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Sounds good.

I've been invited to interview in Cambridge.  Bit of a slog from down here, but it is on my day off so, eh, whatever.

I'm starting to find Sands of Time settings which don't annoy the shit out of me.

I still have some tweaking to do.  Taking Faldar's Tooth turned from a 10 minute venture into something closer to an hour.  On the road to Ivarstead - attacked by wolves.  Lots of wolves.  Fair enough, I'm mounted, it's not a problem.  Then I'm attacked by bandits.  Not a problem either.

Get to Faldar's Tooth.  Bandits attack.  Because I'm mounted, they can see me and so call for reinforcements.  Only a few extra, but they are OBIS bandits, so they're tougher and smarter than normal.  Then, a "peddler" who was walking by starts to attack me.  As it turns out, he was a Morag Tong/Mephala assassin in disguise.  Then some Elite Vigilants of Stendarr come along...since I don't have any daedric artifacts yet, they join in on the fighting and kill a few bandits before being taken out themselves.  Inigo spends most of his time paralysed by poisons.  Thanks a lot, you useless skooma addict.

After 10 minutes or so, I get past the main gate.  Once in the castle, I get down the stairs, and another assassin follows me through the door.  She sets off the trap, killing herself, but not before poisoning my character and requiring the use of a lot of healing potions (even in Dark Scrubberhood armour, that stuff was just eating my life away.  Maybe Deadly Poisons is increasing the damage even beyond SoT's intended levels).  In the fort, things are slightly better, as I can use stealth to my advantage, taking out isolated bandits before mopping up the more concentrated groups.  That said, because I'm using SSR and Combat Evolved and Duel, staying in stealth was not easy and the times I was exposed, the bandits would call for reinforcements. 

Get to the outside section.  Wolves start attacking the gates.  Bandits see me killing them, call for reinforcements.  The bandit chief, due to exceptional AI (Combat Evolved) realises the fort is under attack and starts raining down crossbow fire from the very top of the tower.  It's almost impossible to hit him, due to the protection up there, but he can and does rain down some serious pain on myself and Inigo.  We fight our way past the bandits and rampaging wolves and pit wolves up the tower, to finally slay the bandit chief and take his delicious loot.

It's now night time, and with RotE enhanced vampires roaming about, I'm debating whether to stay in the fort and risk being ambushed in my sleep, or making straight for Ivarstead.

So, settings wise.  I've turned off the Zombie Apocalypse entirely.  I did give it a go, but Whiterun, Windhelm and Ivarstead were being attacked simultaneously, and Whiterun was pretty bad.  I think there were about 30+ zombies massing outside the city walls, and they're very hard to take down in close combat.

Currently using the "ale-drinker" preset with enforced lore mode, once I find the settings I like I'll no doubt put it on Spartan.  I turned off Burning Inferno, turned on lore-friendly Silver Hand and Vampire Hunters.  I turned off rats entirely, that shit is annoying.  Same for spiders, and not just because I don't like them.  The hallucinogenic spider is annoying as hell.  I'm also looking for options to turn off the refugees entirely...that encounter isn't something that really interests me.

I think I need to play with the cooldowns and spawn increasers more.  I don't mind a bit of variety, but fighting through 7 extra spawns in a single area is a bit much.

But yes.  If you want fun times, I fully recommend Combat Evolved, OBIS and (significantly configured) Sands of Time.

Holy shit. I was just looking for an example of shitty clickbait for a rant/article and this is perfect. The Goddess provides.

I've been trying to make the point on Facebook that Salon is basically Gawker.  This article certainly doesn't disprove that notion.

Salon is worse than Gawker IMO. Gawker rarely pretends to be much more than an empty distraction on your way to the grave. Salon doesnt just crank out churnalism and clickbait, it cranks out churnalism and clickbait with a message.

I dunno, I see a lot of professional progressive cheerleading going on both at Gawker and Salon.  I think Gawker is the smarter of the two, as it isn't quite so earnest as Salon and more targeted at a slightly savvier demographic who are turned off by Salon's obviousless overtness, but it's there.



We don't say "dwarf".  We say "little planet".

Using adjectives to describe height is an artificial social construct, part and parcel of a maladptive discourse in a patriarchal misogynistic society.

Yeah, well, so is your mother.

Holy shit. I was just looking for an example of shitty clickbait for a rant/article and this is perfect. The Goddess provides.

I've been trying to make the point on Facebook that Salon is basically Gawker.  This article certainly doesn't disprove that notion.

Well, yes.  And probably she comes down quite low on the list.

But it's pretty amazing, the mental hurdles one has to jump through to continue to define as a lesbian while in love with a man.  No wonder she quotes a theologian at the end - they excel at precisely this kind of nonsense, ignoring self-contained definitions, creating new ones, appeals to emotion and identity over usage and custom.

