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Beyond the wall / Re: NYC cabal meet-up?!
« on: Today at 07:42:25 pm »

Beyond the wall / Re: Open Bar: Fake News, Fake Bar
« on: Today at 03:21:02 pm »
Work continues to be fun.

Last week, I discovered six people listed as away who had actually returned.  Sent slightly sarcastic email.  Found several things wrong with rooms, lists, signing in forms and other things, which I ranted at my manager about, knowing full well he wouldn't do anything about it.

Today I come in, and find he has emailed a complaint about my being one number out on a medication count (of several hundred pills).  Public email, to the whole department.  Slight problem...I counted what the student took and deducted that from the number in the book.


Oh, and a student of mine is probably getting expelled or suspended.  I don't know what for though because no-one thought to include me in the private message that says what happened.   I'm only here 4 nights a week, why would I need to know anything?

Jesus, that place is a shitshow. It's like they said to themselves, how can we make it almost impossible for any essential staff to do their job properly? Let's do that.

Beyond the wall / Re: Open Bar: Fake News, Fake Bar
« on: Today at 03:19:22 pm »
The head of maintenance thinks that what's blocking the sewer is a chunk of whale.

That's no place for a whale!  What are you Portlandians doing up there, anyway?

It would appear that someone has snuck a whale into the building and is gradually hacking it into bits.

Beyond the wall / Re: Do impossible thoughts exist?
« on: Today at 03:16:48 pm »
Do impossible thoughts exist or are they only imagined to exist such that we imagine the existence of an impossible thought and think we are thinking about it when we are in point of fact not thinking about it at all?

Define "exist".

Exist - Having the boundary condition of non-existence

Didn't they tell you in middle school that you don't use a word to define itself? Think about it for a minute...

Beyond the wall / Re: NYC cabal meet-up?!
« on: Today at 03:15:44 pm »
Drinks in Berlin?

We're in.

Nobody could have forseen...

I'm just glad you've wrested the "dumbest advanced nation" crown from our heads yet again.

It really just makes sense that we should be at the forefront of the collapse of civilization.

We are an World Leader.

Beyond the wall / Re: Open Bar: Fake News, Fake Bar
« on: Today at 12:25:16 am »
The head of maintenance thinks that what's blocking the sewer is a chunk of whale.

Beyond the wall / Re: Open Bar: Fake News, Fake Bar
« on: Today at 12:17:28 am »
Today is hilarious.

I almost forgot I have to let my interns in, and was 40 minutes late because of nothing going quite right.

Water is leaking into the basement levels. My lab is in B2.

My dad, who has dementia, isn't getting along with my brother and wants to move into our basement, which is also flooded, so I had a chat with him today. He was not thrilled about my insistence that first he has to look at the space, and THEN we have to sit down together with the brother he lives with, the brother whose name is on all his properties, one of my sisters, and my cousin to hash out his living arrangements.

After that phone call, maintenance showed up, and determined that the main drains on the east side of the building are clogged "with something dead", and that we can't use the plumbing until it's removed.

Appropriately, it now smells like a corpse-filled sewer in the science building. I'll be here until 8 (with forays to nearby buildings to use the bathroom).

Beyond the wall / Re: Hey guys I made a joke
« on: Yesterday at 04:35:44 pm »
The joke was great! I don't understand all the butt hurt drama. We still have Bernie Bros?

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Amazingly enough, I encounter Bernie Bros in the wild almost daily. I find them fascinating. At this point most of the remaining Bernie Bros I encounter are full-blown conspiracy theorists, as well, so something about the Bernie-as-savior trope must deeply appeal to people who are prone to belief in conspiracy theories. They lean heavily toward the paternalistic Liberal brand of racism and misogyny; the idea that those wimminz and black people just don't know what's best, because they can't think right.

Literate Chaotic / Re: The Foxhole With The Atheist
« on: Yesterday at 03:48:31 pm »
Smitten mittens, but going off of what Pennyworth said, I too also have difficulty with the idea of an "idealized archetypal atheist". What would that be? An atheist whom is completely moral? But according to what morality? There is no book of guidelines explaining what a "good" atheist is, so an "ideal" atheist could be following any set of ideologies that they want whilst still being an archetypal atheist.
This is more of an idealized secular humanist.

You could create a completely selfish objectivist ancap atheist, and they too would be an "idealized archetypal atheist". just kidding, Objectivism is a monotheistic cult.

At this point I'm just being devils advocate, but I might be more receptive to my own arguments if that wasn't such a great piece of writing. Indeed, your propaganda is effective.

Yeah, the point of archetypes is that they don't exist in reality. They are idealizations, which by definition are subjective and malleable depending on what mind or group generates them.

You aren't being devil's advocate, you're just being a pedant with a case of Dunning-Kruger.

Beyond the wall / Re: Open Bar: Fake News, Fake Bar
« on: Yesterday at 02:39:17 am »
Haha you stole our weather  :lulz:

I'd like you to have it back, please. We have no infrastructure for this!

Beyond the wall / Re: Open Bar: Fake News, Fake Bar
« on: January 17, 2017, 10:02:37 pm »
I hear most of PDX has turned to cannibalism, with the vegans deciding that eating another vegan is OK.

It's really the only thing that's making this bearable.

Beyond the wall / Re: Open Bar: Fake News, Fake Bar
« on: January 17, 2017, 09:16:35 pm »
It's snow day nine hundred and fucktyseven here in the Niglty (Altnel?) household. I am so thoroughly over snow days.

Beyond the wall / Re: Open Bar: Fake News, Fake Bar
« on: January 16, 2017, 07:22:50 pm »
I think we can all agree that the most egregious offense here is the Appeal to Lulz without delivering said Lulz.

Seriously. If you're going to complain about a lack of funny, you better fucking bring the funny. Otherwise you're just an unfunny complainer, and we already have Unfunny Eric for that.

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