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2011 psu WINTER
« on: December 09, 2010, 04:01:12 pm »
TABLE of conTenT | back to FALL . .. ... Ni terms

Total time logged in: 5 days, 5 hours and 55 minutes.
20120722 Total time logged in: 38 days, 18 hours and 35 minutes.

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WIN'ER RobertLosey
« Reply #2 on: December 09, 2010, 04:07:10 pm »
20130725 404 Not Found :fnord:
20121012 i do NOT use flash except 1 day prior to reboot
20110904 Hello, you have an old version of Adobe Flash Player. To use iPaper (and lots of other stuff on the web) you need to get the latest Flash player OH no thanks | Go $q: | & iPaper is marked as Miss SpeLLed
20130630? academia COMMENT
20110601 Robert started following the work of Ben Elliott, University of York,
20110507 started following the work of Katharina Rebay-Salisbury
20110307 Robert started following the work of Erica Hill, University of Alaska

20110216? Canids_as_Persons

20101220 Robert started following the work of Fredrik Fahlander, Stockholm University,
Kristin Armstrong Oma, University of Oslo 20110813 v
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« Reply #3 on: December 09, 2010, 04:11:25 pm »
20130723 CMS Sighted at Park Place SW 9th North of Salmon
CH41 reportedly undergoing modernization & Alls Well in Western Hall????/


2012100704:11:11.01AM academia has ban comments?
20121006 :fnord: 7of12}deleted  Is :fnord: BS :fnord:              {1466
20120917 :fnord: Gi {try Rule1 amesk/i/i/MAUREEN} {1442
20120722 :fnord: :fnord: :fnord: :fnord: :fnord: :fnord: Read 1316 times log
Cameron started following the work of 10 people. 1 day ago  20110531 Read 572 times
20101226_1:45PM psT Cameron updated a book 43 minutes ago
20101220  Meteorite Monday
Jan19: heats sources in a plank house Found Paper: Formation Pro
cesses of a Lower-Colu...  10:33am  Google  5  Canada 
20110115_2:15-:17 PM psT .. Cameron added a paper 1 day ago
Construction and Sailing Characteristics of a Pre-Columbian Sailing Raft Replica
20110105_7:40AM psT Cameron started following the work of 6 people. about 20 hours ago
Cameron added a paper about 21 hours ago 

url= No Preview Available Cameron hasn't uploaded a copy of this paper yet {maybe?
Rudy Reimer, Simon Fraser 20110813 v
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Re: 2011 psu WINTER
« Reply #4 on: December 12, 2010, 03:12:49 pm »
20101212.2 Sun 7:12AM psT " FORM over SUBSTANCE " 4FORTNIGHT/2 ..
RESTARTED as 20110621 that's a TWO followed by a ONE
20130630 ? 7:12AM | hacked 201106 ? 11-13 {OBviously 2:30:30 |-| yeah yeah U  no Y

728 na2
830 na1
0825 J.C./NK
0818 2665abd
0818 2665 A.
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Re: 2011 psu WINTER
« Reply #5 on: December 14, 2010, 03:28:11 pm »
^ TUE 20101214 entry delayed one day by the forces Of enforced stupidities

