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**Recording.  Tunnel 9 Operations.  6/24/13  0142**

"So what's your read on Tom?"





"All those wankers?  She's the reason why."

"Chaplain Baker?  Chaplain Thomas?  Palmer?  Fry?"

"Wanker.  Wanker.  Decent sort.  Wanker."

"Well what about The Old Man?"



"War.  Of the Apocalypse.  Rides a Red Horse.  The Old Man is a rare sort because he's the only one that manages to be perfectly sane and all kinds of hard in the tunnels.  And you can measure the rest of the servoheads by him.
Take a look at the next crew that goes with him.  The ones that seem to fit by him, those are warriors.  The rest, that avoid him or breathe a big sigh of relief when it's over, those are just the psychos and the poor fuckers who signed up for the worst job under the earth.  Got to be something supernatural about him, too; calls me Alec.  Never gave him my first name."

"Yeah, he calls me Sam too."

"Well that's what everyone calls you."

"No, they call me Sams."

"Hold off, your name is Sam Sams?  Oh that's fucking rich."

"Say what you like, I've heard it before.  Usually go by my middle name, anyway.  So what do you think the other horsemen are?"

"Death's easy.  Death is the Nessies.  Famine, now, famine I figure is going to come when the Payne juice runs out."

"Hayes.  Runs out?"

"Said it yourself, this is a top quality drug.  It's not like they're brewing it in the shitter, right?  And you can't exactly make off with some stuff like that without someone noticing.  And the servoheads are getting addicted.  Using more and more of it per troop, plus more troops all the time.  Yeah, I figure Famine will be when we have a bunch of high powered addicts willing to do just about anything for a dose."

"You know I'm not taking it anymore, right?"

"Didn't make much sense for you to, honestly.  It jacks you up, and it seems you needed a calming down more than that."

"I needed to forget, which is why it helped.  But I might need it again."


"I'm thinking about joining the Templars."

"Fuck me.  I think we just found Pestilence.  'S you.  Plague upon my fucking mind."

**End Recording**

« on: March 31, 2011, 01:11:47 pm »
I'm predicting we're going to have a successful subsuming, and that a Discordian will try to convert a Spider and fail, thereby being removed.  Got a guess about the names, too, but let's see if I'm right about the first shot in the dark.

Semaj, I used Frye's name here because I like the name and I was looking to keep the cast down.  I'll gladly change if that's not alright.

No problem. Samuel Fry is just a recurring character in my head. I'd ask you use the Thieves World rules, like Roger suggested, but aside from that have a ball.

Alright, not knowing what the Thieves World rules are (I'll google later) and this being a recurring character for you, I'll change the name.   :)

Semaj, I used Frye's name here because I like the name and I was looking to keep the cast down.  I'll gladly change if that's not alright.

**Recording.  Tunnel 9 Gymnasium.  6/23/13 0900**

"This is the fucking gym!?"

"Hayes?  What are you doing here?"

"I told you the other day, I'm trying to keep my nerves down.  Makes sense, really, I used to enjoy walking so I might as well keep doing it.  Even if it is in place.  Never saw the use in that topside but I guess when the alternative is Tunnel 13 I'll settle for this."

"Never thought I'd live to see the day."

"Poor choice of words, given our predicament.  How have I never been here before?  Seen what a sorry state this is.  Did they actually bring this stuff down to the sewers because it looks like they just found it as is and decided to make the best of it."

"Heavy objects and stationary walkways, what more do you need?"

"Could stand to gaze at a finer arse than yours, for one."

"So how's the late shift?"

"What late shift, I work seven to three now."

"They moved you?"

"Nah, see, I figure if we're down in this pit there isn't much use for thinking of time by daylight.  So I work seven to three, and you work seven to three, it just happens that there's an eight hour difference between your seven to three and mine."

"A bit strange."

