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Having spent some time on support forums, I have to agree that there's an identity culture there and they usually are not supportive of people getting better and moving on. It, rather, becomes a support forum for people WITH the illness, not people recovering from it. This is true of all kinds of support forums; I still get emails from the hysterectomy forum I was on saying that they miss me. These are people whose entire lives, identities, and social groups are revolving around their pathology. I've seen the same thing with depression and ADHD groups, and it's very easy to not only slide into that mental state, but also those groups are hotbeds for hypochondriacs and people with Munchhausen's Syndrome.

No way, Delcon is my favorite current PD troll.

I find Delcon hilarious. I think it's because he hits all the troll tropes, but he hits them just a little over the top so it comes off like he's running a satire of trolling.

That was seriously annoying.

Alaska, man. Just remind yourself that it's not you, they really ARE all crazy.

Somewhat annoyed at being nagged at for the third time in two weeks by my friend that i'm taking too long to give my turns in his Pathfinder campaign. Fuck me for not taking this GAME seriously enough.
That sucks.

A different perspective: Your friend may see this game as a symbol for your friendship, or maybe it is one of the few things that keeps them sane.

Dude, he's not responsible for his friend's sanity. That's fucked-up. Seriously.

Somewhat annoyed at being nagged at for the third time in two weeks by my friend that i'm taking too long to give my turns in his Pathfinder campaign. Fuck me for not taking this GAME seriously enough.

My advice; just drop the game if it's causing you stress.

Today's near miss brought to you by forklift driver, carrying a load, going backwards...WHILE TEXTING!!! This is my third near miss with this same dude. The other two were backwards around a corner with no horn. Kind of at the point where I can't not report this one. I fucking hate that.

Reporting the fucktard is a hell of a lot better than someone getting killed by him.

My grandmother died this weekend, they just found her.

This week just got really fucking interesting.

Sorry to hear that, Suu. :(

After empirical observation I conclude I am cursed


I joined the Wrong Religion.

I hope it's the latter, then all you bastards are in the same boat.

That's what community is all about.

I'm gonna go with "Alaska".

Mozzarella sticks are all glory and awesome. Man, I'd try that. I'd take some knitting and eat me some cheesy sticks with a fork so as not to get greasy fingers on my yarn and be rich and well knit and stuffed to bursting with cheese.

Mmmmm. Cheese.

Also, I too have seen that Trivial Pursuit Ketchup thing and it is a lie.

I wouldn't be so fast on the draw until you've tried TGIF mozzarella sticks.

Also, I really want to know what her poop was like the next day.

Mamma needs to grow a set of ovaries and kick that brat out.


From what I've seen, voices depend upon biographical experience. But what is biographical experience after all? Family interactions, the oh-so-broad term "experiences", and yes, of course, local culture.

So, i dont know, its nice validation that the schizophrenic experience is something more than "bad biological/physiological functioning" dictating everything, other than that i dont see the value or use of this finding.

It's not exactly news, but it is confirmation that cultural attitudes shape the experience of the mentally ill, and that in the US we have a particularly harsh/negative (I might even say punitive) attitude toward mental illness. We are, after all, only about a generation away from an era when we simply locked them up in warehouse-like sanitariums where they were drugged, experimented on, and if difficult to control, chained to the wall and hosed down.

In this case, who knows, anthropological confirmation of what psychologists already know may help build that body of knowledge up to the point where it has enough weight to effect a cultural shift in how we perceive mental illness.

It's interesting stuff.

That was fucking hilarious. I love her.

Still not sure I'm convinced.

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