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We're having the referendum on abortion today. We have a clause in our constitution saying Mother and child have equal rights to life. This blocked abortion completely in Ireland, and had a side effect that a woman has to literally be approaching death before doctors will intervene to end a pregnancy (they let a woman get septicemia rather then perform the abortion to save her life and she died which sort of triggered today's vote).
I've voted yes to remove this clause, because I trust women to know when they need an abortion (for whatever reason, not just health). But I suspect this is probably the last time they could call this referendum and have a high chance it wont go through.

Good luck. Somehow I have a surprising amount of Irish or Irish-adjacent content on my Twitter feed, so I woke up to a ton of posts about this.

I read that dual-citizenship and other overseas Irish are flying back for the vote.

Ok, wanted to check.  It felt familiar.

Early Thursday morning, I posted the following comment in this thread:

‘In any case, that “Libya Option” thing is a glaring example of poor management skills. Comrade Spanky can’t even manage Pence and Bolton.’

(At the time, it was my assumption that Comrade Spanky had lost control of his minions.)

However, a little later, my wife was watching some political talking head on the TV, as I was leaving the house for a long drive. As I opened the front door, I heard the talking head make the claim that the “Libya Option” statements by Pence and Bolton were done with Comrade Spanky’s prior approval.

So, as I was driving along, I kept wondering if I had gotten it all wrong. That is,

1. Did Comrade Spanky really lose control of Pence and Bolton?

(This implies that Pence and Bolton are both trying to sabotage the peace process.)

2. Or, as per the talking head, had Comrade Spanky really approved of his minions statements in advance?

(This implies that Comrade Spanky and His Gang™ are even dumber than I thought was possible.)

So, does anyone have any thoughts, or insights on this matter? Are there even more possibilities that I’ve yet to consider?


3. That talking head on TV is lying out of their ass.

Your cleverness will not save you.

Has this been Big-Worded?


Aneristic Illusions / Re: E-Democracy
« on: May 24, 2018, 08:57:12 pm »

:fingers at the ready:

Didn't he even like, write and sign a letter cancelling?

From what I heard, it's obvious he wrote it himself, because it's a tragedy of language.


The punchline gets me, every time.

To quote a man, "I've been thinking with my gut for 20 years, and I've come to the conclusion it's got shit for brains."

Iíve, pretty much, given up trying to convince people that government is not a business, and that business skills are not transferable into politics.

You think that's fun, try convincing someone that managing government debt and finances best uses an approach diametrically opposite to what works best for individuals and families.

Three snake sightings today.  I expect more over the next couple of weeks.

It's worth mentioning that the snake was found by our grounds people yesterday afternoon, in very poor condition, and was removed to an animal shelter for treatment.


Whoops.  Maybe take it easy on the whole "warping space-time" for a bit?

I'm hoping there will be at least one more good story out of this.

I mean, yes, you're going to need to deal with the fact that a good 35% of your country is absolutely batshit insane sooner or later.

Aside from the obvious reasons for impeaching Trump, I favour that because I think impeaching Trump may send the crazies over the edge, and give you a chance to do just that.  Otherwise, it's just kicking the problem down the road, until you get a President who can run a half competent PR campaign, knows how government works, has the respect of Congress and utterly steamrolls what is left of your republic.

It's probably better to do that now, before the irreversible climate change wrecks the coastline of most of the world and makes anywhere inbetween the tropics almost uninhabitable, sparking resource wars and flows of immigrants that make the current Middle East look minor by comparison.

Good points.

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