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A christmas story
« on: December 26, 2009, 06:44:25 pm »
So, my phone died on christmas eve, and I didnt plug it in until noon christmas day.  The first thing I did was listen to my msgs.  There were (of course) the usual merry x-mas msgs from the usual motley assortment of 'people' I call friends(I say that in the nicest way possible), and I found a msg from my dad.  Now, my dad and I dont really get along too well.  I love the guy, but he's an asshole.  He's kind of a badass, though.  Hes a self-made man, many times over, since hes had a few wives(and divorces), and he lost a business or two, but he always came out of any problem relatively unscathed and quickly went about putting his life back together.  I respect that in him.  Now he's 75, and he has just moved out of his second wife's home for the second time(looong story, but a fucked up one which I wont get into here).  Btw, I went to High School with his second wife, she's 2 years older than me...  Thats kind of weird, but cool at the same time.  So, I offered to pick him up, and we drove to my house where my GF was making our annual Christmas brunch that we have with her siblings.  So we ate, and had a good time.  My GFs grandpa had given me a 300 dollar of some Australian wine from 1999.  He use to be head of security at Gallo in Oakdale, Ca, so, he gets all kinds of free wine ALL year long, and I was able to share the bottle with my pops.

Then my GF left and I smoked a joint in front of my dad for the first time, and even offered him some, but he said no.

Fucking a.  Merry Christmas everyone, I got to smoke a joint in front of my dad for THE FIRST TIME!!  Best christmas ever!!
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