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This is totally a real thing, I swear
« on: February 22, 2015, 05:17:18 am »
I just remembered a really weird type of sandwich that they used to sell at a food truck at college. I forget the name (of the sandwich. The truck was called Pyramid Pizza) and I've never tried to put one together myself but it seems rather elementary...

You'll need:

2 hotdogs
a hoagie/hero/grinder/sub roll
french fries
Cheese whiz
Honey mustard

1.) Heat up hotdogs and fries
2.) Lay hotdogs end to end in hoagie/sub/grinder roll
3.) add ketchup, mustard, and cheese-whiz
4.) jam fries into roll above hotdogs
5.) garnish with more ketchup, mustard, and spray cheese

This was one of the less weird sandwiches that they sold.
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