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I liked the look on Netanyahu's face during their little press statement. He had the same exasperated look that a kindergarten teacher has when she's trying to corral a particularly dense kid back into the lunch line.

The left hates each other more than they hate the alt-right.  Dress it up all you like, doesn't change the facts.

The two main factions of the left are now even more rabid with respect to each other than they were during the primaries, because they are - like all humans - dumb as fuck and possessing the survival instincts of a dodo.  I am honest puzzled as to how we survived the interval between "falling out of the trees" and "inventing the shotgun".

This is why the right is shitting the place up with very little actual opposition..."All that evil requires is for good people to act like dumbasses."

Clearly, we have collectively decided that surviving was a bad move. We have spent our entire history trying to undo that mistake.

So, this was a thing today:

What's the problem? He told reporters, not the Russians. Sheesh.

I also feel the need to point out that despite being the oldest continuously-existing political party in the world, it has also almost never been anything BUT fractious, and certainly not at all in the last 100 years. The Republican party has been hooting and gnashing about how little Democrats agree with each other for as long as it has existed. It's literally their one big dead horse that they won't stop beating. The reason for this is that the Democratic party, ie. the people who register Democrat, spans very different populations with very different priorities. That liberal white people and conservative black people agree on enough to register in the same party to begin with is nothing short of astonishing. So the nonstop wailing about how the Democratic party is "fractionalized" or "imploding" is basically occurring as individual people notice something that has never not been the case in their lifetimes.

Yeah, I know all of this. Of course it has been fractious and divided, like everything any group of humans do. I'm not commenting on that obvious fact. I'm commenting on the need to not only be fractured and exclusive but the need to more or less declare open war on the other half of the coalition as if they're a bigger enemy than the actual enemies. That it isn't enough to be a coalition (however fractious), that "coalitions" themselves are now insufficient for progress. There have always been differences of opinion and even strong disagreement under the Democratic roof, of course, and I'm not naive enough to think there hasn't been. It's the shift to a bridge-burning tone that I object to.

It's just another log on the fire that is currently consuming the republic. This anti-coalition, True-Believerism that says if you're not 100% on my side of all the lines, then you must be a mortal enemy. We are no longer interested in any kind of compromise. If you agree on everything but one issue, that one issue will become so important that it eclipses every other area where cooperation might have happened. It already ate up the GOP, but it took them 30 years to do it. The Democratic Party is probably going to take half that time and may not even survive. As naive as it would be to think that the Democrats have ever been homogeneous or entirely unified, it would be equally unobservant to think that those divisions are not growing deeper and faster in the last few years. I'm not talking about our differences, I'm talking about the rapidity with which they are expanding beyond any hope of reconciliation. The differences aren't new -- our complete abandonment of any hope of overcoming them is, or at least, we haven't seen it this bad for 150 years.

Can't we just get it over with and become a four party system? The Asshole Right, the GOP, the Dems, and the Fart-Huffers.

I mean, I'd probably be more politically aligned with the Huffers, but still.

Well, clearly we are working on that. Give it until maybe 2022 or so.

Aneristic Illusions / Democrats Decide to Just Go Ahead and Implode
« on: May 21, 2017, 09:59:31 am »
In true Democrat form, the Democratic Party has chosen this particular moment in history to have an existential crisis and turn inward to eat itself.

Meet the Justice Democrats, swooping in at just the wrong moment to save the American Left from any possibility of victory in 2018.

No doubt taking inspiration from the GOP's TEA Party conniption from 2010, the Justice Democrats are the spine the Democrats have never had, without all that messy connective tissue or muscular system that goes along with moving and doing things. Their website/manifesto declares war on "Corporate Democrats" who have "Allowed the Republicans to take control of most state legislatures" and whatever. Having convinced themselves that the only real antidote to American Fascism is a bout of hard-line socialism, they intend to attack unworthy and insufficiently true-believing Democrats in primaries across the country next year, and ... defeat them?

I'm all for taking a more progressive stance on issues. But this BernieBot Army is exactly the wrong way to do that. And, of course, since it is exactly the wrong way to go about making a political comeback, you can depend on the Democrats to pull it off -- flawlessly and spectacularly, in an inspiring display of self-immolation and utter collapse.

Seriously, though, maybe I'm being too pessimistic, but it's hard to see the chance of success in this. On the surface, it seems like all good intentions and warm fuzzy pep rallies. But as with any "goddammit you're moving too slow" political movement, it is sure to be overrun with increasingly fractious and myopic pet-project activists -- ultimately causing the disintegration of every last coalition in the Democratic Party's base. Their entire reason for existing is already because they're better/smarter/faster than Those Other Democrats, and only a fool would think that isn't going to translate downward to the membership of this group.

So yeah, go ahead and have fun with 2018, I guess. I'm just going to have a nightshade cocktail and sleep until this whole thing blows over.

It's actually a plane of existence.

My life's goal is to have this much free time. Seriously, what the fuck.

No no, not just any Italian guy. He has to be a mechanic. Plumbers are fine.

ETA: Maybe it isn't the Italian part, maybe it's the mechanic part. The guy just happened to be Italian this time. Is "mechanic" a race?

