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I'm in the Singapore airport, and my feet hurt.

I will be here until 8:50 am. I think it's currently somewhere around three.

Acted out at dinner with Lillie and the brass from Germany.

If this doesn't get me fired, nothing will.


well, i know there are islands that can be bought for about as much as a decent sized house, except that they obviously lack any sort of infrastructure so people who can afford it tend not to since they'd hafta spend more money installing all the luxuries of home. As for what happens, ...well lord of the flies probably. Granted i somehow dodged having to read that book in high school, but is the possibility of surviving in the wild preferable to a certain death?

It's pretty fucking inhumane.

Never heard of this blogger before, but his critique of the SJW world and its shortcomings is acute:

 :sad: I keep linking to Freddie all the time.  And he is a great a blogger.  As an academic and a socialist, he's one of the people who can critique those groups without making me feel like I've just walked into a proto-Teabagger rally (CULTURAL MARXISTS ZOMG).  He's also, apparently, a pretty good teacher.

I have sadly not been spending as much time reading links since school started getting heavy, but I will make a point of paying more attention from now on.



No. They don't.

i was thinking either an island in the Pacific, Amazon jungle, or saharan desert. Anyplace where actual survival is a higher priority than revenge.

I don't think there are many uninhabited habitable locations. And if there are, what happens when you have multiple exiles? What happens when you have hundreds? Thousands?

Oooh, this is good. It feels like a total departure from your usual style; it has a kind of... haunted voice.

What about exile? what if we just dropped our absolute worst in someplace they could theoretically survive, but be extremely difficult to come back to the US and start shit? they'd be dropped somewhere off the Continental US, they'd never be allowed back in and we come compile a list of exiles worldwide to make sure they never return to their home countries again.

Who are we going to saddle them on? Australia? I feel like they've already been to that rodeo.

So today I took all my finals. All of them.

I'm packed and ready and FREAKING OUT. And I think my typhoid vaccine is kicking in, and the goddamn doxy is making me feel like I might die, and there's this BOY WHO IS NOT EVEN THIRTY YEARS OLD sending me filthy text messages which is very distracting.

Based on my superficial scanning of the posted quotes, and an understanding that is not backed up in any way by knowledge of the source material, it looks like kata-cthonia just owned the fuck out of whothefuckisultron, academically speaking. Citations and all that rot.

But again, it seems also a little as if whothefuckisultron may have just been trolling, and if so I have to say that outraged radical misinterpretation of classical texts is a brilliant troll.

Or Kill Me / Re: THIS is an OUTRAGE!!!!!
« on: March 17, 2015, 04:36:12 am »
"fingerlicking shit-knuckle"  :lulz:

Never heard of this blogger before, but his critique of the SJW world and its shortcomings is acute:

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