20101218 SAT
1....... Rather disapointing actually: The week went reasonably weLL? THen
2........ Events as the wEEk end approached, OVERloaded my abalities to
3......... Advance, & stay in sync. OH weLL: Looking ahead to next weeK:
4.......... Dont U C: its the same OLD songs Meteorite, GalYr, Big7, craters
5....,  it should be interesting dispite the ODDs of getting anywhere
20101217 FRI
1....... Really now I do NOT use Geologic Time as it does confuse me somewhat
2........ Events are depicted upon the Galyear (24)e7 clock face{Sun Orbits Galaxy
3......... And Their4  0= S-N crosing (10-20Ka ago) 343 My =1ORb 24(e7)&101mY
4.......... D'vide 24e7/24=10My Thus RedWaLL = -1orB ten +/- Hr in other words
5...., down Ten from 24 = 14th HOUR of the 17th Orbit (If we are now 19 as of  3  
20101216 THUR
1....... Resons to say ya?ya: My thoughts now turn to the Big 7 (Um}? events
2........ Events may i say are 1000'sands & thousands of feet of the same STUFF
3......... And I look to the grand canyoun for my clues (RED WALL}?
4.......... Do search for A clue "thickness of grand canyons red wall formation"
5....,  ranging from 400-500 feet  averages about 335 million years old Cost =?
20101215 WED POST Times aRe no longer considered relavent HERe
1....... Relying on an old "BASIC" program to calculate ...|.maybe i can include a line
2........ Estimated costs of construction of Lunar craters ..|.about how Energy required
3......... Amounts (costs) increased as crater diameters do|.per cubic ?Meters? are
4.......... Does not make sence to me ? in terms of per UNIT... REMoved to make hole
5...., as the calculated costs ($/kwh=.25 $/M^3 {70 239 747 1234}/(15 1000 25K 200K)
20101214.3 TUE  7:12 AM psT My research into TNM MyStORy.....| there on the left
1....... ReSearch for my is ongoing & rests primarily with the Facts.....| Is a copy of txt
2........ Educators aRe not aLLowed to say one word about TN............| That appeared
3......... And his "COLLECTION" once present in CH40 East side.........|at acedemia too
4.......... Donated, I Assume to education via the Newman schoolership |Right here NeW
5....,  organization ? {words will be added ThaT wiLL eventually change to Viet Names
20101213 MON ?$.IMG MON There was considerable ACtivity......
1.......... at the south end of the west hallway in Cramer Basement .........
2.......... as many NEW? boxes were being moved into the doorway........
3.......... across from CH43. Of course i know not the substance of........
4.......... this activity: appearently no Meteorite stuff for 43A. SO:..........
5...., i just have no idea . CH1 was closed
20101212.2 Sun " FORM over SUBSTANCE " 4FORTNIGHT/2 ..
1 Post time is now considered RELEVANT as DECIMAL DAYS.. .....
2 R being ATTempted as part and parcel of Form. LIne Length>... ....
3 appearently has been at least partially resolved using Times.. .... ...
4 New Roman as the prep Font FORMat. THus substance ........ ..... ..
5 WiLL probably drift and make NO.  . .. ... ....
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Re: 2011 psu WINTER
« Reply #6 on: December 19, 2010, 05:08:34 pm »

20101225  Saturday=Summery
1. Really Merry Christmass: the week past (SMTWUFs){SMCGF7s}did WELL ENOUGH
2.. Eventually it seams Reasonable to move Floods to Friday and 7 to Thursday ?/?
3... And like has been regurgated perhaps the whole week on a single topic ???????
4.... Doesn't seam like such a good idea today however. about time to head4 gravel
5...., 1 {went to the River Gravel yesterday {{ mixed RED7 mud for painting 1224 ?

20101224  Friday?Big7 Computing EARTHage {7ian'$ of the PaleoZoic
IF Ga=Gy=250M or 24e7 then SS just turned 20 {10.9bc?12.9BP pick your own present
on the other hand Should as i suspect one moment of time is NOT the same as previous
&furthor that ga2=1.66ga1 etc  in whitch case SHE just turned 10 (not 20) but is aging
more quickly now than many orbits ago about the galaxy.  Shirley times are changing
big7={COSDMPP} AKA ORBIT 8of10 /or/ 18 of 20 (eithor way present ORB -2 orBITs
20101223  Thursday?Floods
1....... ReadY? of course not, Lake Missoula is dry? {it has been since -12.9BP
2........ Evaluated in religious times 10.9BC give or take AFEW numbers, U can
3......... And Water Volume: 9,402,000 acre-feet;11,975,520 cu yd (9,155,940 m 3)
4.......... Deposited in "lake roosevelt" behind  ? ?
5...., (convert CuYd to cUmI}? 5,451,776,000 cubic yards;=.002:500 {Tea Hea:

20101222  Wednesday?GalYr {was not ready Eariler
1....... Redefining (Gy) GalYr Galatic Year as one Orbit of Sol System about M Galaxy
2........ Even though A.I. Quotes 250M as the period? I still use 24e7 to fit Clock face
3......... And then further devide A Gy into 24 parts(Hr) of 10Ma each {easy enough}
4.......... Do seperate Northern(0-12) hemisphere from Southern(Hr12 back up to zero)
5...., numbers reported 4.54By *4=18.16th ORBITs vs My Guess Start 19th =-12.9Ky

20101221  Tuesday?Craters
1....... REMember? i forgot to update these lines yesterday. ThaT leaves me confused
2........ Even thought the topic is predefigned. Usually when i say crater i mean Large
3......... And present on the MooN.
4.......... Drygalski (94) Large south-pole region crater 79.3S 84.9W , 162Km DIAM.
5............_, $?

