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The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / FUCK EVERYTHING
« on: December 16, 2013, 08:02:47 pm »
This is my new theme song.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / For Twid
« on: December 16, 2013, 01:19:49 am »
So, I don't know if you actually intend to read the Atheists and White Supremacists thread. But if you do, I think you'll find what I found, which is that Coyote shat all the fuck over me, and over Roger (he did more shitting on Roger in Open Bar) and that I didn't shit back. Nor did Roger. I am not at all clear on how or why it is that you have concluded that he is somehow the poor, beleaguered victim in need of your support. I have no idea what's wrong with him but as far as I can tell he just comes across as a mean fucking drunk.

I don't know why you're insistent on blaming me or Roger for Coyote's meltdown. Whatever it is, is HIS problem, and HIS bad behavior. Nobody else caused it. Nobody he targets with this kind of abusive venom deserves to be told that they should kiss and make up.

This is abusive:

Fuck this place.
I don't even remember if spine out against peny being an edgy ass for the billionth time in a way pissed Nigel off.

so fuck you and Nigel

the fuck ever.  I'm too d fucking pissed to go fucking digging for the thread Whet pent fucking acts like an ass towards the religious and people did or did nor jumo all over his ass for it.  Evidently that thread is being used to talk shit about atheists being pissed about Nigel' s sweeping inclusion of atheists with white supremacists.  not even that we are terrible people but that we are people that aren't of much account huddled up to attack members Oahe of our tribe or some other bullshit.

so I'm fucking done with you and Nigel.

well you have certainly shown me the errors of my sinful ways.


get fucked Nigel.
you chose to make a point in deliberately trollish wau and while I acknowledge the validity of your point you have lost my respect.  not that anyone actually gives a shit about my opinion or input or contributions here.

seriously get fucked.  I had no fucking vine in this weird ass beef you have with atheists the  because fucking white boy pent shat all over religious folk. I defined myself as an atheist because I didn't give a fuck about the existence of a fucking diety,  but evidently this is a fucking "check your fucking privledge white boy" moment.  Thank you fucking condescending wannabe mother figure.  I fucking had this sneaking suspicion that was the root of your fucking issue. could you care to enlighten this poor ignorant white boy about how his fucking white privledge had some how blinded gin to the wondrous fucking position of privledge he had gained by rejecting the validity that he needs to pay homage to a fucking diety that regardless of its existence doesn't fucking matter to him?

I was fucking super religious, until I left basic.  Then I had a very very fucking brief religion is stupid phase that lasted die maybe a year.  Now I just don't fucking care.

Funny fucking thing two fucking days ago I publicly coving my support to a friend of mine regarding her faith and my vehement disdain for Atheists, and constantly point all the fucking awesome shit we have because certain religious faiths placed knowledge of the natural world on a pat with seeking the knowledge of the divine because they saw no difference between the two.
but because I don't fucking brag about how often I defend religion in my day to day life from Jack ass Atheists and don't fucking chew out the fucking jackass behavior of pent I am evidently the sane class as white supremacists. 
shit maybe I should have been talking shit to twid for gigs spiritual exploration,  or rofer die fits fucking sermons, or you for whatever Tybee duck thing your Jahr recently dinner towards some shrine.

that is why I am pissed.  not because I have suddenly had my white cishet male privledge shoved in my face. 
I've gotten shit from my family for not being Catholic so fuck off.

I've been dealing with a whole other level of shit beyond my bitching about school so again fuck off with your weird fucking agenda

and then being told I have a position of privledge or have to have one in order to say "hey I don't worship gods" and then to have roger invalidate my fucking rage Obert this shit because I didn't get his back on pent being a dick about religion.
that is is also why I am furious.
I evidently only matter in so far as I support and defend certain people here and only if I always do so.
because it's not life I haven't ripped into people for being shits before.  But I guess it only matters if its special topics.
I've been so furious I almost cut class because I am shaking with rage. This is the kind of rage that were those two assholes members of my family i would have cut ties with them after screaming at them until my throat bled.
so fuck them
I've been having a shitty quarter already. I don't need some selectively moralistic shits call me I am a fucking nazi for not kowtowing to invisible sky dudes.
It's not life I already hate myself for being tpo cowardly to be combat arms and for even being a member of the fucking us military who may have probably had a hand in killing hundreds of people simply by doing his job.
I don't need some fucking whit privilege giilt trip fire being an atheist.

or withdrawal it make you fucks happy if I just stopped posting here for f I bkung 3v er.
becaue evidently what little content I have provided,  directly to riger, us just not enough.  u need to do when he wants it and gods ducky forbid I fucking write a paper instead of coming up with clever insults or goi g trolling.  or whatever the dunk else us what he wants.

He didn't even read the fucking thread. He doesn't give a fuck what my intentions were, or what I meant. He just wants to tell me I'm a "fucking moralistic shit" and that I can fuck off.

I wouldn't put up with this kind of abusive treatment from ANYONE, and I don't give a fuck whether he's going through rough times or whether he's your friend. Don't stand on your head to apologize for him, or stir shit by texting him that people are being mean to him on Peedee by referencing the fact that he told them repeatedly and incoherently to fuck themselves.

