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this is useless. but... idk, maybe somewhere to start.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Five word horror
« on: February 07, 2017, 03:23:20 am »
turns out we're already dead.

 While it seems like an insurmountable task to persuade people to care about objectivity and information quality, it turns out that the techniques used to provide customized search results are the same ones that allow for mass surveillance on the internet. A nice side effect of becoming more anonymous online is that you'll also get much less of this targeted information. So maybe a push toward making people paranoid would help in releasing people from (some of) this echo chamber phenomenon.

Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
« on: February 06, 2017, 05:41:58 am »
International tensions reach a crisis point when a wayward American fighter jet is shot down by an Iranian squadron. Cooler heads try and fail to deescalate the response from a trigger-happy executive, who has been itching for any excuse to show the world -- and an increasingly unhappy American public -- the full force of the US military. To the nauseating shock of everyone in the room, the President orders a direct strike against several Iranian locations, including Tehran itself, not with conventional weapons but with low-yield tactical nuclear missiles. Fearing for the future of America and indeed all of humanity, the Joint Chiefs of Staff quickly attempt to oust the President, but their plan is foiled and the missiles are launched. The world watches in horror as two million Iranians are vaporized on live television. The remnants of the Iranian military call in their sleeper cells in the US, unleashing a flurry of suicide bombings across the country over the next 24 hours, killing thousands. Against the strained exhortation of literally every adviser, the President orders a full-scale retaliation with ICBMs, intending to turn the Persians to glass. Missiles are launched for their 15-20 minute flight time the whole planet goes silent and numb.

The warheads fall toward Iranian cities as expected, but rather than detonating, they clunk through roofs and onto ancient streets, cold and useless. There had apparently been a flaw in a testing routine used in all modern American multiple-warhead ICBMs, which had only ever been tested in computers on account of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. With the lion's teeth excised in human history's most embarrassing military blunder, America's vulnerabilities are exposed. Within thirty minutes, a thousand Russian and Chinese missiles are sailing though the stratosphere.

Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
« on: February 04, 2017, 07:25:32 am »
continuing with the time travel theme...

In the near future, the descendant of one of the victims of the worst terrorist attack in US history becomes obsessed with time travel theories, and spends 30 years perfecting her time machine. Setting the clock to 2011, she warps to Bowling Green, KY. She succeeds.

which guy was this, again?
same one as always. even if it was in another skinbag.

It's just that there are four common positions that, when you see them, are always a warning sign of racism:
- "People from other places are unevolved and/or violent, and allowing them to come here will screw up our equilibrium."
- "Everyone gets what they deserve and/or work for in life, as evidenced by exceptions A, B, and C to the general rule."
- "Enforcing equality for some at the expense of privilege for others is unjust/immoral."
- "Human nature is such that mingling cultures/races/religions will never work out in the long term."

If a person takes one or maybe two of these positions, there is a chance that they are simply mistaken, uneducated, or have never been exposed to the real world. Which is why you got some amount of engagement when you first started. But when it becomes clear that a person has accepted three or four of these as gospel, then there is virtually no chance that the person is innocently ignorant. No one develops a worldview based on these pillars without being exposed to plenty of rational, well-evidenced arguments and historical experiences to the contrary. At that point, it becomes clear you have an agenda that we are not interested in, not only because it is wrong, but because at this point it is dreadfully repetitive and boring. Also, the "devil's advocate" defense is laughable at this point.

get the fuck out of my thread please.

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disclaimer: I know this is pointless and I'm probably just encouraging the troll, but I can't help myself.

It's not racist to show that certain cultures have increased the crime rate in certain countries.

[1] Racism is about race, not culture.

[2] The misogyny, homophobia and whole-scale restriction of the rights women and LGBT's in these countries with these cultures presents a real threat which has to be acknowledged.

[3] That's not racism.

[4] But then again, I rather suspected this sort of reaction from some.

[5] It makes me wonder how anyone would be able to argue successfully for not being something.

[6] I'm thinking to myself here...How would someone prove that they weren't a racist?

1. Unless "culture" is shorthand for race, in which case you're not fooling anybody.

2. This sort of statement does two things. First, it declares that modern, liberal, Western multicultural democracy is fragile and unable to withstand the integration of people originating from places where such multiculturalism and tolerance is less common, thus exposing your view that multiculturalism is inherently weak and worthy of scorn. This is non-negotiable, as any objection from you on this point would, logically, implode your entire argument that these "cultures are dangerous". Second, it attempts to pin "culture" on a demographic of people such that individuals become inseparable from the traditions of their forebears with complete disregard for the fact, proven time and again (and again and again) historically that migrating peoples when joining a tolerant multicultural democratic society tend to retain their distinct cultural identity and traditions while discarding the less palatable traditions and forms of government to which you object. This has happened countless times in wave after wave of immigration to America, and there is no reason to expect it would stop now.

3. It is racism, because you are identifying groups of people from "somewhere else" as inseparable from their "barbaric ways". Since race itself is a genetic fiction, the only marker of distinction between different groups of people is culture. Thus, when you say a "culture" is dangerous, you are doing exactly the same thing they used to do when they were shit-talking the Irish or the Italians or African-Americans, except you're trying to skirt the issue by pretending you're not referring to "race". And you think the rest of us are the kind of idiots who won't see that.

