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Right so this was really bothering me for a bit and i thought i'd get this off my chest. I recently had to talk to my dad about this joke he used to make. It would always really bother me and i'm wondering if there might be some racial undertones to it or if i'm being overly sensitive. My dad used to joke that i am "the mailman's son" because i tend to favor my mom's side of the family in terms of looks. My dads side of the family are what you would call Californios- Mexicans that have typically european features, short with dark wavy hair, green eyes, pale skin. My mom's family, with the exception of my mom, look like Indios,- Mexicans with more Native features. All of my uncles are taller, with very curly hair, dark skin, and brown eyes.

This joke wouldnt cut so deep except that my dad has a deep, abiding hate for my mom's family, and if you talk to him for an extended period of time he'll eventually get to his screed about why my mother's family is a bunch of liars cheaters and thieves. So because I, between me and my sisters, look the most like my moms family, it is often said in my family that i am genetically only 25% Alonzo, and my sisters are 50% and 75% Alonzo respectively(cuz you know, genes have surnames, right?) and so between that and the mailman thing, it feels like my dad is saying i'm a lying cheating piece of shit that is probably not his son anyway. All the while, this si a man who paid for my college, lets me live rent-free,  and pays me to do odd jobs around the house. When i confronted him about it, he initially laughed it off, but he seems to have dropped that particualr gem from his Dad Joke repetoire. Am i nuts for reading a racial thing into this?

No, not nuts. Sometimes people are carrying prejudices they don't realize they have, and it sounds like that is probably the case with your dad.

Our Discordia is WRONG. His Discordia is RIGHT. The only way we can Discordia RIGHT is by doing it JUST LIKE HIM. 23pinealfnordflaxlol
Keep in mind that was the backstory, told within its own context.

*I* didn't take all my posts and move them into the "How not to Discordia" thread.

You were openly shitting up other conversations, and now you're butthurt because your clutter was moved into one thread?

Have you considered acting like a human being?



I've always liked that one. I like things that make people uncomfortable.

Having a ball of yarn up your junk doesn't sound very comfortable.

It really doesn't. And that makes everyone who hears about it kind of uncomfortable, out of empathy.

Knit SLOWLY. Rope burns ain't no joke.   :lulz: :horrormirth:

Did you try to solve the lubricant absorbing problem too? There is no answer to it. Only sorrow. No mortal could actually do this for long. I'm done! Enough with the thinking... shoulda known better.  :cry:

The human body is incredibly efficient at producing mucous.

God, this is so perfect. All of the Atheist groups on Facebook need it.

Politics has pretty much turned into a race against horror.

That said, I'd still be surprised if the Dems actually lost.

I mean, the race for the Republicans is going to be between Bush and Trump, and Bush is probably going to win.  Either way, the Dem voters are going to recoil in horror, and I don't think Sanders or Clinton are quite spiteful enough to go independent against each other.

Trump is, however, the government America deserves.  A truly postmodern fascist in a clown suit, like Berlusconi without any redeeming qualities as many coke-filled parties with hookers.


Ah, he seems to be posting here: hxxp://

Edit: Never mind, it popped up as July 2015 but it's actually from February.

Here he is, as of yesterday:,34.msg197.html#new

I had no idea that forum still existed.

The hell are they posting?

Timeless Physics is a thing, and you should be grateful one of the seven people alive on this planet who understands it is nominally on our side.

He's on our side.  But collateral damage is also a thing, and he budgets for it.

Yes, pretty much just this.

Lizzie:  I think I may be most excited about Irish lit

Lizzie:  "They're always after me lucky charms!"

Cain:  enjoy 10,000 hours of James Joyce's ramblings

Lizzie:  Not sure who we are covering

Lizzie:  I think it says

Lizzie:  What do they ramble about

Lizzie:  Potatoes? And famine?

Cain:  the fucking British

Cain:  you'll be covering IRA Manifestos 1916-1962 and PIRA Manifestos 1963-1998

Cain:  and James Jpyce

Cain:  and IRA manifestos in the style of James Joyce

Cain:  and potato poetry

Cain:  by James Joyce

Cain:  term paper will be on the symbolic use of potatoes in IRA manifestos to emulate James Joyce

Lizzie:  Potatoooooos and Catholics forever

Cain:  and fuck the British

 :lulz: :lulz:



I've always liked that one. I like things that make people uncomfortable.

Having a ball of yarn up your junk doesn't sound very comfortable.

It really doesn't. And that makes everyone who hears about it kind of uncomfortable, out of empathy.

The reason for this is that it makes your base look like groupies, so nobody else takes you seriously.


This thread killed Payne the first time and who wouldn't I recycle to get him back.

Heartless fucks.

 :lol: :lol: :lol:

Like, one of my closest friends prefers Annie. But people who don't know her personally address her as Dr. Frank, because that's how you do.

Sanders seems cool, but some of his supporters make me want to vote for a Romney.

Pretty much.  It's like watching Palin voters in 2008. 

The rule of thumb is that anyone who refers to him as "Bernie" is an assbucket.  Pretty sure the proper way to say his name is "Senator Sanders".

Doesn't he prefer "Bernie?" All of his official stuff uses it.

There's a huge difference between, say, your doctor using her first name, and random strangers addressing her by her first name at a professional conference where she's talking.

It's not working this time.   :sad:

Apparently, all of my regular FB friends aren't hippies.

DAMN IT.  :argh!:

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