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Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Meaning
« on: March 22, 2018, 07:45:02 pm »
There is no ultimate meaning. Even taking god as a thing for sake of argument you just need to take it up a level and the meaning of god evaporates. Or if god has a god and it has a reason for making god then what's the meaning of god's god? It's turtles all the way up and, at the top? Meaningless.

Finding meaning in life is a simple matter of slotting yourself into a heirarchy. Be a samurai, serve a master. Or don't. Serve yourself or command yourself. Serve god if you like but read the small print. Most god servitude is handled by middlemen so really you're just serving them.

I prefer not to. Universe has no meaning that applies to me. Jesus wants me for a sunbeam? Fuck him, he'll have a long wait. Life is a bit of a laugh then I die. Laughing.

Just so long as you admit it's an opinion, I'll grant you all the meaning you like.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Cambridge Analytica the true deep state?
« on: March 21, 2018, 09:09:52 am »
Personally I don't give a fuck what facebook knows about me. If the only posts and ads I see are for shit that interest me, then it's all good. I'm not a weak minded fool who has kneejerk psychological responses to things without examining and filtering them the fuck out. The weak minded fools will be led by the nose which is how it's always worked. Even though now it's neural nets and recommendation engines pulling their strings whereas it used to be despots and dictators, nothing is really any different in principle. Buncha f'kin imbeciles looking for a charismatic leader to follow off the nearest cliff. The only plus side with the whole trump and breitbart and cambridge analytica schtick is that this idea of fake news and echo chambers is embedded in the public consciousness now. It won't make much of a difference. Most are still too dumb to get it but there might be a few people who will snap out of their media induced coma and learn to form opinions instead of just having them pumped straight into their brain by whoever has the shiniest suit or the most retweets.

Its not like she has anything else to occupy her or that urgently needs her attention...

Well nothing she can do anything to fix anyway

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Cambridge Analytica the true deep state?
« on: March 20, 2018, 05:45:46 pm »
They're going after Facebook. Whole thing is a hatchet job. Cambridge Anal. will get thrown under a bus by their only customer, hopefully saving the taxpayer a few bucks in unpaid invoices but that's just the left hand. Already the propaganda channels are referring to the Facebook "Breach". This is a specific term which, although it existed under the irrelevant Data Protection Act, is actually the chapter heading for 90% of the sections in the new GDPR, which is itself an overblown attempt to fuck over Facebook, Google and the like before they take over the business of governing the planet. Protip: Facebook did not suffer a "Breach" by any definition of the term. Straightforward power play. Might work, might result in the collapse of the democratic system. Well, the facade of the democratic system, at least. Democratic system itself collapsed decades ago but the regular corporate spokesperson raffle still draws in a good crowd.

Cambridge Anal. themselves are talking a good game but what we don't have a metric for is how effective their hacktivism actually is. I mean, the theory is sound - human being is just another information processing system so you should, in principle, be able to load instructions in and then make it act on them but the devil is in the details. These things don't respond to sql injections and cross site scripting with quite the same level of stable predictability you'd find in a proper computer. With a big enough dataset and enough deep learning grunt I'm sure you could play them like a strad but I don't think we're quite there yet. So now we got party political broadcasts and voter canvassing happening over the internet. I think the government are more pissed off cos they lost their monopoly than anything particularly profound coming out of Cambridge Anal but, hey, the CA marketing guys beg to differ.

It'll be an interesting space to watch over the coming years, tho. Eventually this technology will be effective. It's just a question of when. A bit later would be my guess. Right now I'm pretty sure we're still dealing with bog standard Joseph Goebbels v1.x with a slightly improved delivery system. Proper zombification tech is still a ways off.

