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Awww!  :oops:

Or Kill Me / Re: I R STOOPID
« on: Today at 07:35:01 pm »
Unless he hid it really really well, he wasn't like that ten years ago. Something along the line inflated his narcissism to hilarious proportions.

He founded a google group for other "preventionists", and they spent 6 years huffing each other's farts.  Think of it as tumblr for actual Nazis.
"friendly reminder": there are actual neo-Nazis on tumblr already.

He's talking about real-life grown-up policymakers and lobbyists, kiddo, not basement-dwelling racists.

Dying of flu means I get an extension on my essay, though.  I'm surprised, as I didn't expect to get one, under the current conditions, but my lecturer suggested I write in anyway.

Congrats on your results, by the way.

Yay extension!

Thanks. :) They aren't what I would normally have hoped them to be, but I think that the difficulty of the term makes me more pleased with them overall than I would have been with straight As I didn't fight for. I EARNED THE FUCK out of that B-.  :lol:


Speaking of which, this now means you can chew vampires, werewolves and other unnatural, unliving abominations to death.

Assuming they didn't cheap out on the silver, that is.


I need to start a Tumblr account to make use of this.

Not exactly sure what's happening in this picture, but I'm assuming I was drunk.


I took another picture that you might like, Doktor. It might be a little grainy, so I will explain what you're looking at. I am, as you can probably tell by the foreground, standing in a park, looking toward a cliff on the East side of the river. At the top of the cliff you can see some buildings; that's an old folk's warehouse. At the bottom of the cliff, in the floodplain, there are three mansions... and to the very right of the picture, a trailer home.

This, my friends, is Portland, and it's here for you.

GASM Command / Re: IlluminatiGASM
« on: Today at 06:43:35 pm »
But it's a handshake against The Machine™.

You're trolling, yes?

It clearly is.

I have just returned from the dentist and my lower lip and chin are numb.

But at least that broken molar has been fixed. With silver this time. Those lovely composite fillings may look pretty but they just don't last, at least not if you like to chew on anything hard.

Or Kill Me / Re: I R STOOPID
« on: Today at 03:11:17 pm »
But then there is the conundrum where everyone is telling you that you are really smart, intelligent, etc., AND they are expecting you to fix shit and get shit done.  You certainly can have humility and acknowledge that you have limits and are of course fallible.  But when you have people depending on you, at some level you do have to take the mantle and run with it, that's just leadership.  If you don't, then you have a bunch of directionless, fearful people on your hands with sads.

I just thought I'd bump this little gem.

 :lulz: Oh my god.

The first time I read it I think I just closed my eyes, hoping that it would go away and that he wasn't REALLY that guy.

Well this article would focus mainly on what's wrong with Tumblr and similar forms of web-based social justice movements, so, for the purposes of this article, i plan on using it as a resource, since it has a numbers of examples linked in it. Focusing on Tumblr with the context of wider academic feminism (which does good work in a lot of ways) would be a way bigger and much different article.

Oh yeah, damn, I completely failed to notice what thread this was in. Sorry!

No, for real. That was not a great article. That was an "I spend so much fucking time online that I have completely lost all perspective on what dialogue that does not take place in the blogosphere even looks like" article.

Just putting this here as a stepping stone, but also a great article:

She seriously needs to spend more time OFF THE INTERNET.

Yes. *I* said that.

Psssshhht. Just have another drink, everything'll be fine.

GASM Command / Re: IlluminatiGASM
« on: Today at 04:49:10 am »
Five things:

1. Fear LMNO, he will get the most points.

2. The whole point of this is to make fun of numerologically inclined people! Of course that's why we're doing it! Like I said, do you have any better ideas?

3. Stop arguing about what Discordianism is! It's different for each person, you're the Pope.

4. I don't see what's wrong with it. It's just a joke, after all. Stop being a bunch of serious Greyfaces.

5. Fnord.

Not being interested in an old, stale, and boring joke = "grayfaces"? :lulz:

5 tons of flax 23 fnord lol.

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