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I used to make videos, as some around here might remember, but I found I quickly ran out of things to say.  I'm not the type to have an endless amount of topics to rant about, like Roger; I'm also not the type to repeat the same shit over and over using different buzzwords, like Hugh.  Am I dating myself here?

Anyway, one thing I've always had a lot to say about, since a early age, was movies.... so recently I had been chewing on the idea of doing something NOBODY else on the interwebs had done... review bad movies online.

Here was my first go:

If you enjoy, possibly consider sending the link to anyone else you think may like this sort of thing... if you don't enjoy let me know here.  Or there.  If you are indifferent, try to get out more, breath air and talk to people... the malaise will pass.  Unless you are clinically depressed, in which case this just got uncomfortable rather swiftly.  I'll tip-toe out now.

I'll try to remember to link it to my FB.


--- Quote from: LMNO, PhD (life continues) on July 06, 2012, 02:33:07 pm ---I'll try to remember to link it to my FB.

--- End quote ---

You are a darling.


Ah, you are the best.


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