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They've already got Glenn Greenwald being a useful idiot for the latter campaign.  No doubt lots of well-intentioned liberals are gonna sign up, not realising the game-plan is co-option.

The Koch Institute is also rolling out major protest against "abuses and racism in the criminal justice system" at the moment.

Maybe the Kochs are making a big play.  Get the economic libertarians with one campaign, the social libertarians with another.  The Kochtopus wins.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Can we get another Cain reading dump?
« on: Yesterday at 03:33:03 pm »
I wont have much time to contribute to The Problem of Punishment, as it was one I skim-read a while ago and, while it is interesting, its not a book I know off by heart and I have other reading I need to get on with.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Can we get another Cain reading dump?
« on: Yesterday at 03:32:13 pm »
Never heard of it until now.

Charles Stross has an idea why YA Apocalyptic Fiction is so popular, which you all may find interesting:

There has been a boom market in dystopian young adult fiction over the past decade. There is a reason for this. Play and recreation is an important training mechanism in young mammals by which they practice or rehearse activities that will fit them for later adult life experiences. (It's also fun, but bear with me while I discuss the more ploddingly puritan angle for a moment.) Could it be that the popularity of YA dystopias reflects the fact that our youngest generation of readers expect to live out their lives in dystopia? (The alternative explanations hold that (a) high school in the age of helicopter parenting, fingerprint readers in the library, and CCTV in the corridors is an authoritarian dystopia anyway, and YA dys-fic helps kids understand their environment; and (b) that worse, their parents (who influence their reading) think this.)

On a global scale, things are improving. The absolute number of people living in poverty has remained static or actually declined over two decades during which our population rose dramatically. Wars affect fewer people than ever before. Huge swathes of the developing world are actually developing, and are now within sight of catching up with our declining developed world standard of living. But that's scant consolation to those of us who are trapped in the middle. And the way things are looking now, I expect the 30 year old Brits of 2030, people whose grandparents were buying houses and starting families on a single breadwinner's wages in the 1960s, will be envying the living standards of the average Malaysian citizen.

This decline has not of course gone unnoticed by the elite. There's a reason for the increasing militarization of police and security organizations in the United States and the UK: widespread civil disorder escalating to revolution along the lines of the Arab Spring is no longer unimaginable by 2030 if current trends continue. The oligarchs can hold the lid down by force for quite a considerable time, but the longer this continues the worse the eventual explosion will be, as witness the upheavals in Egypt or Ukraine.

Cain, I find it interesting ecoterrorism isn't over-reported, but I find myself not surprised that a small slice of ethnoterrorism is.

Well, how else can we justify claiming Al-Qaeda are an existential threat, without assuming an IRA level of organisation with, well, Al-Qaeda levels of fanaticism.

Misunderstood.  Still waking up.

Claim is pro-Russian militants are asking Jews to register.  Possible.  Nationalists are much the same the world over, ie; stupid.

Could be Ukrainian government propaganda, could be true.  Dangerous either way.  Playing with fire, throwing around accusations of anti-Semitism when actual fascist and nationalists are facing off against each other.

Depends on who the "small movement" is.

If it's Right Sector, or Svoboda...well, they are part of the government. The very unsavoury, pro-fascist part.

Or it could be Russian propaganda.   I mean, Russia is viewing this whole conflict in a WWII lense, and that POV is strongly related to the current splits in Ukrainian society (in short, the western Ukrainians were more pro-Hitler than pro-Stalin).

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Unlimited "Israel, What the fuck" thread
« on: Yesterday at 02:41:39 pm »
Nothing new there.

You'll note the prevalance of the Bush family in these deals.  Just coincidence...well in this context, at least.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Unlimited "Israel, What the fuck" thread
« on: Yesterday at 02:21:16 pm »

Although the majority of these attacks have occurred in the West Bank, Christians in Jerusalem and throughout Israeli have also come under attack. As a series of 2012 Haaretz articles pointed out, Christian clergy who dress in ‘priestly garb’ are frequently spat on as they walk through Jerusalem’s Old City; as one priest commented ‘it’s almost impossible to pass through Jaffa Gate without this happening’. In fact, these anti-Christian attacks have become so frequent that in 2012 the Catholic leadership of Palestine issued a statement entitled, Declaration of the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land, in which they urged the Israeli authorities to address the ‘teaching of contempt’ in Israeli schools. Suggesting that, ‘the time has come for the authorities to act and to put an end to this senseless violence and to ensure a “teaching of respect” in schools for all those who call this land home.’

However, the Deir Rafat attack also highlights the contempt that the settler movement and radical right hold for the peace process. Other areas of the Monastery at Deir Rafat were tagged with the slogans, ‘America is Nazi Germany’ and ‘the price to pay for the peace agreement’, which suggests that the settler movement in some way associates attacks on Christian sites with revenge against America or the international community.

The settlers are really getting out of control.  There's a really nasty undercurrent to Jewish fundamentalism, it's disdainful of women, non-Jews and "the West" in general.  Sounds kinda like the fundamentalist version of another popular religion in that part of the world.

But most interestingly, it seems to absolutely hate America.  And it's bleeding over into the popular culture.  Consider the absolutely hysterical attacks on Obama from Israeli commentators and protestors.

Bleh, that was an asspull of an essay.  Nothing like running out of research material halfway into your word count.

Well, it's been submitted.  I guess I'll find out how I did in a month.  Which is about when my next paper is due.

Now I can look forward to...a night of work.  Oh joy.

I'm pretty sure the companions in DA2 are actively designed to piss you off.  I can really only stand Varric, Carver and Isabella...and even Carver's a whiny prick for a whole Act. 

Which is probably why Varric's the only returning, recruitable character for DA:I.

And I have to do an abstract still.  That's another 250 words, easy.


The personalised pronoun thing is pretty much the final straw.  I don't know how the tumblrinas will top that.  People insisting their gender is bun or fae or royalty based seemed like the sort of thing that was originally thought up by an especially devious troll, but then was brainlessly adopted by legions of 14 year olds.

At least we can take some solace that, in 8-10 years, they're going to physically cringe when they think back to this point in their life.

My gender:  Carbuncle.

I sometimes wonder if this is the only road to making sex and gender a nonissue. Keep on doing what you're doing, kids, until everyone is so confused and sick of it all that they just can't stomach trying to label anyone at all.

If so, I applaud their successful strategy.  It's definitely working on me.

I am, but that's different.

I mean, anyone with a functioning brain can see spice is a gender.

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