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Britain’s biggest banks are preparing to relocate out of the UK in the first few months of 2017 amid growing fears over the impending Brexit negotiations, while smaller banks are making plans to get out before Christmas.

The dramatic claim is made in the Observer by the chief executive of the British Bankers’ Association, Anthony Browne, who warns “the public and political debate at the moment is taking us in the wrong direction”.

A source close to Brexit secretary David Davis said he and the chancellor Philip Hammond had last week sought to offer reassurance that they were determined to secure the status of the City of London.

However, the government’s stated intention to take control of the freedom of movement into the UK is widely recognised among officials to be a hammer blow to any chance of retaining the present terms of trade for banks, particularly given the bellicose rhetoric of major politicians on the continent.

A Polish woman is booed by audience members on BBC1’s Question Time when she says she feels no longer welcomed by 52% of British voters who backed Brexit. Speaking on Thursday’s programme, filmed in Hartlepool, the woman says she’s lived in the England for 23 years and was never discriminated against before the Brexit vote

Downing Street has rejected the suggestion from the French presidential hopeful Alain Juppé that he would tear up a treaty with the UK to push back the border for migrants from Calais to Kent.

A source made clear that the prime minister, Theresa May, who has spent two days meeting world leaders at the European council meeting in Brussels, would expect any French leader to maintain the agreement.

Juppé, the current favourite to win the presidency, said he wanted a complete renegotiation of Le Touquet treaty, the deal that keeps border checks and thousands of refugees and migrants on the French side of the Channel.

“We can’t tolerate what is going on in Calais, the image is disastrous for our country and there are also extremely serious economic and security consequences for the people of Calais,” he said in Paris.

“So the first thing is to denounce the Le Touquet accords. We cannot accept making the selection on French territory of people that Britain does or doesn’t want. It’s up to Britain to do that job.”


Far-right supporters heckled former soap star Tracy Brabin as she won the Westminster seat vacated by the killing of Labour MP Jo Cox.

As a mark of respect to Ms Cox - who was killed outside a library in the constituency as she prepared to carry out an advice surgery - no mainstream parties stood candidates in the by-election.

Ms Brabin was repeatedly shouted down by supporters of her opponents after the result was announced in the early hours of the morning.

She received 17,506, well ahead of Therese Hirst of the English Democrats, who polled just 969 votes. David Furness of the BNP came third with 548, while independent candidate Garry Kitchin was fourth with 517.

I wonder if there's something keeping track of statistics. If so, does it just like, use human ideas of "things" to calculate what the groups of particles are (Y'know, so if one of these simulation engineers wanted to watch some good old fashioned, rough and tumble slimy, lubed up super sex they could switch to it instead of any other situation where carbon, water, and various other elements are moving in and out of each other repeatedly), or does reality abstract everything on the large scale and only turn on the particle physics when someone's looking closely? Are sex and driving and writing and fighting all their own separate but seamlessly integrated sub-systems?  Are we actually just living in the final version of Dwarf Fortress?

I think Bethesda designed the universe.

It would explain a lot about the general lack of playtesting and overall bugginess and stability issues.  Like black holes everywhere and dark matter.

So now I see that, in addition to castigating the US and Iraqi military for not successfully sneak attacking the entire city of Mosul (because hiding a 30,000 strong military force is super easy), one of Trump's advisors, former General Flynn, is now attacking Hillary via Twitter for revealing how long it takes for nuclear weapon to launch.

Which has been known for almost 30 years now, due to the declassified Managing Nuclear Operations manual.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: EU Referendum 23rd June: In or Out?
« on: October 21, 2016, 05:17:09 pm »
The current state of affairs in the UK: Gary Lineker is coming under fire for saying some of the treatment of child refugees (whom one MP demanded be age verified by dental checks) was "hideously racist". 

Looks like Roger Stone, at the very least, is going all in on the "the election is rigged" approach to November.

Donald Trump loyalists will attempt to conduct their own crowd-funded exit polling on election day, ostensibly due to fears that electronic voting machines in certain areas may have been “rigged”, the Guardian has learned.

But the effort, led by Trump’s notorious informal adviser Roger Stone, will focus on 600 different precincts in nine Democrat-leaning cities with large minority populations, a tactic branded highly irregular by experts, who suggested that organizers could potentially use the polling as a way to intimidate voters.

Given Stone's involvement in the "Brook Brothers Riot", fears of voter intimidation are not completely unfounded.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Unofficial What are you Reading Thread?
« on: October 20, 2016, 11:06:56 pm »
I'm reading "Death in the City of Light: The Serial Killer of Nazi Occupied Paris", a historical account of Dr. Marcel Petiot, possibly one of the most prolific serial killers of the 20th century (I believe only the Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway, has anything approaching a credible higher number, Petiot's victims may number in the 60s, Ridgway's in the 80s).

I'm only about a third of the way through, but it's already a fascinating account not just of murder, but the tensions and tangled politics of the time - Paris was Vichy France, so the French police had authority to catch him.  But Petiot had been involved both with the Resistance and the Gestapo, and had come to the attention of both the anti-Jewish and military intelligence wings of said secret police. 

