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Yeah, photofuckit is putting all 3rd party hosted images behind a paywall or someshit. I forgot about that one, to be honest

Aneristic Illusions / Re: General Trump hilarity free-for-all thread
« on: July 15, 2017, 06:42:23 pm »
In other news, idiots lawyer apologies for telling a pr goon to "fuck off" and various threats when advised that representing idiot may not be wise. I'm actually surprised about this one, I expected his LAWYERS to be halfway competent. This does not bode well for when he does end up in court.

Nope, his lawyer is actually pretty bad.  In fact, I think this provocation was staged - he can't get a security clearance and Trump is blaming him for not defending him sufficiently well on the Russia issue.  He wants to walk, but he can't - so he's looking to get fired instead.

Kushner's lawyer also quit - apparently some conflict of interest with the Assistant Deputy AG.  Also because he's guilty as fuck.

Well. That's... something.

They up north or further west? I'm hearing some wind pick up but no rain yet.

I'm east of the base right now.

I made my first sale last week. :D


How is it that I can chug an energy drink and feel sleepy afterward?

See you when you wake up, ECH dude.

Since I'm pretty sure the whole "Oh, I'm the cancer that's killing PD thing" has come up, I leave this here:

Quote from: Some Random Asshole Who Probably Doesn't Know Anything About Anything
If someone does the ďFine, youíre right, Iím clearly a terrible person, Iím Satan, Iím the worst person alive, I should just dieĒ thing in response to criticism of their harmful behavior, they are trying to manipulate people and flip the situation around so that they look like a victim.


This made me think of Nigel.

Don't bother PMing me roger, I'm not going to read it, or anything you care to say.

Apparently, rather than trying to get people to be decent to each other and stop fucking their own habitat up, social justice advocates actually hate all humanity and have no hope for the future whatsoever, is what I'm getting out of this.

That, and also the big glaring question of why an abusive, manipulative pathological liar known primarily for his remarkable ability to carry a grudge over shit he imagined has mod powers on this forum, which at one point in time was great due to its focus on critical thinking.

I have feels about this and I'm not sure whether being snarky or explaining them in a truthful, honest way would be better.

I like it here and don't want to be run off, like everyone else who's been on the shit end of Roger's behavior and called him out publicly has been done, except for Nigel.

All I know is that I am furious with keeping my mouth shut.

Someone unfriended me on FB because I told him his method of evaluating a fucking card in Magic was wrong.

Sounds like he did you a favor.

Yeah that.

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