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« on: April 04, 2011, 09:59:09 pm »
I definitely hope it helps, because I signed my own death warrant writing it.

« on: April 04, 2011, 09:51:05 pm »
Count is:

Blight   Abstain
Jenne   Abstain
EoC   Requia
Freeky   Posted
Khara   Requia
Luna   EoC
Requia   Posted
BDS   Abstain
Villager   Abstain

And seriously, if you're abstaining at this point in the game (with the exception of Jenne) just give it some thought.

« on: April 04, 2011, 09:38:53 pm »
Okay, abstaining is all well and good for the first few rounds, but are we going to just wait for the Spiders to come out and say "Oh hey, that's me, yep, subsuming your mans."

So, since keeping quiet seems to be the norm for this game, I will talk extensively about the leads I'll be working with.

So BDS is a known Discordian.  Blight's advice to the cabal not add BDS seems sound and unlikely to be a ploy.  I don't think it clears him, but I think it's sufficient to believe he's a citizen.  Freeky did point out that as Roger's housemate, she's not likely to be able to hide something from him.  My guess is either citizen or discordian for her.  Jenne is away for the week, and her vote will be Abstain - if she were a Discordian or a Spider, that would mean her picks would be messed up when her turn came around, so I'm guessing citizen.

I am a citizen.

Following that, we have, as potentials:

Discordians:  BDS, Freeky
Citizens:  Myself, Jenne, Blight
Unknown:  Luna, Requia, Villager, Khara

Villager is impossible to read, at this point, because she's absent.  I would hazard a guess that nobody would make her a Discordian because of this.  Her being a citizen would mean I'm wrong about Jenne, or Blight is playing extraorinarily deceptively.  She's been a Spider before and her method of play doesn't change.

Luna, Requia, and Khara are my likely guesses for Spiders.  We have to assume that since the Machine isn't created, the Spiders don't know who each other are.  So it's not impossible for one to have voted for another without knowing they were on the same team.  Spiders have a tendency to vote with the majority, so let's look for people whose votes have changed to reflect the popular opinion.

Oh, and before anyone pulls the whole "How do we know it's not EoC," let me just say that if you decide to vote me off, you are welcome to get subsumed one by one, because the only Discordian you know of still appears unwilling to act, and you can Abstain yourselves into a loss.

apparently the citizens need a villain.

Thanks, Suu!

Sallie Mae, I hates them.

Grad school is a ways off, if at all.  I just don't like to think of that door as closed if it should ever come up.  But yes, I will go through federal loans this time.  I am not a naive 17 year old being fed gross misinformation.

Tell me more about #6 Suu.  I've got a bunch of Sallie Mae loans with an interest rate that's somehow not legally recognized as usury.  Paying more in student loans a month than car insurance, rent, gas, electric, internet, and cell phone combined!  Oh, and I will be until I'm 38.

Federal or private? And have you consolidated?

Private.  Saving consolidation because I was under the impression you can only do it once, and I'm keeping the idea of grad school open, which would mean more loans.

Tell me more about #6 Suu.  I've got a bunch of Sallie Mae loans with an interest rate that's somehow not legally recognized as usury.  Paying more in student loans a month than car insurance, rent, gas, electric, internet, and cell phone combined!  Oh, and I will be until I'm 38.

« on: April 04, 2011, 04:04:12 pm »
I think it's Requia.

Voting that, changing it later if necessary.

Requia - 1

Payne, it just occured to me - Templar Samson, Operator Sams.  Was that intentional?  Because the idea of the naive Operator's brother being a ridiculous badass is pretty awesome.

Listen, dregs!  Listen, lost!  Listen, wanderers, and heroes!  Listen repressed warriors, listen brave philosophers, listen questioners and brawlers!  Listen!

We are humankind.  Your Gods, whichever wrong path you follow, saw fit to throw to us ill conceived tests.  Tens of thousands of years of triumphs.  We fought beast and we mastered them.  We survived the breath of titans and the rumbling of deeply sleeping ancients.  We grasped the infinity of the sky; we've played with it.  We even fight one another, with sword and gun, with rhetoric and invention.  And still we triumph.

But there is something else.

There is a thing above mankind.  Finally, for all the suffering incurred by our own greatness we are rewarded.  We are given this because there is nothing else!

It is stronger than us.  We are a frail specimen and even as such adapted to overcome.  It can crush us even as we augment ourselves with steel flesh, for what is the servo but an extention of ourselves.

It is more relentless than us.  With a singularity of purpose it hunts.  It thinks as one and alone, together, a synchronicity and a capacity for individual thought both.

It is smarter than us.  Because it watches us, learning our brutality and ingenuity.  It improves while we grow stagnant.

This is a gift, humanity!  It is not a test like our many forgotten undertakings.  It is a gift because it is the End.

And we can kill it.

That artwork is great, Pent.

And Payne, that last one just threw off my perception of this world in such a good way.

High Weirdness / Re: Obese Man Found Fused to Chair Dies
« on: April 02, 2011, 12:21:44 am »
Laughing Jude.

