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I am looking for a new laptop for school.  There are too many options, and I can't even anymore.

Some suggestions would be appreciated.  I need Microsoft Office to run on it, it needs to be hard-wearing, and multiple CPU eating tasks have to run on it at the same time without it going HRRGRK.

Just a few more weeks.

My ex told me he is going around telling people that the other night, when I went to the kitchen for some ice and he was standing in there naked, I looked at him like he was going to rape me. And how insensitive that makes me.

I have no idea what night this was supppsed to be. When he told me this is what he was telling others it led to a very stupid discussion wherein I said I didn't think he'd do that and he replied by asking me what was wrong with him disrespecting my boundaries if I wasn't worried about rape.

I told him he was seriously fucked up and needed therapy. Then he asked if we were still friends. I left.

Later, I asked my roommate about the convo since he said he told her. She says that convo never happened.

So he is making stuff up to talk to me about rape.

Good to know.

What the shit?   :eek:

Gay conservative date stood me up.

This is all according to GAWD'S plan.

Lame. :(

Grills are really finicky. Is there a problem with the oven?

Yes, there wasn't one.  It came out okay in the end and was delicious. 

Gooses are loaded with fat.  If you grill it, it will most likely be either a fireball or a sooty mess.  I would only grill it if you had a recipie that calls for it that you trust.

Would putting it in a roasting pan while it's on the grill help? 

So I'm cooking a goose for this game review/leak podcast I'm on a lot.  My question: is doing it on a grill a good idea?  I have a big old roasting pan if it needs to be off the rack, and I can also get coals or wood fuel for it.  Any ideas either way, you people who cook a lot?

And have little blurbs of Tucson wisdom in between the horrible.

"I can't fix the roof during monsoon season, but when the sun comes out it stops leaking on its own."

A week or two back, maybe three, one of the storms made a tornado-like occurence around my folks' neighborhood.  They're still patching up houses, and after the storm five of the houses hit worst were unsafe to enter.

I approve of that shenanigans. :lulz:

CPD:   :eek:  D:  I hope you are okay!

Sita:  :crankey:  I feel for you.


No, I don't know how. :lol:  Right now I'm rolling the stuff into a ball, chilling and waiting for understanding to blossom.

Hmm, let me see what I can find to help. You'll want a big crochet hook though, and I recommend practicing with yarn to understand the stitches.

You have to start with a chain, and then work off of that. I think a double crochet will make a comfy mat. There's plenty of basic walk throughs online.
ooh! Thanks, Suu!

No, I don't know how. :lol:  Right now I'm rolling the stuff into a ball, chilling and waiting for understanding to blossom.

So I'm still needing to do community service for having cash assistance, and I decided that since finding a place without so many volunteers that there is no work to be done is impossible almost, I should make some plarn sleeping mats, a legit excersize in community service. The only problem is I don't know how and the youtubes videos I watch I don't understand what I'm watching. I don't suppose I could get some tips from anybody here?

Huh.  Learn something new every day.

In further tales of Boehner Makes A Boner?

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