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Tell me how you broke your favorite class. Any class from any system.

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I'll start with a one of mine, for Magus (Pathfinder, Ultimate Magic).

Requirements:  Bladebound archetype, Pool Strike arcana, shocking grasp or similar.
Minimum level: 5th Magus (by taking the Extra Arcana feat);  When this combo peaks:  10th Magus (with extra hilarity if you take a level of Rogue and Weapon Specialization somewhere along the line)
Abilities used:  Arcane Pool (burning an arcane pool point to charge the magic up), Black Blade Strike, Pool Strike, Spellstrike

Burn a point of arcane pool (swift action) to boost your weapon's enhancement bonus (at 10th, +3 is added and stacks with your weapon's natural enhancement bonus, which is +3).  Burn a point of you blade's arcane pool as a free action to do more damage (at tenth, +3).  Use your standard action to burn another arcane pool point to charge your Pool Strike, and take one last free action to attack, combining your Pool and Spellstrike abilities.  Don't forget you can do all this (except the actual attack) while moving.

Let's say I'm a Magus 10/Rogue 1.  My normal chance to hit is +13/8, I'm wielding a bastard sword, a Str of 16 (and wielding with two hands), have Weapon Spec, and I have a flank going. I missed with shocking grasp last round, too(or just waited for a better position), so that is still going.  On my round, I burn a black blade point and two arcane pool points and make a single attack. A hit!  I just did 1d10 + 1d6 sneak + 5d6 electrical + 4d6 Pool Strike + 12 damage.  CAN YOU DO THAT FIGHTER?  OR YOU, WIZARD?  I THINK FUCKING NOT.  SUCK MY DICK, YOU UNCOMPLICATED BASTARDS.  YOU'D HAVE TO TEAM UP TO TOP THE DAMAGE I'M DOING.  WHAT.  I would fucking either of those bastards in single combat.  
I exaggerate, of course.  I probably couldn't take out the fighter alone, if he min/maxed his feats for damage.  The wizard'd be dead, though, for sure.

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