"Like I said, trying to be healthier.  Working seven to three, I can wake up, go work my shift, have a quick bite and then come to the gym, running into a fine co-worker like yourself, Palmer.  Seeing one of those psychiatrists they've got down here, voluntary rather than mandatory like the servoheads.  Learning French."

"Get the fuck off, learning French?"

"Knew you were a smart one.  And quite an early riser, I see, it's what, one in the morning for you?"

"No, Hayes, it's nine, like it is for everyone else, and the Paynites, you know, who run the place?"

"Ah me and the Paynites have another thing to disagre on then."

"Speaking of which.  I hear you spoke with the Chaplain?"

"Don't worry, they don't know anything about the plan.  They wanted me to - hey, Palmer.  What do you do during your down time at work?"

"My particular seven to three happens to be very busy, but they've got me reviewing vids when there isn't a team out."

"What kinds of vids?"

"Scout, mostly.  You want to talk about the Templars being crazy.  These fuckers jump in cold.  They run topside, see, no armor so they don't raise suspicions.  Usually younger guys, fast ones.  Go up above with a list of locations, make sure they aren't spotted, and jump right into the nearest manhole, grate, whatever leads to the sewers."

"Fuck off, that's nuts.  Do they ever make it out?  How have I not heard about this?"

"We've got some good ones, but yeah, we lose them.  And if you think it ain't pretty what Nessies do to armor.  Thing is, they don't talk about the scouts because the scouts go above.  It's quite an enviable job, you'll have to admit, being able to walk about like a normal person."

"And that's where your info comes from.  Palmer I'm starting to think you're a clever bastard and it's frightening.  Speaking of which, what's the latest word?"

"It's like we aren't even trying.  Got the odd press coming down to investigate, but that's on account of the locals getting their attention."

"No government, then?"

"When's the last time you got any official attention?"

"Aside from the police?"

"I think we're better off getting some involvement down here if we elect a Nessie to Parliament.  I think the Paynites have a bit more pull than we thought."

"Let's find out.  Next time you talk to your scout, get him in touch with the press again.  This time, don't even talk about the Nessies.  Have them look into the Paynites - they're big, but they're local.  Tell them to follow the money.  Follow the fucking money.  Find out how a new little church can pay us bastards and outfit a bunch of servoheads in this high tech stuff.  Maybe if we can find their seat of power we can put a lever on it to get some actual armies down here to wipe these Nessies out."

"That's the thing, Hayes, about that runner.  Didn't make it back from the last mission."

"Rotten luck."

"I'm not sure.  Before this guy I had another contact, and the day after one meeting he got torn up on a run.  Got me thinking.  What if they're sending the ones I'm involved with to the dangerous drop-ins?  Don't know if I can be responsible for any more of them."

"If they know about you, then you'd be the one that got attacked."

"Yeah, but maybe it's not me, maybe they're seeing the contacts they're having above.  I just don't know, Hayes."

"There has to be a way to get to the media.  Think about it, government troops down here instead of mercenary rejects.  What chance would the Nessies have?"

"Bugger it.  I just don't think it's worth it."

"Not sure I follow."

"Hayes.  You ever thought about leaving?"

**End Recording**

Beyond the wall / Re: We admins/mods have been lying to you all along.
« on: March 31, 2011, 01:09:49 am »
You know, I got all worked up when pogs came up.  I tend to sometimes.  Fly off the handle a bit when such a big thing is talked about so casually.  I can see Richter had his demons, too, and I respect the pog dialogues for helping me out with my shit.    Come to terms with it, I have, for the most part, ever since the first tidal wave of the memories rushed at me.

It was two years ago.  I was new here, working at the jail.  I guess I'm still new, when I'm in a room full of twenty year guys who still have a while to go.  Anyway, they bring the new hires on a tour of the facility as part of the orientation.  Brought me through the high security wing, and even the other jail we operate, old ass facility where you can still see the trap doors and worn beams they used to use for hangings.

