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Aneristic Illusions / War on Cops
« on: July 08, 2016, 03:00:12 pm »
This is terrible.

The Berning Man Army has declared war on cops and who knows how far this will escalate before the blue blowback begins.

This could spark civil unrest on a wide scale, resembling an insurgency replete with suicide bombings as a tactic if global trends materialize here as they have elsewhere.


This thread is meant to serve as a mishy mashy chronology of the milestones we pass, eventually resulting in mankind getting his ass kicked by his own toys.

_________________________________________________ ____

If things continue to proceed along our current trajectory our economy, which is already mathematically unsustainable, will become obsolete within a decade.

AI and advanced automation will eliminate almost all existing jobs within a decade or two, and the basic equation of labor v. capital will become so lopsided as to become moot. The economy will no longer be driven by consumer purchasing because the vast majority will be suspended in the realm of the un, under, and ill employed.

Which begs the question: So what kind of fucking economy can keep the wheels of goods and services distribution rolling along if personal income vanishes the way of the American Dream? For the 99% anyway.

It actually makes a tremendous amount of sense to begin maintaining the money supply via helicopter in that scenario. If you get my gist. Fiscal spending placed directly in the accounts of the unwashed masses is the most direct delivery for cash heroin of all, and that money supply volume has the highest velocity of any form of stimulus creating the biggest possible multiplier effects in terms of generating econ growth.

And if you don't agree then kill your damned computer now, while you still can!

It's true, watched it happen in my own yard.

Dogs that aren't quite fast enough to catch a jack rabbit but can run deer to their death are outclassed in both events (sprint and distance) by a fucking bird.

And we thought they were only masters of flight.

Kinda makes you wonder what a strange and mysterious world populated by dinosaurs was like for emerging mammals.

How did we ever make it this far?



In a deposition last week, NYPost reports that Hillary Clinton's cloests aide - Huma Abedin - revelaed that her boss destroyed at least some of her schedules as secretary of state — a revelation that could complicate matters for the presumptive Democratic nominee, who, along with the State Department she ran, is facing numerous lawsuits seeking those public records.

    “I spent eight years at the State Department and watched as four US ambassadors and two secretaries of state shared their daily schedules with a variety of State Department employees and US officials,” said Richard Grenell, former diplomat and US spokesman at the United Nations.

    “I’ve never seen anyone put their schedule in the burn bag — because every one of them had a email address and therefore their daily schedules became public records, as required by law.”

Laws are for little people.

If the President does it then it is legal. (~GWB)

Obama likes to drone brownies weddings and he's not beyond ordering hits on US citizens abroad.

Cheney just fucking likes to torture folks, and he keeps the film.

Hillary and her famous husband just like to do whatever the fuck enriches them no matter whether it is legal.

U.N. Official 'Accidentally' Crushes Own Throat Right Before Testifying Against Hillary Clinton

and according to some sources the Clintons have left a trail of dead bodies behind as they bury the evidence. Those sources seem somewhat credible, but hey, today evidence of anything can be created from scratch.

Anywho, the point is the Clintons are DIRTY, DIRTY, DIRTY as sin and everybody knows it.

But is destroying her public records (the evidence) important enough to warrant sending her ass to jail (like they threatened to do with Pataeus for the same offenses)?

Is exposing herself and her official work to foreign powers important enough to send her ass to jail?

FBI Set to Ask Russian President Putin For His Copies of Hillary’s Hacked Emails

These are questions for bigger, better, more muscular minds than my own, granted.

But these questions strike at the heart of our current evolution toward a lawless society, or at least a society in which laws are suspended selectively because national security, he/she is the president, too big to jail.

Maybe my facts are all wrong, maybe I am being hot headed and rushing to judgement.

Or maybe this is kinda the way it has always been, but now nobody bothers to hide it no mo.

This too will trickle down.

Apple Talk / Fukushima: witness Modern Man at his finest
« on: July 04, 2016, 12:20:27 am »
It isn't just that Fukushima represents a fuck up of biblical proportions on a schedule to remind future generations of our folly ice ages from now.

It isn't that Fukushima is slowly poisoning a nation of people whose culture, based on NEVER FUCKING UP, was at or near the epitome of human society.

It isn't the incalculable damage done and being done to the Pacific Ocean, the environment and future generations of Japanese, or even that their island may eventually become largely uninhabitable. It isn't the probable legacy of cancer and various other diseases that will be born into the chemistry of Japanese people hereafter.

It isn't that we, they, tptb, the mighty technological race of modern man doesn't know wtf to do now to fix or even contain the toxic cauldron that is Fukushima.

No, what it is is far more base. Far more elementary. Far more powerful and far more endemic within our species.

What it is about Fukushima that matters, that makes a difference, that defines our species is that we created Fukushima without a clue in the world what to do if tshtf.

We had no plan, none, whatsoever!

Just like we still don't have a plan for disposing of the nuclear waste scattered all over the planet at nuclear power facilities and military bases just waiting to become another impossible problem of biblical proportions.

All that to get plutonium so we could destroy one another within 30 minutes from remote silos and underground command centers.

Gee, I guess it's worth it when you put it that way. NOT!!!!

Anyway, I guess I see why Elon Musk appears to be urgent in his quest to provide our species a plan B on some other planet.

But Elon the same kind of thinking that created this mess here, is gonna follow you'ins there.

I am reminded of this:

No fucking wonder I am a misanthrope.

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