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vex, you seem to be forgetting that this is the tRump century. Your ideas about legitimate power lying with government sound so quaintly old-fashioned, like that Victorians covering up piano legs in the interests of modesty; which is another fake fact. Government power, in what for the moment are still nominally free democracies, will only obtain until someone comes along with the will, guile and cash to stage a buy out. Read some Hobbes, try the Leviathan, you can see the thought processes behind the development of our modern beliefs about power. Power in its essence is neither legitimate nor illegitimate it is merely wielded.
Just in case you didn't want to sleep comfortably yu might try this piece too,

also Nigel is right re. the order/disorder thingy. Discordians have spent years mulling over this shit. Who knew we would end up on the white hot edge of political thinking?

I meant "legitimate" facetiously and in the general consensus that if power is going to be wielded, it must be done so through the government. "Legitimacy" isn't a real thing, it's just a stamp on the exercise of power. You're right that who controls the stamp at any time isn't controlled by the government itself, especially not since the government's own mass of power has been under sustained attacked for half a century. But we're not yet at the point where power can be directly exercised without that stamp of legitimacy with complete impunity for very long.

I'm not talking so much about how the system was designed, but about how it functionally works. The government does have the advantage of perceived legitimacy which acts as a force multiplier for hard power, whereas a throng of brownshirts don't. So it's the brownshirts' objective to usurp the "legitimacy" of government power in order to curbstomp their way to actual power. Just like it's every competing political or economic group's objective to ensnare the government's "legitimate" power and influence into orbit around their own. Sure, someday we might get to a point where corporate armies enact company policy despite the legality of doing so, but more likely is that they will just make it legal in the first place by influencing "legitimate" policy and removing the bureaucratic obstacles.

The government certainly doesn't have a monopoly on power, but legitimate power's center of gravity is in government. The reservoirs of power outside the government are fractious and competitive. They seldom manage to consolidate into an effective counterweight to government power that can bark orders without going through official channels, at least not on a massive or widespread scale. They compete to capture that center of gravity into their own orbits. Bureaucracy in this metaphor would, I guess, be the stiff medium through which that mass must be pulled, and it acts sort of like a non-Newtonian fluid  in that it strongly resists abrupt movements, and attempts to break that barrier are either stopped more or less cold, or if they can act with sufficient force, cause the fabric of that bureaucracy to shear or shatter.

So I guess the question is whether Trump's admittedly intense efforts carry enough mass with them to do lasting damage to the bureaucratic order. So far, the resistance seems to be holding as various forces align in direct opposition to his efforts and a lot of the energy Trump is putting into the system is lost to friction and apparently aimless indecision, and much of his original "mass" of support evaporates. But Trump's administration and a large part of his support in the public form a core of fundamentally hostile actors who are very openly trying to undermine and destroy the bureaucratic order. So... we'll see.

I made this in response to some Libertarian bullshit on my FB feed.

Yes but in a true Libertarian society, someone will learn how to make a profit by reforesting those areas.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Talking to Nigel
« on: Today at 05:04:30 am »
That's what prompted me to post that dead-end idea somewhere in Aneristic Illusions about purposely working toward the obsolescence of the current political paradigm. People do see the government as essentially foreign to their lives -- and that goes for the entire left/right spectrum. It's either a malicious occupying power or a benevolent quasi-deity handing down commandments of good intentions, in the minds of most people. When people talk about "disenfranchisement" they usually mean people who don't vote. But most voters -- even most activists -- are still fundamentally disconnected the whole philosophy of self-government and their place in it. And we tend to ignore local politics way too much on top of that. I am hoping there might be a few rays of sunlight that break through this permanent thunderstorm in DC, in the form of pockets of regional or at least local/municipal engagement since it's evident that the "benevolent quai-deity" is really nothing of the sort.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Talking to Nigel
« on: Today at 04:03:12 am »
Yeah, I don't dispute that there's not even enough funding to go around for the scientists who are out there, let alone a whole new generation of them. I think where I was going with that was more than just "scientist shortage". I think if there were more people with access to such education, it might nudge the cultural pendulum a little closer toward making it more popular to fund the sciences (and the arts, for that matter) more adequately.

You're right about the average smarts of the human race. I am lucky to work in a field where you have to have more than the average amount of brains to get by for any length of time, and I don't deal with the general public like I used to do in retail or services. Still it's evident that a lot of people, including more than a few who seem fairly bipedal at first impression, who just can't make some of the leaps that I didn't even realize were leaps until I saw them struggling. I don't mean to be all "look at me and how smart I am" about it, because in a lot of ways i'm not. But I'm amazed at least a few times a week at people who say something or do something that makes me absolutely sure aliens are real because there's no way a planet full of THAT invented the atom bomb.

As for scientists in office, I don't think there are words in the English language that capture how ready I am for that. The real tragedy is being unable to make headway with a lot of people not because they are evil, but because they are just incapable of getting it.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Talking to Nigel
« on: Yesterday at 05:54:16 pm »
STEM should be so much higher on our cultural priority list it isn't even funny. But in our intensely materialistic, instant gratification-based society where nothing is worth doing unless it's for money, it's hard to find any inspiration for STEM. That we've made the advances we have is amazing, given the conditions under which most of it is made. And everyone superficially "understands" how important it is, but our medical and technological accomplishments might as well be black magic to most people. They're so uninvolved in the process that real science and medicine actually feels to an alarming number of people like just an alternative to hocus-pocus quackery like prayer and homeopathy, as if it's functionally on the same level as those. Even well-educated, "sophisticated" people are easily fooled. I include myself in that statement, too.

