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On a more positive note, it looks like both Borneo and Peru are happening.

I'm holding out until I achieve Mudhoney.

Or Kill Me / Re: On Being Terrible
« on: Today at 06:06:35 am »
I want an emote for this that we don't have. The emote for "knowing you are terrible makes you potentially good on a level that those who know that they are good can never attain".

I am SO stealing that to justify the requirements of my new job description.

Might even fool Jesus.


 :lulz: :lulz: :lulz: For some reason, the first one is my favorite.

HOLY SHIT is that real???

Cool, it's kind of like a modern take on Hemacite.

Midterm 1 is over. Forever. I can only breathe a sigh of relief and defeat as I assess my study strategy and find it badly lacking. Lessons learned: When Dr. Singer says "I want you to understand the mechanisms and patterns at work, not memorize the details", he's lying. Also, when Dr. Singer says "You won't need to know this for the midterm", he's lying. And when Dr. Singer says "I won't ask you about polarity without giving you a molecular diagram; I want you to be able to recognize the structures that make side chains polar, not memorize which ones are polar", he's also lying.

In fact, if Dr. Singer ever says anything about something he doesn't want you to memorize, memorize it.

And when he says "The slides are your best study tool", he's also lying. Don't bother with the slides, or your lecture notes, and for that matter if he didn't have mid-lecture quizzes the lectures would be completely worthless. Just read the book.


Sadly, the argument is going in the direction of "reality is only perception" and "conciousness is not a physical aspect".

Right this minute, I'd like to feed fuckers like that into the choppy grindy burny machine.

Which is actually a thing.

I want one plz.

You are so much more amusing than the Philosophy 101 I'm dealing with.

"Physics is the science of how matter and energy interact. That speaks very little to consciousness, and is still reductionist/rationalist/materialist, which speak even less to consciousness. The physical world (I still don't like calling it "world") may be amplitudes in configuration space as far as you and physics are concerned, but consciousness isn't. Ergo, if your reality is physical in nature, consciousness cannot be reality."

In theory, as a baby neurobiologist who will be TA-ing Perception next term, I have a lot of fancy words to counter that. In reality, I am way too fucking tired to formulate them in any way that makes sense.

Ugh.  Arguing with a Jungian on FB about Quantum Physics.  Why do I do this?

You, sir, are a glutton for punishment.

I just got asked to TA for Perception this winter.

If you are cutting out the "dilute until there's nothing measurable left", you are no longer talking about homeopathy, you are talking about chemical effects.

Lol, this topic got me pondering homeopathy again. While this doesn't validate the "woo" culture around things like homeopathy, if you cut out the "dilute it till you can't measure the substance anymore" shtick, some applications might trigger the olfactory cells in our skin (which cause subconscious chemical-cascade changes in the body):
Skin cells possess an olfactory receptor for sandalwood scent, as researchers at the Ruhr-Universitšt Bochum have discovered. Their data indicate that the cell proliferation increases and wound healing improves if those receptors are activated. This mechanism constitutes a possible starting point for new drugs and cosmetics. The team headed by Dr Daniela Busse and Prof Dr Dr Dr med habil Hanns Hatt from the Department for Cellphysiology published their report in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

I posted a thread about that effect the other day, and no, not at homeopathic concentrations.

's new ecofriendly temple walls.

Linky broke. :(

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