Corbyn could make free blowjobs sound unappealing. The dude has the charisma of a puddle of shit and none of the plus points. To be fair, tho, Zombie Thatcher is making even more of an arse of herself, practically begging "britain's many allies" to hang her shithole country out to dry. Should have passed it off as a terrorist attack and rammed another couple of surveillance bills through parliament but, no, she had to go and pick a fight with superpower actual :lulz:

Apple Talk / Re: Open Bar: Free Russian Orphans with Every Purchase
« on: March 20, 2018, 12:48:31 pm »
Ads?  :eek:

61 people clicked on this thread.

1 new guy answered.

60 old timers don't want to admit they got got.

I was playing guess the springsteen pic.

I got it wrong  :oops:

A field promotion to captain of the Titanic probably isn't most people's idea of success :lulz:

Bring and Brag / Re: P3nT's Shoops
« on: March 19, 2018, 08:39:52 pm »
Thanks Bobby. I think I'm still kinda hit and miss with likenesses. Sometimes I feel like I've nailed it. Other times I can't quite seem to get there. Current plan is practice like fuck and hopefully, in time, I'll get to a place where it works more often than not. For Yoda I went out on a limb. The original Yoda never had eyelashes. I'm guessing this was because he was basically a muppet and eyelashes would have been hard on something like that but with the prequels, the fuckers seemed to stick to that motif, even though he was CGI by this time and could easily have had some means of keeping little bits of dust and grit out his eyes. Some art director obviously deciding "Nope. Original Yoda never had eyelashes..." Well fuck that noise. If poor yoda is having to use the force to keep shit out his eyes then that'd be less force left for fighting or else, if he turned off the eyes force, he'd be subject to the old - kicking sand in your face - gambit and might get his tiny little ass kicked that way. So I gave him sexy lashes!

TL/DR - Yoda with eyelashes :P


Musk walks a fine line between genius and bankruptcy. Sooner or later he'll go under. I'm just hoping that doesn't dissuade the corporations that space is a fucking profitable enterprise.

It'd be nice if we colonised the galaxy as some kind of utopian star trek, greater good of humanity project but that's not going to happen. Human beings are neither great nor good, they're greedy little self centred fuckheads who will only engage in something if they can make a quick buck on it.

In the real world it's either greedy corporations racing for the mining rights to the asteroid belt and setting up overpriced chain restaurants in low lunar orbit or else humanity ends in this pathetic fucking gravity well we call Earth.

Either option suits me just fine.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: General Trump hilarity free-for-all thread
« on: March 13, 2018, 02:10:35 pm »
Yeah, BBC showed an clip from a state interview last night, filmed just before the hit apparently. "Is there anything you can't forgive?", Putin "Betrayal" (comedy turn to camera)

Aneristic Illusions / Re: General Trump hilarity free-for-all thread
« on: March 13, 2018, 01:56:18 pm »
So, assuming that Putin ordered the hit. Further assuming that he knew a nerve toxin assassination was not going to go unnoticed by whom it may concern. He must have known zombie thatcher was going to get all hardass rhetoric on the subject. What's his next move?

Is this some tzarish dick waving thing? Like "what the fuck you gonna do about it now I have the US President in my back pocket?" or am I missing something?

Aneristic Illusions / Re: My two Pence worth
« on: February 28, 2018, 10:50:20 pm »
Look on the bright side - at least america didn't vote to abandon it's entire economy :lulz:

I gave up about half way through season 4 and fuck did I feel a blast of good old fashioned catholic guilt. I mean zombies are the nearest thing I have to a religion and fuck if I could stand to watch one more episode of Rick fucking Grimes pretending he could be a hero or act or even develop some kind of rudimentary personality or fucking anything  :argh!:

Bring and Brag / Re: P3nT's Shoops
« on: February 28, 2018, 09:50:42 pm »
So I've been making a man. With blonde black hair and a tan corset. Full body, cos it's time I quit fucking around with dismembered heads and built the whole shebang. This is a mountain of work and will take me weeks but when I'm done (whether it comes together awesome or crashes and burns) I will totally be in a position to pick up where I left off with the Nessies project and see that fucker right through to completion! Shit is going to kick serious ass!

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