20101220  Monday?Meteorite makes momentary maybes. But maybe not untiLL 2011
1....... Rearanging Rocks 'Neith the East End of the Hawthorn Bridge does not help
2........ Evaluate exactly when each of the Round River? Rocks arrived in their
3......... Appearent positions. There eXist several Layers each with different color
4.......... Deposits of fine grained(MUD}? holding the round river gravels as if
5...., placed there by floods: & then there are Concreet, asphalt, & sawn wood ?

20101219 Sunday?Situation "5 days, 8 hours and 26 minutes."
1....... REMains UNcertian: form/substance seams to be functional/ finald day problems
2........ Errors in timing(sync to decimal days) & lack of planning are deamed As causeS
3......... Applying the new Warp&Weft policy (F/S)#MM May help to insiLL A pattern
4.......... Don't really know if it wiLL pan out ? OR if some new plan will emege. For now
5...., Meteorites, Craters, GalYr, Floods, Big7, &  Saturday=Summery is the Weft Way
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Re: 2011 psu WINTER
« Reply #7 on: December 26, 2010, 04:42:27 pm »
20110123Link2ORig Fig8 1pm psT

20110123 trum5x 2j2jm9z

20110101 Saturdays Silly Situation Summery
1. ReeLizing NOw that the Table in the ?")&" dream may well have been periodic
2.. Even though i stiLL REMember portions (White) frilly blouse i have no idea
3... Even (oddly enough) if the table top was inlain with the periodic table tiles
4.... Looking Forward (not down}? i cannot say, only that today (i mean 30th
5....' 1 is of the new opinion ThaT yes, it probably was A periodical 1 CH et all

20101231 Friday Flood Fundementals ? Neodymium
1. Rare Earth 60 check your period table, i'LL try to use 1 (Wamsers chemicalelements
2.. Even though its not NeodymiumITE conversant? My point is preserve Cambrian
3... EvE i'LL assume the Nd riddled rock i'LL Look for in the Flood FunYs R their
4.... Location Unknown (Under the east end of the hawthorn bridge sat 3:33:33.333PM
5....' 1 that is tomorrow by the way { sorry to be in Ramble mode {{ it happens2often

20101230 THursdays THoughtfull 7? {Cambrian Wi'LL would be #1/7 naturally{i Writ
1. ReeLizng in my state? i know naught about cameBRAIN, maybe 'cause there's none
2.. Everwhere in My State: i'LL Look on DER webs for deR map/ global map from 1910
3... Eve clickXcambrians
4.... Look Oregon Geological "no Cambrian rocks have been preserved anywhere in the state."
5....' 1Nd and Sr isotopic data Back to CH element (So SoLLy

20101229 WED.Ga {Gal'ear} the current period of time it took Sirus&Sun to Orbit Gal  
1. Realizing i'z DO prefer 24e7 to 1/4B {oh never mind {{ believe WATTever U LiKe
2.. Eventually running succesive approximations I Arive at two numbers for Current
3... Even 10 or 20 {the prior orbit {{ oddly ENOUGH was 9 or 19 , &ended 10.9 BC Date
4.... Leaving Cambrian (My focul point. (the 2nd 1/2 of 8 or 18) 2 prior to present20?10
5....' 1 the one point to be MAID: also in the Southern Galatic hemisphere! do U C ?/?

