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Yeah I've always heard that's a good sign. Here's to more improvement!

Saturday is gym day with the brother in law. There are all these fit, hard working bodies around and my eye keeps getting drawn to a tall, thin girl. He asks me what the deal is.

"Man, just look at how diligently she returns her equipment to where she found it. I wanna be like 'Hey honey, let's get responsible together.'"

It's possible I've found why I am not doing well in the dating game.  :oops:

Or Kill Me / Re: Thoughts on Scientology?
« on: January 17, 2015, 04:06:22 pm »
I think it's deplorable to prey upon the vulnerable with false promises and pseudoscience and then bully and manipulate them into going along with the program while campaigning against actual, proven treatment methods.

But hey, admire away.

Just add Acute in front of it and it should be fine? Good piece, though.

My grandfather suffered a stroke in the early hours of the morning. My grandmother didn't realize what was going on and left him for probably an hour before she called the ambulance.

It doesn't look good. He was completely unresponsive until about 11am, and since then he's been in obvious distress. My grandmother is in shock, and my mum is trying to keep her calm.

It shouldn't be too surprising - he's 86 - but he's always been in very good health, kept active and productive. He's an artist and he's always putting on exhibitions. He'd seemed better than ever when I saw him a couple of months ago.

Fuck. Sorry, Dsquid. Here's hoping for the best.

Not even 24 hours after posting grades and I have my first complaint. I docked her 25% for late homework, and her excuse is that she was "like 3 minutes late due to the room change".

The professor announced THE FIRST DAY that he was putting in for a room change, and that he would post it on the website. The new room was posted the next day. That means this chick had 6 days to notice it, just like everyone else. On top of that, we waited 5 minutes after start time for any stragglers who didn't notice the room change on the website (which they had to have used to take the required quiz) to get to the old classroom, see the notice on the door, and climb the two short flights of stairs or take the elevator to the new classroom.

Seriously, honors just doesn't feel like that big of an accomplishment now that I know I'm being compared to people who literally cannot follow simple directions.

Sounds like she knew what was going to happen, what she was going to say, and was just waiting to let the world know that it just wasn't her fault. It was that unreasonable grade from someone who expects, of all things, adults to be mildly responsible!

Seriously I am impressed. Mom can hold her shit. Woman's like 5'2" and on that cocktail? Woman can party.

Damn, dude.  :eek:

Yyyeah sorry my sense of humor may be a bit off today.

Seriously I am impressed. Mom can hold her shit. Woman's like 5'2" and on that cocktail? Woman can party.

She's checked herself into the crisis center, probably overnight, for a "medication adjustment."

"Don't worry about me. I'm safe. Don't worry about me."

Alright mom.  :|

Anyway, thanks guys.

Oh man, EOC, I'm sorry! It's awful for a kid to have to deal with any of that, even as an adult. I'm glad she's OK though.

Yeah. It's really great that she picked up knowing when she needs help, and how to get it. My sister and I are going to have a talk with her when she's lucid again about having a contact list with her therapist or the crisis center to call when her state of mind is too far gone to think of it. Thing is, she needs better care than the once a month therapy she gets and separate doctor for prescription. She should probably actually be on disability. Part of the stress is barely functioning in a horrible work environment even in simple positions. But she's pretty much got to stick it out until retirement at this point, financially.

She gave me her med list for my sister to drop off at the center and for real, that shit could kill off the remaining panda population. Mr. Ed would look at it and be like, "neigh, bro."

I now have a union job with paid holidays, paid sick days, benefits, mandatory overtime IN TEXAS (lol socialism lol)! I'm a grease monkey for airline carriers which is like a 15 min drive from me. Thanks Roger for your help in case you had some say in this! Hell I'm so happy I might even get on top of my wife tonight! Hell I might even do that cute middle eastern guy at the desk too.

Awesome dude!


She's checked herself into the crisis center, probably overnight, for a "medication adjustment."

"Don't worry about me. I'm safe. Don't worry about me."

Alright mom.  :|

Anyway, thanks guys.

Oh, that's fucked.  I'm sorry you have to go through that.

It's bad writing, LMNO, that's what bothers me the most about it.

But thanks. I needed to spew. It keeps happening, and it doesn't make it less fucked up, it actually compounds it. Is this a routine episode with a quick doctor visit and a few off days, or is this the last one? I've developed this complicated serene-angry-humorous worry about it over the years.

I started hearing all kinds of calls last night about icy highways and pileups. My mother works elsewhere in the same department, so I thought I'd call her and give her a heads up to drive carefully on the way home - she's a terrible driver. No response at her extension after a few tries, so I e-mailed her. Her shift ends so I go out to meet her in the parking lot to let her know in person. Her car isn't there. I call her at home. No response. She called back a few minutes later.

She'd had a close-to panic attack (pretty common for her) at about 10 in the morning and drove home. She's having another one of her episodes, they come once or twice a year, the regular ones culminating in a pill adjustment by her doctor and the bad ones a stay in the psychiatric ward for a few days. I guess it should have been a warning side when she called me the other day all fucked up and panicking because she couldn't get her iPad connected to the internet and then snapped at me when I tried to troubleshoot it with her. Well, this call ended when she got another call, hopefully her doctor, and she hastily got rid of me.

I called her back when I was out of work and could talk a bit more, offer some more help. No answer. I called this morning when I didn't see her car in the lot. No answer. I asked my sister if she's heard from her. No answer. I called again a half hour ago and left a message. No answer.

So once again, as has happened since I was 17 or so, I have no fucking idea where she is, if she's alive or dead, nothing. I don't know if she got checked in and her sisters didn't bother telling me, I don't know if she just downed her ample cocktail of psych meds. I guess I have to drive by on the way home tonight and, I don't know, see if she's still alive or something.

The thing is, when I was 12 or so my mother had this cockatiel. I hated that fucking little bird. When I stayed there on the weekends, sleeping on a papazon cushion on the floor, she would put the cage in the bathroom so that it wouldn't wake me up squawking at the crack of dawn. One morning, she went off to church with the bird still in there. She'd left the cage open so it could move around. I woke up and went to the bathroom, and I found it drowned in the toilet with little water splashes all around the floor and the bowl as it struggled, fruitlessly, to escape its bird bath of doom. I got a plastic bag and I reached into the toilet and I removed the cockatiel before my mother could see it. I can't help but feel like I'm going to drive there tonight and find some variation on the same thing, in some kind of fucked up, hackneyed real life symbolism.


Or Kill Me / Re: Thinking Discordian for brain hygiene
« on: January 16, 2015, 06:53:52 pm »

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