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Turns out OKCupid's CEO has donated to strongly homophobic politicians too! Anybody else think this wasn't just a PR stunt?

Donations by the CEO seem more important than ones by employees who are not directly steering the course of the company, to me.

If you can show me how Eich's opinion on The Gays influenced Mozilla's company policy in any way, I'm all ears.

Funny how nobody boycotts javascript though.


You don't browse sites that use javascript? That's some dedication! Javascript runs the front end for google, facebook, youtube, yahoo, wikipedia, twitter, wordpress, amazon, ebay...

That's how I know it's inherently homophobic. Otherwise it would run the back end too. [/borat voice]

Y'know, that's a very good point.

Of course, that doesn't mean that important organizations shouldn't be made aware of this insidious new threat to our children.

And by "important organizations", I think we all know who I mean. :lulz:

Am I a jerk if I point out that it's an April Fools joke?

They're just showing people taking dabs of BHO.

And then there's this genius:

Police in Livermore Falls say a man they pulled over with marijuana in the car had an excuse that landed him in more trouble.

Police said the incident happened late Sunday night when Douglas Glidden, of Jay, was stopped on Meadowbrook Road because the officer knew Glidden's license was suspended.

While being taken to the Androscoggin County Jail for booking, police said Glidden told them the marijuana found in the car was not his because he had stolen the car.

You need ECH's Optimal Human Fuel Recipe.

I call it "Rhino Fighter" because every time I consume it I feel like fistfighting a rhinoceros.

Add to blender:
1 can fruit-flavored energy drink
2 scoops powdered protein shake mix
1 raw egg
1 cup OJ
1 cup almond milk
2ish shots vodka or light rum
Some ice

Blend until smooth. Chug half now, save half for lunch. Attain your final form.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Experiments with monkeys
« on: April 06, 2014, 01:40:55 am »
Yeah, that was pretty dope!

I was so fucking anxious and stressed about whether or not I made the right choice uprooting everything and coming back to Maine.

My stress and anxiety is diminishing at an unprecedented pace. I think I made a REALLY good decision. This is gonna be so top-notch once we get shit up and running and dialed in. And the money is finally decent and the perks are already proving to be magnificent. And I gotta admit, I've always particularly loved the menu development and kitchen build-out parts of this business. I'd love to someday be one of those consultant chefs who just gets paid to get posh restaurants up and running before handing it over to the schlub who's gonna actually have to do the day-to-day shit.

I get to go on a junket next week. A fucking junket. 3 days, 2 nights, all expenses paid. Down to Portland Monday night with my sous chef and head bartender. Check in to our suite at the Embassy Suites in downtown Portland, which has a FREE HAPPY HOUR. Portland food show tuesday morning and afternoon, meeting with my contact at the seafood wholesaler wednesday morning before leaving wednesday afternoon to head back up the coast. And the best part? The entire time, starting with dinner Monday night and ending with dinner Wednesday night, we will be strategically eating and drinking at the best seafood restaurants and raw bars in and around Portland and back up the coast between Portland and Castine, all on the company dime. I'm giddy like a kid on christmas eve about it. I haven't put together the entire list of places we'll be hitting, but I've been waiting for fucking YEARS to have a chance to eat at Miyake. And fucking Eventide. My belly has a raging hard-on.

We're glad your concerns have been allayed. :lulz:

And yeah, I forgot about the blanket unbanning. Given that, I'm surprised we haven't had more blasts from the past stick their heads in to say hi.

No fuckin way, he resigned! I had to google this to make sure it wasn't an april fool's joke.

That's unexpected! I had no idea he'd crack under the pressure. Brilliant marketing on OkCupid's part.

Funny how nobody boycotts javascript though.


Yeah, fuck that shit. I don't know how he got unbanned but he is so the fuck not welcome here. I re-banned him, and have the willpower to keep doing so for far longer than whoever actually wants him here has to keep unbanning him.

Oh, what's that you say? NOBODY actually wants him here? Good.

Though I may have often been wrong, my heart was always sincere.  So I could not sincerely accept that 100% of the mistakes made were my own or that 100% of the claims made about me were 100% true.  If that is a fair benchmark for an apology, then I regret to say that I cannot pass that test even today with any sincerity.  This made for a stilted and awkward apology, with ill-considered attempts at humour, but I meant it sincerely.

So yes - while all this mattered deeply to me four years ago back when I thought I still had a chance to keep control of the forum I had invested a significant amount of time and emotional energy developing - I subsequently moved on to other things and got over it.  I'm not looking to start old fights.

But I've been told that my continued presence here depends upon my actions, so I'm testing the waters with this thread - if the intensity of the feelings evident from before are still present, then I won't waste any more of your time since my presence could only cause disruption. 

Either way, thanks for all the good times.

What in the FUCK is this guy doing here?

Being wrong is one thing, donating money to a hate group intent on legally restricting the rights of other people is a whole other thing entirely IMO.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Experiments with monkeys
« on: April 04, 2014, 11:48:05 am »
Do you really believe that practice of Christianity is simply mirroring for the sake of 'doing it the way it's always been done' rather than because it meets other needs of the practitioner?

Here's an interesting theory that xenophobic collectivist societies may have developed as a protection against infection:

That's a fascinating article, thanks Net.

An interesting paragraph that popped out to me:

collectivist cultures tend to be both more xenophobic and more ethnocentric than individualist cultures.

It occurred to me that the USA tends to consider itself individualistic, and yet tends to display a considerable amount of xenophobia.  But, this is drifting off topic.

America likes to believe it's individualist, but it is of course no such thing.  We demand a level of conformity on important matters that is unheard of in Europe (excepting Britian) and Canada.

It's also been my experience that our xenophobia is weak when compared to the real thing as practiced in many other parts of the world. We're actually (sadly) a pretty tolerant bunch, comparatively.

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