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So, You Say You're Leaving PD Forever.

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The Good Reverend Roger:
So, you’ve finally had enough of our shit, and you’re leaving peedee forever.  Maybe we said something offensive.  Maybe your best pal came on and we crapped on him or her for some reason or no reason at all.  Maybe you’re tired of us challenging your personal beliefs.  Maybe you’ve finally grown weary of our horse-laughing at horrible things no decent person would bring up, let alone joke about.  Or maybe there’s just too much rock here, and not enough roll.  Maybe "too much" was finally enough.

I wish you wouldn’t leave, but I can’t stop you.

But as you stride forward out into the world of the Pinkboys and the Greyfaces, be careful out there.  They all SAY they’re on your side, but they’re not.  They may speak to you in pleasing terms on Facebook or whatever, but they do one thing we won’t do:  They’ll bullshit you.  No matter how ugly this place gets, no matter how loud and angry we get, we have one redeeming virtue:  We tell The Truth as we understand it.  Not the beliefs we have of how the world OUGHT to be, or the world as we’d like to see it, if only people would be more reasonable.  No.  We talk about the world the way it IS.

And that can be kind of unpleasant, you know?  Sure, the world SHOULD be pleasant.  Water should have memory, so that we can cure cancer with a bottle of Evian.  A viable 3rd party SHOULD exist.  People SHOULD act in their own best interest.  That sort of thing.  But the world isn’t like that, is it?  No.  The world is full of bad signal…And while we certainly don’t have a lot of answers here, we try to stay in the habit of screening out bad signal.  And that alone makes all the yelling and howling and butthurt and bouncing off the walls worthwhile.  So when you go out into their world, to play their game, try not to let The Spider get you, okay?

And should you change your mind at some point, should you decide that this piranha pool has some value after all, come on back.  We don’t tend to rake people over the coals for returning from a flounce…Mostly because we’ve ALL done it, at one time or another.  Being a rock n roller was never gonna be easy, after all, and people do get tired.

And if you SHOULD come back, remember to bring your grin.  Remember to bring your Teeth With Which To Eat.  Be sure to bring your screeching laughter, your cracked grin and crazy eyes, your over-the-top jabbering and flailing around…Because this is the future.  Wherever we were going, well…We’re here.  And the future is far too important to take seriously.

That’s all.  Good luck out there.

Good advice. I feel like i should add something, but I believe you've thoroughly covered any point that has occurred to me. But I would like to say "Good luck, and come back soon" to all our missing friends.

Tiddleywomp Cockletit:
Peedee: the only place on earth where you always know where you stand. Right away.

The Good Reverend Roger:

--- Quote from: TEXAS FAIRIES FOR ALL YOU SPAGS on November 02, 2012, 05:54:03 pm ---Peedee: the only place on earth where you always know where you stand. Right away.

--- End quote ---

On your head.  In the poop.  Just like everyone else.

Difference is, we don't say we like it.

Some of you get drama and leave.  Some get quiet for awhile.  There are only so many hold outs like this out there.  Flounce or fade, there will always be a time to circle back. 

There will be a light on.  It might be Durden spit-roasting your teddy bear, but all the same...


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