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Get back in the closet and STFU, homospags

Started by Cain, June 24, 2008, 03:15:46 PM

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California takes a step forward, Britain takes a step back...

QuoteGay and lesbian asylum-seekers can be safely deported to Iran as long as they live their lives "discreetly", the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, has claimed.

In a letter to a Liberal Democrat peer, seen by The Independent, Ms Smith said there was no "real risk" of gay men and lesbians being discovered by the Iranian authorities or "adverse action" being taken against those who were "discreet" about their behaviour.

Remind me, isn't this supposed to be a left-wing government or something?


So when they arrive back in Iran with a deportation stamped "faggot" the turbaniac authorities aren't going to get suspicious?  :argh!:

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That counts as being discreet, apparently.

The best thing is if you apply this logic across the board we will have no more asylum seekers at all.

Being religiously persecuted?  STFU and pretend to be of another religion.  Being ethnically cleansed?  STFU and hide away somewhere, stop attention whoring you faggot.  Getting the shit beaten out of you for wanting fair elections?  Just pretend you like tyrants and everything will be alright.  Being hunted down for upsetting a bunch of people with your perfectly fair accusations and writings?  Should've thought of that in the first place and shut the fuck up.

Its perfect.


..becasue denying problems exist has AWLAYS made them go away.
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Yes, well.... it is a left leaning government.  Aren't they the types that always spout how "violence never settled anything"?  I take that to mean they don't believe violence will "settle" anything with the people they deport.  How nobel of them.


Yes, but if you admit that there are undeniable reasons for granting somebody asylum then all those terrible foreigners who want to come and suck your well-ordered and prosperous country dry (and destroy the culture of your forefathers' forefathers) will simply, you know, pretend that those reasons apply to them.


Incidentally, I suppose that being discreet includes public demonstrations of affection. Reminds me of all the discreet gay peoplecannot embrace in public...while heterosexual couples are welcome to do what the fuck the want.
I suppose it is their fault that they do not live all in the right district of the right city.

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I thought that Iran didn't have any homosexuals.  Why is England granting asylum to mythical creatures?
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