4. As well you should. Because people who know what you're talking about and the context in which you are talking better than you do will tend to have predictable reactions to your nonsense, along the lines of "fuck off Nazi pigfucker". These people are, in fact, correct.

5 and 6. If you find yourself having to prove you're not a racist, you are generally already boned.

jesus they're everywhere.

I find it really, really pathetic that the collective American psyche was/is so fragile that one experience -- yes, a truly terrible experience, but still just a single major event -- has shattered and drained our entire cultural reservoir of goodwill and ethical perseverance. All it took to tear down the facade of American benevolence was one day dealing with what half the planet deals with on a continuing basis. A decade and a half of spinning our wheels and doing more harm than good in the Middle East doesn't help, either. I have my own amateur theories as to how that, maybe subconsciously, plays into this "Make America Great Again" business. But whatever the effect of exposing our fundamental cowardice and petty lust for vengeance, it definitely goes hand in hand with a population retreating to the physical, emotional, and intellectual safety of the familiar.

This is a trend that possibly would have been a factor in public discourse even without the software and systems that are turbocharging it. It might be enough to (at least partly) explain why the Internet -- a system that does put us in almost direct contact with most of the rest of our species -- has pushed us farther apart rather than closer together.

So I think any response to these unconsciously self-imposed ideological echo chambers has to have a few different facets. Yes, we need to draw attention to the fact that by preferring certain information, you are necessarily excluding other, possibly more worthwhile, information. But people -- and I mean Americans because that's all I really know -- need to be reminded that the only reason "The Left" harps on and blames America as all the time is only because we believe America could choose to be all the things our propaganda claims we are. Brave, and free, and strong, and good. Because the way the systems work, even if they are somewhat amended to provide a counterbalance people's limitless ability to pursue bad information, just waking people up to the fact that that's what they're doing won't be enough. They have to be pushed, even inspired, to do something else instead.

Or something.

The thing is, without a concerted effort from Google to invent a technology that really doesn't yet exist specifically to undermine their profit model directly, or dangerous thought-policing counter-censorship legislation, the only way to effect the system as it is now is to impersonate something. Either impersonate users so Google changes its rankings, or impersonate content so Google delivers your information to people who think they're getting something else.

Either way, it's unlikely to gain any momentum at all without a genuine viral movement that convinces people who aren't in on the plan to participate unwittingly. And once you get to that point, you're really talking about changing minds anyway so you're left with the same problem you started with.

>> I apologize for derailing this, I didn't expect that to happen...

Trying to get back on course, an approach to the problem of these self-reinforcing echo chambers powered by customized search results. It's difficult to plot a trajectory to change the status quo here without understanding exactly what the algorithms do, how they track people, what weight is given to which metrics, etc.

Google (and I assume other search providers) do try to weight information by quality already, it's just that with the nascent AI that's in the production phase right now they can't be very efficient at gauging content on its own merits. They have to look at indicators of its quality like the amount of time a user spends on a search result, the number of time they come back to it, other clicks they make at the target domain, etc. They also track which other content sources are linked to and from the original, and weigh the quality metrics of those sources as a variable in their calculations.

The scale of the operation is staggering, which makes direct interference difficult. There are successful attempts at re-ranking Google results, but they are generally caught and their effects intentionally erased. Anything that changes rankings without being flagged as illegitimate would have to appear as an organic movement, and at that point the technical complexity probably outweighs the work required to just convince people to seek higher quality information.

I am disappointed with the Fake News thing, because you'd think that would be one effective way of getting people to pay attention to information quality. But instead, it was turned around in a matter of days and became just another epithet to throw at each other and discredit anything we disagree with. The tendency toward willful ignorance was basically untouched by the whole thing, and in fact it gained another tool to reinforce itself. So I guess what I'm saying is, I'm at a loss here.

If anyone's basic attitude is "other people's ignorance/stupidity is not my problem", that's fine. Not everyone has to decide that the health of human social structure is their problem (though if it stops working, it becomes everyone's problem unpleasantly quickly). But I decided that I wanted a career that supports that social scaffolding, so it is, in fact, my problem, because I'm five years and six figures of other people's money into making it my problem. When you accept that much funding on the premise that you're gonna do something to help society, you damn well better hold up your end of the bargain.

Yeah, I wish you every success. Sincerely. Me, I got nothing. Not even the first idea how to fix this clusterfuck of a civilisation. Overall, I think things might actually be improving but we're kinda exposed here, floating about in space next to a gigantic nuclear reactor, at the mercy of any passing asteroid or ideological kamikaze movement, programmed to die  regardless of if we do everything right or not.

Maybe that's just selfish justification on my part. I figure I've got another good decade in me at best then splat. From experience I know just how fast a decade blinks past. Maybe the world gets better, maybe it doesn't. Maybe I'll be around to see it. Maybe not. Lot of hysterical freaks always yelling about the end of the world. It's some special needs case in the whitehouse this week. Be something else next. If there's a next.

Me, I'm having as much fun as I can get my hands on, for as long as I have hands to get it with. Too busy enjoying myself to freak out about trivial bullshit like the end of the world. As for google and facebook and all the rest, the cloud has the capacity to be a mental prosthetic, same as any information technology, right back to ink on paper. There was a time when the only book was the bible and only the priests could read it.

If this can be condensed to 5 words, it'll win that horror story thread.

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