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2011 03/12 8:45 AM psT
My HealtheVet Help Desk

This e-mail is intended only for the person or entity to which it is
addressed, and may contain information that is privileged, confidential,
or otherwise protected from disclosure. Dissemination, distribution, or
copying of this e-mail or the information herein by anyone other than
the intended recipient or for official internal VHA and/or VA business
is prohibited. If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify
the sender by reply e-mail, and destroy the original message and all

to me enTitY refers to aLL fields of the inner solar system
out to & including Mars & the Martions Moons.20110701
out beyound the astroid belt to include the Largest moon of Jupiter
when it is on Earths side but not Jupitor itself (a fine line) in&out/$
what happens to me is open to any sovern nation
individual, group or hacker capable of modifying
or changing what has happend within the "ENTITY".

sweep it up? 9:11AM psT uters - Radiation leaked from J { Last Edit: Today at 09:10:48 AM by hirley0

2011 03/11 Message from the NSAPI plugin:
No backend server available for connection: timed out after 10 seconds.

2011 03/05 PM AN "ExPECTED" ...Unexpected Problem
 MHV encountered the following unexpected problems:
An unexpected problem occured. Please contact the helpdesk,
if this problem persists!-! Please contact our helpdesk or
send us an email at

1958 ATOMIC {to end the ?"COLD"? WAR
1969 CHEMICAL {TO BEGIN to end the SE Asia 1
1980 VOLCANIC { to Close to teLL to day Carter fly over O
{url=] 1991 NATURALLY [/url} { Bush Push 2 {{naturaLLy
2002 BIOLOGICAL {{{ i'LL have LiTTle to say about the beginning OR the END
THE bio dates aRe not eXact (to protect Me).,
Yearly Med Photos(WEBS)? 7/2 revision due 3rd 1/4 THIS THREAD ITSELF MeD.Log

20110702 Recieved vA letter dated June 29, 2011 | refer: 648/P4ENRO SSN: H7305
THE TRAVEL CLAIN FOR "5-12-11" SUBMITTED | dnied | brcause4 need travel waiver
IF va missunderstood claim | I could contact Enrollment Office -273-5069 | MK
= =
Well? Molly Kok, VA form 4107 (notice of ProcedURal / give VA evidence ? Y not ? 08:36:51 AM  
Well? Molly Kok, VA form 4107 (notice of ProcedURal / give VA evidence ? Y not Read 147 times
0939 2011/7/2/ ({ MRSA P FOR(UM}me }) ||| I do not understand "cLAIM" 5-12-11
: : :
i'LL review my Military history from those dates and innclude QUOtE below ?
Title? " May-12\May-14 pdT 05/12/2011 Other " ' lISTEN? i AM not saying
NOT UNderstanding this is the VA's fault NOR AM i trying to say that
i was not present in area 4 thursday from 2 to 3 for shirley i was there '
? ? ? ?
So: Yes i REMember ThaT date | UNfortunatly | hopefuLLy the claim ?/?
can simply be ignored as i have no recaLL of SUBmitting any such STATEment
i see no referance to the 5-12 daTe in FOR(UM)me other than this one 7/2
i have no idea othe than to REMark to team 1 at a time #! Overt (YES 10AM
#2 Covert person follow 4Me #3 CONvert (ij to AL) #4 divert R. 5pervert:EditED09:07:41AM 7/2

20110613 LookN4 Dr.ij/5/3 .Mound1
2011 06/10it may be that ?"Saline": Solutions can help ?/? Read 139 times

03/15 updated randomLy (Read 67 times) Mostly LiNks to  ?
2011 03/12 9AM psT "(Read 57 times) " .
Time logged in: 6 days, 13 hours and 16 minutes. Topic: MRSA P FORme  (Read 25 times)
pictoraLLy 20110120?20100910&20101129

July   07/02/2011 12:50 PM Listen convert it's AM Today at 09:57:22 AM by hirley0 I subtracted 2 to get 8:50
read bottom up by color lmntbpog got it LMN TB P OG = 8 COUNT 'EM
top down in color

Triple Zero:
LMNO, give hirley0 back his pogs. All eight of them. You're being a bully.

this thread is now DEsignated by Me as the OFFiceAL one 4Me vs con & C/h after 7/17 2011

--- Quote from: Triple Zero on July 09, 2011, 02:31:09 pm ---LMNO, give hirley0 back his pogs. All eight of them. You're being a bully.
--- End quote ---

let THem have thEM U iz correct however about the SITuATion modified 18 min REMaining
7/13 43 R 7/16NoOn Read 217 times
8/8 9:50AM  pdT.  Read 244 times updating photos at webs ?


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