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That list omitted a large number of significant stressors.

The part about not vaccinating or medicating kids really gets to me. These are the people who just let their kids die of preventable/curable diseases and then pretend it wasn't their fault.

Interesting thing, I saw some people interviewed whose kids were not vaccinated and have gotten sick in the last round of measles, and they have expressed more of a "I didn't think that could actually happen anymore" attitude.

Which implies they were not vaccinating for social approval reasons, not bad signal.

I can't decide which is worse.

It's still bad signal, just a different bad signal.

And you know what's really, REALLY awesome? In 60 more years, historic preservationists are going to be fighting to save and restore the last of the historic indoor shopping centers, and lamenting the loss of those which were torn down.

We are actually old enough to have experienced a past which is laughably archaic. One of the interesting things about being in school so late in life is that I'm unlearning along with learning. "LOL YOU THOUGHT WHAT? NO THAT WAS DISPROVEN IN THE 90'S, OLD LADY!"

When I was a kid, we thought that other galaxies were nebulas within our galaxy.

Or Kill Me / Re: Burgers?
« on: Today at 12:08:54 am »
And I'm not sure I buy into the argument that we as a society should be obligated to allow people to continue to wallow in their own ignorance and to hand it down generationally.

I am more comfortable with that than with deciding what we allow people to believe.

I think we should allow people to believe whatever they want. But I also think we should educate the FUCK out of them first, and then let them decide what nonsense to cling to.

Critical thinking skills and free, high-quality education should be part of any civilized society, absolutely. But you might be surprised to find that these don't act as a vaccine against religion. They do, however, tend to foster gentler, more open, less dogmatic forms of religion, though, such as Lutherans and Episcopalians.

I applied to the Honors College. I honestly have no idea whether that was a good idea, or if I should review my summer class choices to prevent redundancy if I get in.

I've just gone through and cleared out over half my 'friends' list on FB. It surprisingly wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.
Now to see how many, if any, of them send notice they've been unfriended and send me a message.

My newsfeed looks a lot better now too.

Oh dear God I really need to do that.

Wow, PSU sure makes it almost impossible to take more than one class during summer term.

The good news is that all I'm taking is Psychology of Women, and Sex & the Family, plus a geology field trip. I figured out that if I take Gender & Human Sexuality for my Junior Cluster I can shoehorn two psychology classes into applying to both my University Studies and my second major, so I can graduate a term earlier.


So it's defo not what my sick twisted mind thought but I'm intrigued. What actually is it?

Explores how responses to sexuality are influenced by family and other social systems including culture, gender, economics, and religion. Family systems theory will be used to evaluate family relationships.

I decided to pass on the Psychology of Women next term because the professor is reputed to suck, and am taking Psychology Research Methods instead. Woot.

"Family systems theory" has an awesome kind of ring to it - cheers for the new google string

Have fun with it!  :cheers:


Jesus. Are rubber bands too expensive now?

That's inhumane, according to people in the know.

Wow, I never would have guessed that just biting the nuts off is the quickest and most humane way to go. There go me and my assumptions, being wrong, again.

The part about not vaccinating or medicating kids really gets to me. These are the people who just let their kids die of preventable/curable diseases and then pretend it wasn't their fault.

What if you raise your own chickens and then use their eggs to produce your own vaccines? No big-pharma, no evil, no problem...right?

Which reminds me, Hey Nigel, when you're flush with eggs again...

Sadly, I only have 4 hens left and only 2 of them seem to be laying, so I have to make the decision whether to obtain more chickens or whether to call it good and let them slowly fade away.

In the olden days, kids, we used to have "shopping malls" that were entirely enclosed. Oh, and people smoked on the bus.

You know we're looking at the future, right?

We're looking at A future, yes.  A future in which a combination of wealth disparity and online shopping has caused many brick & mortar businesses to fail or rethink their basic strategies.

There are other futures.

No, I'm not talking about economics, or the demise of brick-and-mortar shops. I'm saying that indoor shopping malls are relics of the 20th century, stamped with the mark of obsolescence. They are icons of a byegone era destined for erasure from everything but photographs, like jell-O salad and the Salton Sea Resort.

I predict that within the next 20 years, most of the remaining indoor malls in temperate regions will either be opened up and integrated into extended shopping districts that merge with the surrounding neighborhoods, or abandoned/demolished.

We already have something like that in Tucson, in the legal district.  An open-air mall hidden from the surrounding blocks, which looks really nice from the inside, and is almost invisibe from the outside.  You would think this would kill it, but they do a hell of a lot of business, as they are smack between all the parking garages, the courthouses, and the convention center, and locals love it because it seems like an organic part of the downtown area.

It's a little weird because indoor malls were an absolutely integral part of my teenagerhood... seeing them relegated to the past is another little reminder that I am getting old, that my childhood was a long time ago, and that everything is transient.

Nope, I'm good. Unless he has another account I'm unaware of, in which case, someone please tell me...

I don't think he's on mine, but then again I only figured out who he was a couple months ago, so I should check.

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