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Apparently some guy died during arrest by the police last week, so the UK branch of Black Lives Matter were out in force.  Beyond that, I don't know much, except that the situation appears to be spiralling right now

Here's some footage

BTW, there's some serious rioting going on in Dalston right about now.

Budapest is definitely the best place out of those I visited.  Insanely hot, but good beer, good food, great architecture and quite cheap, though the florint having a 259 = 1 US dollar exchange rate also contributes to the feeling of being rich.

Also, the less expensive side of the town is actually better.  Buda is the upmarket side of the river, full of costly residential homes and nothing else.  Pest has the shopping, the bars, the restaurants, most of the interesting buildings and sights and surprisingly good public transport.

It's meant to be a homage to the artist Albrecht Dürer, whose house is about 50 yards from there.

It also took me forever to get that pic, because some kid was crawling all over it.  This wouldn't normally matter too much, except it was blazingly hot that day and shade was at a premium in the Old City.  In fact, it was blazingly hot for the whole trip (hitting an all time high of 102F in Budapest) until we got to Vienna.

Blue Danube, Melk and Salzburg

Bader, Meyerling and some abbey in the middle of nowhere

First batch up in pics.  Going to split them up by location to avoid one super long pic spam.  Also had to size them down quite a bit...

Sorting through my holiday snaps.  Not as many duds as I thought, though I'm probably not going to win any Pulitzers from this stuff.

I assume PD would like to see some?

High Weirdness / Re: Ark Encounter
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I'm not going to lie - when I was younger I did wonder if Joseph was perhaps gay based on his amazing technicolour dreamcoat.

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