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Beyond the wall / HEY HOWL
« on: April 03, 2015, 06:03:07 am »

Beyond the wall / Nigel's Borneo Thread
« on: March 09, 2015, 01:08:55 am »
I'm starting this thread for a couple of reasons. One is, I would love to have a repository for my ramblings about preparation. Another, because I will be mostly off the grid for a couple of weeks, but I might be able to get online here and there and it would be cool to have a place to check in with you terrible people. Lastly, if I don't make a hole to put it in there is a possibility that I will get random ramblings all over the place, and nobody wants that.

Today I finished my travel shopping, which meant a ton of hand sanitizer, baby wipes, and Pepto Bismol. I could tell the checkout guy was a little uncomfortable.

Beyond the wall / You can thank me later
« on: February 23, 2015, 11:00:31 pm »

Beyond the wall / Does power corrupt or enable?
« on: February 18, 2015, 09:13:33 pm »
I was researching power-trippers today, and stumbled upon this article:

If you can't open that link, Google the author's name and you should find her website, it's available to read free there.

This research seems interesting and important; it seems directly relevant to discussions we have had about bad leadership, and the desire to impose an ideology over others even when it comes at a net social expense.

I'd write more but I'm sitting in a doctors office right now so it will have to wait... I just wanted to post that link before I forgot.

Beyond the wall / So this is a thing
« on: February 15, 2015, 04:41:02 pm »
Apparently the good folks at Croteam came up with a fictional philosopher, Straton of Strageira, for their game:

They've done a touch of astroturfing to make him more convincing:

I particularly like this made-up quote:

It behooves us to be cautious when particularly taken with any philosopher’s claims, and to consider whether our reaction is due to the logic of his claim or due to the poetry of his words. A beautifully-phrased sentence is an accomplishment in oratory, not philosophy, and the pleasure we take from it should not be mistaken for truth.
The philosopher must be like the architect: to write well is important, but not more important than building an edifice that will not collapse. Some philosophers construct dwellings that seem pleasant to the eye, but are traps for the unwary.

He sounds like a cranky old fuck, and I want badly to believe that somehow his character is based on me. Unfortunately, it's far more likely that it's based on Strato of Lampascus, who was also a crotchety materialist.

Beyond the wall / TWID TWID TWID TWID
« on: February 12, 2015, 12:55:27 am »


He is just stringing words together in a way that sounds like they make sense, but they don't.

Aneristic Illusions / Jezebel magazine and Mean-Girl Feminism
« on: February 08, 2015, 06:34:02 pm »
Relevant to Tumblr SJW Culture, fart-huffing, and the ongoing theme of Being Better at The Cause Than you, I encountered this post today:

It's really worth reading the whole thing, but the synopsis is that a lesbian planned a fairly large outing to a strip club for her birthday, and after getting some texts that made her concerned that things might no go smoothly, wrote a humorously tongue-in-cheek email to her friends with advice on making the night a win for everyone, including the staff at the club. Someone thought it was funny and forwarded it to a writer at Jezebel, who, with the help of an alleged stripper friend, proceeded to rip the email to shreds because apparently, in her estimation, the 25-year-old lesbian birthday girl just wasn't doing it right enough.

If anyone isn't familiar with Jezebel, it's a "feminist" online magazine that seemed to get off to a decent start, but then rapidly degenerated to something that is essentially a faux-feminist bully clearinghouse version of Cosmopolitan that spends more time ripping on women for not being perfect than it does analyzing or challenging the patriarchy, rape culture, or other feminist issues.

This seems to me to be very relevant to, and illustrative of, much of the conversation we've had over the last couple of years about movements and causes, particularly online, and how they so often start cannibalizing themselves by preying upon any of their own members they view as weak, vulnerable, or imperfect, because elevating oneself within the structure of a small group by climbing over one's comrades is easier by far, and more immediately gratifying, than tackling the larger societal structures that are causing harm to everyone. In this way organizations such as Jezebel actually perpetuate that which on their face they claim to oppose, fundamentally doing the patriarchy's work for them.

Literate Chaotic / Study abroad essay
« on: January 31, 2015, 05:56:52 am »
Any of you writing spags what writes want to look this over and give me feedback on whether any of it is terrible, doesn't make sense, or sounds like I'm just throwing words together to sound like I'm saying something when I'm really not? I feel like it might be a little too jargony.


As an aspiring neuroscientist with environmentalist values and a strong interest in epigenetics, I am working toward a personal understanding of how I can integrate my values and diverse interests into my future research work. I believe that the principles of sustainability are not only essential for our long-term survival as a species, but is also critical in order to create human systems and environments that foster the intellectual and physical health of their inhabitants.

I also believe that it will be necessary to change the hierarchical, single-discipline structure of most biomedical research studies, and reach toward something that is far more interdisciplinary and community-oriented, in order to find the origins of some of the complex neurobiological diagnoses which have emerged or grown dramatically in the last few decades. I hope that participation in this project will give me insight into how my ideals can inform research that will help to drive our culture toward healthy, sustainable communities.

