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Sounds good.

I've been invited to interview in Cambridge.  Bit of a slog from down here, but it is on my day off so, eh, whatever.

Good luck! Crossing my fingers for you!

Holy Shit.

New job offer, the kind of offer you can't refuse.

I'm somewhat stunned and my heart's beating like a fucked clock. Solid client for years, plant demolitions in the bag in various parts of Europe. Life is looking to be interesting to say the least in the future.

Congratulations to you as well!

I turned 46 today.   :sad:

Happy birthday! Just remember, a birthday means you're not dead yet, so congratulations! You did it!

Literate Chaotic / Just in time for Halloween!
« on: Yesterday at 10:51:19 pm »
So I happened upon this website, and this story in particular, and it's, um. Special. Really special. And it disturbed me a lot, although possibly not in the ways the author intended.

Please read it.




Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Laws
« on: Yesterday at 06:31:50 am »
Oh there's other potentially more profitable ways than just making X illegal.

For example, you can restrict, license and tax the everloving shit out of it. You could treat X in the same manner you treat say, meth precurors and prosecute and feed the prison system accordingly there.

Anything you can legally purchase today, can be illegal to purchase tomorrow, By law. Take the UK talking today about banning "All legal highs". Seriously. This is the level we're working with over here with drug legislation. What the hell is this supposed to cover exactly? Well, nearly anything and everything to a canny copper. In the meanwhile you've created swathes of criminals to be caught and punished as law dictates.


It's incredibly sad, when it comes down to it, but paranoid schizophrenics really require specialized help and people who are not trained and don't have backup are rarely capable of helping.

I don't give any fucks about your avatar, so I'm just gonna say, don't engage with that guy, inasmuch as you can help it. He sounds dangerous, and you likely can't help him, so stay away.

Using adjectives to describe height is an artificial social construct, part and parcel of a maladptive discourse in a patriarchal misogynistic society.

That sounds like something a short person would say, puny.


The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Spagbook
« on: Yesterday at 06:04:53 am »


And terrifying WOMP bait, at that. Aquatic Suu could destroy whole CITIES.

Maybe she's one of those people who don't think bi people exist.

Or one of those people who thinks that her personal definitions override everyone else's experiences.

Things you didn't want to know about EoC's dick:  it wants nothing to do with getting wet unless there's trust on both sides of it. Like a dick sandwich on trust bread. Then it's like awww yeeaaah.


source="the comments"
danicastone Aug 4, 2014
The problem here is in people who are not in the bisexual community, and don't identify as bisexual, defining bisexuality in a way that lets them keep their old identity. Instead of learning what people who do use the label, who understand it deeply from within their history and culture and community and shared experience, mean by "bisexual".

In the bi world, "bisexual" doesn't just mean being equally attracted to all genders. Or being "as a rule, attracted to men" as well as women. It very frequently - maybe even most often - means "I simply fall in love with people and donít hold their gender against them."

There are also scores of Kinsey 4.5s in the bisexual community - people who are, as a rule, with people of one particular gender, but who are sometimes attracted to others, who dated others in the distant past, who have dated or married people whose gender identity changed, or who just are open to the possibility that they might be drawn to someone different.

The best analogy might be the "straight" woman who falls in love with another woman but doesn't want to give up the privilege and emotional security that comes with continuing to call herself straight.

It's hard to give up the idea of your identity as fixed and secure, and to give up the familiarity and security and visibility and sense of normalcy of being straight... Or even of being gay, compared to being bi. It's easier to deny those people's reality and define them as whatever will keep them different than you. Even if that means perpetuating their invisibility and "otherness" by writing articles like this one.

So much this goddamn it.

That was really well put.

What's funny is that I know a shit ton of guys who get mad laid without ever getting their dicks even vaguely near any of those scenarios... in fact, it seems to HELP them get laid!

I will be in New Orleans until Tuesday. Wish me luck.

My fella just informed me that last night he dreamed that I texted him from Margherita, Arizona, saying that I was looking for "Marburg". Naturally, I thought of you.

I ended up taking Beginning Algebra parts I and II, then Intermediate Algebra, none of which applied to anything but were prereqs for College Algebra, which was a prereq for Stats I and II. And I have to get into grad school within 3 years of completing Stats I and II or I'll have to take them again.

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