The inmates get their kicks out of trying to scare newcomers.  Got paraded through the segregation wing in a little group, all office staff like myself eyes wide and movements stiff.  They love that shit, eat it up, it's entertainment.  So we're getting our little view and they're all banging on the doors and yelling.  Except for one guy.  He was just standing there.  Thought it was weird, shrugged it off, turned to leave.

Then I caught his eyes.  Felt like I'd been shot.  Or, given whose eyes they were, struck by lightning.  The storm didn't rise outside like it used to when we were kids, but there was a fuck of a tempest turning up in my stomach.  Fought it down while I got pelted like hail with words like GAME - SLAMMER - ERIC - METAL - FLIP - MIKE - WIN - PLAYGROUND - POG - DANNY - MAY - STORM - POG - POG - POG.  POG.  POG.

I left there a wreck.  Looked him up later in our system, turns out he's just a local, probably drinks at some dive bar.  Got picked up for destruction of property, was serving good time but for that stint in seg for a fight he didn't even start.  Fuck, he might've just been a victim, like Eric.  Gotta wonder where the whole cycle started, how many poor fucks got turned around in a fate so much bigger than just our own.

After that, after seeing who he was.  I felt alright.  Even in the years between the incidents when I'd go without thinking of pogs for a log time, I never felt so at peace.  Comes up now and again, still hurts, but I'm good.  I'm good.

« on: March 30, 2011, 11:17:30 pm »
Voting Phox.  Even if she isn't a spider, and I did have my suspicions, I am not okay with someone allegedly on my team trying to fuck up my chances of winning.

Updated count, and PEOPLE can we try to keep this thing going?

EoC      Phox
Freeky  posted
Jenne    Phox
Khara    Phox
Luna     Phox
Phox     Phox
Requia   BDS
Roger    Phox
Semaj    Phox
Villager  not posted
Blight    Phox
BDS      posted

That bings Phox to 8.

« on: March 30, 2011, 05:49:26 pm »

I said it was one of the quiet ones, and I knew that when I said that, at least one spider would overreact and speak up immediately.  BDS did that.


Everyone has to vote for the game to move on.  BDS was just voting.  If he'd just posted some shit in order to seem inconspicuous, I think we'd have something to go on.

An angle we should consider:

We were waiting on Freeky and Villager.  Now, do we think that, because their votes were delivered via Roger and Blight respectively, that they can't be Spiders/Discordians?  Otherwise, that information couldn't have been passed through a third party.

Keep in mind, it's quite possible that they are Spiders/Discordians and it just wasn't their turn to pick this round.

« on: March 30, 2011, 05:34:44 pm »
Now we start to wonder, is a one in four chance of picking a Spider on what is, at best, a poorly informed guess, worth the risk?

Does Phox seem unusually quiet in this game to anyone?  She's usually a pretty frequent participant.

Ok, I'm setting the next damned scene (shit, this could go MOVIE if we wanted it...which reminds me of a whole OTHER site I was on that was an MW offshoot--did any of you know I was part of a Pagan television show production company, via internet, back in the day?  I'd almost forgotten myself...).

EoC, Richter, anyone else--Cainad, Semaj, Hawk and Req--if I forgot your name, I'll ask permission anyway--anyone in this thread!!!--can I incorporate your characters into the Payne + Rog + Pixie scene?  I might have to mention ops.  I can make up names, but it might blend better if I use the ones already in play.

Hey, go for it, that's what it's about isn't it?  

Okay, that most recent part was as far ahead as I thought when I started Mr. Exposition Dispatcher.  Done for the day, maybe/maybe not coming back to the character.  Hopefully continuing with something or other tomorrow.

Thanks for the praise of the first two parts, it's much appreciated.  Hope the second two measured up.

And again, this thread is balls fucking awesome, and I'm happy to be a part of it.

**Recording.  Tunnel 9 Operations Lower Office.  6/14/13  2300**

"You wanted to see me?"

"Operator Hayes, yes, have a seat."

