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« on: May 03, 2010, 05:26:36 pm »
OK so a little background.  Single mom, idiot kid's father no child support, I need help so, I used to get food stamps and medical for the kids from the state.

I lost my foodstamps because this idiot stupid bitch cunt I worked for part time FOR CASH ONLY reported income for me that I never received.  I had to fight it.  It's taken 6 months and I just won my appeal pending a final interview which was scheduled for today.  Now please note this is completely seperate from the medical which I didn't lose but had to renew last month.

I dropped off all of my paper work for both medical AND food stamps last month.  I did it the same day I had the lumbar puncture for the MS so I know what day I dropped it off not to mention the receipt I have for it.

The stupid ignorant cunt scheduled my interview today.  I figured she worked for the people, who knew what was going on.  I also thought the interview was just for the foodstamps, that the medical renewal was ok since I received a letter saying there was no change in the kid's medical.

During the interview, she informs me I lost my medical for the kids because I gave her the renewal stuff too late, it was due before April 30th.  WTF WTF WTF????  I (very very nicely) informed her I had turned it all in to her on the 21st.  She then says yeah I know but I didn't enter any of it because I had scheduled this interview today.  Then she says and I quote "Oh well, it's just a 3 month lapse and you can re-apply for medical"  WTF WTF??  So I again (very nicely) tell her I do not feel I should be held responsible for turning everything in late just because she didn't enter it into the system in a timely manner and why did I receive this letter if things weren't ok?  She mumbles a bit and then says "Well I will try to fix it."  I told her that it would be best for me if she did more than try.  My kids have to have medical (hello what 4 broken bones this year?)

Then she says.... "The good news is it looks like you will get your food stamps back"

Oh yay!


Discordian Recipes / FRIED GREEN TOMATOES
« on: April 12, 2010, 02:59:04 pm »
Yeah I'm going there....  :lulz:

You will need....

Panko bread crumbs
Corn flour (NOT corn meal) if you can't find, mix 3/4 cup cake flour with a 1/4 cup fine cornmeal. This makes a difference, plain flour, even cake, can get gummy.
French fried onions (about 1/2 a cup)
egg or eggbeaters
oil of choice - I used canola
sea salt - I tried smoked this weekend (thanks ECH) and it was terrific.
chili pepper
2-3 large green tomatoes

There is some debate on a couple of things to do before you fry your tomato slices.  Skin on or off?  Do you seed them first?

I leave the skin on if I am doing slices 1/4 inch or less because without the skin they tend to fall apart.  I always seed my tomaotoes before frying.

So, cut your tomato slices approx 1/4 in thick and lay on a wire rack over a pan.  Salt the slices and let sit for about 1/2 an hour until the jelly and seeds have leaked out.

While the slices are sitting, take your french fried onions and lay them out on a baking sheet, pop them under the broiler for maybe 2-3 minutes until crunchy but not burnt.  Let cool then grind them in the food processor.

Mix the onions with your panko about 2 pank to one onion. (this combination is also great on fish and chicken).  Beat your egg in a bowl.  Pour some corn flour in yet another bowl.

Get your skillet out and turn on the heat.  Pour the oil in and let it get all shimmery!  Just enough to cover the bottom.

Rinse off the tomato slices and pat dry, sprinkle lightly with salt, pepper and chili pepper if you choose to use it. I wouldn't put chili pepper on both sides.  Dip into the corn flour, shake, in the egg, then into the panko and onion mixture.  Put them in the oil and fry until a nice golden brown. Watch them, you don't want the tomato to get crunchy, just the coating.

Now you have your leftover tomato jelly and seeds. Run that through a strainer to catch the seeds.  Mix the jelly with a bit of white wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic, whatever makes you happy herb wise and use on a micro green salad as dressing.  The jelly gives it a really nice boost.

Edited because I cannot spell.....