If you enjoyed that, you have to check out the remix:

What even is this?  What the fuck?  Why is anything?  People are amazing sometimes.  :lol:

It's Alex Jones, explaining how the Illuminati use the DMT.

Cool avatar NeonWytch
Welcome! Sounds like you are in the right place.
Heya, new person!

Thank ya kindly for the greetings, frienderinos!

It's kinda odd, actually talking to you people (Mostly just Xaz and LMNO, no offense Mithradates). I spent a lot of the time that the mods took to finalize my registration sifting through old threads, and so I've spent a large portion of the last 48 hours reading about you guyses misadventures like some kind of surreal, orange shitting, meme-spewing, screamy, early-to-mid 2000s version of the Adventures of Amir Hamza.

Sorry.  We had to test you for rabies. But you're not frothing at the mouth, so you're probably not infected.

What if I want to be voidcrabs wearing a human skinsuit though?

"High fives part of gay conspiracy, secret way to spread AIDS."  That's how it will spread, I'm afraid.

That's my hope, but I fear that the Republican Party has already been far too accomodating of the far-right, and though Trump will lose the election, it's not clear how his supporters within the party will respond.  Trump is painting Republican critics as an out of touch elite (which, to be fair, they are), and Trumpism has proven to be remarkably durable within the party.  A clever organiser would cement the Trump campaign's links with the Tea Party movements that rallied to his support and adopt their tactics against entrenched Republican establishment figures.  Even if Trump himself flees the country and swears off social media for the rest of his life, Trumpism could be made into a powerful in-party force.

In fact, I'd argue with Trump's erratic behaviour, personal history and inability to take advice from PR people gone, his supporters would actually be much more effective.  Trump himself is a liability.

They may lose subsequent elections, but the damage will be done.

Trump's going all in on "the election is rigged", and quite frankly, the DNC's inability to even spin their bullshit in a positive way ("we exist to stop Trump's taking over the Democrats") is a significant contributory factor to the whole mess.

I'm predicting violence post election.  I'm also predicting an energised militia movement, well beyond what we saw in the 1990s.  I'm predicting a GOP civil war in which groups and individuals connected or sympathetic to such people are victorious.  Russian response hard to say, but "continued fuckery of a general kind" is a safe bet.  Actual existentsial threats (climate change, nuclear proliferation) will continued to be ignored.  Syria will continue to be a metasizing cancer, threatening more direct conflict between NATO and Russia, in addition to generalised terrorism issue (especially as ISIS continues and foreign fighters flee back to Europe - yes, I see you, you little jihadi wannabe bitches).  I'm predicting an uptick in Russian involvement in European far-right politics - Brexit will give motivation to NF in France, AfD and others who rely on Russian patrons to keep the bills paid.

Note: I'm writing this up on some fucking terrible whiskey, but these are probabilities I've been considering for a while, which is why the whiskey is a factor, rather than influencing the analysis itself.  Got to look at the situation from the perspective of the alt-right, and Russia.  If the alt-right succeed in a coup within the Republican Party, then you have an explicitly white nationalist ideology commanding a major party of a western power.  That's not the Presidency, sure, thank god, but it's nevertheless a win, given the US duopoly.  Unless US oligarchs smarten the fuck up, they're going to be played, especially if they see the alt-right as an insurgent movement they can use to advance the most radical parts of their agenda (just like Prussian nationalists and the Nazis - radical nationalists will always eventually slip the leash, set their own agenda.  Populist movement can take better advantage of changing conditions on the ground without due consideration of elite interests).

Russia aims generally for political chaos.  Mistake to consider ideological premise behind that...there is a certain affinity of course, but geopolitical considerations trump (lol) ideological ones every day.  Force split between US and NATO allies in Europe.  Chief aim is contest American littoral access to Baltic-foolish in and of itself, hence the lack of assistance to ethnic Russian enclaves in those areas.  Instead, decry American imperialism in UK/Germany/France/Spain/Italy and drive interests between western and eastern Europe in the Cold War sense of the term.  Why stick necks out for Latvians/Lithuanians/Poles?  Drive dvisions through xenophobic political parties but use refugee crisis as ostensible cause (cannot trust Arabs > cannot trust other Europeans, even historical alliances.  Must be prepared to stand alone...even though it fucks up NATO military doctrine where US provides the manpower and money, and European allies field specialised, auxiliary forces).  All military action must be painted as American meddling, even when it is in response to Russian meddling.  Heighten the contradictions, not for "the revolution" but for chaos which allows Russia to advance it's own interest.  Of course America has own interests in Europe, but far closer aligned to European values/liberal democracy than Ruissia.

Either way, America has no central ground to rally on.  Positions would be not much different if reversed ie; Chinese support of Democrats in election.  Nevertheless, unlike Russia, China is a status quo power, not interested (at least atm) in rewriting fundamental rules of international system.

I did pretty much the opposite.  I never showed up to class, but spent all my time in the library or using the online resources, and got everything handed in.

Birds are dinosaurs too stupid to realise they should be extinct.

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