20101228 Tuesdays, crater ? Monday Wi'LL was reported aT 15.5T {believe what U Like
1. Realizing i'z may as well GoFerIt: 15.5
2.. Even though at this time :20101227 10:20 AM  psT: NOT run the D=2.2meters ##'s
3... Eventually running succesive approximation i arive at the{10:40AM}" 15 T   MASS "
4.... Leaving " CREATOR DIAMETER 35 M" " VOLUME  5.6 M^3" " DEPTH 9 M " etc    
5....' 1 cosT"KT1"aka"KWHR 1338066"@1/4 per=1/3M |disKlaimR DENSITY 3000 Kg/m^3

20101227  Meteorite Monday {where2start
1. Realizing i'z not got a clue about which whitch to hitch to the above wi'LL have2do
2.. Even though 15.5T photo |||AB is A new one on me the top 1/4 looks interesting
3... Every now and then i often wonder about WHITCH Williamette is which ? RU2 ?
4.... Lookie i'LL reVise the Brilliance Contrast & Tint/tilt and include a reDuced sized 1
5....' 1. Six photos shrank to 65% seam to suggest some {interest) in "tomonowos,""

20101226 Sunday ?(SMTWUFs)/{SMCGF7s}now={SMCG7Fs}? Situation "Floods Friday"
1. REALIZING: the floods should occupy the Friday time slot the move will be made.
2.. Every thing else reamains the same as the New Week New year comes to bare
3... Eventuall the pattern forms, its all then firmilure, repative, boreing and UNattractive
4.... Leaving few OR none who have the slightest interest in any of it other than ATTack
5....' 1 reason i'LL probably DROP any aLLedged interest in any COmmenting by Me
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Re: 2011 psu WINTER
« Reply #8 on: December 26, 2010, 07:36:58 pm »
Oh god this is the singularity isn't it. It's fucking started here, why am I not surprised?
Sleepless nights at the chateau


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Re: 2011 psu WINTER 1st WEEK?
« Reply #9 on: January 02, 2011, 03:55:30 pm »

20110108 Saturdays,  Silly  Serial  Situation Summery
1. Sure by Thursday the stuffy noise enterfeared with the keystrokes
2.. And Fri's Flo was not what could have been . THEN again GeoD
3... Thankfully shined a bright light on the magnatism of the upcomming
4.... SitUations .. so aLl is not lost.. the obleak prespective (oBS for short
5....' Seams very probable for CH43a 41 & 40 | Wi'LL's Nd TBD {Maybe

20110107 Fridays, Flood Fundementals ? NeodymiumITES
see #3 2below for descriptions
also see MatLaB ASAP

20110106 THursdays, THoughtfull  "7" ? (COSDMPP)
1._................ lemme use MyScale (it assumes Ga = variable
2.._............... ThaT Ga_Old=1.16*Ga_New as i REMember
3..._.............. placing Start of Mesozoic Present Orb-1= #9
4...._............. Paleozoic Op-2=#8 Cambrian heading North

20110105  Wednesdays, Wonderfull {Gal'ear} ? Gh/Ga
1. YEP
2.. El
3... AN
4.... ReeLLy i did:: FIND May ninth 5/9
5....' 1 i've really no idea {other than of course it IS about Shades of Brown /-/Ue

20110104 Tuesdays, Troubled crater R
1. ReeLy I did get the fuzzy MatLab e-Mail from hotmail & a 2nd 1 too
2.. Earily in the Xchange i guessed even befor events became CLEAR
3... Ever Event would be with DRAW L {or call it reMapED if U LiKe
4.... Listen to transform from the Floor Plan to the WaLL plan (Map)
5....' 2 takes a form of Logic as yet unfermilure to Me (see IMage

20110103  Mondays Meteorite ?
1. My Saturday Search (E end Ha Br) now includes Cambrian in Oregon
2.. Even though there are NONE: "me"no Cambrian rocks" reserved 4me
3... Me thinks i'LL find some HERE anyway once i know what/where 2C
4.... 0nly chance i know today is find some photos on the web { I did ?
5....' NeodymiumITE  is the best word i can come up with for JPG above

20110102  Sundays, Serial Situation Says (SMTWUFs)/{SMCG7Fs}
1. Now maybe U can see that A flat earth was ment to be 4A chess game
2.. Even though i'poise a verticle (black board) is where to look for some
3... When Left & Right (Port & Stbd) For and Aft matter prior to up/down
4.... Yes of course UP ? down for some with capitol in mind (never mind
5....' Return to the rhyme the rythem may follow even if hard to swallow
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Re: 2011 psu WINTER
« Reply #10 on: January 09, 2011, 07:07:46 pm » ?/?

