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This is why I'm driving further into the projected path of the hurricane.  It's either Earl or powermad Suu.  I chose the one more likely to let me live another day.

Suu your face is on Fall River.  You're probably going to want to wash that vigorously and get it checked out very soon.

You keep your damn rattlesnakes away from the Barony's rats and we'll be good.

Yeah, if the Bourne and Sagamore bridges aren't closed I'm still hitting the Cape.  Hurricane party sounds like my own unique brand of stupid.

I hope everything turns out alright for your family in STT, ECH.

I am Baron Eater of Clowns of Bedford; Count of  Chorico, Linguica, and Rats. Protector of East Bay, South Shore, Cape Cod, and the Islands.  The Omnipotent Grinner, Limpid Lust Pariah of Foulness.  I go by BECBCCLRPEBSSCCITOGLLPF, which is as close to the pronuncation of my true name as the human or giraffe tongue may come (one may, however, sew a human tongue into a giraffe mouth or vice versa for increased accuracy (presence of original tongue optional)).  Also EoC works, for short.

My location is explained handily within the title.
Age:  24
My Discordia:  I was handed a copy of Illuminatus and spent some time reading through.  Afterward, I sought more information on various parts of the book, one of which being the Principia, leading me here.  I lurked the forums and eased my way in.  I have been here for two years.  I never post.
Projects I'm Into and Shit:  I'll readily admit I'm not particularly active in Discordia.  I've done some rants, thrown some of my writing into other pieces.  I have an unfortunate habit of burying writing in fluff threads about other shit.  I've met a reasonable chunk of this forum in meatspace.  I enjoy this irreligion or religion or philosophy for entirely selfish reasons of having found myself in a far more enjoyable and healthy state of mind.  Really, it's for the lulz.
My Fuckin' Job:  Cushy as fuck position where I can read, write, watch television, and play video games.  Sometimes an absolute crap fucking nightmare of thing occurs and I handle them.  I'm privvy to all manner of hilarious and tragic ambulance calls, the things humans do to themselves and others when caged, and co-workers who most recently WOMPed a crash test dummy over our boss' employee photo.
Leisure:  I'm a recluse during the week due to an opposite schedule than that most people operate on.  During that time I drink, and I play video games, and I read or chastise my friends on facebook.  Weekends I make up for it by chastising my friends in person and drinking.
Education:  BA in Psychology with a minor in Education.  I also took several classes on comic art and sustainable agriculture.

So much for my weekend on the Cape  :sad:

Puts oil in his pasta water.

Hasn't had a 'Dry night' for 10 days.

Hasn't had one in 3 months.

Can't fucking read instructions or user names.

Sucked off "The Most Interesting Man In The World" after drinking 3 O'Doul's.

The name is a reference to an old porn practice for a random guy coming in during a scene to perform brief oral on the female in order to clean up the anal and lube residue around her vagina so as not to waste cuts.

If I show up sloshed and in a tuxedo following the wedding, what do I get?

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: oh shit 50 posts
« on: August 26, 2010, 05:20:04 am »
The avatar isn't a pickle, it's a Cactuar.

THAT is a dancing pickle..  I've seen them dance many times. 

Also, cactuar are evil.

cactuar = funny looking pickle with three toothpicks in its' head.

I know what the fuck it is.  and they're not evil, they just don't give a damn because all they want to do is dance, dance.

le sigh..   I'm going back to Aneristic Illusions.


The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: oh shit 50 posts
« on: August 26, 2010, 02:14:02 am »
there.  while I respect constructive criticism and helpful opinions in general...

I'm not changing this one until I get sick of it..

which really should only take a couple of days.

The avatar isn't a pickle, it's a Cactuar.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: oh shit 50 posts
« on: August 26, 2010, 12:04:31 am »
Cuddlefish told me to change my avatar too. So I did, because I respect his opinion.

(As I would Jenne's and Cain's)

While you're at it, give me your underwear.  And I think I saw someone admiring your shoes.  Give me those as well, I'm going to sell them for cigarettes.

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