That's just.

Sick.  And terrible, and reprehensible.  It's every sort of wrong, and more.  It is a shade of grotesque that I'd previously not conceived of, and more even, a waste of what is a clear talent for writing.

In short, I am a huge, huge fan.   :)

The Secrets Forum / Re: Nerdcore
« on: April 02, 2011, 12:10:12 am »
what about "speeding metal"?

and of course the ever-popular "insulting an officer punkrock"

Those are just called "Metal" and "Punk" respectively.

Daterape Opera has a ring to it.

Techmology and Scientism / Re: Pain Ray being tested in US Prison
« on: April 02, 2011, 12:03:12 am »
Am I the only one that has repeatedly skimmed the topic titles and read this one as Priya Rai?

**Recording.  Tunnel 9 Operations.  6/24/13  0534**

"Sams, you said you'd met Payne before, right?"

"Of course.  Actually surprised you haven't.  For the leader of such a big thing he's quite accessible."

"Never said I haven't.  What was your read on him?"

"Brilliant, but not so much in the way, say Einstein was brilliant.  I mean, maybe he is but I couldn't know that.  No, more like he had answers to things.  Questions we never even thought of before.  Why do you ask?"

"Looking into a theory I have."

"Another one?  Maybe you should apply all this thinking to Nessies instead of Payneites.  Hell, you could probably think them to death."

"All these vids I don't know I've seen a single person think in the presence of a Nessie."

"Oh yes, the dumb servohead fixation you've got."

"No, I mean those creatures get you working on an instinctual level.  You either fight them because it's what you were born to do, or you focus all your thoughts on not running away and fight them anyway.  I reckon the deep thinkers are the ones with their suits sliced open and sunk to the bottom of the muck."

"Ah.  Well what was this about Payne this time?"

"Got trapped in a conversation with a servohead lately.  Try to avoid those, they're an unnerving bunch.  Never can tell when they're on the juice, actually.  Well he started talking about Payne.  Painted this picture of the fella like some glorious leader, a regular Napoleon, standing to lead his men on the morning of a great victory.  Started talking about sermons delivered with hellfire, mad prophet's words that stir your soul, like.
Got me wondering if this was the same bloke I met."

"I suppose he's like any other person.  Rises to meet the occasion and such.  Does what's necessary."

"Thought that too, but this is something else.  It's like they're talking about a whole other person.  You have the guy gazing in the beyond, they've got him lighting fires in their heads."

"Well, what do you see in Payne?"

"I see a regular fellow.  Same as you or me.  Maybe a bit on the wilder side, someone you'd have a pint with, not talk about the weather.  Seemed like he didn't even choose to be in the position he's in, like he doesn't want it.  And I don't mean doesn't want to fight Nessies, but doesn't want to have such a following, even.  But he does it anyway."

"Here I thought you didn't like the guy."

"Never said that.  Actually if it's going to be anybody leading these folk I'd prefer it be him.  The worst thing that could happen would be someone getting such devotion and actually wanting that."

"So it's not as bad as you were talking about earlier tonight.  As if this whole thing'll blow up if - when we're done with the Nessies."

"Questionable.  I hear that Christ fellow was a good sort in his day as well, and look how that turned out when he wasn't around."

"It's like you said, though.  At least he doesn't want it like this.  At least he knows he's got responsibilities and such to turn it out for the best."

"Yeah, but who says I'm right?"

"You do, most often."

"Funny.  But if you see him your way and the servoheads see him theirs, what's to say I don't just see him as reluctant leader because it's what I want to see?  And I don't know what's more frightening.  That I don't know what he's really like, or that he might not either."

**End Recording.**

Alright, I watched it through.  Had to, you understand.  I can see the hatedom, but the Rebecca Black video is more important than what it's being made out to be.

I decided, precisely at 3:27 into the video, that this is not the "FUN FUN FUN" loving girl the internet has made her out to be.  Look at that clip, the only clip like it in the whole video.  She's screaming in madness, in a smoky, dark, red lighted room, alone.

Now look back on the rest of the video.  Does her smile seem genuine?  Her movements a little forced?  It looks like she's seen people having 'FUN FUN FUN" but never achieved it before.  As though she's in her little room, wanting so badly to have "FUN FUN FUN" but just can't, so she mimics it, in a desperate hope that the mere movements will bring her closer to the "FUN FUN FUN," to the "PARTY-IN PARTY-IN YEAH."

In fact, it's so clearly a figment of her imagination that it seems almost like she's never actually been to a party, or ridden down the highway with her friends.  Do young teens wait outside the door to a house party like a red carpet, attracting their neighbors' attention?  Does hair stay perfectly still while sitting in a convertible going down the highway?  Worse, I'm not certain, judging by how her and her "friends" are sitting, that she's even sat in a car before.

Whatever is going on here, and I'm disturbed to have been privy to it, it is not "FUN FUN FUN."  Don't hate this girl who just wants some semblance of sanity in her existence.

Instead, I propose we SAVE REBECCA BLACK.

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