't a nice feeling.Ever had cops come up to you and tell you you not only have to leave your home,but the city you live in.Hows that for greyface mentality.I survived because I understand the Way of Eris.I just don't talk about chaos,confusion and strife,I survive it.

You know what Mp,fuck a bunch a third world people.I'm a nigger in America..N'awlins is a third world city right smack in the middle of America.Wheres your symphathy for me.What are you doing to help me get my city back.Can you give me my job back.Can you bring back all my friends and co-workers who are scattered across the country? .Do you have a home metapunk.I can't get back to mine yet because I need an id,and guess what,all my i.d. is at N'awlins.
You come on this baord waving your moral superiority around like your Long Dong Silver.What gives you the right to come on this forum and tell anyone here how to be a discordian.What have you done to merit you someone like St.Hugh,Ssbella,TGGR,and all the others on this board how to be a discordian.
Lets face it,the real reason you call us hatersisd because we didn't automatically fall on our knees and kiss your ass the moment you arrived on this board .
This forum id the true face of anarchism.You either run with the wolves,or you get eaten by the wolves.(except for Fluffy,because she can probably totally kick the crap out of a wolf).

Or Kill Me / Discordian Philosophy vs. Discordian People
« on: September 29, 2005, 03:28:19 pm »
Quote from: LMNO
Quote from: metapunk

Or tying in the parallels of grey face and civilization, or that greyface is really a metaphor for domestication and civilization. Meaning that when we tried to kill the chaos of reality through imposing our internal concepts of order upon nature and everyone around us, we lose the ability to just be happy children dancing in the sunlight, picking fruits and vegetables, hunting rabbits and living as one with the external reality that could be dubbed nature or just life in general. When we feel like we need to do WORK or till the field or protect the castle, or whatever we take things way too seriously, and thus the greyface complex.

Please tell me you didn't just say that "domestication" and "civilization" are bad things, as you type out your ideology on a device that could not possibly exist without civilization, in a domecile that would not exist without domestication.

You remind me of all the socialists in college who lived off their trust fund left to them by their rich (capitalistic) grandfather.

Fuck this shit.I have no desire to be some shiny happy treehuggin hippy livin off the land.Fuck the "back to nature" mentality.In truth,nature is a bitch.
Don't get me wrong,I have nothing against nature,I just don;t want to go back being dirty stinking primitive savage.I hate the fact that the xtians took my ancestors out of the wilds of africa to be slave,but I have no desire to go back to my ancestors life style.
I like all the modern convienences.I love the internet.I want my Cartoon network.I want my playstation 2 back.
Nothing pisses me off more then some sanctemoniuos hippy/anarchist who looks down own me because I don't want to go back to eating veggies straight out the ground and tilling the fields.You know what I say to people like that:FUCK YOU FARMER RETARD.HOPE YOU GET FUCKED UP THE ASS BY A BEAR.
I also can't stand trustfund anarchists who want to "smash the system" while masterbating to Kropotkin.The problem with so many anarchists today is that they are so hardcore,they seem to be spending a lot of energy rebelling against the rules of GOOD HYGIENE.IF anarchists hate capitisim so much,send me all your money,so that you won't be tainted.
I have yet to meet an anarchist who can actually explain what the hell we do after we"smash the system".I've met so many aggro hippies and wanna be armchair anarchists,I know for a fact those are the first people to shit their pants if true anarchy happens(most of the gutterpunk anarchists in N'awlins hid in their squats during the aftermath of Katrina,leaving everyone else to go out and try to find food and water).

Or Kill Me / Discordian Philosophy vs. Discordian People
« on: September 29, 2005, 05:14:06 am »
What's wrong with thinking about Eris all the time,if thats what I like to do.
If I take discordianism and make it a concrete(or cement) philosophy,whats the big deal,especially if it works for me.
If I wish to take Eris seriously,thats between me and eris.There is no sin as long as i don't try to force anyone else to take Eris seriously.
Anyone who claims to have figured IT out is trying to sell you a shovel.
Doing Your Own Thing is well and dandy,as long as you know what your thing is.It is also about letting Others do Their Own Thing.And thats when it gets tricky.What happen when Someone Doing Thier Own Thing Interferes With You Doing our Own Thing.
We of the COE consider our belief structure to be bullshit,but thats ok,because bullshit makes the flowers grow,and thats beautiful.
Just because Hill was nonsense,doesn't mean he doesn't make sense.
I have saids it before,one Eris can truly say who is or who isn't a real discordian.None of us has the qualifications,nor the right to.The moment we try,we become no better then  Gruad Greyface.
Discordian Is,is what Discordian Is,and that is up to the individual to decide for themselves.We can post our ideas and opinions about it,and maybe influence one another,butt thats all we can do. No one here is truly superior to anyone else,IN  THE EYES OF ERIS.We are all popes of our own madness

Or Kill Me / Discordians should learn how to FSU
« on: September 27, 2005, 05:02:50 pm »
Quote from: metapunk
As far as discordianism, as per an ism, it's just an absurdist religion that brings together freaks and rejects to fly a flag and give each other silly titles.
couldn't this be said for just about every belief structure.But at least discordianism acknowledges that fact.
Quote from: metapunk
It poses no threat because there is no cohesion behind its adherents, they are just as likely to argue about the color of their turtlenecks than to engage in subversive activities.
Anything in the PD is only the opinion of the Joshua Norton Cabal and POEE(and they both admit that).Other then that,there is nothing that says we discordians have to be subversive.Cohesiveness is anthemic to discordianism.I have said it before,question the motives of those who call for subversion and revolution,because nine times out of ten,they end up becoming even worse dictators then the ones the want to overthrow.
Quote from: metapunk

The spectacle will easily absorb their antics into its production, but atleast it doesn't embrace the consumer reality as the only game in town and attempt to profit off the pinks as the sub-genii engage in all out commercialism in attempt to commodify themselves. Well atleast theirs was as succesful strategy.

Our form of government,our capitalistic system works because it is designed to make a few people rich on the backs of everyone else.Personally I have no problem with capitalism.I have no problem with the concept of making money.Of course I acknowledge that this form of capitalism that pretty much rules the world now(we all seen how well communism works on a large scale.) is the only game in town.And its a very fucked up game.The anarchists delusion of "smashing the system" is just that,a delusion.We are at that stage in which it is better to try to survive in this world,try to make it better,rather then always trying to change it.
Discordianism must evolve faster then it is absorbed into the system.Only Eris can say which direction discordianism should take,and her way is to let individuals to decide in what direction they want their discordianism go.
What discordianism needs is teachers,not leaders.We need a call for wisdom,not revolution.
I agree with Hakim Bey when he says we need insurgents,not revolutionaries.

Or Kill Me / Rant 132: Distractions
« on: September 27, 2005, 05:42:30 am »
But can't we as a people hold them accountable.I know I am probably being naive.On Urth,if a politition doesn't produce the results he/she promised,we shave his/her fur and shove 12 ft.xillian intestinal worms up their butts.If he still doesn't produce we tend to drop them into the nearest black hole
Other worlds do even worse to their politians.On Vargas 5 they have to issue an APB on the newly elected president and had to drag him kicking and screaming to the inuaguration.

Oh,and next time I go to Asgarsd,I'll be sure to invite you along.
(latest bit of gossip.ever since Loki convinced Thor to dress in drag to save Freya from the frost giants,he's kind of taken a liking to it.NOT a pretty picture,I can tell you.

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