Or Kill Me / Hey Dok, frankly I don’t give a……
« on: March 25, 2010, 01:27:35 pm »
Let’s talk about the south and the “southern belle”.  Many people see movies like “Fried Green Tomatoes” or “The Secret’s of the YaYa Sisterhood” and think that is what a modern southern belle is.  They couldn’t be farther from the truth.
The south doesn’t want their daughters raised like Scarlett, they want Melanie.  Sweet, gentile, compromising, forgiving, enabling, the very picture of southern grace and charm.
Grace and charm…… grace and charm…. sounds like cake ingredients doesn’t it?  A pinch of grace and a dash of charm and stir.  What are little girls made of?  Sugar and spice and everything nice?
And this, these ideas, these archaic beliefs that women are fragile and unable to stand up for themselves, that women are stupid.  Where do they come from?  Well we all know where they originated, problem is few people realize just how much they are continued in the south.  Yes even today. 
They teach you that you know.  In charm school.  And yes it is called charm school.  You start when you are in the first grade.  The first things they teach you is how to sit, stand, walk, talk, what to do with your hands during any situation, how to shake hands, how never to cross your legs at the knee, but to tuck them to the side crossed at the ankles.  Then they move into meals and tables, how to set a table for 1-12 courses, 5 to 500 people.  What piece of cutlery goes with what food.  When to have finger bowls and when not to. Menus and music for any size event.  What to wear and when to wear it because no self respecting southern girl wears white shoes after labor day by god and won’t put on a pair again until Easter Sunday. 
Then, starting around 4th grade, they start with the how to be stupid classes.  Well not how to be stupid, just how to make everyone around you think you are.  Well not everyone, just men.  And they tell you it’s to keep the men happy.  That way they can feel all big and macho taking care of the “little woman”.  You learn how to avert your eyes and laugh a little when asked about something you know damn well how to do, but it’s a man’s job to do it.  They teach you how to appear interested in what “the man” is interested in.  They give you just enough information on a variety of topics to make you either dangerous or stupid.  Then they show you how to turn it to stupid.  You learn how to be touchy feely.  How to lightly place your hand on the man’s arm or shoulder to keep his attention because men are physical beings you know.   As for taking care of your man, well now why do you think we all still cook the way we do?  Keep ‘em fat and happy!! (wink wink)
And so many women don’t know how to be strong, or that they are even allowed to be.  They are scared and many are miserable and in miserable situations because they don’t have any idea what to do on their own.  Mothers and friends will tell a woman with a cheating husband to be “more generous” in the bedroom.  They will tell a woman who has been beaten by her spouse to avoid the things that set him off and to make the home a safe, quiet place for him to come home to.  If they even hear about the abuse at all because in the south, what happens behind closed doors stays there.  God help the person who breaks that sanctity. 
I’m not in a position to talk.  I didn’t leave the bullshit behind closed doors.  My dirty laundry was all over for the world to see.  They didn’t actually come and take away my “southern belle tiara” but they may as well have.  Nobody and I mean absolutely nobody can do the “shunning” better than the south.  Once that door is closed, Robert E. Lee back from the dead couldn’t open it.  I’m like that divorced cousin everyone wants at their parties to liven up the party but doesn’t want to stay the night.
And then we come to today.  I haven’t lived in the south for a couple of decades but I know they still offer these classes because if nothing else, southerners are serious about their roots and their traditions.  There are still cotillions and sweet 16 balls.  And because I get a letter every year letting me know that they are still holding a place for my daughter and it’s never too late to start.
But what have these idiotic ideas of how a woman should act, talk, walk, dress, speak affected the women of the south?  Well actually it is not as bad as one might think.  Why you ask?  Because we learned the pretend to be stupid thing really well.  Very few realize just how smart we are!  And as for my generation, they won’t learn it from us!  Because as long as you keep on thinking I’m stupid, I can keep on surprising you!
As for my daughter?  Well I keep trying to convince a certain hero of mine to start her own version of “Charm School” that will teach my daughter to kick ass and take names and wear whatever fucking color of shoes she wants year round! 

