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I mean: they question, the universe answers.  I wouldn't get in the way of that. :lulz:

If there is anything still worthy of hate, it is for those whom persist in doubting the existence of a world out there.

Accidentally chugged a sugar-free variant of some fortified beverage today.  Bitterness leveled the heavens and postponed all flights scheduled for today.

Enjoyed the piece.  Was thinking about:
For example, I was told that believing in free will means that I believe everyone has to be exactly alike.
I think it's someone reading free will backward.  Starting from the moral/practical conclusion that one must act in accordance to the categorical imperative, to ensure the autonomy of others to do the same (golden rule), they assume that everyone has be exactly alike.  It's not all that endearing.

Mercury will soon be out of retrograde.  I just keep telling myself that.

Or you could just stop believing in astrology.

Maybe I'll drop my 300 class today.

Mercury will soon be out of retrograde.  I just keep telling myself that.

Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
« on: May 17, 2016, 12:11:00 am »
Devil may care story about how Satan invented the insurance and marketing professions in covert attempt to pit humans against God by undermining our confidence in His creation.  Instead of freely enjoying God's gift, humans are now buying insurance to protect themselves against it.  Also, they pretend that his creation is not good enough in and of itself, and resort to requiring creative marketing strategies that try to convince them otherwise.  God sees through deception and reverses it, making sure that humans regain their confidence by ensuring that they experience things well above and beyond any possible expectation.  Instead of feeling short-changed by the devil, they end up actually BEING more by having less.

The Prick of Rhapsody*

*From Rhapsoidia rhaptein 'to stitch' + Oide 'song, ode'

Literate Chaotic / Re: Unofficial What are you Reading Thread?
« on: May 16, 2016, 09:36:33 pm »
I've realized I know very little about economics, so now I've just started reading Anwar Shaikh's Capitalism - Competition, Conflict, Crises. It's huge (nearly 1000 pages), but interesting thus far.
Quote from: Introduction, page 14
The profit motive is inherently expansionary: investors try to recoup more money than they put in, and if successful, can do it again and again on a larger scale, colliding with others doing the same. Some succeed, some just survive, and some fail altogether. This is real competition, antagonistic by nature and turbulent in operation. It is the central regulating mechanism of capitalism and is as different from so-called perfect competition as war is from ballet.
I really like that metaphor of it being "turbulent in operation".  Because turbulence is inefficient, I would have originally expected that it be designed/engineered out of the system.  In practice, however, I suspect that large corporations can navigate that turbulence with greater ease than the small fish.

Neither am I, though I suspect the first visit would have yielded a similar diagnostic process.  Blood-work will now test metabolism over diet.  Maybe try not to eat anything on appointment day, if you can snag one in the morning.  (I have a built in bias to minimize doctor visits)

Fernando Poo I suspect, in a speculative entertainment only capacity, that you have a nutrition deficit of potassium, but going to a doc is a must because it could be a congenital muscular or neurological problem. That you've experienced those symptoms for a long time implies that you either eat very poorly on the regular or you're not able to utilize potassium properly for some reason. If you're not inclined to go or the cost is prohibitive you could consume a banana with each meal for a week and 2 before bedtime and see if your symptoms persist. If they do persist AT ALL after a week or don't improve in the slightest after a couple days go asap.

Yea, this.  Potassium, magnesium (I think they compete), and hydration.  Then doc.


Hard drive is working again, so the logic board decided to fail instead.  Now it's time for that unpleasant call to J(un)K Computers.  I am LuciferX's damned frustration.

Intercostal cramp?


Bad sector(s) on drive preventing bootable clone of HD.  Relevant good files stuck on time-machine.  Why do I use time-machine?

Logic board replaced.  Machine booted, performed backup.  HDD then proceeded to corrupt it's own boot sector, all by itself, and launchd shit the bed.  Such are the dangers of domesticated unix.

Mr. Prickles?


I'm holding one of them hostage.

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