I realized today that I am somewhat racist against middle-aged Italian guys who have mustaches, if they also own a mechanic shop. I don't know how to feel about this other than ashamed and a little bit confused.

I was just reading a good article on that:

This disturbs me, not just because of the content and character of this kind of inappropriate contact, but because it still technically comes down to how Comey "felt" about it. There may be nothing overtly criminal in it. It's unusual, even inappropriate ethically, but not illegal. And even if it was illegal, there's a whole ocean full of ways for Trump loyalists to call it hearsay and speculation. Hopefully when Comey testifies later this/next month, or at least in private conversations with Mueller's investigation, he can bring something more than "he made me feel dirty". But Comey at least seems to be a person who is smart enough not to get himself into the situation he's in now with nothing to back himself up.

Nothing to hide...

The fact that this is already public knowledge is great, but I hope Rosenstein can come through on this waiver. Given Mueller's own history in the DOJ/FBI, I don't doubt his personal honesty or thoroughness just because he worked for a firm that represented Trump (unlike Lieberman who owns a firm that represents Trump and is apparently about to be nominated for the FBI directorship). But my paranoid half worries he was the one appointed as Special Counsel precisely because of this rule, in order to insulate Trump and his closest circle from the investigation.

So, today's roundup:

Someone whose named rhymes with Kared Jushner is being investigated by the FBI for their links to the ever-expanding Russia scandal.

The Special Counsel's team has been looking into the impeachment process "for research purposes".

The Israeli agent who was burned by Trump was not only an asset on ISIS, but also on Hezbollah.  Israeli intelligence is beyond outraged at this. 

And Russian officials bragged that they could use Michael Flynn to influence Trump.

Also I just saw another one of those "someone close to Comey" things, saying Comey is now convinced Trump was intentionally trying to sway him on the Russia investigation. Maybe a twig, but on the fire it goes.

Propaganda Depository / Re: Banning Nazis from PD
« on: May 19, 2017, 03:04:47 pm »
My only thought on the matter that hasn't already been expressed by another is that if we're banning an idea we don't like and every fool that spouts it openly here then perhaps the board needs to seriously consider what sort of folks and ideas are desirable and seek them out by some means. If we're to be active in exclusion we might do well to be active in inclusion.

Also... much of what is known about the problem came directly from some wannabe "NAZI" fools that couldn't KYFMS to save their souls or from searches into their spouted bullshit. In banning the occasional fuckers coming here we exclude the possibility of incidental info coming to us. Do we begin to seek it out or sit happy in our new "clean" little space here and play 5 word story while they busily push their message elsewhere?

Is this ultimately about a more comfortable board or about actually intending to prepare for a real fight?

To me, it is about not wasting time. Activity is picking up again on PD and I am in favor of protecting the flow of constructive ideas. I doubt this ban will be used more than once or twice a month at most, and we will likely tolerate people who have implied they are racist shit's until they remove all doubt. The only ones who will get smashed are the ones who, as you said, are too dumb for KYFMS.

I know this seems like a huge step and maybe a betrayal of some high ideal of unconditional tolerance, but I don't really care. As Stephen King might say, the world has moved on.

So you come in here with "helpful advice" on how we can better "defend" abortion, because the left are idiots, and we are doing it wrong. Over the course of 6 dreadfully predictable pages, you (of course) wander from "here, dummies, let me help you" to "my main problem with abortion". So you out yourself as having entered the thread under false pretenses to begin with. You're not interested in improving arguments in favor of abortion rights, you are actually a pro-life fanatic. This explains why any honest attempt to enlighten you as to the reasons why certain arguments are or are not employed, fails to enlighten you. You are not here for information, you are here to preach.

I'm not exposing anything everyone hasn't already seen here, of course. But maybe this will help you understand why no one is taking you seriously. You know, besides the fact that your "arguments" are stupid and not worth real consideration.

You've mistaken PoFP (original poster, bipedal) for PDS (this guy, screeches on knuckles).

so I have. oh well.

Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
« on: May 19, 2017, 06:12:02 am »
At the end of the 22nd century, the last dying civilization on Earth launches a generation ship to a newly discovered, habitable planet as humanity's desperate last attempt at survival. The ship travels uneventfully for over 200 years, passing down history and instilling every new wave of citizens with deep loyalty to the ship's great purpose. But a faction arises that have convinced themselves the whole story is a lie, and that the ship isn't even really in space at all but is actually a subterranean prison. They demand to wrest control of the ship from the automated systems piloting it to their destination in order to unlock various off-limits zones and "airlocks" which must be the way out of the ship. They win, and evacuate all the air into space, and humanity's last hope dies.

Propaganda Depository / Re: Banning Nazis from PD
« on: May 19, 2017, 02:55:25 am »
I vote in favor of banning white nationalists on sight, without warning on the first infraction, so long as appropriate signage is displayed somewhere. As Salty says, there's nothing to gain from having them here. They will not convince anyone here, and we will not convince them. The world is not what it was 10 years ago, and we are deep into the Zombie Apocalypse. No sense pleading with zombies not to eat brains.

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