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So, I've been looking into the South Sudan civil war, because the SPLA have, unsurprisingly, killed a whole bunch of civilians, and raped and tortured a bunch besides.

Breaking news: the Nuer White Army are trash.  The SPLA are trash.  The SSLM are trash.  Cobra Command, despite having an awesome name, are definitely trash.

American news media is, as usual, giving coverage of unrest in African countries pretty much zero coverage, so I know next to nothing about this.

I also feel the need to point out that despite being the oldest continuously-existing political party in the world, it has also almost never been anything BUT fractious, and certainly not at all in the last 100 years. The Republican party has been hooting and gnashing about how little Democrats agree with each other for as long as it has existed. It's literally their one big dead horse that they won't stop beating. The reason for this is that the Democratic party, ie. the people who register Democrat, spans very different populations with very different priorities. That liberal white people and conservative black people agree on enough to register in the same party to begin with is nothing short of astonishing. So the nonstop wailing about how the Democratic party is "fractionalized" or "imploding" is basically occurring as individual people notice something that has never not been the case in their lifetimes.

For one thing, people starting another party, even one with "Democrat" in the name, is by definition not something that is being done by the Democratic Party.

Sometimes I wonder whether most people actually understand what a political party even is.

This rhetoric that "The Democratic Party" has ever been a unified whole, or is doing anything in particular as an entity, let alone imploding, is silly.

Hey there, old new guy I don't remember!

Propaganda Depository / Re: Sympathy and Nazis
« on: Yesterday at 04:24:51 pm »
What's extra weird is the people who don't care.  Not like, "I'm kinda racist so I really don't want to know about this stuff," more like, "I have no real curiosity or interest in this, so I literally don't know any of this ever happened."

For example, one of the guitarists in Frost Heaves is a really nice guy, and absolutely not intentionally racist, but I had to explain redlining to him - which isn't that odd, as it's fairly special interest, but in order to do so I had to give him a brief intro to systemic racism in America, which he didn't know was and is a thing.  He couldn't get his head around the fact that the government intentionally wrote racist laws post Jim Crow.  He was at least willing to learn, but it was really weird to me to have to go back that far.

Yep, and this is why so many white people are under the impression that we live in a post-racism, post-racial society, despite the very intense systemic racism that is underlying every single fucking social institution. Now that I am a grad student, I am keenly aware of why other than Asians there are almost no graduate students of color. The academy, at the graduate school level, is structured in a way that is intensely imperial and hierarchical, and demands a degree of bootlicking that is completely at odds with Black or Native American culture. I am insulted to my core on a daily basis just by participating in it, and I am aware that the end goal is for me to internalize it and become one of the professional academics, but I don't want to. I can't bear the idea of becoming one of the tools of epistemicide.

Today Salty and I urban-hiked down to Swan Island, up through the University of Portland campus, down to the McCormick & Baxter parcel of the Portland Harbor Superfund site, across to the Willamette Cove parcel, and out to St. Johns through the mostly-invisible remnants of the abandoned business park or whatever it was. Then we took the bus home, which went through the New Columbia Villa, Portland's dirty little secret ie. ghetto. It's like a whole little city inside a city, just for brown people!

Now we are home and drinking delicious shandies like bourgeoisie scum.

I'm having a low-energy, paralyzed-with-anxiety kind of day. I have five readings and four reviews to write, plus my progress report, plus a statement of ethics. I have done none of these, but I have made it to the store and started some French Onion soup, so I guess I'm not totally useless.

I am supposed to be on my way to my best friend's house to help her paint her new ADU, but my onions are still caramelizing so...

As a person suffering crippling depression and social anxiety I approve of your choice in soup and wish I had access to a stove and suitable utensils fit to achieve such a marvelous thing as french onion soup. I'm just saying if all you can do is make soup, it's doing better than some of us soupless bastards out there.

It was not such a terrible day, I admit. And now we have soup.

Richard Nixon's glittering half-life sarcophagus / Re: Oh, Oregon!
« on: Yesterday at 02:50:23 am »
Not sure if anyone's mentioned it, but PDXAlerts on twitter is
Lots of stuff people shouldn't have the police called on them for. In fact, much of it is highlighting national heroes.
It's also a bit celebratory of cops fucking up protests, which is eh, but what do you expect from a police-oriented account?

It really is a sort of snapshot of Portland that you don't see elsewhere. Things that, like the Columbia Villa, people don't talk about.

I found this:
Explored it for a bit, then set it as my home page.
If somebody knows what's up, let me know.

It is fairly awesome.

I would certainly not think any less of you for it.

Richard Nixon's glittering half-life sarcophagus / Re: Spagbook
« on: May 21, 2017, 06:22:24 pm »
I'm here. I need an off-Facebook place to store all of my weird. Now that I'm a professional, that is.


Well hello! Went through a real rough patch, but I've turned it all around. I work at a community center teaching middle/high school students at an after school program and I am also a "professional estimator." I measure rooms and do basic inspections for flooring installations. I would say that I'm the best at what I do, but that would just be a ball park figure...

That is fucking awesome!

Techmology and Scientism / Re: Weekly Science Headlines
« on: May 21, 2017, 06:15:08 pm »
However, while electric charges exist, magnetic charges have never been observed in nature.

WAIT... what?

Yes, "Magnetic Fields" certainly do exist in nature, and they are routinely created by the flow of electricity through a wire. 

But, think of this as "Magnetic Charges" versus "Magnetic Fields."

In electricity and magnetism, "Charges" and "Fields" are related phenomena. But, they are also different phenomena.

What in the fuck are you babbling about? Yes, a magnetic charge and a magnetic field are different, but you can't have a magnetic field without a magnetic charge, so you're still just amazingly wrong. Have you taken physics or chemistry?

Propaganda Depository / Re: Sympathy and Nazis
« on: May 21, 2017, 06:05:11 pm »
What's really unfortunate is that Black History™ has been shuffled off into its own Special-Interest History™ ghetto, so that only people who actively seek it out learn about the depths of social injustice OR the everyday heroes who have successfully fought it. Yet, people (white people in particular) are given the impression that they HAVE learned history and ARE educated on the past, because they took all their required classes. So, they assume that if someone else tells them something about Special-Interest History™, that person is wrong, uneducated, or a conspiracy theorist who is blowing minor historical events out of proportion.

PDS is absolutely not worth wasting the time to discuss anything with. You'll have better luck if you go outside and shout at clouds.

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