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Literate Chaotic / Re: TNM ofg search
« on: September 05, 2009, 03:56:47 pm »
14 hours and 25 minutes.
20090905 6:39 AM Oh MY do I .. 7:27 AM
cLEARLY: E$ (E-Mail $isters}? is ATTempting to distract my atTENTion
= =
FROM the tunnel tunes Rob Rob Rob Robert Son? to
Watch this story now  yeh yeh yeh Who's  No way Jose'$
:::  2015 view/
? ? ? ?
yeah?YEAH SKIPPING AHEAD: Producer - Jim Newman  {IT RAN 35 SEC:
ANYWAY? Thursday, Sep 24Episode 2101: Jim Newman Salute (Ted}?
i'LL try? "Watch this story now" again {and scan FWD?/?
Allright 1310-1330 is the gravel bar {{ StARt in there?/?
Wilson Creek, Washington 4725N 11907 {in search of "gravel Bar" {in search of "RAVINE"
I did not locate the correct ravine?/?
THUS i did try to locate the(Um}? Floods 13:30 "Gravel bar"
on the Google Map? perhaps its under 28 I cannot tell Shirley
its probably arround somewhere? then again see BB
the Ravine is EVEN more elusive as I know not where to begin
Listen: GIrl$ ... it appears to me that someone is changing MY letters
{Just a SEECund}: NOPe (I cannot decode) 14 hours and 23 minutes.
BIG IF: $omEone i$ then it may show up in minutes (maybe not}?
if they aRe really Quick at making the CHANGE i'LL never know (see K-D)P1

14 hours and 26 minutes ... 14 hours and 30 minutes.

Literate Chaotic / Re: TNM 20090904
« on: September 05, 2009, 12:25:56 am »
So As not to  get lost in the valley, Soon i'LL return to Rob Rob (oh never mind SOon=not yet
20090904 8:21 PM AYE:
I deedicate what follows to what i refer to as Enforced Stupidity:
= =
regurgated ES is the Education System & not the People of Archaeo
or Geo LOGy. Whom are simple products of what's called the "System"
: : :
let me begin from (Um}? the Bar of gravel near Wilson Creek in Washington
and hop from there to Walla Walla River Valley Ravine ?/?/?/
9:56 PM I sort of gave UP
? ? ? ?
Wilson Creek, Washington 4725N 11907 {in search of "gravel Bar" {in search of "RAVINE"
I did not locate the correct ravine?/?

20090904 10:09 PM
EXACTLY why i arrived on the full moon at this hour of Gunfire
= =
watch the ELLENven oclock news for link to video coverages
for my part IZ not a fan of an OLD moon, to me the moon was
: : :
once upon a time the earths surface where the pacific ocean is
now  it was torn out and launched into it tradjectory when the
continantal drift began (However many years ago that was) 70M?
? ? ? ?
Now i'v forgotten my point? Gun Shots? Px? Flood deposits?/?
How many feet were there? I say the BIG floods = 2 foot deposit
while Small ones = one I counted 40 to halfway OR 2/3 down THUS
100 Floods Max & > 50 min For the WERM Floods did happen period
My belief is that they are dateable, carbon from each level could
be collected & counted & a very precise time scale derived. Its
My calculation that there exists a very definate fLOOD interval
and that THAT interval is associated with Planet X
the top layer (last flood = about 10K years ago. Poise there are 60
total? do they Group Date 25K 70K &115K 3 Wurm phases Or Just one?
IF ONE? that would squeze a number from me of 25-10=15 thousand
devided by 60 = 250 year i, I have never gotten a figure X<600
Two group dates would pencil out 500 and three EVEN Longer..
SO: my forcast for the DATE (whomever she turns out to be) is
yes 3 groups 12.9K to 27.8K above the 70Ka Group above the 115k'ers
which brings me to HOW LONG does it take to fill the LAKE (Hmmm}?  

Literate Chaotic / Re: TNM 11:10:09.876
« on: September 03, 2009, 07:10:28 pm »
NOPe see OUr  LOrd above for hot. my temp is 97.123 OR was at 9:11

are you a hot girl? This thread would be more contraversial if you had n00dz.
(Um}? maybe?

Literate Chaotic / Re: TNM 10:58 AM PDT
« on: September 03, 2009, 07:03:38 pm »
Warning - while you were typing a new reply has been posted. You may wish to review your post.
I really like the Robertson Tunnel. It's my second-favorite tunnel in Portland.