"So to what do I owe the change of scenery on this fine shift night?"

"Mr. Hayes, you are not a stupid man."

"Why thank you, sir."

"Yes.  You must have known we were monitoring your workspace."

"I assumed so, yes.  Who drew the short straw having to watch my ugly mug each evening?"

"What is it you do during your down time, when you aren't monitoring any crews out in the sewers?"

"I watch the vids.  Over and over again, I watch the vids."

"Ah, yes, we'll have to come back to that.  Do you know what your partner does?"

"Watches the vids?"

"Yes.  He watches the vids.  The vids of other shifts.  Just like the others watch yours, the ones with a bit more loyal tendencies."

"That's good.  Got us spying on each other.  Ever take a good look at the locker rooms?  Because I'd like you to be able to picture my fat arse when I suggest that you pucker up to it."

"Fair.  And probably deserved.  It's an ugly business, but I think you misunderstand why we're doing it."

"You're in the faith.  You build unwavering trust in your followers so you can abuse it without anyone ever questioning it.  Wouldn't want anyone spreading bad ideas around, which is why I imagine I'm here."

"Haynes, if we were the malevolent organization you thought we were, why wouldn't we just kill you in your sleep instead of this conversation?"

"It's not easy to convince an experienced electrical engineer to give up every aspect fo their lives for an indefinite period of time in favor of a cramped hideout in the lovely sewers of southern England?"

"True, but still off the mark.  The fact is, we don't care what you believe.  I don't.  Actually, a few of us have stared using your colorful 'Payne juice' and 'servohead' expressions.  You're quite right, a lot of the higher ups, Payne and Pixie themselve, for example, don't take it.  It has side effects, I don't mind saying, that aren't conducive on an organizational level, which is why none of our Operators are to use it on shift."

"So then why am I here?"

"Let's get back to the recording.  I, personally, think you'd be a lot more useful to everyone, and probably less harmful to yourself, if you relaxed a bit.  The fact is, we're recording because this is an extremely capable organization.  Don't make that face, your partner Sams is an intelligent young man, brilliant even.
I'll preface this by saying, yes, largely we do have a strategy.  We doing our best."


"But we're looking for ideas.  Things nobody saw before, about the Nessies.  So as much as I, and many others, hate the invasive nature of it, we'll continue listening in.  New ideas are crucial."

"You didn't call me down here to tell me to keep thinking."

"No.  The other reason for the recording is, very simply, that we need to keep stress as low as we can down here, given the situation.
Hayes, you're a mess.  Take some tranquilizers, or maybe during your down time read a book instead of watching vids.  Get your head out of these tunnels."

"My head's only in these tunnels because you won't let it out of them."

"You, me, all of us.  The other reason we're talking is your relationship with Operator Sams."

"Look, Sams is a good kid, he's just a bit behind on, shall we say, post conventional thinking?"

"Do you know why Sams is down here, Hayes?"

"Guy loves Payne."

"He is the second Sams to join us in the sewers.  The first was his older brother, one of the, what you call, 'servoheads.'  We lost him early on.  Operator Sams, while a follower of his own accord, came to us to find his brother.  Another ugly deceit we've done is take his help, his badly needed help, before telling him his brother's fate.
Given his circumstance, in addition to all of our circumstances, all I'm asking is that you hold back a bit in your conversations with him.  Not add to his burden.
And I can see you're taking that very personally.  I'm also asking that you don't.  There's no way you could have known."

"Will that be all then?"

"You have the rest of the shift off.  Please, try to relax."

"I'll try."

"Do you have any questions?"

"Do you know?"

"About the Nessi-"

"Just.  Do you know?"

"Have a good evening, Operator Hayes."

**End Recording**

**Recording.  Tunnel 9 Operations.  6/14/13  0538**

"It's been weighing on me you saying these things are smart."

"Not as much as it's weighing on the dead servoheads."

"How do you know?"

"They're dead."

"No, how do you know they're smart?"

