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Mesozoic Mister Nigel:

--- Quote from: MMIX on November 14, 2012, 01:31:03 pm ---
--- Quote from: Nephew Twiddleton on November 13, 2012, 04:11:18 pm ---Came across this website. What's up with this guy, is he trolling, crazy, a self-promoting attention whore, legend in his own mind? Some combination of the above? Some stuff I missed? Have you even heard of this guy?

I mean, the guy seems to think he's famous and keeps advising celebrities with his voodoo blog, whether they read them or not. But I'm pretty sure Lady Gaga has never heard of him, nor has any interest in his advice about botched pacts.

--- End quote ---

Never heard of him - but he's from Norwich- out in the swamplands of the deep East- so that's hardly surprising. Just seems to be your average common or garden weirdo ploughing his own furrow. But he calls himself DoKtor, so yanno, make your own call on that one  :wink:

Nigel may be right but I'm not seeing why
"British voodoo bluesman? Sold his soul to the Devil? Book comes with lucky mojo doll? This has "humorist" written all over it."

From over here it looks more like "oddball" than humourist. Are you saying that a white boy from Norwich can't be a voodoo bluesman? Did you listen to the music btw, music itself is well listenable but the voice, meh, not so much. I did like his song about Mitt Romney: AINíT GONNA SELL MY SOUL TO SATAN (GONNA SELL YOURS INSTEAD)
Anyhow, thanks for pointing this guy out, it was certainly worth a giggle to look him up even if I don't actually think he's a joke. [well not in all senses of that phrase]

--- End quote ---

Well, if it's not obviously funny to you, it's quite possible that he's not joking, as the elements of contradiction that make it jump out as a joke to me may be an American cultural thing. But to me, a white guy from Britain promoting himself as a leading expert in a regional Afro-American religion is the kind of contradictory/improbable scenario that Americans find hilarious, in the "it's funny because that could never happen!" way. On top of that, the "selling his soul to the Devil" thing is fundamentally incompatible with Voodoo, and on top of THAT, "Comes with lucky mojo doll!" is  :lol:

Nephew Twiddleton:
I suppose it makes a certain amount of sense in that brits are often accused of ripping off the blues and hes probably using the word voodoo where he means hoodoo.

Elder Iptuous:
do what?

Prince Glittersnatch III:
When in doubt, dont even try.


--- Quote from: Prince Glittersnatch III on November 14, 2012, 11:07:48 pm ---When in doubt, dont even try.

--- End quote ---
Unlike some other Robin Hoods, I can speak with an English accent.


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