As a matter of personal enrichment, I have been fascinated with the people and cultures of Peru since I first learned that, as the birthplace of the cultivated potato, they have a potato museum with over 5000 recorded varietals. That amazes me; what a contrast with the monoculture of American agribusiness! As a person of Native American descent, the ruins left by multiple ancient cultures there speak to my curiosity about and emotional connection with indigenous civilizations in the Americas, as does the rich living culture there.

It is my hope that my participation will contribute to the goals of the program by bringing to it my energy, enthusiasm, and unique perspectives from my life experience as a nontraditional student.

Beyond the wall / ATTN: PEEDEE
« on: January 25, 2015, 04:56:08 am »
If you are not currently high, get real high and watch this:

I am not high on the marijuanas, but I am eating enchiladas and that is basically the same thing.

Beyond the wall / Basically the most horrifying sex toy I've ever seen.
« on: January 21, 2015, 04:45:47 am »

The vajankle – as its name suggests – is the unholy union of a vagina and an ankle… and it’s as disturbing as it sounds.

Unless you have a serious foot fetish that is, in which case, we’d imagine, it’s serious good times.

Sin boutique – the website selling them – explains: ‘These quirky feet have a vagina built right in at the ankle!’

They go on: ‘The vajankle is in the left foot only. You can order the vajankle independently, or as a pair with the standard right foot.’

Beyond the wall / Possibly the stupidest argument I've ever seen
« on: January 19, 2015, 05:18:30 pm »
This actually makes the admins of that anarchist cat group look like geniuses. Watch this, and despair for the future of humanity, for all is lost.

Beyond the wall / Where did the meta-forum go?
« on: January 15, 2015, 07:11:26 am »
...and why is the "Discordan ads" thread closed?

Beyond the wall / CAIN, EXPLAIN YOUR PEOPLE!
« on: January 07, 2015, 08:49:48 pm »

The smells instantly rushed back this week when London's water authority announced that it had discovered the biggest fatberg yet, a 15-ton mound about the size of a school bus. Thames Water, the public utility that manages the sewers, gave it the historic and oddly momentous title of being "the biggest berg in British history."

Beyond the wall / IS THAT CAINAD?
« on: December 30, 2014, 02:38:10 am »

Beyond the wall / Holist idiocy outlet greatest hits
« on: December 26, 2014, 09:36:43 pm »
So the one problem with the Peanut Gallery is that you can't bump threads. Nonetheless, I thought I would create a tribute thread showcasing some of the best of Holist's idiocy, combativeness, and unceasing general ill-humor.

Wow, I can't find A SINGLE THREAD in which he is not being an insufferable, condescending, pretentious fuckwit. Go figure!


we all work on what we wish to work on
(those genuinely under coercion not included)

i happen to think that creating the res publica of a people, the establishment (or re-establishment, or restoration) of a country in the sense of a nation state is an outmoded enterprise with little merit

in order to find more timely and glorious work, it is expedient to review the situation that we find ourselves in first from a larger (global), then from a narrower (personal) perspective

none of what i will say is new

global perspective:

one earth, seven billion people

roughly one tenth of that number do not eat their fill every day of the week

at the same time, ten percent of the population dispose over eighty-five percent of all earthly wealth

within that number, the richest one percent control forty percent of the wealth

man does not live by bread alone

over half the population of the earth live in cities, though mostly not cities in the european sense

and well over half the population strive to realise, in their personal lives, the ideals of the welfare consumer society

lots of food, lots of channels, lots of clutter

estimating the size of the autonomous, adult population who hold their lives and their hands and thus purposefully form them is harder

after a small, highly subjective and far from representative opinion survey and a great deal of pondering i have concluded that such people occur in higher proportion in the third world (brutal existential uncertainty is a strong selection pressure at both the individual and the social levels)

the transitional margin between the autonomous and the slave/slaver group is quite wide and gradual along a number of distinct dimensions

globally, the proportion of autonomous, self-governing  adults is somewhere between 0.1 percent and 10 percent

as an incorrigible optimist, i would wager around 1 percent

one in a hundred people


personal perspective:

i posit that only sovereign, adult people, who know their own lives and hold them in their hands in order to shape them are capable of authentic political action

i posit that in the present situation authentic political action is impossible without first letting go of all sorts of national or racial phantasmagories, imaginings, emotional tangles

i posit that today, authentic political action may be aimed at the following two targets (possibly among others, i am not making an exhaustive claim here):

firstly, moving fellow humans in the transitional stages between being robots and being people (or half-asleep, or what have you) towards sufficient levels of sovereignity

such actions include raising children, clarity of thinking and speech and the exemplary practice of authentic ways of being

secondly, the strengthening, supporting, mobilisation, vitalisation of the networks, the systems of interrelationships of autonomous people

this includes tribal enterprise, active community building and maintenance, trust-based barter trade and the promotion of communication and cooperation between small sovereign communities

thank you for your attention

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