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Had a thought
« on: October 08, 2016, 06:32:35 am »
We get ballot questions in our elections. But we forget that our democracy is designed to give as little power to the people possible while giving them the sense and illusion of freedom. Think about it. You don't actually vote for president. A delegate, normally an associate of someone in high political stature, votes for you. And in the primaries, some states' rules are so complex that many people's votes are not counted.

And because the president is seen in our culture as a figure of great importance, we tend to downplay the importance of the senate and house elections. I believe this is by design. I bet that the president was set up, either knowingly or unknowingly, to be a figurehead to unite the people behind the will of the government, and distract them from elections that actually matter like state, and congressional elections.

And part of that illusion of freedom I was talking about: our ballot questions. They're basically decisions that the aristocracy deems to be unimportant enough to let us "commoners" decide. They select the decisions that we get to make, based on their whim. All the real shit is decided behind closed doors, passed as laws right under our noses while we are busy buying shit, eating shit, or watching shit. And then they throw us a bone once and awhile: "here boy, you decide this one, because of course you're free to!" but are we free if what freedom we get is controlled by authorities. Vote: by all means, because I think it's the only real weapon against a system like this.

I tend to subscribe to the "BIP" formulation of discordianism. Sick humor, deep thoughts. But one thing that BIP says is that to change "The Machine" we need to act in small increments to make it better. Like voting. See they don't want you to know that your state reps and your congressional reps matter, so they distract you, and make it so that you never have time to go vote. But go vote anyway, because that is the kind of small action that, when done millions of times over, can add up to real change.

And yes, vote on the ballot questions. Because even if it is a small decision, it is a decision nonetheless that can affect you and those around you, and it is a possibility for change in people's lives for the better.
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