"How they move, like we've been seeing.  How they attack.  They don't attack superior numbers, and if they do it's when they have a better position.  Just like when they steal people away above.  They do it when it's dark and they're alone.  And they're learning, looks like, and scary fast.  There's something they know about the vets, how they walk or something, maybe how they smell, but when there's a group of veterans together the Nessies come in bigger numbers.  Maybe this is just my imagination, too, but do the ones after the vets look bigger in vids?  They might be sending the stronger ones out."

"Are they smarter than us?"

"Maybe some of us.  Oh don't look so hurt.  It was a joke.  I don't know if they're smarter than us, or more organized.  There's a lot we don't know, and that's the scariest thing in a world that, apparently, now contains actual living nightmares.
Look, there are quite a few kinds of intelligent.  You're a hell of an engineer, and that takes smarts, but you think like a medieval serf.  Maybe these things operate like bugs in some kind of hive.  We don't know.  Maybe they hunt like wolf packs.  We don't know.  Is there an Alpha, is there a mother?  I mean, what the blazes are they even doing?"

"They're taking people from above."


"Eating them."

"We know they're eating them?"

"What else would they be doing?"

"Anything, that's the point.  They could be studying us.  They could be assimilating us, turning into more of them.  They could be eating us, yes, or maybe enslaving us.  Balls, the fact that this never occurred to you is infuriating me.  Don't you have some prayer ritual to attend to, worshiping Payne's cock or something?"

"You can be a right prick at times."

"I'll take being right about something, at least.  With these Paynites and the Nessies the only thing you can do is be wrong.  We just don't know."

"Why's it keep coming back to Paynites?"

"Why their keen interest in our screeching murderous friends down here?"

"You keep saying their as if I'm not a part of it.  I follow Payne.  Very much so, actually."

"You're no Paynite any more than I'm a Royal.  Paynites are in the know, they have to be.  You, and the rest of the techies up here and all the servoheads in the sewers, you're the believers in the whipped up frenzy."

"What says that I'm not in the know?"

"You take the Payne juice when you're off duty.  That swill is impressive, it really is miraculous, but I don't think you'll be finding any of the real players in the faith sitting down for a cuppa."

"You seem awfully against them."

"You're using the word them, by the way, not us.  I like that."

"Oh don't start.  If you're so against the Paynites, why are you here?"

"Well I told you before, we all know about the Nessies up there.  Yeah some folks will talk about it being hoodlums or standard crime, but there's something going on, that much can be agreed on.  By the locals anyway.  I felt the Nessies, I saw their work on my own.  Whatever they are, they are not here to bring about some peaceful resolution to this, to this, whatever this is."

"And at least Payne and Pixie are doing something!"

"You've got that at least.  Don't know their angle, don't know if they're some fucking doomsday cult.  But they're doing something."

**End Record**

**Recording.  Tunnel 9 Operations.  6/14/13  0058**

"Been thinking about what you said."

"Don't worry, I don't actually jerk off onto your chair."

"That's not what I mean."

"I know, and I don't actually mean that."

"So if you're so vocal about 'those Paynites' how are you here?  This is a strictly faith undertaking."

"Good choice of words, undertaking.  Like the old bastards disappearing into sewers.  Like that we dug our own graves joining up.
Paynites are small.  They're more intent on their beliefs than those Nessies are about gobblin' your grandmum, but they're small.  Rich as hell, somehow, and don't ask me how.  So here I am, independent contractor so to speak.  Let me tell you, this hellish little nub we live in sounded like paradise on paper."

"Look, I've met Payne.  I've even met Pixie.  Those two are not about to deceive anybody.  They aren't about to retire any of us like you're thinking, they're good people."

"Nobody fights like a believer."

"Have you even ever heard about Curly?"

"The short ones that get all sticky when I'm done with your mum?"

"Fuck it, fine, you've made yourself perfectly clear."