Or Kill Me / Nothing will make them happy....
« on: March 15, 2010, 06:11:40 pm »
Nothing will make them happy.
You know who they are.  There is one or sometimes a few in every type of group you can possibly conceive.  And because of them, there will never be a simple solution to anything.  Why?  Because there is always someone or some group which has to bitch just for the sake of bitching.  Those who will find one point out of thousands to nitpick until the whole project gets the shitcan because the arguing has cost more than the actual results would have.  And these people are everywhere.  You all know one or two personally.  You’ve all wanted to smack the shit out of them on more than on occasion
They say they want to be treated like everyone else.  They don’t.  It’s a lie.  They only say that so they look like they are trying to be cooperative.  They say that equality is essential.  They just don’t mention that it isn’t essential for everyone.  They say they are group players, team players and so on.  LIE, LIE, LIE!!
So now we come to the issue of, how the hell do you deal with people like this?  I have found a way that has been working for quite a while now.  You repeat back to them what they say and make sure you add “Just to clarify” or something along those lines.  For example, you present to the PTA a fundraising idea that could bring in a lot of money.  Requires no effort on the school’s part.  Just the selling of a few raffle tickets…  Of course Mrs. Fuckerupper in the front row raises the first objection. 
“I don’t think this will work, we’ve never done anything like this before. “
Your response would be….  “Let me clarify Mrs. Fuckerupper, because we’ve never done this before you don’t think this will work, and as a result of that thinking we should just shit can the whole raffle and not try and see how much we can raise.  Knowing that other schools in the district have raised $$$ amount?”
See what I mean?
My grandpa used to say “Some people would bitch if they were hung with a new rope”  It took me years to realize they still should be hung, no matter what kind of rope was used.

Apple Talk / I see you...
« on: January 27, 2010, 09:01:36 pm »
I see you hiding around corners, lurking behind trees and bushes.  I see you watching the children as they play their silly games in the park.  The children still young enough to think it’s a beautiful world and mommy and daddy can fix everything. 

I see your handiwork in the “Hannah Montana” and other celebrities (High School Musical, Gossip Girl) who direct their careers towards elementary school girls and those other young people looking for a hero.  You lure them in young and innocent with all of the glittery room accessories, the baubles and perfumes, the complete makeover kits.  The dolls and the dress up, teaching our daughters that “slutty” is the new black!  And making sure our sons look for girls wearing the new black!

I see you as you follow newly double digit aged kids, those 10-15 year olds who are finding that not only is it not a beautiful world, but mommy and daddy can’t even fix themselves, let alone everything.  I see the stain of your touch on those children, their clothes, their iPods and cell phones.  What messages are you whispering in their ears as they walk down the street to the beat of whatever music you have convinced them that they need to listen too.  I see your plan, you decide who and what is “cool” and then you get them young.  But I question who is truly working for you, the kids who everyone wants to be like, or the kids they torment into shooting the school to hell?

I see you as you struggle to maintain your control over the young twenty something kids who have started asking questions you really don’t want to answer for fear they will see you as the lie you are.  You start losing control as they start developing lives, ideas and ideals of their own.  Well you lose a few.  Less that you did 20 years ago, but hopefully more than you will 5 years from now. 

That is my hope, that the generation that is coming into its own now has the wherewithal to stand up and put a stop to you, to your lies.  That they will be strong where we were weak, educated where we were ignorant, and brave where we ran off to do something else.

Because I have to have hope in something, so I’m putting it into the children I’ve raised with the knowledge, strength and bravery I didn’t have.  That they will either rise as an example or lead others in the struggle to survive.

Apple Talk / 2009 Requisite Merry Xmas thread....
« on: December 23, 2009, 09:52:44 pm »
I'll start because I'm gone for the rest of the week!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday no matter how you choose to celebrate it or who your celebrating with!!  :lulz:

Eat too much, drink too much and party like it's 2012....   :|

Seriously, y'all have a good one!!! 