So he has problems. He has PTSD. Is there something that makes his PTSD trump mine? He can do what I did, which is get therapy. And while he's at it he should consider getting his drunk, abusive ass under control.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / HEY ROGER
« on: December 12, 2013, 06:03:06 am »
BF wants to know why there are clamshells in Phoenix? I told him that whole thing used to be under the ocean but he is convinced that there are desert clams in Arizona. Help.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Snowfall
« on: December 07, 2013, 12:20:55 am »
It snowed last night. That means that when I woke up, the world was blanketed in two inches of soft, white powder. I had, on short notice, agreed to bring my poster in and speak for a student event.

Ordinarily, I walk. Bringing my poster meant driving. In snow.

Newcomers don't understand why Portlanders hate driving in snow. They think that the way the city shuts down is ridiculous, especially the ones who come from those icy northern countries like Nebraska, where it snows ten feet a day every winter, and the winters last eight months. The  thing they don't realize is that there are multiple factors influencing Portland's snow-preparedness. The first, not insignificantly, is that this shit only happens about once every three years, and it usually melts off or evaporates before anyone has to drive in it. For the first 30-odd years of my life, the City of Portland only owned three snowplows. The first response to snow is "ignore it and see if it goes away". Not without reason; it usually does. IF the roads get graveled, it will invariably be too late, after the snow has been packed into ice. And they use pea gravel. The effect on vehicular traction is not unlike throwing ball-bearings on a skating rink.

If people want to live in a city that is prepared for snow, they should move to one where it snows.

I myself have only driven in Portland snow twice, including today. I've driven in the mountains in the winter; that's utterly different. Driving in the snow in Portland is terrifying, and that terror is five parts snow, and eight hundred parts people who came here from somewhere else who think they can drive in snow. They're probably right, but that's irrelevant; the mistake they're making is in thinking that snow in Portland is actually snow. That's an easy mistake to make, but it isn't snow, it's treachery, and it's a lot harder to drive in treachery than it looks like it would be. So they're like "I have my four-wheel-drive SUV and I'm experienced in snow driving" and the thing they don't realize is that it's going to use that against them. And then the next thing they know they've driven into a row of bike racks, a motorcycle, a parked car, and a light post at 5 miles per hour, their SUV is totaled, and they're confused and humbled. Thereafter, they are just as afraid to drive in snow as any good Portlander, because what happened didn't make any sense and they don't understand it so they fear it. Just like the rest of us.

Science tells us that it is this way because the temperature here just isn't cold enough, so the snow packs down into ice on the roads right away and is so close to the melting point that the friction of car tires melts it a tiny bit, making it extraordinarily slippery. My theory is that it's the song of the bridges, the same song that occasionally causes us to have the urge that leaves a lone bicycle leaning against the railing, no rider in sight. We don't mean to, it's just that the siren song rises these urges up in us and before we know it we're on autopilot, climbing over the railing or fighting the impulse to swerve off the bridge.That water vapor rises right up off the rivers and captures some of that song, and then it falls down on us in the winter, the soft pat-pat-pat of the snowflakes masking the song as they fall.

THAT'S the real reason the city shuts down when it snows, and the real reason everyone scurries home, pulls the blinds, and drinks until it passes.

I did get there safely, despite several mildly alarming slides and being stuck behind a guy turning left for several lights because he couldn't seem to get enough traction to get started. When I got to the auditorium, the event was canceled.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / CRAMULUS!
« on: November 30, 2013, 02:23:07 am »
This made me think of you:

...but one of the exciting things about getting older is other people's ideas.

I'm still young enough to get a tingle in my genitals over some hot gentleman who correctly socially presents for my idea of a mateable youth, but you know what really gets me going? Yeah. It's the ages-old story of the girl who can present the best research. Right?? You have all felt the same pressures, as young scientists... it's Darwinism, pure and simple, present or die.




The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / "Tranny"
« on: November 27, 2013, 04:52:34 pm »
There was some more super-entitled shitneckery on Facebook last night. Over an article in which some pipsqueak decided to take the drag community to task over their embracing the word "tranny", because people who don't know better use it as a slur when addressing transgendered people. And of course, transgendered people, specifically the ones under 30 who are apparently TOTALLY disconnected from the historical reasons drag queens and kings use the word "tranny" in the first place, are all that really matters.


I wonder if they're next going to inform the gay community that they aren't allowed to call each other fags? And tell all the lesbians how insulting it is when they refer to themselves proudly as dykes? Perhaps they will post flyers informing black people that they are horrible people for reclaiming the word nigger.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / ATTN: ROGER
« on: November 27, 2013, 01:22:55 am »
Portland city buses are now sporting wraparound ads that declare "FREE YOURSELF IN TUCSON, SEE YOURSELF IN TUCSON".

What in the fuck are you people up to? :crankey:

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Dear LMNO
« on: November 20, 2013, 11:52:01 pm »
My daughter has graciously informed me that much of the music she listens to is furry music, which is apparently their one positive contribution to society. An artist she recommends is called "Futret", who makes electronic music of the genres "Gabber" and "Pisscore".

Now you, too, can be in touch with the kids these days.

You're welcome.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Dear Customer
« on: November 20, 2013, 09:43:47 pm »
This is a thread for all those conversations you wish you could have. You know the ones.

I'll start.

Dear Customer,

I was in the process of shipping the order that you placed this morning, and noticed that you requested that I get back to you on whether I could expedite your order and how much it would cost. I sent you the information you requested regarding shipping costs: $8 for Priority (1-3 days), $28 for Express (1-2 days), or no additional charge for the First Class (1-3 days) shipping that you already paid for, and am awaiting your response so that I can move forward with the shipping process. Your order, which would otherwise already be on its way to you, will be delayed while I wait for you to respond.

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