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The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Your Original Avatar
« on: September 23, 2015, 03:04:40 pm »
Mine was a crying clown in an iron lung from Rocko's Modern Life. Then it was a stupid, stupid rat creature. I changed it to Eater of Frowns once Paes unveiled that glory. If it's been anything else I can't remember.

Yeah, Bones seemed pretty cool while he was here. That shit in the FB thread really caught me off guard. What a dick.

Or Kill Me / Re: I like you gusy
« on: September 22, 2015, 01:04:06 pm »

I'm really impressed that somehow Lys is more insufferable than he was when he was around here. I commend your patience in dealing with the wretched idiot.

I've got to see it again. I went into the theater when it came out expecting to be mildly amused and left it waving a knife out the window of a car screaming "DON'T WEAR MY HAT HEY DON'T WEAR MY HAT" while my driver blew like three stop signs. It was so much fun.

Masshole roads are worse because LMNO is on them.

No, EoC, I have personal experience that they are worse because you are on them.  In your car which has no rear shocks, so let's put the big guy in the back seat, shall we?  You fucko, you.

The Civic is mighty. You can have your comfort and your horsepower and your gadgets. Me, I prefer the terror that a Japanese coup can instill, given the proper coaxing.

Masshole roads are worse because LMNO is on them.

Molten is also much the proper word to describe the heated fillings of microwavable burritos and hot pockets.

Buddhists are dickholes.


Or Kill Me / Where are the firemen
« on: September 04, 2015, 12:43:12 am »
Outrage, enmity, spite, shame
Your umbrage at Kim Davis is a log upon the fire,
it was lit by the coals of her own.
Where are the firemen?
But then I am a gendernormative oppressor so firefighters,
but then I am a politically correct weakling,
because the crusaders are warpainted in contrasting colors.
They do not have their hands out to take your offering.
They are held out as claws, not a Solomon among them,
each content to their pound of flesh,
so long as the other comes away with less.
Greed for your giving a fuck.

Mmm so much butthurt, but ending with SHEEPLE? Classic!

Well, we have two cover staff.  One refuses to do nights, because she's sensible, and the other works the other night shift because they're not hiring anyone to replace the member of staff who left that position, and she has visa restrictions besides (I also strongly suspect they intend to downsize the staffing levels post Christmas).

Quite frankly, I think night shift does deserve extra pay, at least for unsociable hours.  But this company....they don't just ignore basic human decency, they literally will not do something unless you bring solicitors into the picture.  So yeah.  My best bet is to finish my dissertation, then get the hell out of dodge.

And they can't hire a contractor for a couple of days while you're out?

Yeah, that seems like a pretty normal course of action. My school did it when there was a campus security story published in the newspaper.

Incidentally they hired Securitas, which I later found out is the modern incarnation of the Pinkertons. And they didn't even bust any unions while they were there.  :cry:

Christ.  Here's hoping some hobo shits in the hall while you're away.

Submit this one to Hallmark.

11:50 - K9 officer walks into Sheriff's private entrance holding a cage, a live piglet within.

11:58 - K9 officer exits Sheriff's door, sans pig.


PD is waking back up.  You have to expect this.

The pig is alive and safely gone, which is great for the animal, but leads to a more disturbing conclusion for me personally.

The Sheriff's office is getting whimsical.

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