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sleeping on his stomach tonight.

Oh so it was TTM this time, with your track record record that comes as a bit of a surprise. Well if you didn't start it for once, then carry on.

Oh, I totally started it. He just disseminated it like crablice through a homeless shelter.

Dissemination:  TTM/Nigel

Threads currently spagged up with this shit and how they got there:
Drama Vote (this thread) - Started by TTM
Pics III:  The Afterbirth - spagged by Nigel
Unlimited Apocalyptic Romance - spagged up by Nigel
TTM is boring ITT - split from Apocalyptic romance by TTM
ATTN:  Ten Ton Mantis - bumped by TTM
What makes you happy? - spagged up by Nigel
Repost appreciation thread - started by TTM
ATTN:  TTM - renamed from Nigel's stupid love life, bumped by Nigel
Open Bar - referenced by other posters

Total threads spagged up - 9 (4 TTM, 4 Nigel, 1 Other)
Total threads started - 3 (TTM)

But it's okay because it's all in Apple Talk.  So when people smear shit all over the walls of your bathroom it's cool, because your bathroom is made for shitting.

Edited for quotefail.

Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
« on: April 21, 2010, 10:26:58 pm »
Right now writing a short story set in a post-totalitarian America.  The main character finds work by competing in brewing competitions at different settlements.  The winners get a contract for the settlement and are provided with ingredients and lodging until their supply is completed, when they can either sign on again or find work elsewhere.  The highly structured nature of the collapsed government has ingrained an obsessive quality to most people in regards to their chosen professions, making these events pretty intense and personal.  It's been shelved for a while because I'm finding it very, very difficult.

So where are we at? Has anyone called General Stuart yet?  :lulz:

Nigel, you need to stop acting like an asshole.  That's where we're at.  Don't take this as a personal attack because I'm not out to get you.  Sometimes you can be pretty cool.  This is not one of those times.  Just take a step back, recognize you're acting like an asshole, and stop.  Right now nobody is buying the justifications you're giving for your behavior.

Other - shut the fuck up.  Failing that, single thread merge.

TTM, no troll, your new sig is slowing the fuck out of my browser.

And TTM and Nigel, total troll here, your petty retard drama bullshit is aggravating the fuck out of my

ETA:  Looks like I'm having a slow browser day, so it's probably not that sig specifically.  Only the latter part stands.

It's because he's "tough on crime" FKC.  You know what crime is in this instance?  It's not an elderly woman getting her purse snatched.  It's anything that people don't want to look at, anything that might hint at people that things aren't always okay all the time.  "Cleaning up the" city/county/etc is exactly what it sounds like and not what they mean by it.  It's not erasing the graffiti and picking up the litter, it's ridding an area of its undesirable elements - which is different in every area.  Maybe it Mexicans in Arizona, maybe it's heroin junkies in New Bedford.

Lawsuits might be draining the county of its money, but people can't see that.  They hear about it, but there's no visual representation of that money going away apart from a few charts a few times a year.  They can see that their local undesirables are swept away, out of their lives.  And Arpaio is very, very good at this.

EoC, working for a "tough on crime" Sheriff.

Bring and Brag / Re: The Audio Book of the Dead, Chapter 1
« on: April 21, 2010, 12:18:48 am »
Picking Out My Fucking Eyes

I'm sitting at my work station, which I will swear to you is not a cubicle as it only has two sides, every few minutes interrupting my typing or reading for my hands to gravitate to my face and make some minor adjustment.  Maybe it's a piece of skin I can just feel is falling off or an imaginary itch around my eyes, or a real itch born from staring at two screens two feet apart.  Maybe when I start towards my ears it's to reach in and pull out the drums that hammer from listening to four phones, four radio channels, an ancient dot matrix printer that conveniently lets us know whenever a child goes missing or police are after, say a suspect in a 1995 Ford F150, then that lovely satellite television behind me that goes into a hidden expense pocket in our budget so nobody knows just how cushy their dispatchers have it.  My hands gravitate towards my mouth of their own accord, maybe to pry my jaw unclenched so my teeth don't shatter from the pressure I put on them to cease the vibrations coming from everywhere else or to gnaw my fingers to nubs so I can't type as fast and I have an excuse to slow the fuck down.

