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RPG Ghetto / Re: Unified Vidya Games thread
« on: Today at 08:04:39 pm »
Yeah, though there's been some confused reporting on that.  Most of the team that made the game were due to be shunted off to Battlefield 2 anyway, and it's not clear whether there is DLC in the pipeline or not.  I think it would be safe to say that, no matter what, Bioware Montreal wont be trusted with another big name IP for a long time (Edmonton are still working on their new IP, and presumably once that is done, Dragon Age 4, so maybe after that?  Still looking at least 7 years though).

Casey Hudson needs to be thrown in an airlock though.  Like, for real.  He's now fucked up 2 games in a row, even when given extra time and budget.

I was semi-tempted by Prey, but a lot of the Dishonored people were saying it was like Dishonored, only not quite as fun.  Maybe once it's on special.  I'd rather save my money for Dishonored DLC and Middle Earth: Shadows of War, though.

The Israelis must just be praying for him to drop dead right about now.

So, this was a thing today:

RPG Ghetto / Re: Unified Vidya Games thread
« on: Today at 06:45:28 pm »
Finally made my way through Andromeda.


7 patches later, and the game is mostly as it should have been when it was shipped, though the multiplayer is still an unholy mess of bad netcode and grind designed to lure you into microtransactions. 

With the exception of maybe Drack, who is basically Wrex 2.0, and Reyes Vidal (voiced by the always excellent Nicholas Boulton), none of the characters stand out, except perhaps to piss you off.  It's not clear that any of your actions have any impact, at least in this game.  The "story-rich" side quests seem designed to actively piss you off...I actually took a break from the game after doing the now infamous "Contagion" questline (which makes you backtrack over what feels like the entire cluster for very little payoff in terms of story or anything else).

Ironically, some of the best content may be the stuff we never see, or is only alluded to.  The "Ryder family secrets" and fate of the Quarian Ark, while obvious sequel bait, have a lot more potential than anything else we see in the entire game.

The combat is also pretty fun.  I've been doing a Insanity difficulty vanguard run, mostly to show up the whiners who are all "you have to sniper on the higher difficulties" weenies.  You can effectively chain invincibility frames from biotic charge, nova and the (asari sword) melee which, along with the saving barrier upgrade and vanguard profile siphoning strikes makes you unkillable. 

But yeah, if you're going to play it, just do the main quest, which is mostly OK, though nothing amazing, and the companion quests.  Everything else just isn't worth it.

It's sort of been slow-burning for a while too, which doesn't help.  Basically, the South Sudanese President and Vice-President have been feuding from back in the days when they were all guerrillas hiding out in the Sudanese badlands.  The President fired the VP in 2013, along with the rest of his cabinet.  Later on that same year, a militia group closely associated with the VP started some serious fighting in the capital.  The President says the VP is attempting a coup.  The VP says the President is a dictator.

Cue lots of fighting, though UN peacekeepers manage to deter the worst of it, in the early days. 

Everyone also decides this is the best time to settle any ethnic or tribal disputes, because of course they do.  Militias eventually work their way up to "killing hundreds of people inside mosques" before the leaders decide to sit down and talk.

Cue lots of ceasefires in name only and general bullshittery.

Eventually, last year, the VP and President agreed on terms.  Only, while the ink hasn't even dried on the paper, the President overhauls the entire political system to further his own ethnic chauvinist goals, at the expense of two of the main ethnic groups among the rebels led by the VP.  Fighting breaks out again in the capital, and the VP flees.

The army follows the VP's trail to a town, and slaughters over a hundred people, burns down three villages, and then settles down for some good old-fashioned raping, looting and torturing.  Which is exactly what the army did 7 years ago while supposedly disarming rebels.  Meanwhile, the VP goes from the DRC to North Sudan to South Africa, where in a rare display of common sense the South African authorities put him under house arrest.

All this happened last year, but the UN finally compiled its report on the massacre, so...

I'm starting to wonder if the Tories aren't purposefully trying to throw the election at this point. 

Step 1: introduce terrible social care policy that will negatively affect your key voters
Step 2: Declare that there is "no going back" on policy
Step 3: Go back on policy.
Step 4: Achieve all of this within 4 days, including a weekend.

I mean, it's either that or its gross incompetence, and either seems likely at this point.  Throw the election, let Labour (fail to) deal with Brexit, blame Labour for a thousand years for not getting a miracle deal like Theresa May would have (try to avoid laughing).

On the plus side, this would provide endless material for /r/neoliberal

I look forward to when they see the results of roundly dismissing anyone who disagrees with you as a "shill" as an electoral strategy.

At least they haven't signed up to Tulsi Gabbard...yet.

So, I've been looking into the South Sudan civil war, because the SPLA have, unsurprisingly, killed a whole bunch of civilians, and raped and tortured a bunch besides.

Breaking news: the Nuer White Army are trash.  The SPLA are trash.  The SSLM are trash.  Cobra Command, despite having an awesome name, are definitely trash.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Random News Stories
« on: Yesterday at 03:57:41 am »
Bag'em and tag'em.

I realized today that I am somewhat racist against middle-aged Italian guys who have mustaches, if they also own a mechanic shop. I don't know how to feel about this other than ashamed and a little bit confused.

It's a me, Mario!

The lack of costing is hilarious.  The NHS is going to get "more funding".  It's so fact-free that even the Daily Mail wouldn't allow it as an op-ed.

And I think it's going to have a snowball effect.  When you continually fuck up, despite having all the cards, and keep talking about "strong and stable", even an electorate as dimwitted as the British will notice there is a certain discrepancy between the rhetoric and the facts.  It may not result in a complete loss for the Tories, but anything less than a landslide victory that they were projected at the start of the election campaign is a massive failure on their part.  Even if the Labour Party only sustain their current popularity, May will only have 46 seat majority.  Hardly a mandate from the country.

No, Corbyn is soft on the IRA, soft on defence, so soft that MI5 had to watch him because of NATSHUNAL SECORITIES.  According to the Tories.

Tory lead has halved since the publication of their shit-tastic manifesto.

Despite pulling out the big guns (IRA, MI5 surveillance!), Labour only trail the Tories by 9 points now. 

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