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Robert Anton Wilson's Maybe Logic Academy

Started by gnimbley, August 09, 2004, 05:19:18 AM

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I have the DVD but I haven't viewed it yet.

From my email inbox

Quote from: The Maybe Logic Academy
Dear Amigos y Amigas -

The Maybe Logic Academy has been in effect for about two weeks now and we are very pleased to say that everything seems to be going brilliantly! The 8 Dimensions of "Mind" course is off and running and a extraordinarily intelligent and courteous community has developed; and the Academy Forum is morphing into a swarming hub of interactivity and potent disinformation. RAW has been very active and insightful on a daily basis - very much to everyone's liking.

This week is the launch of the Ideogrammic method course.  For years Robert Anton Wilson has been in the process of finishing the 'Tales of the Tribe' - an eagerly anticipated title in the Robert Anton Wilson community. Since this course is essentially the blueprint of this book, this is your opportunity to help shape a RAW work of groundbreaking content and become part of the tribe.

Unlike the 8 Dimensions course, which is based primarily on published RAW material, the Ideogrammic Method will feature previously unpublished commentary of Ezra Pound's Cantos and James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake.
Brace yourself for the arrival of abundantly stimulating and original new content.

If you have been thinking about participating in the Maybe Logic Academy, now is the time pick up your thinking cap and get moving. This course currently has open spaces that will most likely fill throughout the week.

We hope to see you inside!

Yours truly,
Academy Admin.

'Maybe Logic' Film Festival Update :

August 10-15 ,Ä¢ Rhode Island International Film Festival Newport, RI
      Saturday August 14th @ 12:30 p.m.

Sept  30 - Oct 3 ,Ä¢Idaho International Film Festival ,Ä¢ Boise, ID

We are also pleased to announce that Maybe Logic received the
"Honorable Mention Award" at the Philadelphia International Film Festival!

Inerestingly, the email didn't have the URL for the academy. You can get there from here.


well watch the DVD and review it PLEASE!

Rev. Marquis Mmothra

The DVD is good stuff but nothing new for anyone who has read the books and heard the recordings.  The soundtrack is nice (Boards of Canada, Tarentel, etc) but too loud, making it difficult to hear RAW at times.  The trippy graphic interludes are a bit lame.  For the price it is worth adding to your library...although the footage of RAW from the DisinfoCon included on the second DVD in that set (The ill-fated Disinformation tv series) is probably better overall.

Your mileage may vary.
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I still haven't gotten around to watching it yet. Lazy gnome.  :P


I agree with Mmothra. Although I did find it more interesting while uh, in an altered state, a lot of it is what you would expect him to be saying (i.e. for someone who is well-read with regards to RAW it can be repetitive at times).

Two of my friends who know nothing about RAW and saw it said it was "awesome", so I don't know.

I like a lot of the footage of the younger RAW at things like Esalen (I think?) and other places. Good stuff.

All in all: it's worth watching but you may get a bit bored if you've read his works. I don't regret shelling out some numbers for it.

The visuals require proper Stimulation for maximum enjoyment. ;)

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Quote from: Slartibartfastcthulhu shub-niggurath azazoth nylarothotep shoggoth THE GATE IS THE KEY miskatonic necronomicon dagon old ones elder ones outer ones deep ones innsmouth arkham

I keep expecting some kind of spam line after this, selling me Viagra or cheap Russian brides.

Hello creature. How are you today?

Fucking capital U's! Treasonous bastards!

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I could start a new thread (the software warns me this thread didn't get used for at least 120 days) but I feel nostalgic for any post that talks of the MLA in its first two weeks! Especially now RAW graduated to His Serene Absence.

Since then we have gone through about three re-incarnations of the general forum, and several online courses, started a quarterly magazine, started a student blog for outreach purposes, and now at least part of the campus has opened out to the public, etc, etc.

I came here as part of the prowling I do, looking for new links for the blog - Only Maybe - or OM, if you prefer (nudge, nudge, wink,  wink).

I have to admit to my status as main culprit for rude posting and confrontation (this may not matter around here, from the hazing I can see in practice) but we only had one rule at MLA "If you can't achieve tolerance, at least attempt courtesy".  Fortunately the e-prime in 'attempt' let me off the hook the couple of times I felt the urge for rude and abrupt behaviour.

As it happens it seems like one of the smartest and pleasantest group of people I have found online...but you may remember what Elwood (not Belushi as a Blues Brother, but James Stewart) says in "Harvey" (film about the Pookah who keeps an eye on the MLA)

Elwood P. Dowd: "Years ago my mother used to say to me, she'd say, 'In this world, Elwood, you must be' - she always called me Elwood - 'In this world, Elwood, you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant.' Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant. You may quote me."
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feel free to link to this site. I'd offer you the same courtesy, but I don't have admin access to the rest of the site outside the forums. I'll send a message off to the site owner, but she's notoriously slow in responding to stuff like that since she actually has a life.
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No, I don't have the heart. :(

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This space for rent.


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I already wrote my piece on initiation ceremonies and the third degree and all that.  And why I don't jump through hoops.

Just think old dog (61 times around the planet) - so if you come bouncing up to me like a puppy that wants to play, just expect a few growls.
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