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Hey, thanks!


This I understand, I see you do too. Mind if I cobble some thoughts together on it to post? I have been told I have death's eyes by one of my brothers, and that when I am angry my face may smile without actually showing teeth, but you can feel them in my eyes. He would know.

This is a great write up!

No need for my permission, but yeah go for it.

Big Words?

If you are so inclined. I still love that Tucson is in the bag one you did a while back.

Permission to print this off and leave it around the plant?

By all means. It would be irresponsible of me to say no. It could save lives.

Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a GRIN. Some of us find this out with a mirror, some of us through friends and family that mysteriously look away whenever you thought you were smiling, some of us through deduction following the Red Phase that results in amnesia and tears. In any case, your GRIN is a thing to be cherished.

Now, there are a few common misconceptions regarding your GRIN to be addressed:

1.  Your GRIN is happy. Maybe it is! But most likely, it isn't. When you see a chimpanzee GRIN, you should probably stay away because you are about to have your face torn off. A GRIN is different from a smile because it shows how many teeth we have, and teeth are our best natural weapons. Don't believe me? Try chewing a carrot with your hands. You'll probably find that you cannot.

2.  Your GRIN is natural. Many people think you either have a GRIN or you do not. Surely a GRIN is limited by the size of the mouth and the teeth it contains, but that is beside the point. It is what you can convey with a GRIN that is important. Think of it like a blade. A gleaming perfectly sharp set of teeth shows you what they can do, but a worn and discolored set shows you what they already have done. Both of these closely relate to misconception number 3, which is...

3.  Your GRIN is in your mouth. While it is true that the displayed portion of the GRIN is toothy, the most important aspect of it lay in your eyes. It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul, and the importance of the GRIN is to convey that you have none. They should remain fixed and staring while you bare your brightest facsimile of the thing called a smile that your stupid fucking teachers told you was a good thing.

So now that you know some mistakes all make about GRINS, what can you do to make the most of yours?

Well, the most important aspect is practice. Your GRIN is a muscle, and like any muscle it can be developed to a natural and harmful state. But muscles have limits where GRINS do not. If you overdo it using a muscle, it will strain, whereas if you overdo it using a GRIN, those around you will strain. Indeed, just as a blown muscle will never be the same again, neither will your interpersonal relationships.

Your GRIN is deceptive. While those who GRIN and other savvy masters of body language understand that it's an anxiety reflex of cornered and dangerous animals, pretty much everyone else mistakes it for a smile, which they see as weakness. These are the best sorts of people. Not only do they misunderstand your intentions, but it is generally indicative of a wider lack of true comprehension of the world around them! This is the perfect opportunity to teach them that teeth are not nice things.

Treating your GRIN is as much physical as it is psychological. It is fine to say one should encourage one's GRIN in confrontations, but that is only half the battle. Be sure to brush and floss regularly, drink plenty of water, and gnaw upon the cast off bones that your weak ass dog fancies itself too good for.

For further references on the subject, remember your case studies. Roger, of course, whose GRIN is a Harbinger of Reality and surely a sign that you have not been paying attention to the Way Things Are. Alty, whose Alaskan-forged GRIN by necessity creates the two categories of Those Who Have Seen It and Those Who Still Have Their Noses. Nigel, whose GRIN says to you Yes You Should You Should Always And Forever Just Once More There We Go Do It Again Hahaha Yes Once More No Never Mind All That Pay It No Heed You Should Hahaha Why Are You Screaming.

If someone is nice enough to give you something you should probably just say thank you.
I have mountains of worn out clothing. If I were to give them all to you, would you thank me for using you as a dumping ground?

Well I don't make a habit of upsetting mentally ill people, so... :lulz:

If someone is nice enough to give you something you should probably just say thank you.

Black Socialists gather outside of Texas to support Open Carry Law.

White Liberal tears everywhere!

They're the only type of socialists I trust.


I love this trend of giving people exactly what they wanted. The Satanists handing out school pamphlets. The Black Socialists of Texas. Good job, guys!

You son of a bitch you set the hooks in so deep REEL ME IN YOU HORRIBLE BASTARD.

Actually, no, fuck it, I just remembered what else is happening today.

Elder Scrolls Online is dropping its monthly fee, which is basically, other than the whole "having to play it alongside other people" aspect, my only objection to not playing it.  Battlefield: Hardline was also released today, but the only decent Battlefield game is 1942 so eh, whatever.

I'll be interested to hear your thoughts, as always. I did the stress test betas last year before release. I found PvE a little wanting, but PvP was overall pretty fun.

The argument about the guillotine is that if they're looking for a painless method of effective execution on the grounds that otherwise it's inhumane, the guillotine is the solution for that problem. So it's not about drawing the line here or there or using spikes or hanging, it's about using the guillotine. And when you use the guillotine it offers no nice little illusion that the bad guy goes to sleep and everything is okay again. You see what you are, through your government's actions. You see that there is no less barbaric method of execution - execution itself is barbaric.

Also nobody is actually proposing the guillotine, dude.

Propaganda Depository / Re: Kopyleft / Creative Commons art
« on: March 17, 2015, 10:53:50 am »

Both available in super large png with transparent background.

 :lulz: Nicely done.

There was also the issue with ineffective lethal injections keeping people alive. The conversation somehow turned from is capital punishment even justifiable to how do we make more drugs for all the people we're killing.

I think it should be more efficient and humane for the accused and less pleasant to behold for the society that condones it.

So basically the guillotine.

Quote from: Victor Hugo
We may be indifferent to the death penalty and not declare ourselves either way so long as we have not seen a guillotine with our own eyes. But when we do, the shock is violent, and we are compelled to choose sides, for or against. Some admire it: others execrate it. The guillotine is the law made concrete; it is called the Avenger. It is not neutral and does not permit you to remain neutral. Whoever sees it quakes, mysteriously shaken to the core. All social problems set up their question mark around that blade. The scaffold is vision. The scaffold is not a mere frame, the scaffold is not an inert mechanism made of wood, iron, and ropes. It seems like a creature with some dark origin we cannot fathom, it is as though the framework sees and hears, the mechanism understands, as though the wood and iron and ropes have their own will. In the hideous nightmare it projects across the soul, the awful apparition of the scaffold fuses with its terrible work. The scaffold becomes the accomplice of the executioner: it devours, eats flesh, and drinks blood. The scaffold is a sort of monster created by judge and carpenter. A specter that seems to live with an unspeakable vitality, drawn from all the death it has wrought.

Just one question for you, new person:  Are you Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Also say hi to your friend Google for me and tell it I want my Skynets back.



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