Author Topic: The new wave of Art, Information, and Technology  (Read 698 times)

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The new wave of Art, Information, and Technology
« on: September 20, 2012, 03:51:45 pm »
I'd like to open up a thread on the greatly expanded powers of expression that this new interface format we all use here can make possible. The thread is inspired by the Ted Talk given by a fellow named Aaron Koblin.
Here's the Ted Talk.

This was brought to my attention from a wise old acquaintance of mine and friend of my mother. It is still so wondrous and strange to me to be living in times that allow for such swift and free exchange of ideas!

I want to encourage ranting and emphasize artistic depictions made possible or greatly enhanced by information and other technological advances.

In the TT Mr. Koblin showcases several projects, but one of them took my breath away and gave me a solid bone chill.

Here's a link to the most direct result of the project.

It's a video with many many frames submitted by the "masses." We need to abolish that fool-ass moniker.
It's thousands of thousands of thousands of souls all full of image and wonderment. Nothing less, swallow your jadedness and coffee and deal with it!

If we can find means to encourage creativity and growth, if we can find means to truly interconnect and collaborate without referencing the malware softwired in our heads, then we will see an explosion of creative art and will that will make the current era of the internet and it's achievements seem like the warm-up of the grandest symphony ever heard by man.

If we fail to enthrall and enlighten the jerks sitting in the back with gasoline and matches, however, it's going to be fire in the theatre. I suspect even that can be contained, and the show will still go on.
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