Discordian Recipes / Brunswick Stew
« on: December 21, 2009, 03:13:37 pm »
I think this is the catch all of soups/stews.  It was always the one my grandma made when she had a little of this and a little of that left over and wanted to cleanout the freezer/fridge.  Anyway, I had a hankering and this is what I ended up with....

1 whole chicken
about 1 1/2 pounds of leftover pork roast
same of pot roast
couple/three of bags of frozen mix veggies  - or whatever leftover or fresh veg you want to add
10 small potatoes peeled and diced
2 cans cream style corn - must have
4 cans whole tomatoes
4 stalks celery small dice
1 large or 2 small onions diced chunky

3 cloves garlic minced, a pinch of sage, 3 pinches of pepperocino, about 3 tsp fresh ground black pepper, I had leftover parsley and chopped about 1 cup up, added another bay leaf and about 5 scrapes from a nutmeg nut.  Add this with the chicken to the soup.

Cover the chicken with well salted water, add celery, couple of crushed garlic cloves, onion, bay leaf and a touch of sage.  Make sure you skim well, not only for foam but fat as the stock is the base of your soup. 

When the chicken is about halfway done, start a pot of well salted water, add the usual herb and add your veg... no tomatoes, potatoes or celery.

While this is happening, you can chop your fresh veg and shred your pork and beef.

When chicken is done take out and strain the stick into a large bowl.  Add about 3/4 the stock back into the pot with the pork and beef.  Strain your veg (keep veg stock to the side) add veg, tomatoes and onions.  (NO not the celery or potatoes yet....  :D)

Let this simmer while your chicken cools and then shred the chicken and add back into the soup with the herbs.  Bring to a full boil.  Add both cans of creamed corn.  Bring back to a boil.  Add your potatoes and celery.  Let simmer and go watch football....  Except don't bother watching the Rams, they suck ass!!!  When the potatoes and celery are done, so is the soup. 

This is supposed to be a very thick stew, but if it is too thick you can thin it with the leftover veg stock.  Remember to shred your meat, don't chunk it, that is one of the things with this stew...

Eat with crusty bread and if you have leftovers they freeze really well!!!

Apple Talk / Can you hear that?
« on: October 27, 2009, 08:26:51 pm »
I hear screaming.  I hear them in my sleep and when I am awake. They aren’t screams of fear.  Not screams of pleasure either.  Not screams of anger or despair either.  They speak to me, to that point within my heart that I haven’t burnt black to harden to the world around me.  To the life I spend each day walking through.

The screams that speak to me, that surround me in waves, they hurt.  I cannot fix what is causing the screams. I cannot find a cure for them.  Who can?  We all watch the news.  We all see what is happening.  They may not want us to know, but we do. 

The screams know.  You can hear it in the drawn out notes.  The knowledge of what is really going on.  The horror of what life on this stupid little planet has come to.  You hear that in the screams too.  But there is no fear of the horror, just an understanding.  Yet, while the screams understand, there is no acceptance in them.  The fight is still there in the lingering seconds between what I assume are breaths.  The screams still have some fight in them.  Somewhere in there.

I hear screaming.

Oh wait, it’s me.

Apple Talk / Paid to Blog??
« on: October 26, 2009, 09:16:41 pm »

Is this true?  Is anyone here getting paid to Blog?  And if so, can you tell me how to do this for $$$???

Bring and Brag / Contradiction
« on: October 02, 2009, 05:12:55 pm »
My oldest wrote this for a thing in school, I thought it was cool so I decided to share.....

You are the water in the pool,
And the floats for the kids in the pool.
You are the trees in the park,
And the grass in the fields.
You are the sun in the sky,
And the warm heat of the summer.

However you are not the vinegar on the PB and J sandwich,
And not the water on the carpet,
Or the soda on the rug.
It couldn’t be possible that you are a gun in the classroom,
And you couldn’t be the cheese in the freezer.

