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Lenin McCarthy:
I've been writing songs for about two years now, in every genre imaginable, but mostly quirky-sweet alternative pop songs. I hereby present some of my personal favorites (one of which is an attempt at metal):

The Daily Mail (Every time you read the Daily Mail a kitten dies)
Pekka (Metal in Google Translate Finnish. About a guy named Pekka who lost his wallet in the sauna. He suspects that a cave troll took it.)
Three-Headed Turtle
New Mexico

My favourite was The Daily Mail :). There's something about your music that makes me think of Lemon Demon, and They Might be Giants.

Nephew Twiddleton:
I like Three Headed Turtle and New Mexico. The Three Headed Turtle because I like the idea of a three headed turtle. And New MExico because of the crazy religious sentiment behind it.

Oysters Rockefeller:
Ah, these are great. My favorite is New Mexico as well. I liked the guitar bit you had in the background. 

Also, you (or whoever you get to sing) hit some low notes on Daily Mail. Impressive!

That's a good point, are you doing everything on the tracks or are there other people you work with?


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