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I started to write up something about general relativity and how it relates to Newtonian physics, and how classical mechanics is just a limited case of general relativity, but then I realized how useless that would be.  Pearls, swine, etc.

Hm. Not a big fan of FF. But the above page doesn't link to any evidence, nor provides a timeline. FF has been around for 20 years. The above link even says the page was taken down (but not when). So this has a 53% chance of being clickbait.

Holist, your understanding of quantum physics is about 60 years out of date.

I think it's more that the linguistic style does not lend itself well to higher-level thoughts and observations; so when it's attempted, it really opens itself up to misinterpretation.

Not that we know everything. Far from it; we are only starting to gain glimpses into that which we do not know. But there is simply no empiric support for homeopathy. I have slightly more respect for faith healing.

Thank you for meaning well. (<-- just to be clear, that is a completely sincere sentence)

I don't wish to go into it again. I have taken chemistry, I have reviewed the matter quite excessively, and I have been thoroughly convinced that discussing it on PD is a BAD IDEA. So I'm just not doing it.

If that's something you people won't get over, that's just my tough luck.

Yeah, I find it hard to even imagine what kind of incredibly abbreviated liberal-arts version of chemistry you could possibly have taken that would permit you to still believe in the fairies of homeopathy, but go for it, champ.

Look, as you have yourself said, our science is not complete.

I am agnostic about homeopathy (I wouldn't have said this three years ago, I do now).

I am quite certain that the sceptical campaign against homeopathy and many of the so-called studies are unfair, unsuitable for deciding the question, and morally reprehensible in exactly the way Dawkins and his merry band of militant atheists are.

I can imagine homeopathy being merely a particularly effective ritual for turning on the placebo effect. That is interesting in its own right.

I can also imagine homeopathy having an underlying mechanism that we don't know at present. The research into higher-level structures in water seems vaguely promising, but really, I just don't know. I do know that received scientific knowledge can fall. Look at Newtonian mechanics (so elegant, so simple, so beautiful: it must be true!), or, more recently, genetic determinism (one of the most exciting developments I can think of in the life sciences).

I just facepalmed so hard, I can feel the concavity of the back of my skull.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Comic Reviews and discussions
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The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Ingress
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It was kind of a crappy morning at work, so I took a walk and accidentally the South End.


Ah. Missed that one. Troubling.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: SOOOOO...
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I await further missives regarding the executive reaction.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: SOOOOO...
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"Are you familiar with my fecal manifestations? I thought not."

Dunno. Though I do trust your intuition, he's shown a familiarity with PD, and may just be riffing. Do me a favor and let this one slide? I'll owe you one.

And of course, when it turns out you're right, I will be justifiably chagrined.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: SOOOOO...
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Roger, I really wish there was a way we coul live-feed this, for the lulz.

I sorry my friend, I not try rub it in.

Can wiggle in seat and wave arms like loon to good music?

Dance not require feet, wiggle dance fun too! 

notloki like headbang, wish had longer hair.

Hope robot legs to you ASAP!  Download program and dance like pro instantly!

Your friend,

If your schtick is sentient program, you should talk like a robot, or HAL 9000, not a Salazorian tuna boat captain.

Ah, THAT'S what was feeling off about this. But, to paraphrase William Blake, "Have you read his poetry?"

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