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EDL leader in court, organization tearing itself apart

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Ah, the eternal bane of the British Far Right - they pick criminals for leaders, and then when they invariably get arrested, ambitious lieutenants attempt to seize control of the organization, leading to it fracturing and splitting.

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who goes by the pseduonym of "Tommy Robinson" for God-only knows what reason, has been barred entry in the US in the past, due to his criminal record (which has only been added to since his attempt to attend a "Counter-Jihadist" conference there in 2010, which led to him being detained and then deported).

But somehow, Yaxley-Lennon managed to attend a conference held in New York on September 11th, hosted by Pamela Geller.  Some at the time speculated he had an influential friend in the US pull strings to allow him to attend - perhaps by the influential anti-Islamic constituencies there.

However, a far more simple explanation presented itself: he used someone else's passport to enter the country.  According to the charges against him, at least.

Their big London protest also failed to impress, managing to attract a whole 80 people to take part.  The Essex division of the EDL has broken away and another person has declared the creation of the "Real EDL".

It's all falling apart, and no doubt the in-fighting will be spectacular.


The last NDL (Norwegian Defence League) rally in Oslo had eight attendees, 50 counter protesters, and about thirty onlookers who were there for the sole purpose of pointing and laughing.

This makes me happy, because stupid people and organizations collapsing and infighting was the way I thought it was SUPPOSED to work.

I've been very dissappointed that it doesn't happen nearly often enough. Some might have even said I have grown a tad cynical about it all.

In Scandinavia, far right groups splinter every other day. They are fundamentally unable to stick together more than a year or so. And every time it happens, I gleefully watch the feces throwing between the splinter groups.

It's a similar story in Britain.  Occasionally, power consolidates under a single group, like it did with the BNP in the early 2000s or the National Front in the late 70s.

But electoral defeat, financial chicanery and the desire to feed individual egos than work together for the cause eventually undermine them.


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