Maybe their relationship is non-sexual... and she is fully lesbian?  They just make a good team.  Could be?

My optimism amuses myself, this time.

Through it all, I found it hard to look at him: The wonderful smell of this man made me want to laugh out loud with pleasure

Later, I will realize that he looks a great deal like my first girlfriend

In fact, we fell in love

I’ve been changed by this love: I am calmer, fatter, pregnant. But my fundamental coordinates have not changed.

So, going by the article, nope.  She is a lesbian who fell in love with a man.  But she's still a lesbian!

She's a pretty decent writer, or so I hear, but damn if she doesn't need to take a basic course in logic.

French Terror and/or Russian nihilist and anarchist currents.

Oh, and of course the Sicarii and Assassins, who somehow circumvent the "need a modern state for modern terrorism" theory, probably due to being Arabs and Jews.

Next week's tutorial: reflecting on the gunpowder plot.  Was it "pre-modern terrorism"?  What counter-terrorism policies can we draw on from it?

Should be fun.

Commonly held definitions are lesbian-exclusionary.

As always, it's worth following Exaro News for these sorts of stories:

Graham Wilmer, a member of the panel for the overarching inquiry into child sex abuse (CSA), is furious with Michael Gove for refusing, when he was education secretary, to order an investigation into allegations against schools run by a Catholic order in Great Britain. Wilmer was sexually abused as a pupil at a school run by the order – the Salesians.

In his book, ‘The Devil’s Advocate’, which is published today, Wilmer says that he “had written several times” to Gove to investigate the Salesian order, which runs several schools in the UK. Wilmer is director of the Lantern Project, a charity that supports CSA victims.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby admits in a private letter that child abuse has been “rampant” in the Church of England and other UK institutions.

Writing to the mother of three boys who were groomed and sexually abused by the headmaster of a school run by the Church of England (CoE), Welby says: “The betrayal of Christ in such behaviour is complete.”

His strikingly candid comments underline the scale of the task for the overarching inquiry into child sex abuse, whose terms of reference were announced on Tuesday.

He wrote the letter after the mother, Marilyn Hawes, a committed Christian from Hertfordshire, turned to Exaro because an official at Lambeth Palace twice fobbed her off when she tried to raise the issue with the current and previous archbishops.

This year’s Conservative conference is set to be dogged by fresh allegations about how the party covered up for paedophile MPs.

New claims about Sir Peter Morrison, the late MP who was Lady Thatcher’s parliamentary private secretary (PPS) when she was prime minister, are due to be published at the end of this month to coincide with the Conservatives’ annual conference.

It will renew questions about who in the party knew what about Morrison and when. He was publicly identified as a paedophile after he died.

The details are to be disclosed by Gyles Brandreth, broadcaster, and former Conservative MP and government whip in John Major’s government, in his updated diaries.

His book, ‘Breaking the Code’, is also expected to disclose details about the secretive workings of the Whips’ Office, which is embroiled by concerns about how it helped to cover up paedophilia among MPs.

Scotland Yard’s senior detective who was heading its wide-ranging investigations into paedophile politicians has been forced to quit, Exaro can reveal.

Detective chief inspector Paul Settle, head of the Metropolitan Police Service’s paedophile unit, has stepped aside after months of pressure over the direction of the investigations. According to one Met source, the DCI is formally off on sick leave.

The Met has also more than tripled the number of officers on the investigations, from seven to 22. The increased effort comes as its handling of the allegations faces close scrutiny from the overarching inquiry into child sex abuse (CSA), which was announced in July.

Probably, but I was thinking of Inspector Morse.

Also, I'm debating whether to send off more job applications today, or spend it watching Gamer Poop videos.


Just applied to work in a school again.  For the same company I did when I was in London.  Only, the job isn't in London, it's in Cambridge.  Which is actually a fairly nice town, once you ignore the prats who go to University there and all the murders.  Oh, no, wait, the murders is Oxford.  Never mind.

Anyway, it's nicer than central London, and since it's impossible to have any less support than I did while I was in London, it may even be a tolerable job.

Before hipster was a common term, the brits had another name for the same type of people:

This is exactly like the area of London I used to live in.  In fact, it was notorious for being overrun by these kind of people.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Comic Reviews and discussions
« on: October 29, 2014, 11:42:32 am »
It's a pretty ridiculous show.  The main cast are good....very good, considering the preposterous rubbish that comes out of their mouths and the necessity of keeping a straight face while saying them.

It's rather like the Harry Potter films in that respect - great actors stuck in uninspiring and ridiculous roles.  But it panders to its obsessive, 20 something, internet social media plugged in fanbase, and so it flourishes, despite treating its viewers with no small contempt with regard to plots, explanations and common sense.

Edit: the first season was actually mostly pretty decent.  The second was more of a mixed bag, and the third was just outright insulting.

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