The point is that I've known this forever, this sick ritual, this preening bird behavior that doesn't stop until the crazed winged demon renders itself clean of all feathers, naked to the elements, shivering and fussing over down that isn't there.  Then this weekend it stopped.  We were in a cabin on the lake with no running water and no toilet.  Now maybe I stopped picking out my eyes because had it followed a trip to the outhouse I would be in a world of discomfort.  My hands were unrecognizably caked with layers of bacon fat, spilled booze, ash, rodent feces, dust, flies, rodent remains, egg, human urine, saliva, and regular ol' dirt until I knew them as some foreign appendage, a gross tentacular amalgamation of the disgusts of the civilized world.  These wonderful horrors didn't grip the wheel of my beat up shitty car and they didn't wrestle with keys in the lock to my place.  They held paddles and stoked flames and the handles of hatchets and kukris.  But they didn't touch my face.

We rode back on a day so beautiful we would all happily have sacrificed the time from our lives to have experienced it even if we had a choice in the matter.  In the fashion of many an outing such as this I lay doubled over in the back seat to avoid the eye contact with a horizon that would inevitably attack a gut bruised by a shade too much liquor.  By the time I got to my own car my phone had turned itself on, a betrayal I'm sure on the part of my hands, which promptly upon its familiar and hated vibration in the right front pocket of my jeans brought my stubborn, wretched fingers to my face.  Something needed adjusting.

Not to prattle endlessly about the jail, but we also have a fairly high percentage of inmates who are substance abusers.  When they come in they could be going through a nasty withdrawal to which death is a tempting alternative.  Shortly afterward they might not feel the same way.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: O hai there
« on: April 20, 2010, 09:39:53 pm »
hey maybe nerinamakani really is actually a government agent
wouldn't that be cool
probably not though

Or Jackalope.

Quick, assemble a list of people we've pissed off.   :lulz:

Or Kill Me / Re: Pedantry
« on: April 20, 2010, 09:20:11 pm »
I just connected a high priority call from an ambulance over to a hospital.  The nurse, upon hearing it, decided it would be more prevalent to correct me on which radio channel I was using rather than go get the fucking doctor to help the 80 year old man they were attempting to shock back to life.

She was wrong about the radio channel, by the way.

ETA:  I put this here just to illustrate that at least pd's pedantry is only annoying.


Holy fuck, that popcorn must be concealing some promiscuous women inside!

Also, if it's a jail, you also have people waiting for trial that haven't yet been convicted of anything, right?

Pretty much exactly that, yeah.  Like most jails, the vast majority of our uh, clientelle, are repeat offenders, so they've been convicted of plenty of things before but not the charges on which they're currently being held.  It's actually so rare to find someone with no previous history that we usually think we've made mistakes in missing their past arraignments.  Of course, previous convictions do not mean they're guilty this time.

Accountability is huge here.  I mean, I work in a jail so it's understandable.  If something goes wrong it could mean an inmate completes suicide or an officer gets assaulted. 

I may be missing something here, but I never quite understood why having a prisoner commit suicide is  big deal. Maybe I'm factoring out the cleanup or something.


 :lulz:  That is fantastic.

Enki, I don't feel any personal sense of loss, nor do I think any of the officers do, when an inmate offs his or herself.  It is pretty disturbing on their parts, perhaps not so much seeing the dead inmate, but more regularly cutting down inmates who are hanging themselves or working with them when they're bleeding severely.  So there's that part.

Mostly it's a sense of accountability and protective care.  A lot of these people are scum and belong here, but that doesn't mean they don't have families and loved ones that care about them.  It's the jail's responsibility to keep them safe from harm, both from others and from themselves.

Keep in mind, we aren't a prison.  We rarely get murder cases or anything of the sort.  It's a county jail.  They're in for assault, robbery, forgery of check, etc.


[ IMG][/img]

so now that we're done airing out our laundry

here's another cool sneak peek of content-aware fill:


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