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Introductions, part V: Don't Say We Never Warned You.

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The Good Reverend Roger:
Welcome to Discordia.  We hope you enjoy your stay, whether that be a 3 day butthurt trollfest, or 10 years of screeching and hollering with the best of ‘em.  Our membership grows and contracts, as the people who don’t understand the concept join, get “enlightened”, and then either flee, or join the sediment at the bottom.  We function much like a septic tank:  All the light stuff gets pumped out, leaving a horrible load of goodness in the bottom.  We are the sediment of the internet…It’s not particularly pleasant, but we like it that way.

A few things worth mentioning:

We’ve all read the Principia Discordia.  You are not required to tell us all about it.

We aren’t “Real Discordians™”, whatever that is.  We’re not really into random gibberish (“word salad”), kaos magick, or spending hours and hours determining which music (or whatever) deserves the name brand of Discordian™.

Don’t feel the need to wow us on your first day.  We’re actually more impressed by an honest introduction, and your thoughts on the weird shit we talk about.  Just tell us about yourself, and what horrible personal defect led you to us.  Things will develop naturally from there…There’s no need to rush things.

If you feel that the mods or admins are giving you an undue ration of shit on an “official” level (ie, you were modded unfairly), contact East Coast Hustle, or any other uninvolved admin.  Do NOT pm The Mgt.

We like rants and bad photoshop.  Quality of writing or shooping is meaningless.  It’s all about the WRATH, so spout until your guts bleed.

We like hearing about pranks.  Bear in mind, of course, that this is the interbutts, and be careful how much information you put out there.  The government probably isn’t watching us…but we’ll fix THAT!

The search function doesn’t work.  This is because the guy who runs the server is a communist and hates America™.  You have to go digging by hand.  It’s worth it, though, there’s some really good nuggets in there.

It is generally considered to be both foolish and dangerous to hit “mark all messages read”, as that button is hooked into some software nastiness installed by the guy who runs the server, who kisses terrorists.  On the beard.  He makes everyone call him “Joseph Stalin”, and he kicks babies off of overpasses whenever he’s allowed out of his cage/server room.

There is no secret Pogs forum.  This was an rumor started by irresponsible members from Portland, Oregon, because we made fun of their little Brad Pitt hats.  Fucking hipsters.

There ain’t no parking on the dance floor.

Well, that’s about it.  If you’re dumb enough to stick around, we look forward to your introduction.  We are not responsible for personality issues caused by this board.  Last thing:  We yell a lot.  It’s not personal.  We’re just very, very serious about having a good time.


Sir Bearington:
Why hello there, I am the Trollbear.

I would speak majorly in prose if acting and linguistic lessons didnt mean you have to pay through the nose, but you all know how it goes if you have ever been in one of those.

In a less eccentric and flamboyantly fantastic way to tell all who knows.

Uh hi.



The Good Reverend Roger:


- The artist formerly known as Dok

Sir Bearington:
I don't really see the point of submitting any organs at all, they are all tea stained and likely to be primitive and disused.


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