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I'd like to offer some impractical and unsolicited advice.

Hire porters.  It's what all the best people do.

 :lulz: :lulz: :mittens: :mittens:

Best impractical and unsolicited advice ITT.


YES. Not only that, but I'm saving it and applying it as necessary.

Each of my books weighs about eight pounds, with the consequence that I have to pick one to bring to school. I will be at school all fucking day.


Eventually I will either develop a system, or. I don't know. Rent a locker?

Or get big from all the lifting

They don't actually fit, physically, in my backpack. I could get two in, max, if I took everything else out, like my clicker, notebook, lunch, calculator, wallet, pens, and bus-readin.

The worst thing about these fucking books is that they're impractical for reading on the bus. I'd get stabbed.

I bought some women's skinny pants today. Apparently I'm a size 9? The brand must run large...

As this is my second week of training for my new job, and the dress code is "business casual", I've decided to see what I can get away with. I figure an ironed collared shirt will be the key to pulling this off.

It's all about the hips, son.

It sucks you can't get 'em electronically.

Oh, I COULD. If I had a newer device and was willing to pay the $200 per.

Green is me.

Only a matter of time, and then it will be an off-Broadway musical.

However, I would argue that there are exactly zero cognitive tasks machines have taken over for us.

Yeah, as a general rule, for every task machines simplify, there are 3 we as a species forget how to do.

And, oddly enough, for every task machines simplify, we seem to spend more time working.

Clearly, I don't waste enough time on the internet.

We should all follow suit and get our pictures on that blog.

Everyone should do one. We can start our own movement. The "book and object in hands with flag" movement.

The 21C America Challenge.

I wish I had a different flag, but I only paid $3 for this French one that was made in Taiwan, which I think makes it even funnier.

I have one with Che Guevera on it, somewhere.  And a Jolly Roger flag.


Fuck, it was my second day today and I think I have midterms next week, too.




This is but one of many reasons that whenever an engineer or some other species of idealistic dreamer says that we're right around the bend from x technology taking over and simplifying y cognitive task that is currently done by humans, I laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Wow, the citation sounds brutal! I'm grateful that once I finished my writing requirements I can pretty much count on only using APA for the rest of my life.

I am in between classes on the second day of school and feeling a little reassured about ochem (just sat down and did some of the homework, it really wasn't that bad, seems like I just need to make sure I do some problems every day) but more nervous about Holistic Problem Solving, which looks like it might be kind of an ass-kicker. Downloaded and printed a couple of books worth of readings on the systems approach in business. Molecular bio seems like it'll be fun, especially since I did all that extra reading on epigenetics last Spring, and Neurophysiology actually looks like it's going to be my cakewalk class because it's a lot of biology and sensory stuff.

I'm dog-tired. The new building is exceptionally beautiful inside, though, and is designed to make students walk, with catwalks crisscrossing the upper reaches, which are open and airy and full of light, which ultimately is good for all of us.


I'll probably die in ignominy, but hell, I get to touch human brains.

DOKTOR'S NOTES:  Doktor Skinsaw is not using an obscure sports analogy here.  No.


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