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TSA proof undies...
« on: January 11, 2011, 07:28:50 pm »
The controversy over airport body scanners has created a crop of entrepreneurs hawking items that promise to keep parts of your body from showing up on the images TSA agents see.

It might be tempting if you're worried about privacy -- but not so fast.

Wear one of the special garments and you're virtually guaranteed a pat-down, the TSA says in a blog post that takes aim at "the products folks have created that are designed to shield private areas of passengers going through our Advanced Imaging Technology."

A recent entry into the line of "privacy underwear" was created by Marc Carey, a Kentucky attorney who says his T-shirts, panties and boxer briefs have strategically-placed logos with special ink on them that blurs private parts to TSA agents.


Up next, pat down zappers.