QE: The CON is a word you made up to name some idea you had, which is probably false in any case. The "unnamed Conspiracy" is no secret, so I don't know why you need me to spell it out for you.

US: Well you brought it up.

QE: Look, fleshbag, you are infected with the viral meme that's killing off your entire species -- you all keep looking for some great big Hidden Truth when you're already confused enough by what is right in front of you. If you really need an explanation, then I'll offer you this: What you call the CON is simply the Conspiracy you are all in on, against yourselves. Now, not to get into metaphysics and pontification here, but you all seriously need to Wake Up.

            US: I get you.

            QE: I doubt it.

                                                           **END TRANSMISSION**

You ever notice how (some) people go kinda weird when the power goes out? No lights... No TV.. No radio.. No interwebs.. Some people act like they're more vulnerable when there's no electricity spinning their gadgets around and distracting them from whatever they don't want to think about. Children, unless they've been conditioned, tend to like it when the power goes out. It's exciting. I've always liked it when the power would go out. It's better then just turning everything off and enjoying the silence (which is good too). But when whole city blocks go dark, you even get a break from the constant electrical hum you're always hearing but usually tune out. There's no point here. Just an observation. The Machine is definitely powered by electricity and also by midgets.