20110115  Saturdays,  Silly  Serial  Situation Summery (yeah)
S. stiLL 7 days/week  M. sTiLL siLLy  T. "TomO to the bottom.
W. ? 33 (i donno):  U. NeodymiUm interest? F. 1K ? 55 Years
3... Nothing really new other than the 33 tail: i've never heard that 1
4.... I Do hope someone REAL gets around to doing the flood #'$
5....' i mean Really, it so obvious, such a perfect record UNrecorded

20110114 Fridays, Flood Fundementals ? NeodymiumITES
Aikens(p94) sites Hammatt, HH(1977)'s flood date after 13KBP
OPB_tt places the Last flood date at 12.9. If my 4cast4 a 1Ka
period (time to fill lake) & "ALSO" time of (P_o)Planet x's close
encouter Now due in less than 100 years? prior events 1K & 0 ?/?

20110113 THursdays, THoughtfull  "7" ? (COSDMPP)
1. Revolting as it may seam (the main principal){of galatic geology} i thought
2.. Eventually to lie in the cambrian & in spacific with #60 Nd "Neodymium" ?
3... Even though i'v my doubts about gett'N anywhere with these ideas
4.... Leaving the cambrian connection 100% MyStORy at the moment
5....' 3 {UPDATED coriba at Orgsync with rock photo

20110112 Wednesdays, Wonderfull {Gal'ear(Ga)} ? 24Gh/Ga yeah-yeah
1. Ring in a new number about Gatatic Geology (33 Million) the interval given
2.. Enough for Galatic crossing to be taken SeriaLLy? My # was 12Gh*10M/
3... Evaluated to 1/2 Galatic Orbit (240M/2)=120 MiLLion years (I dont use 250M
4.... Leaning about ?"AMPLITUDE"? wiLL take me a very long time as its NEW
5....' 3  to me and bad astronomy has been down for ME for a while { donno .

20110111 Tuesdays, Teriffic  (craTer's):
1. REMember I stiLL think Cooper Mt. is the central peak of an inpact crater
2.. Even if i'v no reel proof of this. HERE? R the numbers for TomOnO 15Ton
3... Energy =  KWHR   1338066  devide by 4 to get $= one THIRD of A million
4.... Leaving cone 40wideby10deep (meters) { that assumes earthen inpact
5....' 3 not IcE | Listen it IS my guess TomOnO melted its way to the bottom .

20110110  Mondays Meteorite
1. Really the fig arived at was $9e9 { however this .5Fn is about patinna
2.. Even if i do not spell it correctly {{  "Patina is a tarnish" { yeah?yea_:
3... Eventually whatever was on the (Um}? bottom Surface / Ice impact
4.... Looks to me like it got scraped off as the Glacier drug it along? So
5....' 3 the real hard Quenched part ... is no longer part of Tomonowos

20110109  Sundays, Serial Situation Says (SMTWUFs)/{SMCG7Fs}
1. Ready? to start the NEW .5Fortnight thinking about Mt St Helens
2.. Even IF 19800518 was over 30 years ago, StiLL my computer #'$
3... Evaluate the same now as they did then. ? KWHR   9.09E+11    
4.... Leveling lots & Lots of LOGs. 800 Mega Tonne's in TV talk
5....' 3 reason i use kwHr /4 = $ 'cause it means something . tv=jOKe'S
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Re: 2011 psu WINTER
« Reply #11 on: January 16, 2011, 01:26:10 pm »

20110122 Saturdays,  Silly  Serial  Situation Summery (YeaH)
1. REMember this The constant in E= is the Second T, not VofC as
2.. Every good ES would say Has been proven over & over by
3... Every new number of V .. UC . & reMEMber this THAT I say No Way
4.... Learn in stead to say Every day does not the same seconds have
5....' 4 will have more 1 will have less, & ever one of them not the same 2

20110121  Fridays, Flood Fundementals ? NeodymiumITES
1. Rather than regurgatate the photo, it seams wise just now to NEo  say
2.. Even thou i know NOT your amount, (whatever its worth) whY on Earth
3... Every day U hide from me as if to say, SiLLy Human, i've been here
4.... Listening all along, recording every song, did you want to hear?
5....' 4 spin abouT and U2 can hear the midnight Ride of Paul Revier

20110120  THursdays, THoughtfull  "7" ? (COSDMPP)  
1. Run Quickley to a stone, and say to it, with a bit, of sarcasm, TELL Me
2.. Every " Neody " , what a Todey U seam to be, not revieling your
3... Exact Number, eXpecting me to REMain in this type of Slumber
4.... Leaving out how thick C was, &Just because I slept to long
5....' 4 of these days you'LL sing a changed Song. Seriously ?

