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Maybe I was being a little dramatic in my previous and perhaps anachronistic concerns re: ultras.  Therefore, I would suggest stocking up on some flares.  Red ones should be easy to find, just get a couple at any auto-zone- not more than two as they might get suspicious.  The yellow flares...  I don't know where to get those...  Still - have fun! :lulz:

So, I'm seeing Liverpool v AS Roma tonight.

Anything special I need to know about either of these teams?

Very cool.  I'd take a seat toward the middle of the stadium, avoiding the extremities (behind the goals).  AS Roma has several Ultras factions (CUCS) as I am sure Liverpool does also.  That can be fun but is not always my cup of tea.  FORZA ROMA!

Even just 20 mins. light sleep/rest helps me defrag after cram / before heading to exam.  Upon rising I just skim material for revision - just to retrace the structure of the data chunks already crammed into memory wetware.  Without sleep, I would skip revision and just get as far as I can.

Hope this isn't too random - just saw The Signal [slip], with Morpheus from the matrix.  Nice entertaining bender.

You wrote that review didn't you? Admit it.

Investigating the criminal mind has been a life long commitment both within the western family unit and the various political cultural aspects these find themselves. Coming to understand that the battle not only is in the inner world of one's faulty thinking, but what lead a person to an aloof mindset associated with the schools of thought in regards to freewill, and civil liberty.
I guess many bored folks whom are bored derive some tweisted power in the mental derailure of others but this book would hopefully open up some options. I think therapy is good for all concerned.

You're not fooling anyone with a couple of typos you know. Stop shilling for these people. It encourages more of them.

(derailure  :lulz:)

Has anyone looked at those links? This is some seriously terribly shoddy shit.


Now look at the website/author it seems to promote:


The lengthy biography page continues with random sections bolded with significantly less impressive non-bolded parts. For all her rave reviews and "5 books" she appears to have no significant internet For such an acclaimed author those 5 reviews are terrible. One of the 5 stars reads like it was written by a freind (who also has similar crap to sell you), 3 others are fairly short with no content and the 3 star reads like it was written by LuciferX. This does not say "legit" to me. At all.

Someone, sell me this pen" :lulz:

Junk wins!

After re-reading your invidious comparison, involving me, it would be disparaging of me to mention that I also find you always occupy a place of keen interest, in my thoughts. Kisses.

And there I was thinking a common ground could be something other than sarcasm. :horrormirth:

Condolences to The Suu and Cainaid, my heart goes out to both of you.

After empirical observation I conclude I am cursed


I joined the Wrong Religion.

I hope it's the latter, then all you bastards are in the same boat.

That's what community is all about.
Or, both conclusions are false and Eris forgot how she already had visited her wrath on the histories of ancestors still to come.  Her neglect is otherwise also lamented and she prides herself on instilling such contradictory thoughts in the hearts of great men.  Awoman.

Oh no, nothing like that.  Though they probably do approve...the outfit straddles the line between neoliberal and neocon, but that's the only game in town these days.  I don't alter my writing for them, but my positions may be far more nuanced and come with more caveats than they realise.

Anyway, this is to do with defence procurement and overall strategy for the next decade.  I've yet to look over the details themselves in full depth, because it's a couple of hundred pages long, but it looks like the team are going to write an assessment of it and present it to some subcommittee or another.

So yea, I'd hypothetically indulge the need to confirm their security concerns because proximity then enhances the persuasive power of subtlety.  Kudos.

Penny: it's true, though they may be correlated

Zackly:  I enjoyed the series, however, I can't say it left me with a sense of levity.  I think I wanted and/or was expecting it to be more uplifting in the long run.

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