"Oh come off it, tell me something.  Where do you think the Nessies came from?"

"They started off as the ones who didn't believe, kept themselves in the dark on purpose, hid from the Truth."

"And then poof! after inhaling in some Southampton wanker's stench they turn into shrieking demon monsters?"

"It happened over time, see, and with, uh..."

"When did you first hear about them?"

"Services, like anybody else."

"Not me."

"Well then when did you first hear about them?"

"Worldly man such as myself, on more than one occassion I've found a late night stroll to be precisely the right thing to keep my wits about.  You ought to try it, and given the circumstance of our location, I do suggest Tunnel 13 for you.  Thing is, everyone knows about it topside.  Anyone with eyes.  So I keep well away from grates and such and I walk, late at night.
Took a few months of this to catch one.  Don't look at me like that, I don't mean catch it, catch it.  See it.  Well, smell it first more like, and hear it even though they're deadly quiet when they aren't attacking.  Smart fuckers, see, not the dumb beasts like the servoheads we're sending after them.  They go after the slow and weak because they know, they fucking know I'm telling you, that if they're found out for real it's a tougher fight ahead.  So I hid.
Got a few less than friendly inquiries from the local constable catching me in the wee hours hiding in a bush, but a known community presence such as myself gets certain allowances.  One night this drunk went shambling and I knew he was going to get it."

"Wait, you knew?"

"Yeah.  Can't explain it.  Couldn't hear the thing, couldn't even smell it yet.  Felt it, though, like a presence, like a knowledge I didn't have before."

"You're telling me you can read their thoughts?"

"Don't be ridiculous.  It was more like, well, like fear was a part of it that came before itself, before sound or scent.  Hard to explain."

"So what happened to the drunk?"

"You've seen the vids same as me, what happens to the servoheads when they get attacked?  Yeah, like that, but without the metal underpants.  No trace of the poor sod when it was over.  Stopped going for walks after that.  Signed my contract here the next morning, actually."

"I don't believe you."

"Fuck's sake I think your last dose is wearing off.  It almost sounds like you have a few brain cells to rub together."

**End Recording**

**Recording.  Tunnel 9 Operations Center.  6/13/11 0317**

"Should have seen the guy.  He was elated.  Didn't have the heart to tell him the rumors."

"He wouldn't have believed them anyway.  You know those goddamn servoheads are too jacked up on adrenaline and Paynejuice to think anymore."

"Payne juice?  That drug's a wonder and applicable to way more than just the Paynites.  None of those poor fools would last a mission if it wasn't for it."

"And another thing, off that Paynite shit, all credit goes to the servoheads.  Yeah, they have a tough job.  No, I do not envy them, but at least they're on the juice.  We're in this hive straight.  They get, what, two encounters a mission?  A half dozen?  We're running dozens a day.  No replacement for the real thing or anything, but those vids are a little too vivid, and some joker rigged up Operations to have stadium sound so we can hear every little scream and, well, whatever the fuck you call that gurggling shrieking shit the Nessies make."

"What have you got against Paynites?  Maybe if you took some of the 'juice' off duty you wouldn't come in with your nerves all shot!  Look at you!  You can't hold a coffee cup without spilling it, I'm going to have to start plastic wrapping the instruments!"

"I let my tension out by jerking off onto your chair when you take bathroom breaks."

"That's disgusting."

"Anyway, do you think it's true?  About the retirements?"

"Absolutely not."

"Yeah, you're probably right.  After all, considering the keep us locked underground during off hours and the non disclosure agreements and all.  You're probably right.  They just let servoheads that have fought fucking monsters just walk out the front door, go tell Auntie Erin."

"And the alternative is what?"

"We're all in this for life.  Us.  Servoheads.  Command, probably."

"You think the whole thing will last that long?"

"Nope." ... "You know, you look like you could use an extra cuppa Payne juice tonight.  Tell you what, suck it down and then try to picture what our own retirement's going to look like."

**End Recording**

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