20110119 Wednesdays, Wonderfull {Gal'ear(Ga)} ? 24Gh/Ga Yeah?yeaH
1. Really dr Hear the day, far away, when the Sun did cross the plane and
2.. Establish the new (post Glatial) refrain. Adjust the Brain, to A frame in the
3... Event ... We Just past thru Never to return, its up to you  TO
4.... Listen to them, who don't say A-Men, but often say, Another day
5....' 4 in whitch 2 Galaxies were thinking that they should get togather in this way

20110118 Tuesdays, Teriffic  (craTer's): Is Cooper Mt a central peek?
1. Rush? to TeXas Oil $ vs Oregon Endangered S'$ Some Time Certain
2.. Equip a web site with the Location of the Bore Hole Tails 40 60 80 2000
3... Energize Some chick to click on the tail & bail the Situation OUT  of
4.... Lack of motion, in the Ocean, to mark the day, not that far away "WHEN"
5....' 4 OR probably more "Meteorites" Made the Mt. & the TV athority's too.

20110117  Mondays Meteorite I best stick to looking at photos Yr's
1. R really? recall? My remarks assume
2.. Every part of the "bottom" Top in old photos was scrubbed off as
3... Energy of transport be glacier --U-- drug that end along in contact
4.... Leaving none of the highly enriched NeoPlatina on that part. While
5....' 4 the TOP (bottom in old photos) retains it Hi  Neodymium amounts

20110116 Sundays, Serial Situation Says (SMTWUFs)/{SMCG7Fs}
1. REMember? these REMarks Mostly cast Questions ABOUT .edu
2.. Even? Time of Arival of Mondays Meteorite (WiLL / TomOnO
3... Even Cooper Mt as an inpact crater ? &YES Gal'ear 'ERself U C
4.... Leaving CosD to sort the week out For Fridays Flood Fun_Nay's
5....' 4 Shirley, sat WiLL arive B4 very long indead. March on Earth ?
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Re: 2011 psu WINTER 23-29
« Reply #12 on: January 23, 2011, 12:54:38 pm »
Total time logged in: 6 days, 1 hours and 24 minutes.

20110129 Saturdays,  Silly  Serial  Situation Summery (YeaH)
LaSarge, Diana R. 2001 “The Wallula Stone’s Journey,
a Cooperative Effort between Tribal, City, and Federal Governments.”
Paper presented at the American Rock Art Research Association .

20110128  Fridays, Flood Fundementals ? NeodymiumITES
1. Relax the week end is near & A NEWyear2. Anyway as my
2.. Empty thought turns to Time Tamperings (I've done that U C
3... Elementry4 Me. In Space it can ACCumulate (be deposited}?
4.... Later to be withdrawable? Bring AstroNuts onto the scene
5....' 5 I'd like to see the live broadcasT on tv of them UP there everywhere

20110127  THursdays, THoughtfull  "7" ? (COSDMPP)  
1. Really now take a layer of deposited material /// and compress it
2.. Even say by REMoving SOMe mostier etc so 1000 feet is now
3... Eluded to as Cambrian. Reverse the procedure fluff the stuff
4.... Lightly by appealing to PayLa to inject H2SO4 & Lightning2
5....' 5 Make some ROCK's that float (Lighter than Water do U C?

20110126 Wednesdays, Wonderfull {Gal'ear(Ga)} ? 24Gh/Ga Yeah?yeaH
1. REMember This: I do not follow ThaT, although i'LL try to run it SOON?
2.. Eventually  (2011-0121 1 AM) did run the Script & fUNCTION ...
3... Even decided the (Um}? discrepency is the concept of time 'ERself
4.... Lemme say today (having seen Space Curved in Time | t_0 + ...
5....' 5 for reasons unknow that Time Warps in my opinion do eXist.