You might be the birds in the trees,
Maybe even the bugs under a rotting log,
But you could never be
The dress on a man.

Whenever you take a quick glance you will see,
That you are neither the plants in a windowless basement,
Nor the lake in the middle of the desert.

You most likely would like to know,
Speaking of things that belong and don’t,
That I am the desks in the classrooms.

I also just happen to be the lights in the room,
The dumpsters in the alley,
And the clouds in the sky.

I am also the moon in a sky on a dark night,
And the field on the farm.
But don’t worry; I’m not the water in the pool.
You are still the water in the pool,
And always will be the water in the pool,
And somehow yet some way you are the floats for the kids.

Discordian Recipes / Thanksgiving Ideas?
« on: November 14, 2008, 06:56:01 pm »
The kids and I are eating at a friend's this year and I am scrambling for something different to take.

I am already taking.....

Pecan Pie
Sweet Potatos w/ the marshmellows thing

I need a vegetable idea and maybe a meat alternative...


Or Kill Me / I have a name for that...
« on: June 12, 2008, 08:30:59 pm »
I am so tired of the excuses the world is giving people today for what is really their own stupid bullshit.  Adults are obese because fast food restaurants sell fattening food.  Children are obese because of video games.  Why are they no longer just plain fat and they sit on their asses too much.  Instead of putting down that double quarter pounder and super size fries and walking around the block a time or two, they blame advertising and the world.  Parents don’t make their kids go outside to play, they sit on their ass, eat cheetos and play the fucking game.

People are no longer retarded, they are challenged or special or we have come up with a myriad of names for their various diseases.  Children are no longer mouthy little shits who need a good swat on the ass; they have ODD (oppositional defiance disorder).  They tried to tell me my son had this, after being grounded for almost a year and getting a few harsh lessons in how to respect ones elders, he was miraculously cured.

Now we have everyone saying that the economy and the “bad” neighborhoods and the gangs are turning our youth into thugs or killers or whatever word they decide to use.  My question is this, WHY THE FUCK are these kids out on the fucking street at 2 in the morning with guns to begin with?  Where are these kid’s parents?  Why didn’t they take some parental control? 

This generation has done nothing but give excuses for things which used to be unacceptable.  Things for which every effort was made to change them.  Now we don’t make people change, we just give them a name for whatever fuck up thing they have ALLOWED themselves to become.  I’m fat, it’s my fault.  I know that krispy kremes make me fat, I still ate them.  So instead of blaming anyone but myself, I stopped eating all the bullshit and lost a hundred pounds.  Without Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or any other bullshit.  It’s called self control. 

I live in the crappiest neighborhood in the inner city of St. Louis.  My kid is not out on the streets at 2 am with a gun, because I took control of that as well.

It’s time we started making people take responsibility for their own fuck ups and quit giving them excuses or naming their issue and making it a disease, disorder or issue!

Until we do, when we wonder why the world is in such a shit fuck state, give it a week, they’ll come up with a name for that!

GASM Command / CookieGASM
« on: June 05, 2008, 08:25:01 pm »
I'm not sure where this idea came from to turn it into a GASM.  I think it evolved after the EGGGASM and it was decided in general amongst my kids people will take anything you give them for free and if there is food, they may pay a bit more attention.

Anyway, I have found a place online which will do 300 cookies with up to 17 messages for free.  They don't require a set up charge, which in my research seems to be a big expense, as well the number of messages, 17, is better than anywhere!

So, I present the fun option of CookieGASM!!

Bring and Brag / Future MindFucker in the Making
« on: March 28, 2008, 09:25:46 pm »
Had to brag, my oldest was accepted into Gateway Institute of Technology for high school this upcoming year.  He's all excited and I'm proud of him.  He's super smart, so this will keep him challenged.

The advantage is that now both his brother and sister can also attend if they have the grades!!  The start of our agenda is soon to begin.....  BWAHAHAHA...

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