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Aneristic Illusions / Re: Shootings in Canada
« on: Today at 05:50:07 pm »
I'm getting the back end of it from a conversation on Facebook with Canadian friends. They said they ordered all military to take their uniforms off and change into civilian clothing. Fuck.

Aneristic Illusions / Shootings in Canada
« on: Today at 04:07:44 pm »
I'm busy at school right now, but here is a link with a news feed:

I'm not hearing shit on the American media.

Managing my appetite on thyroid meds has become interesting. Some days I'm a bottomless pit, and other days I eat breakfast and I'm good for hours, but I'm never starving anymore. I'm either generally peckish or uninterested in food most of the day, but I am hungry in the morning, typically right after I take my pill and I need to wait like a half hour.  :argh!: This isn't a bad thing, because I'm assuming this means my thyroid is seeing that I have fat to burn and don't need as many calories, but at the same time I'm worried about keeping up with nutrition. So I think I need to force myself to eat something small and balanced for lunch or early dinner every day even if I'm not feeling hungry. I'll bring this up to my doctor when I go for my first check-in in a couple of weeks.

I did really well on my Early Ancient Greece midterm, especially since I know he graded the graduate students on a different rubric than the undergrads. I think my paper for him will do well also. I have my grad assignments on top of the general classwork also, and the first critical essay is due in 2 weeks on a book I'm reading on the Trojan War. I start gathering sources for my term paper next week for the class with the overwhelmed professor. She needs a thesis statement and annotated biblio soonish, I need to double check my syllabus.

Good, I hope she grades this one kindly or gives you a chance to revise.

I'm currently reviewing Mol bio slides in preparation for tomorrow's midterm. I feel like everyone else is much more stressed about it than I am, which makes me worried that I'm grossly overestimating my preparedness.


I have a mock collection policy due on Wednesday for my Museum Studies class, and I have no idea where to start. He wasn't terribly helpful but he's not looking for massive amounts of pages. I'll do it tomorrow. I'm way too into the Hadrian's Wall course tonight to stop.

My professor delayed the due date for a paper, now due today at 5pm, so she could catch up on our previous papers and send them all back so we could use them on this one. She hasn't yet. This is worth 20% of my grade and I haven't even started. I cannot begin to express my frustration, this is utterly unfair.

It seems like if the whole point of delaying this paper was so that you could use previous feedback from other papers on it, it seems as if perhaps she should delay it further so she can actually give you your feedback.

Can you get started on the paper and then revise it according to feedback when you get your other papers back, so that at least the bulk of the writing/research/citations would be done?

I submitted a completed paper out of good faith, and she blast emailed us a massive apology that she's way too behind right now because of chairing a conference, and also working with a charity group out of Boston where she received a high honor last week. I'll ask her tomorrow during class if it's okay for us who feel that our work was subpar to have the chance of a re-write should our grades come back scary. She's actually extremely nice, but a hard grader. But I think circumstances being what they are that she will be lenient.

In other news, I'm taking this free online course through on Hadrian's Wall, and so far I'm enamored with the work that Newcastle University does on Hadrian's Wall. They have a pretty damn impressive PhD program for archaeology and history and their tuition is disgustingly reasonable in comparison to our schools here. I'm thinking that studying in England could very well be a possibility should I choose to go that far. I want to finish my MA first and see how the job front looks here, as well as see what the Navy wants to do with us first before committing to the doctorate, but that may not be a terrible option during the husband's next sea duty. I've chatted a bit with some of the students and faculty through the FutureLearn site, and they're slowing trying to convince me to come over.

Edit: They just dropped the bomb that there's guaranteed housing on campus for international graduate students.  :aaa:

My professor delayed the due date for a paper, now due today at 5pm, so she could catch up on our previous papers and send them all back so we could use them on this one. She hasn't yet. This is worth 20% of my grade and I haven't even started. I cannot begin to express my frustration, this is utterly unfair.

Apparently there's some neighbor that keeps trying to hock my neighbor (Katniss Everdeen, the bow-wielding nurse Navy Wife) essential oils to actually take to work with her and use on her nursing home patients to protect them from the Ebolas.

I've never once heard Katniss yell, at anything. She's a down home country girl from upstate NY who loves Jesus and and good bottle of wine. She told this woman to fuck off. I nearly pissed myself laughing on the stairs when I went to get my mail yesterday.

Such poetry, Uncle Enrico!

I'm going to go and look for a solution that isn't the only thing I can't do.

I suggest you come to New England, and allow Richter and EOC to help assist you with your solutions. Luna and I just got our hazmat suits, so we should be fine.

I agree, Hirley. There is not enough time in the world.

My ankle is killing me today. I'm assuming this is what the PT meant when he said it would get worse before it got better.

On that note, I am examflouncing for absorption in eternal midtermland this week. Prof just gave us the review sheet for Thursday and it's 100 terms she wants us to short answer on the fly, plus a short essay, in addition to the five page  comparative analysis for just her class. I have another paper due as well.

Well, you know, numbers are hard and stuff, I'm only a social sciences major, so don't simply trust my take on it

It's okay, Cain. We'll live off of grants and write papers forever together.

History majors often joke that if you can't hack it in history, you can always transfer to psychology or communications.

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