20110125 Tuesdays, Teriffic  (craTer's): Is Cooper Mt abouts Meteorite
1. REALLY? lemme C: if Re = ρ l D w / µ l ( 2.8 ) &
2.. Eq1S  compute conversion for seconds to years s=365.25*24*60*60;
3... Elaborate on Y in step 1,  is where i believe the Solution May be seen
4.... LetsU compute rate of vertical rise w = d^2 * g * (delta_rho) /mu /18;
5....'  U C S to Yr Not From. To get from 1S to 2yR Strech Time by A FactOR Origional fig8

201101 trum5x 2j2jm9z ManIpUlated8 Neodymium conTenT not shown
20110124  Mondays Meteorite I best stick to looking at SOM photos
1. R1 velocity, V (x/S Lets Not even pretend I`Z cleaver at following this
2.. E2 distance, D (X. For I disagree about the FUNdimeMental Flaw
3... E3 density, r (kg/m^3 that 1 Second is exacctly the same as Another
4.... L4 viscosity, m THus i disagree with the conclusions based on S's
5....' 5 THERE eXists no carry forward from Mon to Tue. ReDeaf alL

GIFEdi 12:04:44 PM
20110123 Sundays, Serial Situation Says (SMTWUFs)/{SMCG7Fs}
1. Reynolds numbers, what A WWay to start a Week, creep creep creap
2.. Elementry: "a dimensionless ratio of advection of C field to diffusion"
3... ELf(3/24 )
4.... Link(4)
5....' 5 laminar, transitional, or turbulent^
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Re: 2011 psu WINTER
« Reply #13 on: January 30, 2011, 04:07:38 pm »

20110205 Saturdays,  Silly  Serial  Situation Summery
1. ReeLey has disintigrated to 0 {Stay tuned to your TV.i
2.. E
3... E
4.... L
5....' 6

20110204 Fridays, Flood Fundementals ? NeodymiumITES
1. Realizeing that a new month is upon me and that my thoughts should
2.. Envision Floods {but that it does not} DOES NOT make this
3... Easy?
4.... Look? i'Z in the process of trying to keep up SO Tom is out OF
5....' 6 syNc

20110203 THursdays, THoughtfull  "7" ? (COSDMPP)
1. Rocks of the cambrian remain the focus for the week  &
2.. Every effort to find one in the rock pile below the east
3... End of the hawthorn bridge is assumed to be on going
4.... Leaving the likelyhood of finding rock Hi / cambrian ?
5....' 6 face it IT is beyound me at this time 11:32 Pacific

20110202  Wednesdays, Wonderfull {Gal'ear}
1. RecaLL? at this time? not a fan of the many crossing model
2.. Even if it is official AsTronomer doctrin? i'LL stick to 2
3... Every N/S (0hr) & S\N (12hrof 24) on the 24e7 orbital scale
4.... Leaving every gal hour = 1/24 gy / Ga such that 1Gh= 10Ma
5....' 6 and 24 of them is 240Ma aka Ga, Galyear, Orbital period

20110201 Tuesdays, Troubled crater
1. Revisit the oblique view? (OBE4me) and think about it abstractly
2.. Even though i was lucky enough to git a glimps into CH43A
3... Elementry math suggests that i forget about it for 2 years
4.... Leaving those craters (if there were any) UNtill Winter of 13
5....' 6 {yes: its a very low content period {{ so soLLy

20110131  Mondays Meteorite I best stick to looking at SOM photos
1. Relizing that for these terms Meteorite sudies will be on hold for
2.. Events to develope on TV that those interested in the current
3... EVEnt productions are congratulating themselves about their
4.... Leverage of grasping the situation as they wish to precieve it
5....' 6 My search will continue on the river rocks on Saturdays again

20110130 Sundays, Serial Situation Says (S
Hub 20110130_8aM ? Cameron answered "What ? i missed it at the TIME
1..................... AS FOR nv ? i do wish the 1 i follow were secure enough
2.................... to not have to hide in 141, however being fermilure with
3.................... the upcomming scenes {Maid for prime time TV | Police
4................... KILL Student proTesT'r,,, I guess I can't blame HER /-/U?
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Re: 2011 psu WINTER
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Interesting... I think. <---worst human being to ever live. <----Learn the truth behind Discordianism

Glittersnatch would be a rather unfortunate condition, if a halfway decent troll name.