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The shroud cannot be conclusively carbon dated.

Some scholars doubt the reliability of radiocarbon analysis. Maybe radiocarbon analysis is the conspiracy of academics. But academics such researchers called creationists and pseudo-scientists.

Ever considered that all perception and memory is a thin forgery of reality?

Of course, it is.

Could it be that our experiences are merely derivatives from a much greater thing that we're also a part of that is meant to experience and alter it?

It could be.
But there is a deep-seated cultural stereotypes: they are built public education and ideology, their origin is artificial, descendants of the authors of such stereotypes become aristocracy.

A forgery is a deliberate attempt to mislead the public (readers, spectators, audience.) This notion is generally attributed to an art form and does not imply any deceitful wrong-doing.

In mass consciousness, it is widely held that the Stonehenge is genuinely ancient, supposedly as old as five thousand years. Meanwhile, the island exhibits the tallest megalith ever worked by man, which is the Rudston monolith estimated to be only three and a half thousand years old. Moreover, as lately as seventy years ago, the Stonehenge location was reached out by a railway spur that was subsequently dismantled by the landed proprietors of that time. Here you can view the photos illustrating the process of building this forgery up, as well as acquaint yourself with the list of main sources for would-be etchings of past ages and written testimonials:

Or, may it be that the Stonehenge is genuine? Was the ancient civilization of Britain actually capable of rolling over the heavy tonnage stone blocks, much like the military and railway vehicles of the past century?

Another feature of mass consciousness is the belief in authenticity of the so-called "crop circles". Aside from the fact that as lately as thirty years ago some ninety nine percents of photography and eyewitness accounts on them were coming exclusively from Britain itself, widely known today is the official web site belonging to the main group of creators of these images and allowing one to take a closer look at the technology of creating such circles:

Or, has at least part of the crop circles possibly not been produced by the British hoaxers? What forces, if not people, account for the crop circles' occurrence? Indeed, it is easier to give credit to aliens, along with mutant reptiloids, rather than rationally explain these patterns and acknowledge their authenticity.

Yet again, mass consciousness holds true to the idea of authenticity of a Christian relic known as the Shroud of Turin that is an ancient length of linen cloth bearing the image of a man who appears to have long been unshaven. In past decades, some researchers even went as far as to claim this to be the result of Leonardo's first experiment with photography where he pictured himself. However, a research conducted independently by three laboratories has pretty exactly estimated that the cloth is only some seven hundred years old, so that the church itself has stopped claiming its authenticity (although, Roman Catholics, Eastern orthodox Christians and many Protestants acknowledged its authenticity as long as thirty years ago):

Or, may the shroud be genuine? And, does it have the actual face of Christ printed on it? In this case, we are currently somewhere around the year 700, and not the year 2015 Anno Domini or the so called Common Era.

"M for mystification" - the following work by Orson Welles is the last motion picture he screened some forty years ago. It documents the story of Elemér Albert Hoffmann (Elmyr de Hory), one of the greatest art forger of all times.

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Apple Talk / Flat earth society
« on: March 21, 2015, 09:17:17 am »
I watched the livejournal post "Another Korea of Eun" about North Korea, where there was a range of technological advances North Koreans, not as usual, about their problems.
Noticed one of the photos:

where the North Korean satellite hovering over not spherical earth. Somewhere i have already seen it. I racked my brain and remembered:

This earth model according to Hindu, Chinese, and Native American mythology.

And if that's true, last year's news about the North Korean cosmonaut been uttered in the sun, doesn't look that fantastic.

From all this i concluded that North Korea is a social experiment:
- there is no division into hemispheres of the New and the Old world;
- the official cosmology without rotation of astronomical objects in orbits.

Materials on the subject:

News about the flight to the sun
Wikipedia's World Turtle
Vkontakte group of believers in that model

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Literate Chaotic / What do people use pet animals for
« on: March 20, 2015, 08:40:19 am »
Living in the conditions between staircases is unnatural. Unnatural lifestyle kills. But there’s always a way to live at someone else’s expense. If parents cannot live at their children’s then they can always get a pet animal.

While those domesticated apes (calling themselves humans) who live in countryside have a life power inter-exchange with other species (with cows or sheep, for example), urbanized apes have much more severe circumstances.

Urbanized apes (calling themselves citizens) keep domestic pets (cats and dogs, for example) not for exchanging services (that is, mouse hunting/territory guarding in exchange for food), but for energy leeching.

From love to hate, there is only one step. Exactly for this reason the cruelest among urbanized apes love their domestic pets very much. They literally suck life out of their pets. The pets realize everything, but they are driven into a corner. Often they are castrated to deprive them of the will to live.

But, as a rule, before spring comes, when the leeching owners aren’t ready for that, some pets manage to escape the emotional snare and staircases. Yet, in order to learn sucking life energy from another specie one needs time and preparations, and that’s why owners try to get their habitual life donors back in any possible way.

Materials on the subject:

Question: How else people called the life energy?

Answer: qi (China), prana (indian philosophers), thulema (Hermes Trismegistus, about 800 yold), vis medicatrix naturae (Hippocrates, about 800 yold), facultas formatrix (Galen, about 1350 yold), baraka (sufis, about 1750 yold), mumia (Paracelsus, about 2700 yold), animal magnetism (Mesmer, 2941 yold), bioelectricity (Galvani, 2956 yold), gestaltung (Goethe, 2966 yold), Odd force (Reichenbach, 3011 yold), vril (Bulwer-Lytton, 3037 yold), etheric formative forces (Steiner, 3066 yold), Élan vital (Bergson, 3086 yold), mitogenetic rays (Gurwitsch, 3103 yold), orgone (Reich, 3106 yold), bioplasma (Grischenko, 3110 yold), cool vibration (unknown hippie, about 3128 yold), inergy (Puharich, 3139 yold), Force (George Lucas, 3143 yold).

(pages 294-295, appendix 5 to “The masks of illuminates” Russian print, Janus Books, Yold 3168)

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