What makes matters worse is that even if there were billions of dollars on the table for serious and long-term investments in STEM fields, we have priced education out of the reach of millions of would-be scientists. It seems to me that if we made education itself more accessible, there would be a lot of people who put the energy they put into healing crystals into STEM instead.

The Secrets Forum / Re: Magic Game Cards, PD edition.
« on: Yesterday at 02:34:45 am »
In case anyone cares, that last card was made as an idea for a card that could stop DAMN NEAR ANY crazy shit an opponent may be whipping out.  Meant mainly as an infinite combo buster.  Oh you want to play Final Fortune with Hive Mind out and force us all to lose the game?  STOP THAT BULLSHIT

You know how if you have to explain a joke it's not funny and the more you explain a joke the less funny it is?

That's this post.

One of my favorite things to do is to make a joke that's just a little funny, and then spend twice as long explaining it to ruin it on purpose.

The Secrets Forum / Re: Maybe you can help
« on: February 24, 2017, 11:27:53 pm »
wow i had no idea there were places you could go specifically for sensory deprivation. this seems like something i might like. thanks!

The Secrets Forum / Re: Magic Game Cards, PD edition.
« on: February 24, 2017, 04:15:03 am »
updated selfie.

The Secrets Forum / Re: Magic Game Cards, PD edition.
« on: February 24, 2017, 02:47:53 am »


The Secrets Forum / Re: Maybe you can help
« on: February 23, 2017, 05:02:12 am »
1.  Turn off the teevee.
2.  Log off of the internets.
3.  Open the front door and holler "SHUT UP".
4.  Read a book.

#1 is not an issue
#2 ... maybe
#3 also maybe
#4 yes i have done so. but again. hard to read a book when every 5 minutes someone is like HEY YOU STOP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEE

Kill them.  It's Phoenix, who is gonna care?

I'm quite partial to some of them. I think I'll go for walks and see if that helps.

The Secrets Forum / Re: Maybe you can help
« on: February 23, 2017, 03:43:41 am »
1.  Turn off the teevee.
2.  Log off of the internets.
3.  Open the front door and holler "SHUT UP".
4.  Read a book.

#1 is not an issue
#2 ... maybe
#3 also maybe
#4 yes i have done so. but again. hard to read a book when every 5 minutes someone is like HEY YOU STOP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEE

The Secrets Forum / Maybe you can help
« on: February 23, 2017, 03:31:47 am »
So, in recent months, I find it increasingly hard to concentrate. I am surrounded by noise, there's always a stray itch, no one can leave me to my thoughts for more than two minutes without demanding my attention or unloading some god awful deluge of dithering, idiotic words about one or another useless thing on me. I can't set aside any inviolable time or space for creativity. I must find quiet moments late at night or early in the morning to pursue any train of thought, while everyone else is asleep and I am too tired to think properly.

This is making me an unpleasant person to be around. I can't stand the company of any person at all, I am constantly tuning everyone out because my mind is gasping desperately for solitude, so I don't hear most of the things that are said to me until they've been repeated once or twice. I am perpetually distracted at home and at work. I am developing acute misophonia, physically cringing when I hear someone eating, or drinking, or breathing, or generally just existing anywhere within earshot. The sharp inhale someone does right before they speak causes me to brace for impact, because I really, really just want everyone to shut up for five goddamn minutes. This is made worse by the constant drone of music in the background, always with lyrics, which for some reason (this is new) completely interrupt my ability to think at all. And that's sad, because I like music. But I even want the music to shut up.

I have no patience with anyone, and I know that I come across as being seriously annoyed at the mere presence of anyone, including my own family -- because I am annoyed. This is unfair to them, and I don't want to behave this way. But I am perennially exhausted by the constant demands for my attention (I mean this literally, not hyperbolically -- there is actually no time where I can expect to be interruption-free longer than about fifteen or twenty minutes at the most, and even that is rare). I am more and more disinterested in every kind of human contact, and it's really beginning to show in ways that are unpleasant to me and unfair to the people I love. It's probably worse in my head than it seems outside, but it's clearly not getting any better.


What do you do to shut the world out, and what are some healthy ways to tell people to give me some solitude once in a while without coming off like a complete prick?

Aneristic Illusions / Re: White Nationalist/Neo-Nazi Recruitment Rally
« on: February 22, 2017, 10:29:04 pm »

Just to me it seems dumb to blindly hate people. I've stumbled my way through many social groups and even if they are a neo nazi or an ancap getting applebees and talking about shared interest is always a positive experiance.

I can't condone being a Nazi, but I can support being a person. Which means no matter how fucked up you are theres events in your life that lead you to being who you are. Im not going to invalidate someomes truama or joy because of what they call themselfs and I'm not going to only see them for what they call themself. I'm going to see the complexity in every human, look at the out come, look at the label, and go "well fuck, thats complicated and I'm a simple person, played any good games recently?"

The only people I can't enjoy time spent with are the people who are completely consumed by one thing. And yes, I have gotten in drunk fights with Nazis over polotics, but in the morning  we both apologize and realize not everything is about polotics.

I have no words to express how utterly morally bankrupt this philosophy is.

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