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This thread was inspired by 000:

--- Quote from: Triple Zero on January 14, 2010, 03:24:03 pm ---tip: start a new thread in this subforum where you post links+extracts to new 23AE entries, kind of like Kai's science thread.

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The Parable of the Gong, by yours truly


--- Quote ---“My wise friend Nopants, I have come to ask you a question,” said Golden Rod, “What is Bureaucracy?”

“In India,” said Nopants, “they tie elephants to trees using thin cords. An elephant could easily snap the cord, yet they remain tethered in place. Why do you think this is?”

Golden Rod itched himself and shrugged.

“When the elephant is young,” intoned Nopants, “she is too weak to break the cord. She tries, but eventually she gives up. When the elephant grows up, she does not try to escape her puny bonds because she believes she will fail.”

“So the cord isn’t the thing keeping the elephant in place,” said Golden Rod. He squinted at Nopants, “That’s very interesting, but what does that have to do with Bureaucracy?”

“Bureaucracy,” said Nopants, “is waiting for a red traffic light in the middle of the night when no one is coming.”

Across space and time, a gong sounded.
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On Thursdays, we've been publishing excerpts from the Black Iron Prison. Today's:

Being Free

--- Quote ---And that’s exactly how We want it! Tired little sheep kept running by the faithful hounds all day long until they are too tired and submit, they break. Who are We? Nowadays, practically everyone…your boss, your leaders, the media at large, the people responsible for American Idol/X-Factor/fill-in-pointless waste of music reality-TV program here….a huge faceless confederacy constantly trying to sway you this way and that, turn you into a follower of anything.
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A literary deconstruction of the Principia Discordia

--- Quote ---The apparent eccentricities of the text, such as Wilson’s claims about the time-travelling anthropologist, are often dismissed as harmless as whimsical diversions on the part of a critic who required some form of ‘creative’ escape from the exigencies of high-powered theory. This attitude, typical of Anglo-American criticism, draws a  firm line between the discipline of thinking about chaos and the activity of writing which that discipline is supposed to renounce or ignore in its own performance. Criticism as ‘answerable style’ (in Geoffrey Hartman’s phrase) is an idea that cuts right across the deep-grained assumptions of academic discourse. It is, as I shall argue, one of the most unsettling and radical departures of Discordian thought. A properly attentive reading of Wilson brings out the extent to which critical concepts are ceaselessly transformed or undone by the activity of self-conscious writing.  His subversive tactics come down to an inordinate fondness for paradox disguising a commitment to order and method.
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101 Ways to make everybody's day weirder


Great to see the content flow pick up over there. Nice work, Cram.


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