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Literate Chaotic / Re: What do people use pet animals for
« on: March 31, 2015, 02:38:25 pm »
Well, you have a drawing. I can't refute that.

Look at the detail! Arguments have details, so do drawings. It's really brilliant.

I could make an argument for that...however, the argument is somewhat underminned by the fact that antiquity does, in fact, exist.

Says you, time-shill.

Nice. He's spun things into his favor very neatly.

Irish Spring.  :lulz:

On a more practical level, though I am tired of knocking on my neighbors' doors to borrow a cup of sugar and having the entire facade collapse. Every fucking house in the city if a forgery, cleverly painted perspective pieces on cheap plywood.

My city is fallen Hollywood set pieces and druid prayer circles and I can't get any fucking sugar.

Stonehenge was in fact a druidic prayer circle, but not in the way that most of us think. The druids were hired as contractors to build an inn for weary travelers, but once they were paid they spent it all on masonry and erected a huge useless rock formation.

They've been running the same scam for thousands of years. We just had a CVS in town open up inside of a druidic prayer circle of rock slabs because the franchise owner hired Caer Blgthrrnmgr Construction to build it.

How do you run a pharmacy out of hewn stone? There's almost no storage space and the Dunkin Donuts can see you fill your herpes medications.

Fuck druids.

51 troll bootcamp?

Hey it's worked for me. When I started here I was two posts from indignant fury at all times. Now I've honed my trolljitsu skills.

But yeah Ivan is alright, for a whackjob.

Life was easier when I was a robot.


Oh, I was reading about my dad, and I got feelings all over the place.  Things were a lot less messy when I had all my emotions bound up in a tiny ball and buried deep within my psyche.

Boy howdy.


So that genetics lab sounds really hi tech compared with everything else. Supervillain lair?

It was surprisingly high tech, and had backup generators in case of power outage (which happened twice while we were there). I was invited to come back and work there after I graduate.

It sounds like you should for the food alone!


So that genetics lab sounds really hi tech compared with everything else. Supervillain lair?

The wiley bastard pulled it off, I see.   :lulz:

I'm still alive.  Just writing a lot, and procrastinating a lot.  Mostly procrastinating.  Carry on!

Hey there, Hoops, I was just wondering where you were, but not posting about it.

If I post about it, it makes the humanity inside me that I am trying to kill even stronger.     :)

It would make a truly amazing bit of satire. Does PIV just stand for Penis In Vagina? Because L-O-L.

The subtext is delicious on a number of levels.

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