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I started seeing a shrink? As recent posts would indicate, this is a Good and Necessary thing. So far I haven't been locked up, so there's something!

Good for you. I hope it works well. I would like to see more people seek out therapy as part of a healthier lifestyle.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Screenwriting Course
« on: May 12, 2015, 06:31:44 pm »
Interesting read, thanks for typing up your notes for us.

I am a Greek goddess of Strife who burned the crops and salted the earth.

I roast Paris and serve him at the wedding with the apple in his mouth.

Serves the benevolent bastard right. If they cared about us at all they'd have destroyed us as soon as they could.


This is my favorite one yet!

I don't necessarily agree with it, but it is an interesting thought.

It's amazing that we're at a point where it's not something that can be wholly dismissed. We've created a society where the blind can live with reasonable expectation of comfort, safety, and success. The fact that we're even intellectually capable of distrusting one of the most important evolutionary tools of our survival is a pretty neat thought.  :)

Discordian Recipes / Re: Drinkin fancy
« on: May 09, 2015, 03:48:33 pm »
I know, right?!
Just freeze the bottle and drinking glass!
I understand the charm of a drop of water, but using ice to both cool your drink and add that drop of water means you will never reach the combination of perfect dilution at the perfect temperature. you can't just add water though, it needs to be very cold so it doesn't mix completely with the scotch.


MEXICO got crowbarred. The SECOND HALF OF THE JOKE got crowbarred.

He is a menace.


So. So my oldest daughter and I had a fight.

Her: "Joss Whedon is such a baby, he deleted his Twitter"
Me: "Don't believe everything you read on Tumblr, it's full of bullies who shit-talk other people to make them feel better about themselves"
Her: furiously shit-talking me on Tumblr
Me: "Case in point, that right there"
Her: "What?"
Me: "Don't you think it's a little hypocritical, that you expect me to house you, feed you, clothe you, and provide you with internet so you can shit-talk me on Tumblr?"
Her: "I don't know what you mean"
Me: "I mean, I know you talk shit about me on Tumblr, but I don't go looking for it because I don't want to know. But right in front of me? Really? I can see that."
Her: furiously shit-talking me even more in a post I can see because I'm FOUR FEET AWAY
Me: "You know what? Get out. Get out of my house. Go spend the night at your dad's house. It's like it's never occurred to you that the things you say can hurt people. Or like you don't care. I'm going to the store, please be gone when I get back.
Her: Gone
Me: <heart is breaking>

Mostly trying not to not let Little Orange see me crying. I feel like a complete shit mom.

I know that this is happening IRLs and I am sorry, bit it feels like the next sentence here is along the lines of, " and then she found the drainpipe. "

Perhaps it is not that Cain is in Tucson, but rather, that Tucson is in Cain.

Tucson is everywhere.
Cain is everywhere.
The bag is in the bag.

My coworker today was trying to think of a black dude's name and said "Who was that baboon there?"

My supervisor likes to refer to "big black Congo cock."

His supervisor described the cancer stricken woman who handles sick time as having behavior, "all fucking ghetto."

His supervisor described said woman as a "typical nigger."

HR doesn't know, because their alternatives are worse. This is Southcoast Massachusetts. This is corrections. I am filled with hate and deeply ashamed to be here.

...How the fuck are we even in the same state? You're like a 40 minute drive from here.

Seconded. I think we need to murder all the townies.

I didn't think it was prevalent in my area either, until I took a job with an old school law enforcement and working class mentality. Don't worry, I'm sure Boston has more than its share.

That's why the foolish "cops aren't racist" argument boggles my mind so much. If you get a bunch of racist people working in a field with a culture of racism, what else is going to happen from it?

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