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Just thought I'd mention this, since I know we have a few old school CRPG fans out there

Basically, Obsidian, one of the two successor company's to Black Isle (the other being Bioware) are looking to make a game that draws directly from the Black Isle classics - Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment and so on, all critically acclaimed games from back in the day.  They're looking to make an indepth, heavily role-playing/character driven RPG game very much like those, but in its own independent setting so they have more creative control over the series.

But the thing is, Obsidian isn't a massive company, and they're not backed by some huge gaming enterprise like Electronic Arts.  Furthermore, the demand for these kind of games is not exactly huge....they're something of a select market.  So, Obsidian needs money.

And that's where the Kickstarter above comes in.  Not only do people funding the game get the items mentioned at the various tiers of donations, but each milestone reached allows for new elements to be added to the game - extra races, classes, dungeons or factions that every player will benefit from.

The Kickstarter is actually doing amazingly well, reaching its target in only a number of days.  But the more money they have, the better the game will be.  So, if you're a fan of the above kind of games, I strongly recommend checking out their plans and seeing if this is something you'd like to contribute to.

Prince Glittersnatch III:
Its good to see a big name developer like Obsidian circumventing the traditional publisher bootlicking and compromise. Hopefully more developers will follow suit.

Yeah, I think it's ideal for a company in their situation.  Especially given how insane the publishers can be nowadays (the demands EA places on Bioware are mental, and the company is suffering for it - just look at Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3).  Deadlines can be set based on what the devs feel is adequate, content is less subejct to boycott or revision, and stupid gimmicks like mandated online, interactive components are not necessary.

Prince Glittersnatch III:
Don't even remind me about what EA is doing to Bioware, because I think we all know how its going to end.

Yeah, I'm waiting to see what happens with Dragon Age III: Inquisition.  My hope is that EA will realise shit is falling apart at Bioware, and they need to give a lot of time and support to get a game with DAO/Mass Effect 1+2 levels of acclaim, and so they will calm down, give more time and control to Bioware's staff and allow them to develop the game without trying to get it out within six months of being announced.

But they probably will try and do all that.

Anyway, more news about Project Eternity.  The magic system seems interesting...a sort of hybrid Vancian/cooldown system.  Essentially, you have spells up to a certain level, where you can cast them several times without having to prepare them.  After a pre-set amount of casts, that entire level is locked out and you have to wait for a cooldown.  And then you have the top level spells, which are in grimoires. You can only have one grimoire equipped at a time, and once the spell is cast, that is it.  You need to rest to get it back.

I'm quite happy about that.  Seems like it would require some tactical thinking, while allowing enough flexibility to be truly creative.


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