Yes: Dr! &I know your Fav (Cause iz been in it muself) (=)
now lemme see:
UM took longer than Expected soory

Literate Chaotic / Re: TN 200909
« on: September 03, 2009, 06:53:42 pm »
Mr. hirley0, I realy realy wish to know something about your good self.

To what purpose is your journal?

Its a thing of SHEER WONDERMENT.
I do NOT think there eXists a pappoose in my Journal Scappose yes
U R more than welcome to read it though
not to sure about the sites
I in fact (at this time) do not have easy access to JOurNAL

Literate Chaotic / Re: TNM / scappoose
« on: September 01, 2009, 04:56:26 pm »
20090901 7:48 AM Time (2
once again to return the synapses to this drizzle?
= =
nameley the flood of 12.9 caused by the
exactly how that happened I donno (maybe it didn't}:
: : :
I would of course  be far more interested in the Cooper
comet ... however i'LL refrain: Actually its not so much
the waters of that LAST FLOOD this WAS about... its ABout
? ? ? ?
the Last flood rocks? where they "LANDED" or settled?/?'
and of course mostly about the (Um}? $mint $marks & $DATe
there are a lot of round rocks around here? Some ... THE
Scapoose formation for example come to mind ($m ORange}?
so i'LL attempt a google Link to the Scapoose Video He He:
Did you mean: scappoose formation (I 'poise I do
By Nancy T. Ketrenos
well I got lost in a .PFD (I don't like 'em. to shorten
.BB. tbc

Literate Chaotic / Re: TNM Sept
« on: August 31, 2009, 12:55:57 pm »

I now hop to the FLOOD vs  12.9Ka believe whatever you like:   what this  entry WAS about    too:   page 7 #7

all of the flood books were checked out at the library 9/1
20090904 1:31 PM an  appeal to dr: cent/-\meter
yeah: i did not get in at the start but most of the opb FLOOD was seen
- -
THUS: my guess is i can PInce both Archaeo &* Geo ('$)'S's on the same Scales
THe one i'LL pick related to the flood DOCuMenT is the Walla Walla vally
: : : MyCount
0,1,2,3,,,4,,,5,,,6,,,7,,,8,,,9,,,10,11,12,,13=top F1
? ? ? ?
an illusion to two St Hellens eruptions 15Ky ago = Check paper = not=
paper puts A 12.9B1980# on single StH event refPg234 Tlegetlinten&Blossom Bar
& 38 Lake Albert\Paisley 2:55 PM This is APPEARENTLY wrong dirrection?
2:49 PM A look back FORWAED To Paisley=LOst in Lake! Ms Albert
/TilT\Juping to conclusions
some sence is attempted at the whole sequence working both ways from
/2/2/2/2/2/ "FIVE TWOS" Above which are the <2 series(10) with ASH
and below 2's  another(10)of <2 ?/A/5/A/ if L=Px=1Ka the TT=25Ka+?
Thus it looks a very lot to me like Planet X Pages(1Ka) not 50-30Yr
another look bottom up a different five twos /2/2/2/2/2/ above it
5(1.5}'s and above that 15(ones) looking up from below see 25?
its easy for me to put a 50,000 number up for the lower parts
and if the top (Um}? Layer=12.9 & each is a Px Page .4-1Ka
THEN I get 22K for Two Ash (believe whatever U like)
My point is I do not see 15K for "TWO ASH" as theres MANY over it.
My next number is a Werm one Maybe? sighting gamov maybe ...25
that could suggest PxdT=500 not 1K & 100 ft/50 ?=2ft/flood Reason

Literate Chaotic / Re: TNM
« on: August 29, 2009, 03:38:49 pm »

20090829 yeah?yeah @ 1 char / sec  or less
5:29 PM 200908 26   ahh thats better already said however SO: Later for today?/?
= =
allright: 7:51AM PDT i think i see now WHERE IZ headed currently
AGE DATING soil.. the local eXample is Mt, Mazamma Link? below?/?
: : :  ta ta 7:55 0830 10:20

