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The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Music Suggestions
« on: November 19, 2015, 05:29:54 pm »
Metallica's "Call of Cthulu" on repeat until you find out the real reason Cliff Burton crawled under that bus on purpose.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: free stuff for you
« on: November 19, 2015, 12:47:21 pm »
Default quota is 10 GB which can be expanded if needed (but no promises). Also the encryption adds some size to your files.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: free stuff for you
« on: November 19, 2015, 01:10:44 am »
anything illegal, immoral, or stupid like Nickelback mp3s.

That's like 90% of everything on my HD.

Except the Nickleback mp3s, that's like, only 10% at most.

I expected more from you. Like, at least 15%.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / free stuff for you
« on: November 19, 2015, 12:05:30 am »
i run a server that has features similar to dropbox (file sync/share etc). if you are a person who would like a way to share/host files without some lame ass ad-driven bullshit and/or care about privacy (all the files are encrypted and as the server admin even i do not have access without your keys, and it has been some time since the last NSA raid. also the server is behind a valid SSL certificate), i will make an account for you if you ask. might be ok for hosting propaganda and assorted nonsense.

truth in advertising: this is really so i can get some experience managing this particular platform. there's no cost to you. the only caveat is i'm not claiming to be some mega corporation with 100% uptime and i'm not responsible for backing up your data. if my hard drives crash your shit goes with them.

just don't spam up my drive space with anything illegal, immoral, or stupid like Nickelback mp3s.

oh and the domain is which is awesomer than dropbox.

mostly half-finished pamphlets and rants. Very low quality guaranteed. I have no idea who authored most of it.

Here's a link:

I am incapable of appreciating the profundity of this thread because I keep looking for the Like button on OP.

Propaganda Depository / Re: REPORT STUFF HERE
« on: May 17, 2015, 04:16:21 am »
I'd like to report that after a lengthy absence from this board, I returned to find that you people still let Roger run around and talk as much as he wants to. PD has been around for over a decade and this bug still hasn't been fixed. WTF?

Fuck the following things:

- Hair that migrates to new locations for no reason at all. I always looked forward to having a distinguished gray color in my hair, but now all the places that should be gray are bald. Fuck you, genes.

- The fact that I can't even tell what being hungry feels like anymore. Used to be the simplest thing in the world: stomach growls, eat food. Now? It's like a new Indiana Jones adventure tracking down the source of some new ache or pain or twitch, and always finding out it's just that I need food.

- Being slow to do things that should be instantaneous, like peeing or realizing how dumb John McCain is.

- Wishing the whole neighborhood would just shut up and go inside. Including myself, after about 7PM.

- Yelling at people who can't hear me for things I'm not even sure about, and yelling at people who CAN hear me, for things I'm pretty sure I'm wrong about.

- Resenting young people for doing the same stupid shit I used to do, and don't want to do anymore anyway.

- Realizing that idiots are forever, and almost being OK with that.

- Saying "you damn kids and your toys" and only kidding about 90% of it.

- Preferring a book and a nap over a romp in the sack.

- Seeing all of this happening and being unable to hold it back.


And no. Just futile.

Rapists thinking reasonably...

Most rapists don't think they're rapists. Much as you presumably don't think you're an asshole.

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT POINT, and one that doesn't get much time. When people say "RAPE" and "RAPIST," for some reason, they think of some badly-costumed mime hopping out from behind a bush, clubbing a lady over the head and dragging her into an alley. That happens, of course, but it's less than half of the cases. And that's part of the reason the OP in this thread is meaningful.

JUST BECAUSE YOU DID NOT HOLD A KNIFE TO SOMEONE AND FORCE YOURSELF ON HER (or him) doesn't mean you can't be guilty of rape. Rape isn't even always a violent act. Sometimes there's a grey area, and that's the red flag: IF THERE'S A GREY AREA, DO NOT PROCEED.

Personally, I am loathe to consider myself a predator. I do not disrespect women, I do not cat-call, I think of them as people and not as objects. I am the last person who would ever rape anyone. And yet, I have had the opportunity to follow the advice in the OP! Multiple times! Luckily for all involved, following that kind of advice is something of a second nature to me, but it was still a choice.

That's why it's important to remind people that rapists do not, as a rule, consider themselves rapists. In fact the entire mindset that leads to rape can prevent such a self-identification, because in order to recognize a rape you have to recognize a victim. And rapists, both the violent forceful kind and the slimy opportunist kind, fail to recognize their victim. They don't see a person there, they only see an object. So it has to be repeated, and when it is derailed it has to be brought back in line, because when so many people lack the internal narrative that the people around them ARE FUCKING CONSCIOUS, it has to become a public broadcast. Not because it will fix the assholes who can't make the right choice, but because it will remind those of us who CAN make the right choice to DO SO.

It turns out that the black holes gravitational force is being generated by Stanley Kubrick spinning in his grave
Best comment on the entire Internet related to this movie.

I can imagine a pink unicorn on the dark side of the moon, and trees that grow chicken legs.

It doesn't work that way. Science* has proven that the dark side of the Moon, being shielded from Thetan radiation, is far more likely to produce BLUE unicorns.

*Source: Assclown, et. al., Journal of Asstrophysics and Homeopathy, 1983

Breaking News: EMERGENCY DECLARED! Newtonian Mechanics Fail, Objects Begin Drifting into Space

If my hate could be described on a scale like the Richter Scale, the things I hate about homeopathy would register roughly like this:

Magnitude 1.0:  Homeopathy is junk pseudo-science. This isn't really all that bad, considering all the other junk pseudo-science most of us are familiar with and sometimes consciously subscribe to just because it makes us feel good (marijuana cures cancer, Lou Reed makes decent music, etc).

Magnitude 3.0: Homeopathy kills people who refuse real medicine. This is worse because it involves death of course, but still not a major event, because it isn't like these idiots were forced at gunpoint to choke down some awful mixture of stagnant water and mint leaves. Plus, it helps out the funeral industry so it isn't all bad.

Magnitude 10.0: Homeopathy's believers (and "agnostics") are so willfully ignorant of actual science, and so loudly obnoxious about it, that alternative medicines and treatments that might actually work are dismissed prematurely by doctors and scientists just because it is easier to count them in the same column as homeopathy than it is to take research on them seriously. It has tainted the entire notion of medicine outside of the mainstream.


This is what Obama did to me today.
- Car gets Ebola thanks to lax border security.
- Car proceeds to perform uncontrolled evasive maneuvers on freeway like it's a top Administration official dodging questions about #BENGHAZI.
- I don't even get any good PILLS out of the deal.

Considering how the meltdown happened (I recommend reading Micheal Lewis for that), and the fact that properties are being snapped up now, I'd have to say that the latter wasn't planned, but is just another example of the rich getting paid on the front end and the back end AND the middle.

Sure, it looks like a happy coincidence, but there's an awful lot of serendipity going on for an awfully small number of chronically lucky people.

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