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Cramulus is a bad man.  He crammed Remington's gram.

Quote from Reverend Roadkill of the HATE RANT Discordians.  :lulz:

I remember the time Cramulus crammed Remington's gram! Hot damn.

So I somehow completely randomly came across this while searching for something entirely unrelated:

...And I have to ask.  What in the hell?

At first appearing to be an agent of chaos, it slowly became more and more evident to observers outside of his sycophantic core group of adoring followers that Cramulus is, in fact, something else entirely... a mole agent of Order whose primary goal is to "organize" the Discordian Society out of existence.


Oh shit. I think I wrote that.  :lol:

Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
« on: Yesterday at 03:01:08 am »
Amazingly, I have one.

A time-travel adventure series, a la Quantum Leap, but a team. They have to go back in time and "fix" events to make them align with the current universe, which has been determined to difinitively be in the class of best of all possible universes.

The twist: Every event they have to "fix" are tragedies and horrors. They have to blow up the Hindenberg. They have to kill Lincoln. They have to save Hitler's life. They have to initiate the abuse at the Iraqi prisons.

Eventually, one of the team starts to wonder about the morality of sacrificing the past for the benefit of the future, and begins to sabotage missions. Another narrative thread begins when the viewers start to see what the botched missions change.

This would be amazing.

« on: Yesterday at 02:58:16 am »
 :lulz: :lulz: :lulz:

Oh my. Pen pineapple apple pen. Very yes.

Guys!  I just learned the NRA was the reason why the North ended the war and stopped slavery!   :lulz:

what the what

So a black co-worker of mine posted an article about how open carry is effectively only for white people and one of his friends posted that in the course of the argument.  His first statement was specifically that the NRA was founded for black people's protection.  I posted the "About" section of  He then said ok, it was about marksmanship and that was what allowed the Union to win and that I should use sources other than wikipedia.

I commented about time travel.  I'm not sure if I'm dealing with an idiot, or some sort of troll.  Mostly posted because there's another guy that frequently posts on my coworker's page with similar talking points, just not nearly as dumb.

People have an amazingly powerful ability to believe what they want to believe, no matter how ridiculous it is or how easy it is to disprove.

Eventually our species will diverge into a species of human that checks facts, and a species that doesn't.

Could take a while to figure it all out then.


Actually, that's not totally true... I think we make spreader plates toward the end of the term, and that means flame-sterilizing. Well now.

We had the first TA meeting of the term yesterday, and I'm actually starting to get stoked about teaching. It turns out that I'm teaching the lab for the first term of Principles, which is pretty exciting because for a lot of these students, this will be their first time in a wet lab at all! This means they don't have any bad habits yet, and I can be super strict about lab etiquette right off the bat so they don't turn into the lazy turdpiles who don't put their equipment away. I also get to show them microscopy, and we have water bears, which is always everybody's favorite! Later in the term, I am showing them how to purify their own DNA.

Awesome! In my first year of labs someone set fire to a fume cupboard. Hopefully your students' accidents don't cause too much damage.

Oh yeah, nope, I don't even have fume hoods! There will be no flammable or otherwise dangerous chemicals in my lab. I don't think they even get to play with ethanol or dilute HCl until the second term of chemistry.

Thanks for your input guys. I suppose most research should really be prefixed with "...but more research is necessary." And probably journalists who do science reporting need to have it branded onto the backs of their hands.

I guess there's gonna be an explosion in research into the effects of exogeneous cannabinoids on the endocannabinoid system (and probably the endocannabinoid system in general) in the coming years. It will be interesting to see the results.

Is the endocannabinoid system a well-defined system in the way that the nervous and circulatory systems are or is it more of an umbrella term for any cells with cannabinoid receptors and there interactions therein?

It's not well-typified at all, at this point. But then again, neither are any of our cell signaling systems. The level of complexity is utterly staggering, and we've only really had the technology to look at these systems for a few decades.

Sort of an overview is that there are different types of receptors and different types of cell, as well as a number of types of cannabinoid, about which little is known. The function of a cannabinoid depends on the cell and receptor type, and the kind of signaling cascade it triggers, and the nature of the cells it signals to. Variations at any step mean differences in function.

To put the amount of work it will take to understand the whole system into perspective, a single researcher might spend two to five years trying to figure out what one receptor type in one cell type does, and that only answers the question for that cell type.

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