20090829 7:57 AM PDT  Last Edit: Today at 06:55:56 AM by hirley0
yeah?yeah 55:56 (got it) not six five if you know what i mean
= =
Mazama is most famous for a catastrophic volcanic
eruption that occurred around 5,677 ( 150) BC.
: : :
well believe whatever you like: A popular figure bantied about is
7500 BP how ever i do like 5,6 plus one fifty too.
another figure is ONE for the Musullia(scab land) Flood(s)
? ? ? ?
to me ThaT one cross colates with the TT # of 12.9 (just a Sec)
(oh never mind) a search of 100 6 hr videos came up with ONE?
its opb's Oregon field Guide (links below maybe) recent RI.Co
tis paragraph refers to M. Schmidt (Smithonian Natural}? 09082?
an effeort to find a link to the segment wiLL be attempted 8:54 AM 20090829
1/19 wi fi 's
Bad Gateway ? Proxy Error ? The proxy server could not handle the request GET /television/. :9:09 (BG)
IF there is a way to do this here (502) i sureLY cant find 'ER: Apache Server at Port 80 (Bad Gateway)
OH well: |/
Tune in t he stations of Oregon Public Broadcasting on August 27
at 8:30pm and Sunday, August 30 at 2:30am and 6:30pm and join t
he OREGON FIELD GUIDE crew as they travel with plan
etary geologists from the Smithsonian National Museum (9:21 AM 200908 29) T he

20090830 it appears the "BAD GATE" has been repaired (or maybe replaced}?

Literate Chaotic / Re: TNM 20090827 TT
« on: August 27, 2009, 06:29:29 pm »
5:29 PM 20090826 5:29 PM
watching history dictective
= =
after the baloon segment there was a pronouncment about how helpfull the Smithsonian was:
Recall, now Newman gave me some advice about the places numbering system (he had some there
: : :
REMember too, this segway by me is more about E. Grant than the S.I.. Erwin had a Rock
collection across the river on what is now refered to as MLK Blvd. My guess it was far
better than anything the S.I.. could have shown me. He was frank with me about this
? ? ? ?
Some years after my visit, (as the story goes) some gal he took in called athorities
to report Erwin had made her sick with his rocks? The G men came in and upon finding
he had a rusty barrel & ANTAMONIE? .. proceeded to remove all his belongings HANDED
him a multi million $ bill for taking it all, & coUrt case COULD be found ... 9th
I was never able to find the Newman case however. for now let me Just repeat
Antimoney however its spelt (AS at this time one element is just as chemical
as any other (know to Chemists) E.G. was working on the "Sick Rock" problem
for example WHY does a perfactly sound Mt of rock (Mt St Hellens}? suddenly
turn to fine atmospheric particles. I do not think E.G. was taking that precise
example. AS my visit was prior to May of 1980. though as i recall the process
was simular only SLOW? I did not dwelve deaply into the matter as my visit
as I REMember it was about some other topic. But I recall "Sick Rock"
Thus the above tail is fundumentally about 2 ?"SOVERN"? WHATDayacallems
in disagreement ... My point here is Newman vs S.I. vs me vs S's in general
well nevermind then ? later tonight 8PM they will rerun Time Team I guess I
will watch, probably S.C. take? to see if there is a new twist to the old BS

Soils and environment By Stephen Ellis, A. Mellor

Literate Chaotic / Re: 4cast4 Px
« on: August 26, 2009, 07:10:23 pm »
20090907 ? the link below confuses me today &I am trying to?
20090828 ?

Literate Chaotic / Re: TNM 20090824
« on: August 24, 2009, 03:41:02 pm »
20090809 4:59 AM THUS:
the CH10.2 rerun of Krackatoa has concluded
= =
My eXtracted artifact...
11 Cubic miles of ejectra
: : :
whitch: i will attempt to convert to Km's
11*8/5= 17.6Km and now i will Question BASIC
E20J, E27erg, 24,400 MegaTonne, CR=5, Ri=16
? ? ? ?
anyhow numbers like those? REMembering ThaT Cooper Mt.
Numb'$ that I issue are Cr=25 (however A disclaimer is due
{i'LL omit it for now ... go back to 11 Cubic Miles of
"EJEDTRA" from a Cr5 Crater? doeth it add up A=Pi*R^2 ?/?
disclaimer here: REMember in my opinion metaPhysical reality
only allows Ri of 10 max, once that limit is exceeded
then the FORCE must couple over into another dimension
OR time scale? Thus a copy of TABLES
__d4__  clock 2:  electrons orbit proton // electrons spin
***[ PREPOSED TABLE of quantmPHYSICAL UNITS ]********
__d3__  clock 3:  Planets orbits the Sun // Planets Spin on axis
***[ PREPOSED TABLE of metaPHYSICAL UNITS ]*********
THUS: its my guess that QUantum is where it comes or goes
__d2__  clock 4:  Sun orbits center of Galixy // equinox presesses? 
***[ PREPOSED TABLE of astoPHYSICAL UNITS ]*******(planets & Suns)
I've included AStro ... My guess its only ILLusion in that TIME frame

