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Principia Discussion / Re: Introduction/Flaxscript Idea
« on: Today at 04:42:30 am »
I found something small wrapped in tinfoil in the freezer, so I ate it.

So on dating sites, then, are we supposed to try to present a true picture of who we are so that others have a chance of gauging whether they would like to spend time with us, or are we supposed to gloss and edit to the point where it might as well be a date arranged by Omegle?

Or Kill Me / Re: I Forgot Why I Wrote this
« on: Today at 04:34:53 am »
Why do you make me love you so, Ron Paul?

Oh fuck I just realized my yahoo mail account is 20 years old.

Shit starts to go by real REAL fast.

von, go eat shit and die. If you were an anon in <2008 and you still give a fuck about the internet haet machine you need a new fucking hobby.

It's adorable how he seems to think he's oldschool because he's been on the internet since he grew his first pubes. Approximately five years ago.


Two Twitter accounts belonging to American racial segregation org Ku Klux Klan, @KuKluxKlanUSA and @YourKKKCentral, have been seized by Anonymous as part of the hacker-activist entity's new campaign, #OpKKK.

Wtf anonymous? Remember when they used to do fun things, not this Social justice crap.

For a brief moment, I thought that you might be a friend of mine.

Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Also, Anonymous not doing "this social justice crap"?  :lulz: Clearly you are a noob.

if by " social justice crap" you mean "sharing CP and flooding forums that monetize memes and try to invoke DMCA" then you might be right.
if you mean it any other way, then you obviously weren't in the trenches when people were raiding femenist bloggers for being patronising towards their male children or when the rule of the day was "let's go fuck with this forum full of faggots for teh lulz".

the events which associated anon with sjw garbage were events originally inspired by a YouTube video removal...not doctrinal issues pertaining the how cos is operated. its always been more about " how can we pirate shit and get away with using borderline illegal porno" than it is "how can we save darfur". and there's been racist overtones since day one...

the people playing at being anon since around 2010 or so are not the same people that were raiding subeta or making an entire variety of website famous for being human scum...consider that weev fellow...there's your " social justice" right there.

So your argument is that Weev invalidates everything anon ever did?

I think his argument is that he's not very smart.


(As a warning, some of the pictures in that article are pretty disgusting)

Exclusive: Former FSA chief Tim Smith understood to have warned Department of Health that revealing food poisoning contamination rates could provoke a food scare and damage the industry

The former head of the Food Standards Agency (FSA), who went straight from his job as regulator to a lucrative role as technical director of Tesco, lobbied the government this summer about its plans to publish the official food poisoning contamination rates for supermarket chicken, the Guardian has been told.

So the dude who used to be in charge of public health, warned that if people knew how contaminated their food is, that might provoke a panic and damage the bottom line. Also, he did this in violation of the agreement that made it legal for him to jump ship to one of the UK's biggest food retailers.

You rarely see their priorities laid out so clearly.

This is a recurring theme in the USA.

Seriously dude, if you are really sending messages on dating sites to women calling them out on the elements of their profile you don't care for, you should really critically re-evaluate that behavior in light of predominant social attitudes about women, and review whether it's really compatible with your principles.

And I have, instantly upon reading how you would perceive that in that form.

I think this dude's message...or at least my argument about this dude's message is doing the same thing. It seems to me that the amount of sting that QG's statement  is likely to cause is inversely proportional to the amount of sting I'd personally like to cause for a given scenario. That is for a full-on "I'm bored, and too lazy, passive, and morally self-centered to address the situation like an adult, so I think I'll try to find a poly-chick to bone on the sly," is going to read that and feel a butt-hurt in the 1.5 to 2 range, where a "I've been frustrated, sad, confused, terrified, hopeless, helpless, caring for a mentally ill partner without relief, or physical contact. Have agonized over this state for years. Just had this moment where I tried to masturbate, only to become physically sick, breaking down into tears, and shamefully wishing their sickness would just...take them," is going to feel that comment nearer a 10.

I keep thinking about the reason why I backed off calling things retarded. The people I'd feel the worst for offending are the people that I'd be likely to offend the worst.

Thing about the latter scenario? A person in that situation needs to tell it to their therapist. That person is not in any kind of situation where they should be seeking to inflict their situation on a single lady or gentleman who is looking for a date, and if they decide they are THAT selfish, they need to be able to brave the reality of occasionally seeing words like "I'm not into cheaters". Especially given the high proportion of straight-up crapweasels on dating sites.

Everyone else on the site is not responsible for them, any more than I am responsible for my schizophrenic former friend who is convinced that any time someone mentions goats it's part of a huge elaborate plot against him.

Being kind, in general? I am in favor of compassion. Gently rewording issues you feel strongly about in your profile on a dating site on the off chance an emotional basket case happens to see it and it cuts them to the core?

That's, honestly, just not a very reasonable request.

These do not get old. :lol:

Principia Discussion / Re: Me and my questions
« on: Today at 03:14:18 am »
Thanks everyone, this really helped. Especially the runes. Really deepened my insight into the matter.

This seems like a great community and I'm looking forward to hanging around here more often, searching for explanations and true discordianism, apparently never finding it.  :)

Fuck that.  And fuck enlightenment.  I'm just trying to figure out why kamikaze pilots wore helmets.  Until I get past that, I can't be BOTHERED with Greater Truths™.

Yeah, why would you die with a leather helmet on your head? You could die wearing anything on your head. ANYTHING! The possibilities are endless. Samurai helmets, top hats, porcupines... whatever suits you best while your doing your hardest to increase entropy on an American Battleship.

The only way to increase entropy is to increase organization.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

What's the problem? It's just Vegetarian Ham chicken. Tastes like pork, made from turkey.

Makes sense; turkeys are basically vegetables.


"Chicken flavor"

I'm so alone.

 :lulz: I have seen that in person. In fact, one of my housemates used to buy it.

I'm going to need a pair of those.


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