20090809 9:21 AM  Let me add:
did it ADD?: No CR=6 was required to get 11 not 5 (So its Ballpark
= =
anyway this is not about ThaT: this is about Newman, OR rather
the Quantum Physical, &/or Astrophysical properties of his collection
: : :
Listen I AM in no mood to try to solve this at this TiMe ...
I present the Question to be consider WHEN IZ in a better
STATE of mind. I do not rule out the following TIMEs 4Newman
? ? ? ?
__d5__  clock 1:  no words would be know about these(orbit//spin)
***[ PREPOSED TABLE of minisqualPHYSICAL UNITS ]**   ? Strings ?   
__d1__  clock 5:  Galixy R>esesses(orbits) Universe // colide
***[ PREPOSED TABLE of faroutPHYSICAL UNITS ]****(ortdust & Galixies)
__d0__  clock ?:  beyond comprehension
***[ PREPOSED TABLE of beyond comprehension PHYSICAL UNITS ]***

20090813 9:37 AM AfterMath?
it now HAS occured to me to try to calculate ERGS/CCM ....?
I WILL RErun the crater: It reran producing:
DIAMETER  METERS  =? 4  KRACKATOA. standard#4 for an impactor of
DIAMETER =   533   meters         DENSITY =   3300 Kg/m^3
VELOCITY =   28     Km/s          entry ANGLE =  60  degrees
WITH KE =  1.025604E+20   JOULE

INPACTOR                             CREATOR DIAMETER
   VOLUME  % 7.9E+07      M^3      ACTUAL       5649 M
 2.378489E+08 T   MASS    % 26.2E+10   Kg
                                   APPEARENT    7062 M
( 0) ERG    1.025605E+27           ACTUAL         1412 M
( 6) JOULE  1.025604E+20           APPEARENT     1130 M
(12) KWHR   2.848901E+13
(18)  KT    2.441915E+07
(24)  Rh    1025.604       (24)Cr  5         (24)Ri  16
(30)  Tp    0
(36)  Sf    0                            EJECTRA
(42)  Ob    0                      REMOVED    % 1.8E+10 M^3
THUS the revelant figures are KE = 10^20 J & REM = 2*10^10 M^3
OR .5*10^10 J/M^3 but I ask mySelf ergs/ccm? erg=J*10^7  THUS
.5*10^17erg/M^3 the next problem convert M^3 to ccm ... *100^3?
.5e17 / e6 ccm ? ?.?e11  probably (maybe}? 5000 J/ccm ? Li 3
I do not have a grasp on the reality of this question&answer
My chemistry books are all gone
I will ask someone
much Later:

Literate Chaotic / Re: TNM 20090821 kRACKATOA.
« on: August 23, 2009, 12:56:12 am »
for an impactor of
DIAMETER =   533   meters         DENSITY =   3300 Kg/m^3
VELOCITY =   28     Km/s          entry ANGLE =  60  degrees
WITH KE =  1.025604E+20   JOULE

INPACTOR                             CREATOR DIAMETER
   VOLUME  % 7.9E+07      M^3      ACTUAL       5649 M
 2.378489E+08 T   MASS    % 26.2E+10   Kg
                                   APPEARENT    7062 M
( 0) ERG    1.025605E+27           ACTUAL         1412 M
( 6) JOULE  1.025604E+20           APPEARENT     1130 M
(12) KWHR   2.848901E+13
(18)  KT    2.441915E+07
(24)  Rh    1025.604       (24)Cr  5         (24)Ri  16
(30)  Tp    0
(36)  Sf    0                            EJECTRA
(42)  Ob    0                      REMOVED    % 1.8E+10 M^3

Literate Chaotic / Re: Unofficial "Is X a discordian" thread
« on: August 09, 2009, 11:34:07 am »
20100308 11:50PM psT I seriously doubt this was posted by me GIrl

 TNM 1 2 3 4  hirley0  50  3040   Today at 02:28:44 AM
by hirley0  
    Unofficial "Is X a discordian" thread   Enki v. 2.0  9  111   Today at 12:44:14 AM
by Triple Zero  

X is the roman numeral for 10, which is two times five.

Hence, X two discordians.


Fixed. [/pedant]

If you're going to be pedantic, you should try to be RIGHT. Your correction makes no sense.


Unofficial "Is X a discordian" thread  Enki v. 2.0  10  114   Today at 02:34:07 AM
by hirley0  
    TNM 1 2 3 4  hirley0  50  3040   Today at 02:28:44 AM
by hirley0  


Literate Chaotic / Re: TNM
« on: August 09, 2009, 11:28:44 am »
20100308 11:55aM psT (I don't find this funny GIrl

Time Team America  Fort R  Friday, August 14, 2:00am



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